Sci-Fi Short Film “The Kid” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Kid” presented by DUST

(tense music) (Shelby panting) (dramatic music) (bird wings flapping) (dog barking) (tense music) – Listen, we don’t wanna
hurt you, all right? Just give us the kid. Fine. Okay. – It’s cool. Take it easy, okay? (both grunting)
(dramatic music) (Shelby grunting)
(kicks thudding) (thug in gray cap grunting) (thug in shorts grunting) (thug in gray cap grunting) (blade clanging) (both grunting) (Shelby grunting) (thug in gray hat grunting) (tire iron clanging) (Dorian grunting)
(tire iron thudding) (Shelby grunting)
(punch thudding) (Dorian grunting)
(tire iron clanging) – Ow.
(Gorsch grunting) (Shelby grunting) (punches thudding) (head thudding)
(Gorsch grunting) (kick thudding) (Shelby screaming) (Gorsch shouting) (eerie music) (feet thudding)
(Shelby panting) (bottle clinking) (tense music) (Shelby and Gorsch grunting)
(kick thudding) (Shelby and thug grunting)
(punches thudding) (dumpster clanging) (both grunting) (Gorsch shouting) (grunting) (Gorsch shouting) (kick thudding) (Shelby panting) (kick thudding)
(thug grunting) (Shelby panting) (tense music) (gun firing) (bullet thudding) (Shelby thudding) – Jesus fucking Christ. – Get the kid. – [Gorsch] What about her? – It doesn’t matter. We just need the kid. (bottle clanking) (gentle somber music) – Hey, bud, I’m sorry about your friend. – Let’s go. (eerie music) (Gorsch grunting) (Gorsch grunting)
(tense music) (eerie whooshing music) (Gorsch screaming) (bullet rattling) (Gorsch thudding) (Shelby panting) (gentle music) – I’m sorry. – We should go. (tense music) (distant siren blaring) (dramatic music) (gentle music) (tense music)

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  1. Well this movie isn't science fiction. Its about super and divine powers and that kind of movies we have seen a lot such as dr strange, Jackie Chen's Medallion etc

  2. Probably watched things with a similar storyline a thousand times,
    with acting like this, I could keep watching. If this becomes a series, I'm all in.

  3. good cinematography, ok acting, bad plotholes, bad choreography that was tuned to look cool, but underdelivered if you used your brain only for a milisecond.

    These thugs were nice people, I was on their side.

  4. Yeah… That's possible.
    All the ass woopin on the men I mean.
    Don't know why in this culture men are stupid, weak,etc. White men for sure.

  5. I got a fever…and the only prescription is more cowbell! Also this was a dope short. I would definitely watch a longer movie

  6. Wow, only five minutes long and they still managed to tell a complete story! Pity more Dust entries can't follow this example.

  7. This was more like, a preview of a scene in a movie, rather than a short film. It was very good. Had that (I am number 4), vibe to it. On the website: it says, they are currently writting a feature screenplay, so they are going to make this a full length movie. The ('Kid') is child actor Evan Alex, who played in the movie US. Looking forward to seeing this movie, when it comes out.
    All questions in the comment section, will soon be answered!

  8. Not one of your good ones in my opinion. I've a lot of good shorts from this channel that should be full length movies. This one did not impress me. Thia normal woman with fighting skills takes on multiple attackers and the only thing that stops her is a bullet? If she was an advanced human or cyborg yes. Also the back flip on to the dumpster without running or some assistance. Even if it was a guy I would question this.

  9. The movie is actually made perfect:
    Many things indirectly are shown.
    1) A white girl defending a black skinned boy.
    2) Single lady fighting against many men.
    3) Kid is shown as a image of God.
    Loved her action moves!

  10. The guy with the gun, would of shoot again. so it would of been nice if the gun was emptied into her in like a panic from the shooter, So to hear a click of an empty gun.
    So when the kid is doing the life transfer, the gun man looked more in fear of what he was seeing, looking at his gun throwing it a way having no other option but to run. but not a bad idea 🙂

  11. Liked it, but too predictable. Would have preferred if the Kid had taken over Gorusch at the end and we realize he's been dominating, using and discarding one "protector" after another and he's the REAL villain all along.

  12. Any woman can destroy 653366522344555 of those stupid men


    The superiority of women has been proven since thousands of years !


  13. 125 pound woman takes on 3 dudes, one weighing nearly 300 pounds… Until she did the magic flying flip onto the trash bin I couldn't buy it. Then I realized that she's not a normal human….

  14. Lol that back flip reminds me some of old Bollywood movies. 😂 😂
    And that kid must be relative of the kid from the movie of Jacky Chan "the Medallion". 🤣

  15. Knowing martial arts does not allow you to defy physics or the limits of human kinesiology. A ~120lb person, man or woman, cannot generate a powerful enough kick to send a 200lb+ person FLYING. Please stop with that BS. I know this is a fantasy/scifi short, but at least some believable action would be nice.

  16. She must protect him at all costs

    Tell me as soon as she jumped out from behind the dumpster you couldn't tell she was a guy, That's right more testosterone than many guys you know, Straight shoulders wider than the hips, ( MALE ) when it was young it was hard to tell but now it's full grown, the man has come out to play, Adam's apple and all. Just another day in Trannywood. if you couldn't tell rewind it while it's fresh on your mind that it's a man then watch it again, Told ya!

  17. so, where's the science? i've been promised a (quote) "Sci-Fi Short Film". without science it's just fiction. this channel keeps on posting mystery shit tagged as science-fiction and i'm getting really tired about this. but the action was well done though.

  18. The fight choreography was amazing!! Wow!!
    She is fantastic. Amazing what that story told in a short amount of time. Kid was excellent too!

  19. Looked pretty cool. Not a fan of group thugs waiting their turn to fight one single person especially when they're losing. Could be a cool story overall though.

  20. I want to know more about this world and these two. Are there others? Who were the thugs, they actually had a conscious. We need a full length movie or even a TV series!

  21. Had it up to here with badass scrawny women beating the hell out of huge brute guys. Get real. This is getting old and worn.

  22. So sick of seeing 105lb skinny women winning hand to hand fights against 250lb men. Big thumbs-down. Almost a thumbs-up but she was revived.

  23. This felt like I started watching a movie 30 minutes in, when suddenly the power goes out and you cant finish watching the whole thing. Does that makes sense to anyone else??

  24. Great fight choreography! Props to the stunt coordinator Jason "Brill" Brillantes and Ms. Wroe's stunt double Lauren Mary Kim!

  25. In this case Payback was not a bitch, it was the kid!!!!. Very very well done dust. The element of surprise came from an unexpected source, this was like a kidney punch out of nowhere
    Heroes come out of unexpected places and situations., I speak for a lot of us when I say we want more … end of transmission.

  26. So the bullet hole healed, but not the scrape on her eyelid, or her cut lip? I mean, just be consistent, that's all.

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