Sci-Fi Short Film “Pendulum” | DUST Exclusive Premiere

Sci-Fi Short Film “Pendulum” | DUST Exclusive Premiere

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  1. This pretty much explains new age get away retreats, nothing but another dogmatic brainwashing cult. And that guy reminds me of Trudeau…

  2. So the good guy knocks down the bad guy but doesn't pick up the gun. No one to blame but himself for getting shot in the back.

  3. And people will always revert to base instincts despite us wanting to feel superior we're no more than the animals at heart.

  4. As 'meaningful' as most life is these days.
    90% of everything (including this video) is Bullshit …
    Go to India to find the 'meaning' of life … lol

  5. Actually is a bit less than 25 years, so hurry up. Cherish life with your family, friends and be generous with the others. Think globally, believe and you will not have fear.

  6. The end of the world looks beautiful but scientifically unrealistic.
    What's worse, people's behavior is too orderly: there's hardly any chaos. How come the protagonists left their life behind but while doing so they could use transportation services, buy food, use money etc.? All the others have kept going to work so that they can (almost) view the end from a perfect angle? Such an inherent egoism – suggesting that even the filmmakers have it!
    Compare with the "Restaurant at the End of the Universe" by Douglas Adams, another fictional spot which, however, fully embraces the irony it deserves.

  7. Perfect character study of the "charismatic" cult leader . . . and the self serving psych drama and intrigues so ubiquitously common with these.

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  9. Looks like vacuum decay of the Higgs field. It really can happen. When they found the Boson of Higgs they realized it is not in the most stable configuration. In other words the value of the Higgs field can change at any moment destroying everything. It would only take some random part of the Higgs field in your hand for example to tunnel to a lower level and all the Higgs field in the universe will follow it creating a bubble of destruction expanding at speed of light in any directions.

  10. Stupid. A "rip" made it from the "edge of the galaxy" to Earth inside of 20 years, but cant get from the sky above Argentina to finishing everything off inside of a week+. Writers werent paying attention to their own story line.

  11. Dust stories either have no ending or a sad / messed up ending. And that's the ones that at least have a coherent plot line..
    This wasn't a great ending or a particularly compelling plot, but at least it had a coherent story with an ending, and for that, I'll give it thumbs up. Because 90% of the videos on DUST don't.

  12. Impressive. Very convincing acting. Story and direction are outstanding too. The best short I have seen for quite some time.

  13. if the "end" ever happen in my lifetime.
    i would probably be stress-free knowing i couldn't change the fate of my life.
    because there wouldn't be anymore pointless social event, failing to be what my parents wanted me to be and the hope that slowly fade each year in my boss's eyes when looking at my work.

    it's weird because, you sens it, event you aren't dying.
    through the eyes of others…

  14. I was going to comment, just, "Why we keep living," but as I watched more and more of this film, I became amazed at how much could be accomplished in this journey of 20 minutes.

  15. ‍ꦾꦄꦴꦄꦼꦴꦌꦚꦿꦎꦤꦻꦴꦊꦄꦵꦎꦴꦊꦧꦄꦵꦪꦩꦵꦩꦊꦢꦕꦇꦊꦒꦉꦴꦒꦴꦠꦉꦴꦇꦄꦴꦠꦼꦎꦕꦊꦠꦴꦎꦴꦱꦊꦕꦕꦱꦱꦉꦴꦕꦸꦂꦄꦵꦒꦗꦵꦕꦒꦠꦕꦵꦄꦴ ꦠ꧀ꦮ꦳꧀ ꦧꦶꦱ ꦢꦶꦁꦒꦺꦴ ꦤꦁ ꦲꦸꦫꦶꦥ꧀ ꦱꦼꦢꦶꦤ ꦤꦁ ꦠ꧀ꦮ꦳꧀ ꦧꦶꦱ ꦢꦶꦁꦒꦺꦴ ꦏꦺꦂꦗ ꦱꦶꦁ ꦲꦺꦴꦫ ꦔꦁꦒꦺꦴ ꦩꦺꦱꦶꦤ꧀ ꦕꦸꦏꦸꦂ ꦧꦶꦱ ꦢꦶꦁꦒꦺꦴ ꦤꦁ ꦲꦸꦫꦶꦥ꧀ ꦱꦼꦢꦶꦤ ꦤꦁ ꦠ꧀ꦮ꦳꧀ ꦲꦩꦂꦒ ꦮꦶꦱ꧀ ꦧꦶꦱ ꦒꦮꦺ ꦮꦺꦴꦁ ꦱꦶꦁ ꦧꦶꦱ ꦒꦮꦺ 🇨🇳 ꦧꦶꦱ ꦒꦮꦺ ꦮꦺꦴꦁ ꦩꦸꦩꦺꦠ꧀ ꦲꦏꦸ ꦧꦏꦭ꧀ ꦲꦤ ꦮꦺꦴꦁ ꦏꦺꦫꦺ ꦲꦤꦤꦺ ꦲꦺꦴꦫ ꦲꦤ ꦮꦺꦴꦁ ꦱꦶꦁ ꦥꦭꦶꦁ ꦲꦥꦶꦏ꧀ ꦲꦶꦏꦸ ꦧꦺꦫꦠꦶ ꦲꦏꦸ ꦩꦺꦭꦸ ꦲꦠꦶꦏꦸ ꦧꦶꦱ

