Sci-Fi Short Film “Singularity” presented by DUST

The situation has progressively Deteriorated over the last week and now see our sliding single [legend] capital is threatening my friend [center] so I can [hear] [chocolate] picked [apply] Confirmation that helicopter has been shot down Marine one has gone down around the capitol in Washington DC [your] name like a transition over Broader Like, North Island Cover sheet first up here. [yessir] extraction team fifth floor [Doc] we got a body up here lieutenant Yeah, he’s secret service. All right guys. We’re closed pickle one. What’s your status over? I’ll fly it up here sir Feel like we’re sitting ducks here, sir Camp take Scott go left Doc. It was me ready move first junction clear cop approaching a lot Doc Hold your fire. This is Captain James Garner Delta Force. We’re here to extract you, sir. I’m badly wounded captain Mr.. President drop your weapon. We’re coming in Hey, you filling the prison. I’m feeling great. [I] go on this is Eagle [one] We’ve secured the target over [Dam] clink restrict the City Rows of them shot down [Ravine] one Echo [one] report Mr.. President if you can walk we need to move now one two three Got me He’s close. We got him off you explain Knocking right here man stay with me Doc. I’m a yuman Doc crotchless clear with you dot right here [ah] Good go Be back the first secondary structure point Roger Eta one minute So you do that job for [3050] – stay behind me? [whoosh] you Like quick break this is not nike that white lady that mission is complete contract amount assurance now watch dust like this video Subscribe for new visions of the future every week it is the business of the future to be dangerous Your future [is] best

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