Sci-Fi Short Film “Colony” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “Colony” presented by DUST

(waves crashing) – Remembering my life and how things were is
like trying to hold water. But some things leave a stain. The year was 2131 when we
traveled to the colony. (anxious violin tones) After the war, we had nothing. So five years of labor for a home seemed like a pretty good deal. My sister and I were taken to a planet that they named Heaven. I hoped that the clean air
might help heal her lungs. (coughing) And I thought that if we could just push through, they’d let us live. (anxious violin music) We were all human, after all. (fearful breathing) Seren, you should eat something. – Rhian, it’s yours, you eat it. – You need to eat. – You waste it on her. – Take it, then. – They shouldn’t have been
allowed on board the ship. Only fit and healthy workers. I left my child on earth. But that one there, she’s
been sick since they got here. – Leave it. (anxious deep violin tones) (waves crashing) Well? – You’re late. – Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. – [Officer] Here. – Thanks. – Your skin’s getting worse.
– Yeah. Pretty soon you won’t want
to come meet me anymore. – We’ll just meet later when it’s very dark. You smell disgusting, go wash yourself. – Do you have access to
any kind of medicine? – For your skin? – No, it’s my sister, she’s, she’s sick and she’s just getting worse and if you have access to any, she’s not– – I’ll see what I can do. – Okay. (whispering) (deep violin tones) Seren. – Hmm? – [Rhian] I brought you some food. – I don’t want it. – [Rhian] You need to eat it. – [Seren] I’m not hungry. – How can you not be hungry? You haven’t eaten in three days. – Because I know what
you had to do for it. – [Rhian] All right, sit up. – You don’t understand,
every time you go out there– – Shh, check your voice.
– I don’t know if you’re coming back and–
– Be still. You don’t want everyone to hear, okay? Just keep your voice down. – I don’t trust them. – What if I can get you medicine? – What if you can’t? – What else am I supposed to do? – Stay with me. (anxious deep violin music) – [Unknown Voice] Rhian, stay with me. (coughing) – No, no, no, Seren, Seren. Get up. Seren. Seren. It’s okay. It’s all right, just
let me hold you, okay? She’s okay. She’s just got some petal
eyes in her nose, she’s fine. She’s fine. (alarm blaring) You’re okay. You’re okay. (low, anxious violin tones) – [Officer] Here. – Where’s the medicine? – An apple today. Maybe tomorrow. – No, no, no, but you said
you could get medicine. You said you could get fucking medicine! – I said I’d see what I could do. Isn’t that enough for you? – [Rhian] I’m sorry. – I have always done
what I can to help you. You think this is fuckin’ easy for me? – Sorry. – You think I can fuckin’ walk in there, you think this is my fuckin’–
– I’m sorry, I’m sorry! (tense rising tones) (Rhian weeping) – [Officer] When you talk to me like that, it makes me think, what’s the point? (anxious electronic tones) (water sloshing) (anxious rattling tones) (Rhian grunting) – [Unknown Voice] Rian. (anxious electronic tones) I see you. (whispering) I feel what you feel. I lost my family too. If you stay with me, I can heal you. I can change you. We can save her. I was murdered, Rhian, just like you. (screeching) – Seren. Seren? Seren, wake up. No, no, Seren, wake up. Wake up. (gasping)
(coughing) Last night, there was
something in the water. It was on my leg and the blood and… – It’s an apple.
– Yeah. But it was better. You know? It was a fresh one, it was, it was like the ones we
used to have, you know? – It’s okay. – [Seren] It really was a better one. (anxious electronic tones) – [Officer] Tomorrow,
bring me your sister. – You have the medicine? (anxious violin music) One day, people are gonna
talk about us, you know? As the founders of Heaven. – No, they won’t. We’ll be left out of the story. – Well, I guess we’re just gonna have to write our own
history then, aren’t we? (coughing) – [Seren] Who would read? – [Rhian] Seren, get down. – What? What is it? – Nothing, it’s fine, okay? Just stay here. It’s fine.
– Wait, no. Rhian, stop. (catcall whistling) – Where’s your sister? – [Rhian] Where’s the medicine? – What medicine? What’s she talking about? – [Officer] I don’t know
what she’s talking about. – Ooh, they all smell of shit. I’ll have to hold my nose. – There never was any, was there? – [Officer] Where’s your sister? – She couldn’t make it down the cliffs. – Ah, come on, don’t lie to us. We’re here to help you. – Get the fuck off me.
– Oh, ho, ho. (groaning) Hey, come back. – [Officer] Fuck! (screaming) (thudding) Get off her. (grunting) – [Unknown Voice] Rian. (whispering) Stay with me. – [Officer] Get off of her. (anxious violin, electronic music) (rattling tones) – [Rhian] I was given the
chance to start again. The chance to save a life. (thunder booming) Things are different now but the past is never quite washed clean. They won’t remember our names
but they will remember me. (tense rising ensemble tones) (whispering) (relaxed electronic music)

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  1. My opinion at the very end they killed the more attractive one and left the slightly-less-attractive one alive, but I realize that's subjective.

  2. Some of these are a real mess that scatter in so many different directions without a destination. This one certainly fell flat.

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