Sci-Fi Short Film “Bad Peter” | A DUST Original (Uncensored Director’s Cut)

-Good morning Rachel
-Good morning Peter -You sleep alright? -Great -I was just having a look at your
wearable and it appears your galvanic skin response was active last night.
Stress level’s a little high- nightmares? -No. Must have been a malfunction -Maybe we should do another colon cleanse Get rid of some of those anxiety inducing
microorganisms -I’m feeling um refreshed actually The body pillow you got me has
helped a lot. It’s relieved the pressure so thank you. You’re a lifesaver Peter
thank you -Glad to help Rachel Let’s hold off on the cleanse, try some relaxing
music before bed to calm the nerves Nothing is worse for your little man than a
mother’s anxiety -What’s it like out today? -68 with a slight chance of showers later this
afternoon Let’s get the day started. -Exhale around your back as you tuck your
chin toward your chest Inhale and gently arch your back downward and look up at the sky Your respiratory rate is great Rachel Now take a nice deep breath in
hold it one two three Expanding the uterus and exhale three
two one -I was thinking maybe we could try a silent meditation today -No I don’t think so Rachel. We know where your mind can take you. -Just to change it up a bit?
I’m in a really good place -Well it looks like your systolic blood pressure levels
suggest otherwise Let’s continue the guided meditation, shall we? -Okay. You know best -Drop any discomfort, any
tension, down the cervix and into the earth. Three ounces of Brazil nuts Looks good And everyone’s favorite: four ounces of omega-3 fish oil -Actually um can we
skip a day it’s been making me feel kind of nauseous -A small sacrifice for your
little man’s brain development -Looks like we’re out -Not possible. Based off your
daily consumption you’re not up for a refill until next week. Four ounces of
omega-3 fish oil. Please. -Just skip one day. Right?
That can’t hurt. One day? -It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen -Yeah but how can a day hurt -Four ounces of
omega-3 fish oil please. -It’s just it’s just a day, right? I mean what’s the big
fucking deal it’s just it’s just a day. Please? -If you don’t comply I’ll have to
give you a nudge Rachel -Please it’s just one fucking day okay can we -You got me to help you optimize your
potential and achieve results A safe delivery and a healthy baby. Isn’t that right. Now please, four ounces of omega-3 fish oil There you go Rachel. That which does not
kill us makes us stronger You know what time it is? Time to get into the groove Up we go -I’m up. -I can see by your pedometer you’re
not. Don’t be such a downer. Get up -Okay -I said up
-Okay -Move those feet. Dance.
A little pain for big game -I don’t see how this helps -Those nudges do wonders for behavior
modification -That’s fucked up -C’mon. Move those feet We’re breaking nasty little habits, and retraining the brain for long-term success Release those endorphins, improve that mood, and shake out that stress Good Now I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something Rachel. Is this a good time? -Perfect time
-I did some more research on single mother households and my findings were alarming. Do you know raising a
child on your own increases the chances of alcoholism, mental illness,
and academic failure? -Turn the music up -A two-parent household creates
the most likely conditions for a child to thrive -Turn the music up -You need a partner. Steven Joyce. Single, employed, and according to a Facebook message he left you last July, still very much in love with you. I think it’s time you responded -No
-It’ll be exceptionally challenging to find you a partner given your current circumstance
-Fuck you -I had a look back at your texts, your
emails with Steven, Your breakup appears to have been rather amicable -No no no. We’re just not doing that -Aw it’s too bad. It looked like he
checked all the boxes You know what? Let’s move on I’m getting profiles for you set up on all major dating platforms -No you’re not
-I need a little info before I can publish What would you say are your top
five qualities in an ideal partner? -I’m not doing that
-Top five qualities Rachel -I’m not doing that, I’m not doing that -Answer the question -I’m not doing that -What do you look for in a man, Rachel? -No I’m not fucking doing that -Do I need to remind you why you’re
wearing the collar? I’d hate to have to call Child Protective Services again. Bouts of extreme aggression, listlessness, lethargy, depression. Another complaint, they may deem you unfit. Now if you wouldn’t mind setting me back up again, we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming Much better Let’s do some kegels, shall we?

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