Sci-Fi Short Film “FTL” | Presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “FTL” | Presented by DUST

(Earth rumbling) (title ringing) (radio chattering) (dramatic music) (ISS whooshing) ♪ Come on and take a free ride ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Come on and take a free ride ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ – Commander, we are good for pre-flight. – [Ethan] Roger that. ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ – Standby for final
telemetry upload and lock. Oh, and the crew hope you’re enjoying your send off serenade. ♪ Yeah, yeah, ooh, hoo ♪ – It’s perfect, thank you. – [Sarah] Thought you’d like it. ♪ Take a free ride ♪
– Standby for final checks and transmission tests. ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ – Five by five, Flight. Ready to disengage. – Proceed. (dramatic music) You are cleared for initial trust. – Roger that, moving out, quarter impulse. – [Sarah] Nerd! – Card carrying. And if you don’t say make it so, I’ll be very disappointed. – [Sarah] Noted, Commander. Please proceed to drive initiation point. – On my way. See you soon. – Ah, he’s so fast! (mellow music) Someone’s excited. You’re looking forward to playing with your new toy, Commander? – I am, but maybe don’t tell anyone you call it my toy, honey They may ask us to cover
the trillion-dollar bill. Hey. Look at me. I’m coming back. I always do. I wouldn’t do this if I thought otherwise. – You better. – You can’t get rid of me that easy. (melancholy music) (engine humming) Flight, we are green across
the board, please confirm. – [Sarah] Confirmed, Longshot. – Disengaging interlocks. Flight, we are a go for FTL burn. It’s now or never. – [Sarah] God speed, Commander. See you on the other side. – Come on Flight, let’s
hear it, you can do it. – Fine. Make it so, Commander. – [Ethan] There you go. – [Reporter] The world awaits the test of the very first faster-than-light
propulsion system. The Longshot is the most
advanced spacecraft ever built. And in it, Commander
Kane will travel to Mars. A journey that, according to NASA, will take just over three minutes. – [Ethan] Lighting it up in three, two, one.
(engine whining) Mark! (people chattering) (ethereal music) (energy crackling) (spaceship rumbling) (tense music) 1.25 c. Spinning down in five. (spaceship whooshing)
(engine whining) Flight, do you copy? (Mission Control applauding)
– That’s right, yes! – Loud and clear, Commander. Welcome back to our corner of space-time. – [Ethan] It’s good to be back. – And this just in! Commander Kane has
arrived at his destination and is now the first man to
travel faster than light. – Thank God! – [Reporter] The commander will now launch an entangled satellite
into orbit around Mars allowing real-time communication between Earth and Mars Colony One. (dramatic music) – Q sat, online. – [Ethan] All right, let’s do this again before you miss me too much. – Initiate return sequence. – [Ethan] Starting FTL spin-up sequence. – [Sarah] Roger that, Longshot. (spaceship humming) – And we are a go across
the board, Flight. – [Sarah] Spin her up, Commander. (engine whining) – Flight, it looks like I may
have an interlock issue here. – We’re seeing the same thing here. Let’s take a look at diagnostics. Abort FTL drive start and spin down. – Roger that. Spinning down. (computer beeping) Flight, we have a problem. (spaceship whooshing) (alarm beeping) (energy crackling)
(dramatic music) Flight, I have lost drive control. Repeat, I have lost drive control. I have no nav comm and I
am approaching light speed. – Find him, Comms! – [Ethan] I am being
pulled in to a new vector! – [Computer] Warning, hull breach. Warning, hull breach. Warning, hull breach. Warning. (metal groaning)
(engine whining) (spaceship whooshing) Warning, hull breach. Warning, hull breach. Warning. (ethereal music)
(spaceship rumbling) Warning, hull breach. Warning, hull breach. – I need information people, come on! Where’s our bird? – Gone, I mean gone. No vector, nothing to track. We should be able to get him on Q comm anywhere, but nothing. – Stand by, we’re receiving
some new information. Commander Kane seems to have disappeared. – Where did Dad go? – [Reporter] The Longshot
was ready to make the return voyage home but something seems to have gone wrong. We will continue to follow the story and provide updates on
any new developments. (tense music) – [Computer] Warning, hull breach. – A first contact. Okay, way above my pay grade. – [Computer] Warning, hull breach. Warning, hull breach.
(glass cracking) Warning, hull breach.
(metal groaning) (sad music)
(glass cracking) (aliens buzzing) (metal groaning) (aliens buzzing) – [Reporter] After almost a day since his last communication, the search for Commander Kane continues. We have reached out for the
Commander’s family for comment. We’re sure it’s been a
difficult time for them. Along with the rest of the world, we hold out hope for a safe return. – [Sarah] Nothing more to do today. Go home. (radio squelching) – Uh, Flight? There’s something. – [Ethan] Control, come in. – You guys getting this? – [NavCom] NORAD is reporting an anomaly approximately 2.4 clicks from ISS. – Anomaly? Do we have a visual? – Coming up. (dramatic music) – What is that? (aliens whizzing) Can you track? – I don’t. (air whooshing) – [Abby] Jack! Jack! (aliens buzzing) – [Jack] Whoa. (Ethan gasps) (dramatic music) Daddy! – It’s me, it’s me! (Abby sobbing) (sullen music)

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  1. Has an earpiece and then doesn't. Ripped across the university for free via free tuition, training, material costs, vehicle costs, ground ops, support functions, government oversight, government oversight, government oversight, government oversight, and on and on.

