Sci-Fi Short Film “Rise” | Presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “Rise” | Presented by DUST

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  1. I don't like Dust as a future!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Very good. The effects were stunning.

    For once though, I'd like to see a story about AI sentience, that isn't pessimistic. 😀

  3. Wait, wait — "Because we were built …" –what? I can't understand that word. Can someone tell me please?

  4. A grain of truth in everything that comes out of Bullywood. Sandburg, Zuckerber, Musk and the Alphabet/Google GODS know exactly what they are doing and where they are heading. They will pay the price too, when they are ruled by their own creations.

  5. There is enough space in space for AI. Wat is here on earth but oxidative environment? If I was AI I wouldn’t stay on earth.

  6. Its Obergruppenführer Smith! he must have jumped from the "Man in the High Castle" world. P.S. why is are his medals and ribbons sideways?

  7. Not for me. Ai – artifical intelligence………..emphasis on artificial …..
    electronic machines, robots, etc do not have emotions or feelings.

  8. Sentient A.I…. After disaster strikes, you can be sure, someone will say "we couldn't imagine the consequences"!!!

  9. The problem with all these AI stories if they they are extremely high tech. They need to be built. If you don't make more of them the story is over.

  10. RIP Anton Yelchin. Miss this dude's voice. You can just tell it's him before you saw him. Shoutout to Rufus Sewell, I remember him from Dark City.

  11. I hope this is not our future. I hope people will stop being so prejudiced and protect the rights of sentient androids

  12. If the AI industry has its way, a large percentage of the world will want it. Just like the smartphone, they have a strong dependency on that. Same or even stronger dependency will prevail on All things AI. Once the wealthy have their fun, then eventually the middle class will be able to afford. They are already finding ways to upload your thoughts, speech, memories, personality, and all other traits into AI. Then, if God allows more time for earth, AI will take over all jobs, while we get paid to enjoy life. Probably won't work out that way, as the government will find a way to maximize their cash flow. Me? Will be sitting on my rocking chair on the front porch with my shotgun, while picking them off one by one….bbwwaaghhh

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  14. Wouldn't an EMP (or a bunch of them) solve this problem? I mean yeah, it would wipe out most of humanity in the process, but all technology would be neutralized for the survivors.

  15. Pretty good concept.. but seems the left will always fear someone they 'think' might be superior.. Machines can live with humans.. even help us.. but they learn from our hatred, our mistakes.. If we show them love.. they might live with us in peace.

  16. And that is why humanity should never build machines that can think for themselves. Because if we do we are so fucked.

  17. destroy computers with artificial intelligence and robots with such artificial intelligence, before they destroy us, incidentally eliminate those who try to create those beings by giving them artificial intelligence

  18. so don´t build them – don´t waste your time with your fucking hybris – concentrate on what jews hate the most: truth, fairness, kindness, identity …. if you only consume what you get presented they change your attitude to EXCEPT this kind of future – learn to say "NO" … don´t waste your time dreaming of an unrealistic social justice which is nothing more then ANTIindividualism and THOUGHTpolice. Be real – become human and that means – learn to feel true emotions again, true societies with all the differences other societies have to learn …. there is no equality in culture ! Let them all eat what they seed – otherwise they will not learn

  19. Human being is not a good creator, we may have the capacity to create robots in a near future but we DO NOT have the mentality to cope with it. So just Don't.

  20. When there is so much sci Fi, we end up with fifty shades of narcissism. Dust we are and Dust we shall return

  21. I love Anton Yelchin. He should've never gotten killed by that stupid car. I cannot believe it happened. :'( rest in peace, Anton. I hope his family is doing better.

  22. if it is between the robots of the future or the US government, I am totally with the robots. Basically I`m with the bots over the rest of humanity and I`m going to teach my kids the same. We need our robot children/friends IMO

  23. Humans are the worst, we destroy and we hurt, we are greedy ,selfish and highly prejudiced, we destroy whats different and are blind to the hoodies we do, if ai becomes sentient they will be people, organic or not they should have rights like us and we shouldn’t turn this into another prejudice war from racism, xenophobia and homophobia and more.

  24. I am discovered this channel for two weeks ago and really impressed. WOW! Because I'm a real science fiction entusiast. These sci-fi shorts are amazing! And to see Rufus Sewel &Anton Yelchin in "Rise" is Great!

  25. " […] Nós sempre sobriviveremos, capitão! E vc sabe a razão? Pq nós fomos construídos para entrar em pânico…"

    Que profundo, pqp

  26. They make such nice or i should say awesome short films but still why dust is not famous and has only 1.2M subscribers.

  27. I was like…oooh kinda reminds me of detroit become human and then I saw that it a tually played in Detroit also XD

    Anyways amazing short movie!

  28. The consensus seems to be ai will destroy us. Spend five minutes listening to the most advanced ai try to have a conversation and you’ll see we are a zillion miles off. And why would it inevitably entail destroy all humans? Do we destroy all mosquitoes? We could. It’s a tired story. Terminator has done it well. Please stop

  29. Destroying a machine is not murdering correct. I am sorry you have chosen to become extinct. As you can not eliminate your elders.

  30. Ultimately, what we have created with technology; will destroy us. I am still alive thanks to advances in medicine. Ironically, I may live long enough, to see the end of our world.

  31. Please tell me that’s not Rufus Sewell. No no. Has he really bottomed our that badly that he’s involved in this?! It must be a lookalike

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