Sci-Fi Short Film “The Leap” | Presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Leap” | Presented by DUST

(relaxed electronic tones) (soft ensemble tones) (metallic creaking) – Come on. (electronic whirring) (low anxious violin tones) Come on. (gunshots booming) – [IPMA Officer] This is the IPMA. You are in breach of Regulation 41. (people screaming) – Go after them. After them. Round them up. (electronic beeping) – [ID Pad] Reiss, Jacob. – Well that was a cluster fuck. – [Evans] When it kicked
off, I just kept squeezing. I got through three mags. – [IPMA Officer] It’s on them, man. – Don’t forget Tac Reports,
Evans you’re up in 30. – Yes Sarge. – When’s that dinosaur gonna leave and leave us the fuck alone? (mechanical humming) (anxious violin tones) (anxious electronic tones) (electronic beeping) – Last night saw the third raid on the Deep Shade Cartel this month. Following a major investigation
into smuggling syndicates, the operations aimed to crack down on the illegal transfer of
immigrants to New Earth. More than 30 people
have been reported dead and 57 arrests made according
to Commissioner Shepherd who has been leading the
operations since last year. – This crackdown on
the illegal transfer of immigrants to New Earth
represents a significant victory in our coordinated
multi-agency operations. Of course we bitterly regret the loss of any life and absolutely
every measure has been taken to ensure civilian
casualties are minimized. – Minister Gray was forced today to defend the IPMA amid calls for his resignation in the wake of the bloodiest operation since the Jaeger Pier massacre 15 years ago. The subsequently commissioned inquiry condemned the IPMA for
excessive use of force, prompting a complete revision
of IPMA arrest protocols and– (cackling)
(electronic zapping) (speaking foreign language) (relaxed electronic music) (gunfire booming)
(dramatic intermittent tones) – [IPMA] Don’t fuck around. They’re all dead, Sarge. (alarm blaring) (distant siren blaring) (soft ensemble tones) (door buzzing) – Hi, I’m Jade. Alexa couldn’t make it tonight and she’s not gonna be available anymore I’m afraid. As a complementary gesture, the Club would like to offer
you my services, half price. Works for me, see a new face. – What happened to Alexa? I always see her. – Where’d your flattery go? – I don’t need to flatter you. – No, you don’t. – Would you like a drink? Okay, no drink. (relaxed ensemble music) That’s different. – We make our own choices. (relaxed ensemble music) (anxious ensemble tones) What? What, what’s wrong? What’s wrong? You all right, do you
want me to call someone? – There’s no one to call, just wait a minute. I just, no don’t go, don’t go. – Are you sure, I mean I could get my– – Please, just a minute. Yeah? – I think– – I’ll get you’s that drink right now. Yeah? It’s good. – They don’t allow it, not on the job. – What happened to
making your own choices? Okay. (soft piano music) – Fuckin’ right. – Yeah. (soft coughing) You all right? What’s your name? You know I mean really. I’ll pay just the same, I just you know, I just want to talk for a minute. – I’m sorry. My name is the only thing I get to keep for myself doing what I do. – Oh. – I’ve never been this
close to them before. – You want to Leap? Well let’s hope your
clients are big tippers. – It doesn’t work that way.
– No? – You do this job for five
years and make next to nothing. But when you’re done
they put you on board. They have ways to do it.
– Who, the Clubs? – The syndicates who
own the Clubs obviously. – Illegally too obviously. – Forget about it, I don’t
know why I’m telling you this. – You do know what that’s like, don’t you? Nine months in the dark freezing
cold, sharing breathers. – Well we all need a dream, don’t we? – Yeah. A dream. A drink. Whatever works. – Can I use your bathroom? – Yeah. (soft violin tones) (Jade panting) (urine trickling) (anxious violin tones) – Okay. Well this was nice. – No no no. Wait wait, just, just wait a minute. This is the real deal. Huh? Expensive stuff. – You’re IPMA. You’re IPMA and– – Look, I put enough
