Sci-Fi Short Film “Orbit Ever After” | DUST Exclusive

Sci-Fi Short Film “Orbit Ever After” | DUST Exclusive

Hang on Nigel. Oh lovely catch. That’s a beauty. Oh don’t crowd him, don’t crowd him. Oh, well done son. I got it, I got it. Atoms atoms fourteen. Ow. Watch it. Watch it gramps! Food should only be a minute. Ohhhhh, it had bloody better be. Give it a rest Dad. Don’t you start. Both of you put a sock in it. Ohhhhh put a sock in it.
That’s what I’m saying. I’m on your side. Put a sock in it…
Oh for once can’t we just have a bit of peace and quiet? If it wasn’t for me the whole place would sink. {garbled words} Helmet off when you’re in the house. What’s up wit you? What? You’ve got a look about you. What look? That look. It’s that smitten with a girl look. The boy’s are romantic just like his grandpa. It takes one to know one. That girl, Nigel we’ve been through this. Is she fit? She’s spinning around there at
the wrong way. Tell him. What your mother means is There’s no point wanting something
you can’t have. It’ll only get you hurt. I know. I appreciate that. Just, I want more. Well, eat what you got first then feed the sheep. Yeah? Yeah, that’s not what I meant. More what, Love? There’s plenty of geosynchronous girls around. The Robertson’s daughter three
pods down. She’s half my age. So? Wait till she isn’t. Be patient. Be safe. Like us. I don’t wanna be… …like you. sorry I just I want more than just safety. I’ve spent my whole life in here just going round and round and nothing ever
happens nothing ever changes and nobody seems to mind. I would give a whole lifetime of safety for just ten seconds with her. Just 10 seconds of actually feeling alive. She must have amazing pots. {music} Bloody gravity! Always on the bloody blink. Blasted piece of rubbish! Oh son… son… son… Don’t crowd him. Take that off. Nigel? Nigel! oh oh… You alright? You’re alright. Hello son. Welcome back. Alright, just relax. Everything’s fine. You’re safe. She threw it, and I almost caught it. I think the sun was in my eyes or something, I don’t know, but I was so close. Well that doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter what’s important that she was trying to get in touch with me she wants to communicate
with me and and I missed it… and now it’s lost. Girls are terrible throwers. They’re one of life’s great enigmas like
what are my nipples for or is there life on Earth? Here you go, Love. Some for you, Son. what’s up with you? What? Nothing. You got that look about you. What look? That look. It’s that hiding something from your son look. My old missus was a bit conniving a right trickster. Hiding what? What, you’re going to start listen to him
all of a sudden? You look daft. What? So I found the thing that the girl threw, and I didn’t tell you about it because I knew you just get upset. Upset? That’s great! Where is it? Mom, where is it? It’s in the soup! It’s a message. Look, it’s a message for me, she wants me to jump. Oh it’s madness. Tell him. We almost lost you today Son. Best be safe. I told you, I don’t care about safety. She’s gonna catch me on the next pass. I’m gonna miss her. No… no… no… Don’t do this, Son, don’t do this… You’re throwing your life away! I can make it! She’ll catch me! Stop him! Come with me. It’s not worth it Son. How would you know? Nigel! Nigel! Nigel! Turn around! Nigel… Nigel! Nigel! Nigel! It’s your fault! You’re useless! You let him go! You could have grabbed him and you let him go! It’s your fault! That’s enough! You shouldn’t have destroyed his note! That wasn’t fair! Tell you what my dear, this isn’t one of your best. A piece of the message. You. The girl is meant to jump. Nigel! Nigel! Nigel!

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  1. @DUST
    Congratulations my Loves!! This is One of your BEST!!! I'm so impressed with your team and your talents!

  2. Well it's because of his mother… Shouldn't have destroyed that note… He ran outta time and didn't see it whole.

  3. oh cool its that guy out of that double part dr who episode and game of thrones and that warg guy out of pirates of the carribean and game of thrones

  4. What a depressing pointless movie. We really have gotten lost if this is considered good for young kids to watch. It is demented, like Walt Disney if he was on acid. Why anyone would like this warped fare is beyond belief. Good grief!

  5. Such a tragic love story. In an attempt to prevent her son from ever leaving her she created a scenario where he made a decision that cost him his life and the life of the girl he loved.

  6. Fantastic story!
    I'm sure after realising what he did, she must got angry and furiously fight with him.
    "You killed my dreams!"

  7. OMG I just suddenly realized who the father was that was Pin (or is it Rangety how ever his name is spelled) from Pirates of the Caribbean

  8. Из всего фильма я понял только то, что мериканцы так и не изобрели нормальных скафандров.


    "And there, in the darkness below, the fool and the princess touched–for a moment.
    And then they drowned.
    And in that moment they touched, the fool and the princess could see each other and all of life and of the world more clearly than but a dozen people since the beginning of time. And that moment they touched outlasted the life of the king and the queen, and outlasted the kingdom. And that moment they touched is lasting still–and will probably outlast us, too."

    ~ the ending from "The Dark Princess" by Richard Kennedy (as best I can remember it)

  10. The story is so pure of heart and authentic
    the soundtrack, it just hits you.
    I think he finally felt truly alive

  11. Love it! it’s like a 6 year old’s adventure in the attic, playing around up there, pretending to be spaceman, a big callback to childhood for me. Loved it! Great work

  12. Such an original love story, I'm not usually into that sort of thing but this really got me purely for it's originality. And the ending was pretty cool too !

  13. Star crossed lovers, that both die in the end……But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she.

  14. Heh, since they were orbiting in different directions, hugging each other canceled out their orbital velocity and they fell to the earth

  15. I'm hoping it's a happy ending, that there's something in their suits that will protect them from the heat, that they fall in the water and swim back up to start a new life on earth

  16. Ehhhh right. I love the Firefly vibe and acting but guys come on. There must be a bit sci to make good sci-fi . The sci is missing. Nobody around to give a bit of orbital mechanics advice to the script writers?

  17. The Boy at 0:55 went on to star in sevral big BBC TV series after he did this short. This was a career starter for him. Lucky him.

  18. Nice short film! (Seriously though… I'm going to be surprised one day when he actually lives through the end of something!🤔)

  19. the lesson is love will burn you in the end lol, the dad was from pirates of the Caribbean and son from maze runner if any one was curious

  20. I thought the twist was gonna be, he jumps, makes it to her satellite, and her and her family end up being cannibals and eat him. Lol

  21. Parents never know when to let go. Moms with their sons. Dads with their daughters. They just want to control every aspect of your life forever. Such toxic parenting.

    What she ought to have done is show the boy the note, let him know the pros and cons of it all, advice him on which path to take, and let the boy decide for himself. But parents always think they know what's best.

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