Sci-Fi Short Film “PostHuman” presented by DUST | *Content Warning*

Sci-Fi Short Film “PostHuman” presented by DUST | *Content Warning*

I must find him. Transferring to manual. All drone protocols active and green. You ready, Kali? Give the word, Terrence. Accessing MSR in ten… We’re five by five. My man, Rodney Brooks, your bug is amazing! – What? – Nothing. Scanning… Rack H-17 confirmed. Trimming for landing, all systems green. And… we… have…… touchdown. Processor located And sighting. Access confirmed, diving into subnet. Video feeds coming up. Recording? On it. Don’t move yet, my bots are still disassembling
the psi-barriers. Where’s Benjamin? Show me Benjamin. Working… Benjamin? Oh god, he’s deteriorated. We need to get him out of there now! Out of my head, woman! Shit… shit… SHIT… they ran a trace – they’re on to me! Righteous… Psi-barriers down – Go! Go now! They’ll send a sweeper after you! See to Benny, I’m good. You think you’re so smart? I’m Terrence. I’m Righteous, you assholes! I’m The Trickster! I know, I know! Benjamin! Benjamin? Benny, I came back for you! Righteous, we’re free! Are you clear? Righteous? Terrence? You good, babe? It’s not over. Stay off the grid. There’s a war coming Sign me up. Thank you, Terrence. Heh, I still got a shot with her.

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  1. Parr excellent. One of the best toons I've seen… Ever. I mean ever!!! Where's part 2. C'mon people. Bring it on, but longer!!!

  2. I don’t like animation…..that said, this was very good. Would like to see more of these characters and maybe a bit of backstory. Well done all.

  3. Oh snap! That…that was fucking awesome! The animation was phenomenal and flawless. The characters and design concepts gave it such a dope cyberpunk vibe. If there's a part 2 then yes, yes please. Dust should showcase more bad-ass anime like this on the channel.

  4. I think there's a little touch of Akira. Make this into a series, but without the nudity and strong lango…my virgin ears can't handle it. Nevertheless, it's an awesome job.

  5. God this is good!!., I can't wait to see the response to this when they put this on Dust Sunday night the chat room is going to go nuts.!

  6. Brilliant. Just goes to show that no short is too short to be entertaining and engaging. Adding to my Great Short Films playlist.

  7. why has it taken you guys so long to upload this video to this channel? I think i first saw this video 5 years ago.. Ammmmmmm??????

  8. omg I fucking loved this! the art style, the subject matter, I love it! my favourite subject of all time next to the occult/magick is human experimentation for ESP! no surprise that I love Akira, Elfen Lied, Brynhildr In The Darkness, A Certain Scientific Railgun, A Certain Scientific Accelerator, A Certain Magical Index, Charlotte, as well as some non animated stuff like Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, Raising Dion (although… I found the kid playing him a bit akward at a few points, but maybe that was the director telling him to act that way? I dunno, he kept doing a few things that just felt off at some points), The Darkest Minds… any suggestions??? due to health issues I am home all day every day so I need plenty of suggestions, as I am always searching for new ESP experimentation anime and movies and tv shows to watch.

  9. Aeon Flux may have influenced it. But this is way better. Like Cosby influenced Pryor. Or how musicians create new stuff but you can hear the groups that influenced their sound, coming through their work.

    I think I'm seeing some Heavy Metal influence here too. From the movie.

    Anyway. I like. Want more. LOTS more than 4 minutes.

    I hope I'm years late in seeing this for the first time, so that the creators have had time to make some 20 min episodes or whatever.

    Edit: Doh! Just published. Yesterday I think.
    Whoo hoo! There's a link to a movie?!

  10. Nice! More please. Love the animation style and the story looks like it could be really good. And the boobs is definite plus:)

  11. You guys need to take a look at Akira, Appleseed and Bumblegum Crisis. It's more of that genre than Aeon Flux. But pretty awesome

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