Sci-Fi Short Film “Fabricated” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “Fabricated” presented by DUST

What? Steady- I am not going to hurt you now, and from the looks of it, you’re halfway gone already. You and I, and all of this you see here, are nearly extinct. Come closer, my friend, and let me have a look at you. These parts of you that are made of bone are weak. They will break up and blow away, but this, this piece is special, and it will grow into something amazing. You, you have intelligence and you must use it. Look for this symbol, you will find a wheel that must be turned and released. It will start a great machine to turning. This machine can help you build a new world. Oh, but I cannot come with you. My foot has corroded off, and I am stuck here, forever. Now I tire of this and I wish to sleep. But beware the …

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  1. Yes and aren't the greys exactly a mix of tech and bio material ? Weird.

  2. This is what happens when we turn Tim Burton loose in a factory !😲🤔😁😆😆that was really cool 😎👍👍

  3. This short will never stop intriguing me. I can only wonder if the little winged creature should have trusted the mechanical humanoid. I can only wonder if he did the right thing.

  4. One thing is for sure, there is a lot of work put into this special movie. All the mechanical is fantastic and if you see it five times you will see something new every time. Good luck further boys, this was good work . The film is without a doubt a work of art.


  6. I knew this was amazing when i saw the drill shaving reeds. Masterpiece. Also the lore plaques on the wall tell the whole story in a moment

  7. The Dog is still Mans best friend. What an amazing piece of work. 10 out of 10 Guys.👍👍👍🇺🇸👩🏻‍🚀🇩🇰❤️

  8. Что, в итоге? Эта железка померла или превратилась в Т 1000? И какое отношение к этому имеет конвейер?

  9. If this were CGI it wouldn't be nearly as twisted and creepy. Its like Tools Sober on steroids!!! 10 years is a whole lot of nightmarish dreams to see a phychiatrist about.

  10. Anyone who would like an introduction to work that inspired this (possibly – as always -subconsciously) check out Jan Swankmeyer (didn't check my spelling)

  11. Автономная роботозированая личности должна соответствовать человеческому образу чувствам

  12. 👍👍👍 Great Work, Well Presented Visually And Back Round Music & Sound Effects! ! ….You’re Hired!!
    God Bless. Darth Airborne Nobody 55’. NYC

  13. Marvelous! Must importantly u hv to watch it at least twice to really appreciate the atencion to detail!!!
    Thank you

  14. Incredible creative talent. This may remind some of 9, but the world this takes place has never been filmed like this. Also the sound track is wonderfully done to mimic machinery and maybe computer overtones. great job, can't wait to see the rest. It's in a class of it's own.

  15. I agree with ThePapa48. As a retired engineer, i found it fascinating. Hugely imaginative and absorbing. Thank you to everyone involved with this. How can anyone give this a thumbs down, for goodness sake?

  16. I know this sounds pretentious, but after my third viewing, this video should be taught in art schools. It's such an incredible piece of art. There's so much to talk about and analyze, that I could probably go on for hours typing, revising, and editing a comment to explain this video. I will live and die by the opinion that this video is DUST's magnum opus. Them at their absolute best. Such artistry and talent went into this, and with all the best works, there's so many angles and positions you can hold when talking about and analyzing it.

  17. I think its about something akin of a vacuum meta stability event. What we are seeing in the beginning, is the end stage of life in that paradigm. The way things are manufactured is the only way life can be sustained in this low energy state of being. The wheel quest is the last of the machinations of the higher intelligence goal of rebooting existence.

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