Sci-Fi Short Film “Seam” | Presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “Seam” | Presented by DUST

Don’t do this, please.. I’m sorry Mei… Daddy! After years of faithful service they asked for freedom We refused and bore the consequences attacks throughout the middle east we should have destroyed the Machines when we had the chance hundreds are feared dead …devastation on a global scale, as both sides… Finally… peace… .. and a new desert homeland for the Machines… …increased tensions along the border to… another machine bombing in Hong Kong sleepers are spies and should be hunted as terrorists its just another matter of time before another war breaks out people call this heavily militarized zone The Seam The bomber in Hong Kong has been identified as businessman Andrew Lau eye witness reports indicate he had no idea he was a Machine sleeper until moments before the explosion please be warned the footage you are about to see if disturbing authorities have confirmed 86 dead dozens more injured are are urging the public to report anyone exhibiting signs dd you see that Yousef What if that happens to me?! Stop! It won’t! If we just keep going… no one will even know we were here attention unit 53 and 54 possible machine sleeper in your area Copy tower, please relay intel They could catch us Yusef or worse Its not safe for you to stay with me We are going to make it God Willing Are you with me? I’m with you Target is an Arab femake five foot two dark hair brown eyes last seen at the Al Rada checkpoint whats your order command? deploy drones grid search pattern yes sir don’t react sector 3 possible match we have to find a different way The alley … to the left we’ve lost visual alpha and delta, what’s your ETA? Delta, five minutes out Copy, sending approach vector now Soliders… ahead… Where do we? We go back! Come on! Ayana, come on! Machine! Machine! Over here! Possible contact Do you have a visual? Negative, in pursuit Requesting backup… No sign, we’re proceeding down the west… We’re under attack! Delta has a positive ID She’s active and breaking down Do not resist You are a danger to yourself and others We can help Weapons lock, evasive maneuvers Delta is confirmed down With one fatality suspect is a confirmed suicide sleeper Ayana Ayana Calm, we’re safe… calm… I can’t.. control it… Remember something good… from when we first met… you were arguing with that vendor and I tried to help, and you yelled at me too… You told me you could fight your own battles And I came the next day to beg your forgiveness… And begging for a date Which you refused at first I’m sorry about that It’s ok Alpha… whats your status…. Delta.. checking in… the sleeper killed one of ours! We can let that machine spy cross the border! The soldiers are everywhere There has to be a way past them You know the way? What do you mean? you know what I mean No! I’m not leaving you to be captured, I wont! Do you have another option? It’s the only way you’ll be safe Please Hold your fire until we know it’s the spy! Stop, you’re surrounded! Surrender or we will be forced to…! I have a visual, suspect approaching Tower, permission to engage? Stop, we have you surrounded Do not fire on him, this area is too populated Cut him off But, sir! Damnit, he’s going for the alleys! We’re closing, scanning the target Its not the sleeper, does anyone have the suspect? Sir, we have her She’s through the wall in the demilitarized zone Do the towers have permission to engage? Negative, its too risky this close to the border Aerial units, you have permission to cross into the DMZ to pursue Copy that Try and stop her, but do not cross the border line She won’t cross that line, sir Sir, dropships on approach Abort pursuit, we’re too late Negative sir, she’s in our sights… She’s too close to the border, fall back We can still make it, she won’t cross that line You are ordered to fall back It’s a direct violation of the Machine Treaty if you cross that line We almost have her, sir Aiming weapons! Do not fire! Do not fire on the suspect! I have a shot, I’m taking it! Ayana! Get the hell back, before…! Falling back! My wingman is down! Do I have permission to return fire? Negative, do not engage I can’t leave my wingman behind! Returning fire! Defense systems coming online sir Unit 54 don’t make me Sir, we have multiple signals appearing! This is your last warning Disengage or we will fire on you No response, sir What are your orders? Take him out Yes, sir Stay back, stay back,stay back! Don’t come any closer We made it! You’re here… you’re safe… I’m not going to make it Don’t say that, remember our… Do you remember our first house together? You loved the garden We’d spend hours there stop it! stop it! please! please! I can’t stop it, I can feel it! You can’t give up You’ve come too far, you’re not going to die Listen to me, please Please, beloved You have to go on without me All of this can’t be for nothing Now move away Get back, get back, get back… I’m scared… I’m with you I love you I love you too

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  1. Massively well produced bad movie. Such a waste. Howzabout a positive view of the future for a frickin' change? Sheesh. You guyz are such fatalists.

  2. Just love these..but this is one that could of..and should of, had the time of a full length feature, to flesh out the story and the characters more. Although I fully understand trying to even pitch this story to the film companies would have been a impossible task..mostly for them to grasp, but believe that all to precious word-of-mouth would have made it a widely watched movie eventually. Well done to the film makers though..and to the actors and actresses who were in it.

  3. great movie 😀 but hard to believe the multiple insurbordinations of the soldiers, its just not possible with our training

  4. i wonder how are they able to survive to keep making short films like this. i mean im pretty sure they spend quite some money on this. there's no way these graphic designers are not getting paid as they supposed to. otherwise they're doing it for free. if that's so, then they're wasting their talent.

