Sci-Fi Short Film “Future Boyfriend” | DUST Exclusive Premiere

Sci-Fi Short Film “Future Boyfriend” | DUST Exclusive Premiere

(bright music) (bright piano music) – Wow, this is a really nice place Stuart. – Well, I wanted to take you some place special tonight Miss Landon. – Kaylie. – Kaylie. I’ve been coming here for years. This place is practically an institution. I’m putting your purse on
the back of your chair. – Thank you. – Okay. – Okay. (intense music) – Is there anything else sir? – No, no everything’s fine. Sorry, he just looks familiar. – It’s okay. So, I have an interview
for a new job next week. It’s just a job interview for the Marriott but it’ll allow me to take some classes. See if I can do some
more photography stuff. Hey, it’s okay. I’m having a really
delightful time with you. – I feel the same way. But if things are gonna
get serious between us I should maybe come clean about something. – Okay. – You should know, I’m
not sure how to say this. – It’s okay. – Kaylie, (rapid bell music) I’m from the future. (bell music) (Kaylie chuckles) I traveled here two weeks
ago from the year 2078. I came here using a time travel app. – We have to go back? – No, it’s kind of a one way trip. There’s a whole disrupting
the fabric of time thing. Look, I can show you the app. – Hi Stuart. You accessed you phone again. What do you want me to do? – No, he came with the, – Strange, current network of 4G. What odd wasteland have
you brought me to 15G man? Oh my god. – No, cut no. – These are like olden days. This is hella old. Did you get shots before you came here? Because you oughta get shots. This is so old, this is super old. – Okay, okay, just turn that thing off. Okay, I believe you. But, why travel back to now? Do you have to stop an assassination or, kill the next Hitler or something? – Actually I came back to date you. To be your boyfriend. – Wait, what? Am I like some famous
historical figure or something? – (chuckles) no, no. No, nothing like that. You’re actually a resident in
the nursing home I work at. – Nursing home? Can I have some more wine? Thank you. Sorry, I’m sorry. I just, I’m in a nursing home. – Well yeah, I mean, you’re a
lot older 63 years from now. You can’t take care of yourself so I take care of you. – What about my children,
why aren’t I with them? – You never had any children. Maybe we can change that this time around. Right, let’s take it slow, we’ll take it slow, we’ll take it slow. – I get stuck in a nursing home? – Okay look, I know this is
a lot to take in Miss Landon. Kaylie. Wow, I really need to stop doing that. Kaylie, Kaylie, Kaylie. I know this is a lot to handle but I think you’re a
really amazing old woman. When I met you six decades from now I was really taken back with
how well you and I clicked. There was just this chemistry, you know? But the age difference was a bit much. So I thought, hey, if we get along so well I bet if we were the same age we would be the perfect couple. – Wait, wait. What year were you born? – 2050. – 2050. – Yeah, the year the Cubs
finally win the world series. – But. – Look, maybe seeing some images of us will make you feel better. – Hey Stuart it got you some – [Stuart] Video menu. – No. – I found my grandma’s old Blu-ray player and set it up in your room so we could watch all those old high-defs. – All right, I think it’s working. I’ve never tried the selfie droning mode. Oh, you hit power. Power. (both laughing) – Oh my god. That’s me. – Here we are at your
bone density screening. I love that dress on you. Do you have it yet? – No. – And look, here’s from
your 98th birthday party. – Who are you? (bright bell music) – Happy birthday. – What? – Okay, you know what, this is too weird. I can’t. I, I was planning on having
sex with you tonight. – Really that’s great. – No, not great. It would be super weird to
be naked in front of you now. – No, it’ll be fine. I see you naked everyday when I give you your morning sponge bath. – Gross. – Kaylie, do you know how many people end up dating their nurses. – This is different Stuart. It’s not like we met in physical therapy. We would never be normal. I would never meet your friends, or your family, or your parents. – You can meet my grandparents. My grandma actually
attends the junior high right by your apartment. – Jesus. I’m older than your grandmother. – We can make this work. You and me we can do this. Next week, you’re gonna get
that job at the Marriott. And they give you this really
great plaque when you retire. 50 years of service. It’s just like that Jay Weathermans. Jay Weatherman. Oh my god, our waiter is Jay
Weatherman the famous musician. – The what, the reception job? – He’s gonna be the godfather
of psych-rock in a few years. I mean, he’s huge.
– When I retire, what about my photography career? – Sort of thought that was
a hobby you used to have. (somber music) – Okay, nope. I’m done. I’m done. I can’t, I just can’t. – Okay, where are you going? – Look, I don’t know why you thought coming back in time and lying
to me about who you were and then just unloading every little grizzly detail about my life was going to work out
well for you romantically? But, I am not that old lady that you knew. I don’t want to be that
old lady that you knew. You should have stayed in your own time. You would’ve had a
better shot with me then. Ooh. – I might be in to it,
it could’ve worked maybe. – No that’s gross. No, I just. You’re a creep and I
will see you in 50 years. (somber music) – Here you are sir. – Keep it up man. The bands gonna make it. – Band? (somber music) – Stuart, it looked like you
were attempting to access, oh, she go? Oh Stuart. Oh buddy. Oh poodle do. Oh, poodle baby Stuart. I’m not good in these situations. I’m sorry your date didn’t work out. – All right ready? Yes. One, two, three. Yay, yay, you did it, she did it. Yay. – I’m having a really delightful time with you tonight young man. – Yeah, well you used to think so anyway. – Do you know where my purse is? – Do you know where my purse is? Let me just get this straight. In the year 2075 I’m a
single, retired hotel worker with no children, living in
a state funded nursing home? – Yes. – You are a man who not only
enjoyed spending time with me as a doddering old lady, but you also decided to
dangerously travel back in time to go on a date with me? – Well, yeah. – And if things worked between us, there’s a possibility we
could change that future? – Absolutely. (romantic music) – I need you to forget
the future you know. We’re gonna make our own future. Deal? – Deal. – Let’s go. (bright romantic music) – Can I just say one thing? – What? – I just really want
you to take better care of your teeth this time around. – Stuart. – You have really beautiful teeth. This one’s rotting in the future. – [Kaylie] Stop it, not okay, not okay. (bright romantic music) – [Announcer] Watch Dust. Like this video. Subscribe for new visions
of the future every week. It is the business of the
future to be dangerous. Your future is Dust.

