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  1. 1970's computer tech (displays, keyboard, huge data tapes, etc) in a Faster Than Light ship/telescope… this retro-science itches my hardcore scifi bone.

  2. no shield.!? omg you don't do light speed first without protection. Shield first before light speed travel.. or the only thing arrives on the destination is dust ( which originally the Ship and the crew )

  3. Y'all need to chill. It's not like they're working with a 'Prometheus' budget. They do a fantastic job with the resources they have.

  4. Humans.. a parasite to any planet. Once we overpopulate and pollute it into an unliveable mass… then we head into space in search of a new host planet to prey on.

  5. So Earth is dead in 40 years? Guess we will invent faster then light speed any day now, even though going to the moon is still out of our budget.
    Died to see the earth? No more google I guess.
    Sorry, this one just doesn't make sense
    Why not go home and fix your fucking ship?

  6. Really awful visuals, looking through the portal. That is supposed to be some kind of wormhole, and it is just more stars. Nothing redeeming, the visuals are tired and old and there is no dialog. Time to move on.

  7. I know its a short film but why is it that in all these movies when the ship get damaged nobody tries to fix it??? Everytime they just foolishly keep driving on and it always ends badly!!! Somebody had the knowledge to build the ship and they didn't put in a owner's manual?

  8. Were are the xenomorph?🙅
    Cool he went back In time 👍 WTF screw the xenomorphs, he time traveled to the year 2030 before the earth went to shit

  9. It's not a co incidence. Earth has all the life sustaining elements. Just in ryt proportions. Exactly the way needed.
    Something/someone wants us to survive. Now, that we have survived so long, that entity may not wish us to go extinct. Well, untill we do very stupid things.In course of time, humanity itself may assume that they are in charges of everything. That they habe finally conquered time snd space , and it's now that humanity would be hit.Hard.
    It's not the battle of civilizations or technologies. It's an attempt to witness the vast and awestrucking magnificence of the Universe!
    If there's no one to witness and watch it( the universe), why even to make one?

  10. Did anyone notice that Earth was yellow gold in color until it got down to year 2030?

    I guess we only had 12 years left as of 2018. LOL

  11. กล้อง มอง ด้านหน้า ทำไหม คับถอยหลัง วะ.???? กูละ งงง

  12. Wow a person of color as the main character in a Sify movie how rare !! He has no lines but still a captivating story ..

  13. How his warpdrive works is using gyroscopic precession , where it spins so fast on the outer diameter that it makes the ship so weightless from gravitational pulls , also in order to travel at nearly the speed of light there would be debris in the way like that rock he hit , or the atmosphere on earth gasses , I think 13,000 mph is the fastest a jet can go before peeling apart from friction . Using a design to shoot light forward could scientifically push the obstacles out of the way , forming a vacuum that travels at over 3.6billion mph , so technically at that point we could travel at 3.59 billion mph without coming across obstacles unless it was so big light failed to push it , but research is how to improve it to break it down to atoms and push them back or simply forcing it out of the circular diameter of travel .

  14. Yo entiendo tu duda hombre de negro y tu pensar pero en este universo en ningun lado se puede viajar en el tiempo asi fusionaras oh mezclaras 100 mil millones de gigantes azules con otras 100 mil millones de gigantes rojas y otros 3 mil millones de hoyos negros logrando hacer un coctel algo extenso que solo daria por resultado quien sabe ? Con este coctel intergalactico ….pero para empezar en esta galaxia no la cruzarán como si fuera darle la vuelta al mundo y peleando y luchando duro como u.s.a hace todo el tiempo y para todos los materiales que tien este sistema solar ya estuvo que no se puede y con la fiesta de esta existencia sideral y los lentes tu sabes recibirá una patada en el traceeo bien dado para toda la eternidad por creer y alusinar demasiado tu sabes ….nadie ni nada viaja en esta existencia en el tiempo nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………….Los lentes son menos mucho menos

  15. Wait wait wait so if u play this with 'youtube subtitles' on, when the spaceship goes into the wormhole; the sound described it as: "accelerating to hyperspace" htf wtf fjshdgtf?

  16. I keep watching these Dust short films, not because they're good but because I hope I find one that is. This was my third one, still not good.

  17. So your telling me that in this universe we fucked the world by the 21st Century? Look's like judgment day came early in that world.

  18. It's 2019 and my phone only has three buttons but 200 yrs from now time machines will look like ghetto steam punk hoopties with spinners??? 🤣🤣🤣

  19. 2183 – ci ildə bunu oxuyanlar. 2019 dan Salamlar. Biz artıq ölmüşüy. Biz texnalogiyanın başlanğıc dönəmini gördük. Siz bitişini görürsünüz)

  20. Hyperspace ship, you open a panel, there are ALWAYS random wires hanging, yank on them, get some sparks flying, there, ship fixed.

  21. Earth is our super imagination natural creative Power and it has endless life years and don't think it has some years and we saw so many things arises in our earth and we need to protect and we worship and we believe our God… And super creativity keep it up and do some other future work…

  22. It depresses me how idiotic a lot of these comments are. The pilot isn't "time travelling", "using a black hole", "creating a paradox by going back in time and hitting the Earth and setting off the extinction".

    He is travelling faster than light moving out in xx year jumps away from Earth. As light moves at the speed of light, and he is moving faster he is able to look back on Earth in the past. 80 light-years away from Earth a telescope would show the Earth of 1939.

    His mission is to discover when life died on Earth by moving further away from it in space, and therefore viewing earlier and earlier in time.

  23. I think they were looking at Venus for the first few times… no wonder it’s yellow and no organic life… high tech makes silly mistakes

  24. I cannot imagine the survivors of the Human Race entrusting such an important mission to this soulless and simple character . . Appalling acting – if you can call it that – more like looking and moving .

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