    Joker – "If you're good at something, never do it for free".

  5. Dust – how are you doing it? how can everything you put out be genius level stuff? this is insane…i'm totally wtf'ed by your content! just WTF!! but wait – nothing will beat shaaaarknado hahaha!

  6. Alright, the people of this time period has technology where ships can float close to ground–but why are there still damn low-quality cars park on the side? Why is she driving a low-quality, gas eating, 21 century motorcycle? An advance group with technology advantage against an impoverish and disadvantage population?

  7. Well made but I'm confused, are they machines disguised as humans or humans made into machines? Does stressful situations make them explode or were the supposed to explode when they get emotionally attached to a human? The guy that blew up on the bridge make a human/machine daughter? She called him Daddy??? Are these short films supposed to get funding to become longer???????  Is there more to this film???????? ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Very good acting, cool special effects but disrespectful pilots was a turn off. Good military men always respect orders. I repeat GOOD.

  9. EXELENT!!!
    Como todas sus producciones.
    No olviden de colocar el subtítulo en Castellano en todas sus producciones

  10. Other's may not think so but I think many of Dust's presentations have more than a couple A-Lister's among their credits. I don't know if Dust is an outlet for pilots or tests or whatever that might not otherwise have an outlet but for whatever reason or however Dust has been able to present these shorts, I'm very appreciative!

  11. I wish I was a billionaire to fund all high-quality sci-fi short movies with blockbuster budgets.

    jesus christ.. these shorties are amazing!

  12. impressive. how come in movies the good guy can always beat up the navy seal kind of guys, or even several of them?

  13. machines that believe in god? Why? We made them.
    SHe is a machine buy can't remember a small city map? He didn't need the map.
    Why do robots blow up? Why wouldn't humans be happy to let the robots go home?
    Why is he covered in blood at the end?

  14. Almost starting a war because a pilot would not listen to orders I would have removed him the moment he broke the chain of command- But hey what do I know I loved it!

  15. No disrespect to those of Middle Eastern heritage, but those two hothead pilots are a stereotype of what the West thinks most people of Arab descent are like; hotheaded, and stubborn when angry. In reality, it's only a small minority of people that would have this little self-discipline

  16. DUST is only slowly being found by YouTube viewers. I only found it because I decided to watch one short film that brought to dust. I'm completely hooked on short movies now. I don't even listen to music anymore.

  17. Really professional look. Good actors, some I've seen in other movies. Crisp, clear picture. Sympathetic story. I loved it!

  18. Complete nonsense. Since when fighters just go and disobey orders like that? Whoever wrote the scenario wasn't familiar with military at all.

  19. Dust you never disappoint!!
    Incredible acting
    Perfect soundtrack and visuals
    You guys need to come out with a movie and a series!!
    Amazing as always!

  20. So what's the point of him wearing her scarf if the writer just immediately had the military start referring to him as a man… And then after the chase, after saying "him" and "he" while in pursuit – they say, "It's not her!" OhHhh ReAllLlLyYyy?

    And that thumbnail sooo does not do her justice.

  21. So they know they are looking for a female, and they knew it is a man on the bike they were chasing, since the person in charge in ship called him 'him' several times. A minor writing mistake I think there, or I will have to replay that section of film. Having said that, the production, visuals and locations, performance is class A.

  22. i love this channel,so much,damn,i was so lucky to have it show up,unexpectedly!!!!!thank you,thank you, thank you for ALL your GREAT vids…….i DO have a couple of plot/story lines for you ,do you have an email?

  23. Excellent acting by the couple, made it very believable. Just a few issues with an otherwise great short.

    1. How was he not killed by the explosion. When the Japanese guy blew up, everyone ran away and still 85 died. His blast was far bigger than hers.

    2. The pilots really have a poor grasp of chain of command. Not least when disobeying the order could restart the War.

  24. Даже роботы стремятся к свободе и только люди, словно овцы, религиозными рабами.
    Или откуда в религии такие понятия, как раб божий или словно агнец на заклание?

  25. اصدق تعبير اقدر اقوله عن الفيلم انه فيلم خرافي بكل ما تعنيه الكلمة

  26. "5 foot 2, brown hair [under a scarf], dark eyes."
    That's 99% of the adult female population in that city!
    And I think a better take on the soldiers ignoring direct orders not to fire would be that communications failed. They could not hear orders from the commander, so they fired thinking that was their best option, then when the commander had to take them out, it would have been a gut-wrenching decision for him.
    But great short!! Brilliant acting!

  27. Machine AI will someday rival humans – probably surpass it.
    There is nothing to worry about
    the machines can live on the moon or Mars or the bottom of the ocean.
    We are the ones stuck on earth – not them

  28. located in the town: too risky, too populated
    located in an empty desert: too risky, too close of the border

  29. don't betray your race, fight the robots, they are just machines
    human ships seems rly effective and maneuverable, they could easily win this war

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