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  1. Watch the stars of this short film in their latest horror comedy "Deep Dish Apocalypse" that is now playing on our sister channel ALTER:

  2. Awesome that French stewart from third rock from the sun tv show and also the stargate movie made a cameo as the holographic image bloody brilliant and entertaining keep up the great work, fan from down under 🙂

  3. Just today got into Dust. I have to say I feel you guys surpass Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Old and new series. I've watched three right now and I'm thinking I'll be watching these over regular films. It's cool checking out non name actors.

  4. I'm putting the purse of your back…… 😂 😂 Now I got that why did he said in loud. I knew it she must be so old. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  5. So…..nobody notices any of this in a crowded restaurant? Really? That part doesn't work for me. But the story was funny enough. Good job.

  6. You see women, men are coming from future to date you. No! It is not love.
    Reason 1: We are having less number of men now.
    Reason 2: We will have less number of women by then (sad).

    This is, now, a global issue.

  7. I think she didn't really loved him, it's just that she was scared of her future and wanted to change it with the help of that guy

  8. "Knowing" Dust, i figured this was a one way sacrifice designed to help her fulfill her aspirations, leaving him in the… ahem

  9. I love these short videos. These are better then watching hours of mainstream tv with pointless adverts. Thanks for uploading this briliant video.

  10. This is a really cool short. On par with the rest of the stuff from Dust, but more appealing to the main stream population. I passed it on to people I know and they really liked it.

  11. One of the best Dust films I have ever seen. A nice story with sympathetic and engaging characters beautifully performed.

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