Sci-Fi Short Film “Plurality” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “Plurality” presented by DUST

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  1. Can someone explain: 0:32 PS8 year 2023, 0:43 year 2021, coffee transaction year 2033. They time travel to the year 2023 to stop the DNA link info, but it is already functioning in that year. Nice story though.

  2. Great production design, cinematography, editing, color management.
    I felt the CGI was a bit overdone. Sometimes "less is more".
    The pacing seemed weak. We start with a quick-cut chase sequence—then she suddenly stops running. Why? She obviously thought they'd lost her—but she was still right there on the street, not in the park, right? Then they found her again? Confusing. There's this sudden drop in energy from which the film never recovers; from that point on, it's people in rooms, talking.
    Finally, the female lead… If only looks were a substitute for acting skills. She's not voice-forward, doesn't understand her natural range, and needs to practice inflection. I couldn't care about her; I was too busy trying to convince myself she was the character.
    And the end reveal? How did that help the story? It seemed obligatory. Then the film ended.
    These are great opportunities for experience and improvement, though. Thanks for going to all the trouble of making it, and sharing it with us.

  3. Jeremy Bentham invented the Panopticon , that is a jail where a single security guard could watch all the prisoners without them knowing that they are being watched

  4. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." ~ Benjamin Franklin

  5. This one had me hooked on the premise, up until the time traveller showed up, it complicated things by adding multiple "what if" scenarios. Personally I thought it would look at the concept of identity theft in the future, like Gatica, someone stealing genetic info to impersonate someone else. Though I will admit it is a bit petty to say I dislike something because it didn't have the twist I wanted.

  6. After 9/11 my 5th grade class was asked if we'd rather have Freedom or Safety…. myself and another answered Freedom, two out of 30 students. I knew right then I was riding an insane roller coaster into the future.

  7. I really wonder what happens to Foucault after the final scene. There are so many questions left unanswered in this very short yet brilliant film.

  8. Its already there in India….called..aadhar….very soon… identity threat will be common in India…..govt has made us…guniea pigs…..and clowns….!!

  9. I loved all the references to the Panopticon by Bentham and the Panopticon Effect by Foucault! I'm always blown away by the quality sci-fi on this channel.

  10. Patriot act. Joe Rogan had Edward Snowden on his show recently. If you haven't watched it, watch it. Joe Rogan episode 1368.

  11. Not the only problem but the straw that broke the camel's back and has me clicking off is me being asked to entertain the idea that within six years from the date of release every handrail in New York could be fitted with biometric scanning technology all across its surface. Me watching this video was already the second chance for you guys. Science Fiction is your whole thing, and you have not impressed me with your ability to pull it off at all. I could have dealt with the drawn out tropes and the silly names and the ok acting if the science fiction elements were well implemented, but they're not. Bye

  12. How is it that I only discovered DUST yesterday? This is some of the most thought-provoking sci-fi I've ever encountered. And that – in my opinion – is one of the key reasons why the genre exists. Amazing.

  13. Dudes you definitely have to make this a series…that could be an awesome new concept, short episodes Sci-Fi series of 15-20mins. Long episodes series are becoming obsolete and non convenient for today lifestyle.
    I urge you considering this.

  14. This is to what will happen once they insert the mark of the beast, the chip into everyone you wont be able to buy or sell without it.

  15. They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Ben Franklin. Electronic slaves. It may not look exactly like this, but it does have a name, personal credit score…check out China. Coming to the USA sooner than you think! Long live the republic!

  16. I imagine if clone technology such as in the movie "The Island" were to be employed, Plurality would not have to be a time travel story.

  17. I really hope this becomes a movie. But one question. You’d think they would torture the “Plurality” and get the information they needed? Either then that I really enjoyed this.

  18. Having one system that controls everything is the worst type of system, now you just have to hack one system to control a city instead of thousands. This is what the game Watch_Dogs is based off of.

  19. I enjoyed that, although the failure rate was alarmingly low, add a few extra zero's onto the percentage and that would/should be more reasonable for that sort of technology.

  20. 759 Pluralities disliked the video. Seriously though, this was awesome! I almost disliked it because it wasn't long enough. I Want more… pretty please.

  21. While I am tired of the privacy vs safety bullshit 'mutual exclusivity' that people think exists, this was legit fun to watch o.o

  22. Yeah. Right. A woman outruns an apparently fit man in this thirties. Science fiction right here, folks. And why didn't the other guy give chase as well? This movie has lost its credibility right here.

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