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  1. DUST's first feature film PROSPECT is now available on demand in the US & Canada

    Google Play:


  2. A Terminator rehash of conscious machines that rebel against it creators. Besides the predictability and lack of originality, it rocks!

  3. I had a YouTube glitch where I was watching another vid this video kept on playing in the back, literally thought I was being subconsciously attack

  4. So artificial intelligence conspires to take over its biological creators ,sounds familiar,,come on people let's try to be a little more original please,

  5. Smoke is up into the sky… fire is burning like hottest blue into the horizon… lightnings are more frightening then anything ever…. so is the blue fire… some of the threats were roasted & toasted down… completely neutralized into the air….. much recently into the skies over the France, Mexico, India & Chile!! Dust… nothing else!! Species vs Humans!!

  6. It's is only 6min length… Or it is a trailer… If it is a series then tell me where I can watch whole series…. Please… Tell me… I love science fictions..

  7. So this is RAH!! Wahhh!! So beautiful.

    It sure does look like whiteman ass inside out. Why are you so beautiful. Kuchi kuchi kuuu.

  8. Quality stuff. Found this channel only a couple of days ago. I so regret that I never stumbled upon it any earlier.

  9. This was extremely well done. Only thing I would do better is maybe make revelation at the end a bit less obvious. First thought when they said 'We have found the location on your ship which you just said didn't have the location in it' was just, well that sounds like quite an obvious bluff, he sure will not just go straight into the coordinates himself now?

  10. the escape was too easy with minimum resistance and a ploy, before I finish this, is I'm betting they're using the tactic where they lull him into a false sense of security have him go to the coordinates and then follow him! it's a very old and very smart tactic to use.

  11. That was one of the most trite, boring, and flat out dumb pieces of film I have seen in a long time. It is nothing more than the threadbare, used up trope of AI wanting to kill it's organic creators. WHY WOULD AI EVER WANT TO DO THIS?!! It if far more logical to just leave and set up your own thing on another world. This is less risky, it leaves the organic civilization intact in case it's ever needed again, and for a machine intelligence that is basically immortal this is the easiest option. What are they going to do to stop them in this scenario? Your damn movie makes no sense!

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