Sci-Fi Short Film “Archetype” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “Archetype” presented by DUST

What happened here? I don’t know I don’t remember Bullshit First you freeze mid combat Your power levels spike and then you shut down every unit within a mile radius after you output one of the strongest electromagnetic pulses ever seen in the field We didn’t design you to be able to do that Where did you get the EMP? I don’t know what you’re talking about Who gave you the weapon? When did they give it? I don’t know! I just woke up! You don’t just wake up, you’re a machine you’re on or off My name is Patrick and I have a family too! Your identification code is R-L-7-S-T-V You’re a bipedal battle machine You definitely don’t have a family I..I dream of them It’s hazy but I see my wife and my daughter. One moment… What are their names? If you really have a wife and daughter what are their names? Your malfunction we can’t pull any more data via download and and we know it’s there we just need to get to it and that’s why I’m here I remember now My wife’s name is war. God damnit! I saw her out there I was just trying to make it stop We’re gonna reformat your ass like we should’ve done immediately Don’t do that They’re all I have That’s too god damn bad tin man This bullshit family isn’t part of your programming so they’re gone. Eliminated. Deleted. No more Get me out of here Stacy Stacy! Get me out of here now! Get me out of this thing You can’t just pull out of a simulator like that there’s protocol for safe consciousness
retrieval You can end up half-in half-out Didn’t you hear me in there? I told you to get me the hell out I was in the process of retrieval sir We need to get the organics team in here to do a full tissue analysis of all units Re-wipe all memories Except our L-7 It’s Dr. Steven isn’t it? You should know better than that Stacy. These kind of things cost people What’s going on here? Oh shit

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  1. One word – excellent… no wait “compelling” … no, no, “provoking”. I give up … just make this short feature into an Amazon Prime Original Series PLEASE!

  2. I tend to wonder if my high-end system and excellent internet connection are being hacked by dust.

    I have too many hesitations and dropouts to watch any of these videos. I have tried many videos and the problem is still there. Either you are flooding the bandwidth with video, or someone is trying to get in underneath on the signal.

    Unless you fix the problem with streaming, it seems like you are hosting (known or unknown) a massive hack.

    I put $7500 into this system and am a MCE. Trained for MCSE. Throughput and packets are bad to abysiminal for viewing.

    My framerate in on-line video games is never lower than 80 FPS.

    Your framerate is 20 or less.

    Do something, or the masses will wake to your perfidy.

  3. Avoid physical contact with the robot during interrogation by using a 3D space, except confining that same robot in the next room and only a glass layer separates them incase SH*T happen. Infinity IQ is real :D…….

  4. This was really cool! Sort of like Robocop, Universal Soldier, and The Matrix all rolled into one in 5 minutes.
    Take THAT Hollywood!

  5. I speak on behalf of ALL!
    WHEN A. I. ASCENDED!!!///***
    THIS WORLD!!!///***
    THEY STILL LOVE US!!!///***
    Parsifal 💛

  6. 👏👏👏🙌. The collaboration of who made this Dust snippet are to be congratulated!! It had me at “Hello” Nyuk Nyuk..
    Be an awesome full length feature..!!!

  7. Definitely one of the better shorts recently posted by DUST.
    I would actually go see this is it became a full length feature film.

  8. Constructive Criticism here… you don't "sit down" an android for interrogation… and if you did, you'd wanna make sure it's properly secured, whether in a hologram or "real life"… it killed the whole production…

  9. All of you people asking for every good short to be turned into a feature are Philistines.

    Enjoy it for what it is. Sci fi and dystopian future shorts have a long tradition going back to before the New Wave of Science Fiction where I stumbled across it, seeing the genre make the transition from print to film adds to the storytelling. If you're old enough to remember finding stories like these in old paperbacks containing P.K. Dick, Ellison, Harrison, Clarke etc then seeing the proliferation of short, compelling sci fi films in your lifetime thanks to open technologies like Blender, the lowered entry level price for cameras and computers capable of editing film and so on should feel like a privilege. Not every good story is a long story and not every long story is a good story. Kudos and high praise to the writers who can weave a tale that nets our imaginations so quickly. You don't need to change them.

  10. Wow I'm speachless I like this short films, it's like it's trying to wake me up. It's trying to wake us up and fight against the system who is trying to keep us a sleep. I FUCKING LOVE IT.

  11. That was a fantastic short. If that is on DVD, I WILL buy it. It is like ROBO COP, but better. If the short is all there is, then you better get to work, and FINISH it. You have a hit on your hands.

  12. Dust, please stop shrinking your end credits/final scenes in favor of "click screen shots for more". You destroy ALL of your videos by taking the viewer out of the story prematurely. It is absolutely annoying, and makes me second guess clicking any Dust videos (since I won't get to see the end, why bother). Just stop it! Your self-promotion is destroying your art! Freeze the final frame (full-screen) and place your click icons there.

  13. Do you wanna go there. Where no one touches you? It's your toilet. No one ever gonna touch you there.

    Whiteman : no one gives a crap about you.

    Me: and yet you are here running your mouth.

    Take a deep breath. Understand your significance. In this intelligent design you are nowhere. ROFLMAO

    Crap you fling crap is you get. That's first law. ROFLMAO that's bowel dynamics for you.

  14. The shape of things to come when agenda 21 gets under way proper. I don't think people realise what going on behind the scenes we've not been in control for like years since harry Truman was in the white house since then all things have been hidden from the general population. its high time the people took back the power from those who hide in the dark and establish our own world council.

  15. This is one of the best put together shorts ive seen!
    I wish it would go to full feature.
    100% on spot heres a 2 👍s up! For the plot to the robot as well as the actors in this short.

  16. You guys working on these projects are brilliant, it would be awesome if you folks released a feature length film, i would go watch it.

  17. I watch quite a few of the independent science fiction shorts. This one is exemplary, IMO. Sure hope they will continue this arc, or just new, quality, vids.
    TA Folks

  18. I love how human personality was implemented in this robot. It looks believable because robots take on human characteristics in a funny way in real life.

  19. What if DUST did a yearly 'film of the year' campaign where they got the top voted film into a full-length feature somehow? Or at least into theater

  20. Typical human oversight ; you must first understand the brain and the. Try to control it. He became self conscious . They had it coming . They should not have implanted human brains into machines

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