  2. Albert Einstien will be so angry at this. His whole life's work and efforts have been destroyed in this 15 minutes of this stupid director. No matter can travel faster than c. Period. Otherwise you transformed to energy.

  3. The sad part is – that human died there, and what was copied was probably also a human, but it was not the first guy….

  4. Good movie. It presents an adventure, a drama, presents a problem and leaves unanswered questions. That's nice. I drew a little of that immediate reception of the commander's message, but on second thought. If they have technology for the supraluminous travel of a spaceship, it is possible that they have found a way to make the communication signals travel the 20 light minutes that separate the earth from Mars in a few milliseconds. I'll consider it that way since I don't want to think it was a script hole in the movie.

  5. License and registration please. Hmm. Son, you are in the wrong county. I suggest you head back the way you came. Also, use your seat belts next time.

  6. funny this takes around 3.03 minutes for light from earth to get to mars so basically, he went the SOL or speed of light :3

  7. a scientist/ astronaut comes upon an advance alien civilization, all he can do is look away and cry and look at a picture of his family that he has seen a thousand times over?

  8. Helmet this, helmet that. I wouldn’t have put a helmet on either, because I’d be doomed either way. Traveling FTL means a helmet will be utterly useless at saving your life.

  9. House and garden quality home with a kid in the house – yeah right – not a single toy in the garden. Doubtful whether time dilation, as suggested by a few people, would be significant over such a short distance.

  10. New awesome Space MMO game with real money economy

  11. Sooooooo, it takes 8 minutes for radio waves to reach Mars, but as soon as he gets there, he has live radio contact?

  12. We are the aliens which landed on this planet to exploit all whats earth has in it. And creating mountains of trash. The earth, the animals, the plants all are suffering because of us. We claim everything, we ruin everything since beginning.

  13. Bothered to put on a bulky flight suit but not the helmet and, for some reason didn't have it on him or think to put it on when he thought he was going to die.

  14. He travels 3 min to Mars & communicates in realtime with mission control BEFORE he deploys the becon, that allows real-time communication.
    So, the FTL-Communication has already been developed, but not deployed until the FTL-Ship was ready for its first flight.
    Sorry cant shut my brain down.

  15. Human: "Can someone help me ? My FTL overloaded, sent me and my ship G-d knows where , blew up and left me stranded. I might need a tow "

    Aliens: :We'll do you one better, We'll leave your ship here so at least THIS ONE won't blow up on you again, and drop you off on your planet at the front of your domicile, where your companion and offspring are waiting for you. Oh yeah, next time please wear a helmet. There is little oxygen in space "

  16. Well… with millions of sentient species in trillions of galaxies, someone has to watch the younger species doing their first FTL steps. Dont wanna have them mess up the intergalactic traffic with their toy ships.

  17. Space suit seems to have been manufactured in late 1960s…

    …also no way such a spacecraft would have the need for a control stick…

    …also FTL is physically impossible. Just make it a worm hole or something 😛

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  19. I love the end.. overwhelmed with been reunited .. didn't blink an eye lid at been beamed out if an alien space craft.. 😅
    Good effort at a short film though so bravo!!

  20. I really enjoyed the short film. I'd like to ask what you guys think about that effect on his head after hugging his wife. it seens like the outer space beings brought not exactly him, but something extradimensional. Everytime i see speed of light, i always think about the Einstein's

    theory of relativity. i'm sorry if i said something wrong. <3 peace

  21. fancy thought ….thank god .. he was not penalised….our credit cards are not acceptable there .
    first time offenders ..usually returned to the base.

  22. Oh well, whether we like it or not there are only a few possibilities about the universe:
    1. Earth is the one and only planet with Life. Even though highly unlikely, it is the fact for now, until proven otherwise.
    2. Life appears spontaneously in the Universe, but its proliferation beyond bacterial is very difficult, let alone the evolution of a sentient species. That means that possible civilizations are reduced a lot.
    3. No sentient civilization has managed so far to develop an actual FTL technology that would really allow colonization of other solar systems and even galaxies.
    4. Life is easy to happen, occurs often and also often sentient species appear, and this happened from the first few billions of the universe. This would mean that the Universe is a highly contested place, and the biggest civilizations are determined in keeping a hold of everything, disallowing the proliferation of new solar level species.

  23. Too many negative comments from critics who have never created a thing in their life. Keep sitting on your ass and eating your candy bars and popcorn. We are all waiting to see your work and how talented you are??? I like the video, and the graphics are fantastic. I think I'll watch it again!!! And by the way, a helmet is not going to save your life if you are traveling through space at the speed of light and something goes wrong. REALLY??? Just enjoy the art and stop being so critical!!!

  24. All three of them would probably have to spend the rest of their lives under government sequester, never allowed to talk about what they saw.

  25. Everyone's commenting on the lack of helmet. Is anyone else thinking that the ISA/NASA/whoever would never use an experimental drive twice in a row without a complete examination and diagnostic in between?

  26. This short film shows that some most advanced species exist in the universe who did not want we humans break our boundary . And law of universe .

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