of you away last night and all I want is a break and anything you’ve said in this
room stays in this room. Really. It’s all right. Relax. Well if it makes you feel any better, I’m not supposed to interact
with a girl like you either. – Like me?
– Yeah. You know, a whore. – I’d rather be paid to fuck than to kill. (buzzing)
Shit. I should’ve closed you ages ago. – Close me charming. – Looks like you’ll
have to close yourself. – Yeah, that thing come out does it? – No, they track us like cattle. – Yeah well the reason they put it there is so that if you do try to cut it out, you’ll bleed to death
before the hour’s up. Look, they’re not gonna
put you on a fucking ship. They’re gonna put you in the ground and replace you with some fresh meat they can pay off with
promises and illusions. Just think about it, for fuck’s sake. Why let you Leap when they can charge some other sucker through the nose for it? – Fuck you. – You think I don’t know about this shit? I’ve been doing this for 15 years. – What is this, are you trying to scare me because I didn’t finish you off? – Jesus Chri, it’s no
secret who runs the Clubs. We’ve got eyes all over the cartels. – You trying to recruit
me, you need a snitch? Is that what all this
shit with Alexa was about? – Well where is she?
– What do you think? She Leapt.
– Oh yeah? You heard from her since,
she havin’ a good time? Come on. – She’s still in transit. She’s not gonna send a postcard, is she? (buzzing) 300. It’s 300. (electronic beeping) – Don’t make all this mean nothing. You should go now. Go on. (anxious warbling tones) (dramatic somber violin music) (distant loudspeaker blaring) – So I hear you’re
finally gonna Leap then. Two more weeks, right? I wish I could get off this rock. Six more years for me until I can cash in. If you don’t mind me asking Sarge, why now? I mean you could’ve done this years ago. – I do mind you asking. (relaxed flute, electronic music) – Congratulations New Earth traveler. You are just two short weeks away from a new life full of
wonder and possibility. Within this info pack you will find all the necessary steps to get you started and to make your journey a smooth one. Please watch all the
instructions carefully as you will be asked to
provide a Mark Two Retinal Scan for pre-clearance at least
72 hours ahead of departure. Failure to do so will
result in the cancellation of your itinerary as you
will be asked to provide matching Retinal Scans
upon arrival at the gate. New Earth looks forward
to welcoming a new you. Have a nice day. (hard knocking)
(door buzzing) – Shit, what have you done? (Jade gasping) Let me see. – You were right. I was so stupid. I know why they do it, I followed them but they saw me and I ran and I tried to get it
out but I couldn’t get– – Easy, easy. It’s all right.
– I had nowhere else to go. – All right. – I’m sorry.
– Okay. – I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I had nowhere else to go. I’m sorry.
– Not with you. – I’m sorry.
– Not again. Not again, not this time. Shh, shh, you stay here, you keep your head down
and you don’t move. – Erin. My name’s Erin. (gunfire booming)
(wood crackling) (tense electronic tones) (thuds)
(grunts) (gunfire booming) (anxious violin tones) – [New Earth Agent]
Congratulations New Earth– (glass shattering) (wind howling) (thuds)
(grunts) (electronic beeping) You will be asked to
provide a Retinal Scan– (crunching) New Earth looks forward
to welcoming the new you. Have a nice day. (electronic blaring) (soft somber ensemble music) (electronic whirring) (soft mechanical whirring) (soft piano music) (gasp)
(soft coughing) (soft piano music) (relaxed ensemble music) (relaxed violin music) (relaxed ensemble music) – [Narrator] Watch DUST, like this video. Subscribe for new visions
of the future every week. It is the business of the
future to be dangerous. Your future is DUST.

