Sci-Fi Short Film “Box 616” | A DUST Exclusive | 2K

Sci-Fi Short Film “Box 616” | A DUST Exclusive | 2K

(light dramatic music) (dramatic music) (rustling) – Dear Mr. Crowe. I’m writing to inform
you that the contents of the trust in your name
will be made available to you on October 17, 2017. Please call to schedule an appointment or stop by our location at
your earliest convenience. Sincerely, Ben Tamer. (traffic humming)
(horns honking) Jeffrey S. Crowe, that’s,
that’s your grandfather, right? Paid for a 70 year lease
for a safety deposit box. With the exclusive instructions not to open until October 13, 2017. That’s two days ago. – 70 year lease? – See, after your father passed away, the account was transferred to you. Oh, also, it’s a large vault. On level 16. – A vault? – That’s right, a vault. Shall we take a look? (suspenseful music)
(elevator humming) (elevator creaking)
(thudding) (creaking) (door squeaking) (keys jingling) (gate squeaking) (clicking)
(light buzzing) (Ben coughing) Well, this is it. Looks like, uh, quite a
bit to go through, huh? I always wondered what was
in here all these years. (clicking) Bet there’s some really cool things, huh? Well I guess I’ll just,
uh, be on the way then. (light dramatic music) (static buzzing) (warped talking) – [Man] If you’re listening
to this you’ve probably already got into the safe. What I’m about to tell you
will not make sense right now, but I’ll explain. Up to this point we’ve always assumed that time runs in a straight line. My discoveries have proven otherwise. We’ve discovered a link
between multiple dimensions. A pathway with doors that open
to different moments in time and potentially other universes. What we didn’t realize
was that we need someone to open these doors from the other side. You’re going to open the door. 13 months ago I conducted an experiment that left six of my men
stuck in this pathway. That’s why I’m asking for your help. We lost contact with
them less than 10 minutes into the operation. What you are about to hear
is the last communication we had with them. (squeaking) – [Man] Alpha team to base. (man sighs) Okay, we’ve successfully
entered the realm. Temperature has dropped significantly. There’s a strong unfamiliar odor. Terrain seems to be some kind of ash. We’re approaching a wooded area now. – [Man] There’s something over here. – [Man] Wait, wait. – [Man] What is that? (ticking) – [Man] Oh dear God. – [Man] Run. (clicking)
(static buzzing) (dramatic music) – Mayday.
– Mayday! (static buzzing)
(dramatic music) (hissing)
(tapping) – [Man] The fate of these
men rests in your hands now. Please, act quickly. I’m not sure how long we have. – I forgot to tell you, the alarm goes off in 10 minutes if this is left open. Don’t worry, it’s not locked. (light dramatic music) (door squeaking) (clicking) (bag rustling) (suspenseful music) (light zapping)
(dramatic music) (whooshing)
(muffled talking) (suspenseful music) – It worked. (alien shrieking) (rattling) (dramatic music)
(creaking) (thudding) (gun clicking) (dramatic music)

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  1. Do hope this is part 1 of more? 💥👊❤💯👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍Kudos to EVERYONE involved👏👏👏👋💥✌

  2. Holy s…smoke, what an excellent piece of work, completely captivating and the ending was great and beyond my expectation., Thank you DUST for beginning my day perfectly, when I saw your "pop up" I thought ah DUST…my favorite place to be. Great film.

  3. Dust makes awesome short movies but the pay is not the worth the build up, this is not just for this but most of other Dust short movies. Story was good though, but still the endings though.

  4. I loved it. But the ending I'm curious who was the banker? He knew something was up, he closed the door and waited. Hmmm

  5. Mitch Glass, great film, excellent work! PS. Your 9-minute film feels like it's a 2-minute film even on the second viewing. Perfect.

  6. Interesting "Making Of" notes from the filmmaker: "We shot this in an old bank vault over a two day period. We had a crew of three people and a budget of about $800"

  7. Almost thought it was a Marvel tie in became 616 is the universe number of the main comic book timeline!

  8. "Box 616" shows it's possible to put a lot on the screen for not a lot of money. Other than the odd anachronism here and there, the universe in which this story takes place rings true, and is further helped by the casting–the banker in particular was an inspired choice! As we see the closing shot with the banker, armed, staring at the vault door wondering if it'll hold, I couldn't help but think that there's more to this story–and dammit, I wanted to see it!

    Great job!

    Looking at Mr. Glass' website, I was pleased to see that "Box 616" is actually a proof of concept for a feature film. Mitch–ya gotta get this made! Don't leave us hanging!

  9. Once again Dust, Spot on man! They brought it back with em!
    Like a prehistoric face muncher. Distant relative of you know Alien 👾 who! 🤣🤣🤣
    Cheers Dust.

  10. So, the banker…interesting character, knowing, it appears, as we see him, armed, awaiting the creature's escape, totally unfazed, like he's been here before…
    Wonder what his story is?
    Is he the guy's father?
    Excellent short.
    I rarely say it, maybe once before, but this begs for a feature length film or a series!!!

  11. Excellent work! This is SCI-FI! Great imagination and creativity. And the "weirdness" of the banker is illuminated by the final image. This is what this genre is all about. And why DUST is my favorite channel. Thank you all.

  12. This was awesome. Set up a kickstarter so we can donate and have you make a series out of this. Wow. The banker was really good!

  13. This is like a trailer to a awesome time traveling monster movie. Very nice work done with the little amount of resources they had. props to M.Glass for this tasty teaser.

  14. Time is the school in which we learn, Time is the fire in which we burn.
    Always make NOW the most precious time. Now will never come again. (Unless you're in a DUST flick LOL)

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