  16. HAH FANTASTIC TRIP! imagination truly knows no limits. Never knew what people could come up with these days, from like just putting together stock footage from their foreign trips.
    That coupled with hollywood level CGI.. FANTASTICO!! SO THEY SAY FUTURE IS DUST…HAH!!

  17. With my now wife, trying to go down a more spiritual path. Taking care of eachother the best way we know how. Growing

  18. If you're going to show a video with subtitles, the least you can do is put the subtitles in a text font and color that can be easily read. The beginning of this video is very hard to read the subtitles because they are of a yellow color on an orange background and they blend in to the background making it very difficult to read.

  19. True scenario, a very sad ending. I'm sure when OUR real end comes, there will also be sad moments, but the love of God and His Grace will prevail. I was afraid, being single, but no longer, for His Love is all encompassing for those who love Him. Good associations.
    All our futures are Dust….

  20. A short film must grab and keep my attention before the half way mark. I gave it a little more than half. It failed.

  21. Since gravity moves nearly at the speed of light, a gravitational "rip" at the edge of the galaxy would need at least a few thousand years to reach earth…and why does it have to be beautiful ? – could be just dark and grey and frightening 😉

  22. Collective guilt seems to be an easier sell than crack cocaine. Been workin' since way before the days of Moses.

  23. Reminds me of Melancholia. That’s a good thing. One gets closer to universal dynamics and then is free.

  24. That is an "End of the world" movie not a "SciFi" or I must have missed out the futuristic fantasy technology in this film.

  25. Spécial. Je n'ai connu qu'une secte à la qu'elle je n'ai pas adéré, histoire de garder ma liberté. Bien mené votre affaire.

  26. He even says that they should drink the flower juice for the removal of inhibitors, so he never lied to them, of course it's a drug what other things would do that.

  27. She betrayed her partner so bad that two men died because of her selfishness and her didn’t care in the end!

  28. Every generation thinks the world will end in their 20's, and they make tragedies by their own hand to convince themselves. So resentful of living in their parents' world, and yet so ready to die to maintain it, and by blind ambition repeating the mistakes of their ancestors. Then the wheel turns, the pendulum swings back again, they live past 30, and find the world is theirs now after all, and their turn to abuse it.

    Once in a while, one is born inside who will learn to see past that. You call them by many names, and none of these are accurate. They know what to do, and they recognize each other, and yet they don't often remember the fullness of what sent them, or for what. Still, once in a while the sky shifts, the doors open wide, and for at least a moment they can see their way home.

    If you are very lucky, and very brave, maybe one will take you with them… out there.

  29. Holy shit this was one of their best movies I've EVER SEEN. I cried so hard and felt everything like it was happening .. That's amazing.. I wish it were a full length film. It touched my heart💔my husband is very far away and never met our baby. We lived together in a mountain in Morocco. I miss our home and him so much..💔💧😥😥😥😥 amazing when a short film can make you feel so much

  30. The whole premise to the film is only hypothetical, and NOT proven, so it's bullsh!t… Next time, don't present hypothesis as fact in your

    ]Hubble" prologue… Other films have handled the subject much better… "Last Night" with Sandra Oh is much better…
    The "end" is just announced as coming, without trying to "factualize" it. Should've just dropped the prologue, and added exposition through a radio/TV broadcast or newspaper headline…

    And, what happens to all the cows that are supposed to be sacred? "So long, and thanks for all the hay"? 😛

  31. I saw a continuation of two hedonistic lives. It is too bad that murder suicides always shoot the other person first.

  32. Go crazy until exhaustion, then Kill my family and friends for mercy, then sit and wait while I watch the skies burning.

    Then stand up: "oops Halley missed"

  33. When I watch an apocalyptic movie, I'm always more interested in the apocalypse itself. All the human encounters and storyline inbetween is just a distraction. I just wanna see what the movie director pictures the end of the world to be.

    And this one didn't disappoint. Definitely the way I'd want to go out. In a glorious blaze of colourful lights. 🤩

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