Sci-Fi Short Film “Perfectly Natural” | Presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “Perfectly Natural” | Presented by DUST

I’ll get it. -OK.
-All right, here. Zac, have you got him?
-Yeah. Hi! -Hi, Mrs Stokes?
-Yes. -We’re from Future Families.
-Hi, come in. OK. -It’s here.
-All right. We’ve put the crib together
so I hope it’s done right. -You’re sure about this, right?
-Yes, of course. It’s all right. Hey! All right, now,
Future Families is very intuitive. This is a mind-pin.
-OK. And this is Max? -Yeah, that’s Max.
-OK. -Will it hurt him?
-No, it’s fine. Just place the mind-pin here.
-OK. -Place his head here.
-Sure. Here we go, buddy. Here we go. Here you go. Hi! Hi! Are you on the executive package?
Or the basic? -Oh, I don’t know.
-I don’t know… Most people start with the basic,
you can upgrade later. OK. Let’s do that. Sure. All right, and… here you are. Wow! Mr and Mrs Stokes… Meet Mr and Mrs Stokes. -That’s so wild.
-Wow. And… There he is! Hey, buddy! Now, if you look here, you’ll find… instruments, skills,
the social media package, that’s a popular one, classes, languages… Which ones can they do? Check your ID number
to see what you’re covered for. OK. Otherwise, we’re all done here. Really? Yeah! -Why don’t I show you guys out?
-OK. Thank you.As you know,
it’s a five year contractso I need your fingerprint.
-Sure, no problem.All right.-Have a good day.
-You too.At Opption, we care about your options.There’s my star worker! So? Future Families, how did it go? How’s little Max? Amazing. Max loves it. Thank you for recommending us, we couldn’t do it
without company help. Nonsense. We need you here.
It’s the least we could do. We might add the music module
or maybe Spanish? He’s already…
-Baby steps. Let’s see in a few months. Meet your quotas,
we’ll see what the company can do. -OK.
-OK? Have a great day, I’m here. Thank you. Hi, Wanda. I’m glad I caught you. Would you be interested
in doing overtime tonight? I probably need to get back… You have help now, don’t you? Anyway… It’s your call. If you need me, I’m here.It’s Zac.
Leave a message, I’ll call you back.Zac? Who is it, Max?
Who’s come home? The most beautiful woman in the world? Zac, come on. Hey, what? What? It’s OK. Zac, he’s supposed to be on the machine
for nine hours a day in the first week. It’s such an opportunity
and you’re throwing it away. One time. Who cares if our ten-month-old child
isn’t learning to speak Chinese? We fucking don’t. And look where we are. Anything we can help you with, Wanda? No… Everything is fine. Is that your oldest?
She’s beautiful. No, that’s my middle girl. Six, eight and fourteen.
-Oh, wow… Well, they’re beautiful. Was I your avatar? It looked so… The social media package.
It’s amazing, It looks so good. Oh… No. It’s not Future Families. We don’t use it.
We went natural with ours. Not that Future Families
isn’t natural, of course. It’s just different. It wasn’t for us,
I wish it were. It’s such a wonderful opportunity. -Yeah.
-Yeah. Great jacket.Hello, Wanda. Is there a problem?No, there’s no problem. I want to hold Max for a while. I’m afraid that’s not possible. Excuse me?Max is updating.How long will it take?Nineteen hours,seven minutes and…
-No, I’m taking him now. Wanda?I am required to inform you…What’s going on? …is not responsible
for any neurological damage or death. We want what’s best for our baby. It’s not “our” baby. It’s my baby. My baby. Of course, Wanda. Your baby. Wanda…We’re here to help.Please connect your baby. Subtitles: Amy Sue Bennett
Bbo Subtitulado

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  1. DUST's first feature film PROSPECT will be on demand March 8th in US & Canada

    Google Play:


  2. If phones were transparent my chances of losing them even if they are within arm's reach from me's gonna increase by a hundred lmao

  3. “please connect your baby"

    Bitch first off my baby ain't a plug. 😒😒 and i wouldn't even put him on it in the first place. I

  4. IPhone XXX
    No home button.
    No earphone port.
    No charging plug.
    No power button.
    No protective case.
    No wires.
    Just glass.

  5. It felt so wrong.i don't know if I'm being dramatic but hurt me very much.the baby is so cute masallah .and his mother is putting him in care of a machine.i can't believe it that in some years this will be heart is so aching after watching this.i love the baby so much😘😘😘.please please don't do this kind of things to your baby.spend quality time with them. than they could grow up healthy and hearty.lve fall in love with the baby.god bless him😘

  6. you've gotta wonder if that whole nerve damage and death thing was a warning, as in, "this could happen and it's out of our control", or if it was a threat, as in, "oh shit guess we'll do this so a hoe better put that child down"

  7. Every time I watch one of these videos, I swear I'm never coming back. This one, like so many others, makes no freaking sense at all. This time I'm deleting it from my recommendations so I don't get suckered in by a thumbnail again.

  8. To all of the people that say they wouldn't do this, please you do it everyday. Don't you send your kids to daycare or school for like 7 hours a day, five days a week? Then they are watching TV, playing games or doing homework a couple of hours after that? Yes it is the systems and your child just like you were when you were a child. lol. Then they go to bed at like 8:00pm and wake up at 6:00 am to do it all over again the next day. Unless you are a stay at home parent.

  9. This is how the aristocracy in many societies raises it's children, the British upper class particularly. Nurses at birth, nannies during childhood, off to Public Schools (boarding school) at 6 or 8, university, then an adult life of alienation from family. Variations of it are still common, even in the U.S. Many monied careerists find ways to farm out child raising when they realize that children aren't the chic accessories they thought they'd be. A couple of my son's friends grew up more attached to the employees that raised them than to their parents.

  10. I feel,like her boss,just try to let her work alot and firstly recommend the future families because she wnats to spend time with her own family…

  11. A real sick.. sick..sick place…this earth is !! Cant wait to leave this hell. I would rather not have a kid that give up my kid to some technology…

  12. 06:25 The main reason why most women lose their man.
    "Look where we are !"
    I subtle hint that the man is not "working hard enough for her".
    The man's job is acquiring resources and the woman's job is managing it at home.
    When the woman steps on the man's job it causes him to become resentful.

  13. An ancient man would laugh in disbelief is you were to tell him that future people will each owns a square object and will just stare and laugh and cry at it for long hours everyday.

  14. What the heck with this ending. That technology is only a technology, AI or not. They could have just turned it off for good. And "thinking the best for her baby" to give him "a better future" by raising him with AI? I wonder where they got that logic in the first place. 😅

    I'm not even a mother. But if I were her, knowing her boss is not even using the tech and saying, "I'm here for you" but then went home first, I will turned off and ruined the machine right after I got home. Might even resigned from my work afterwards. And if I held my baby back, I won't give him back to the machine. 😅

  15. If you think society isn't that boss and is not manipulating our children trough changing our thinking you're mistaken, it's the same just without the wires.

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