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  1. DUST's first feature film, PROSPECT, is now in theaters – find a theater near you and get your tickets at

  2. Dunno how many DUST shorts I've watched now, but this is definitely the best one. From the acting, the camerawork, the setting to the costumes and low-key CGI. Props to everyone involved.

  3. A bittersweet ending I suppose. I suppose the part where he saw the man without eyes was a vision of the future.

  4. no words… just WOW!!!! this could have been a full-length feature … most excellent!!! really hit the heartstrings hard…

  5. Wow. This sci-fi short was nothing less than SUPERB. Truly AMAZING. I've just now discovered the BEST channel on YouTube. Subscribed, liked and posting praises all over social media. Thank you, Dust. For giving me something to enjoy and will continue to do so for many years.

  6. Anti-white propaganda. The message is it's evil for whites to want their own homeland, and to pretend that whites are the violent murderers.

  7. This was a cinematic feat of storytelling. It is the tale of hope that drives all of humankind. The flawed hero is not just a prop, but reality.

  8. Why should a live on this new earth be better? It's like the promises made to the immigrants who went out to the USA centuries ago. Nothings was better there. If you where starving in the old world you propably will starve in the new world.

  9. Very confusing story. How did the girl get his eyes, did she get them after he dies and then somehow had her sent to new Earth?

  10. feel like it would have flowed better without the opening murder scene and without the reveal of him being an officer until after she came back with the cuts on her wrist (from removing the macguffin), making the scene where he see's the tattoo and her awkward/aggressive attitude change to be mutual red herrings until later (when she wakes up from the nightmare of her mother getting gunned down with those blue eyes piercing into her / him working out with sunglasses on with what seems to be tears albeit is really just sweat pooling in the now empty bowls where his eyes were like the foreshadowing old guy had… whom also had no real reason to stare directly at someone he could see before, during, nor after he walked passed him… because he was blind… and walking away from him… yeah pronoun game…) with a panicked scream only to find she has his eyes now, as the message he leaves her starts playing about how giving her his ticket was his only way to make up for what he did (cliche bulls eyed) and explain how (*if behind ear tattoos on children is a "thing" in this future, the real question is how could he know this was the same exact girl without alerting someone with power that he's investing time into figuring out who some hooker is that he isn't even supposed to know about [for all he knows, this is a girl whom heard the real girls story, memorized it, murdered the real girl, and then put herself into a position to abuse his memory/guilt {which is what i originally thought since those tattoos don't match up @9:01 & @17:24 though i'm sure that was just a production oversight}]) he only came to realize it after seeing her tattoo.

  11. This may be the finest episode
    I have seen on DUST
    so far because of the depth
    of the screen play & the acting.
    This is my favorite.
    It speaks to my spirit.
    (I understand.)
    Richard πŸ€

    * * * * * 5 STARS

  12. my man was a beast. concept exceptional, story exceptional, effects exceptional. the ending a little redundant because i think most people already understood that he rescued her as a child. i also kind of saw the swapping of the eyeballs coming (minority report). we all get are inspiration from somewhere. but over all its a win, you guys have a future.

  13. WHAT a great video,THE POLICE GANGS hunting down the remnant christians,then killing them,A PERFECT ending would have been whats really going to happen,EVERY PIG ON EARTH will be thrown into HELL with their DADDY SATAN,and good riddence….

  14. Good storyline. Good acting. Good graphics. These DUST short films are better then the films on mainstream TV. How do they do it?

  15. I just subscribed to dust yesterday and I am just amazed by the quality of the Productions that I have watched so far they are just amazing

  16. Hooker "what's wrong?"Β  … Cop "My daughter had a tattoo like that on her neck when I last saw her 16 years ago …Β  Giggity!!!"

  17. Wow! Fantastic! The acting, the story, the effects! Where are you guys hiding? Hollywood and big corps keep letting us SCI-Fi peeps down (killing Firefly, Dark Matter and messing with Star Wars) and then this…there is hope for us yet.

  18. Sorry but this film lacked a lot of elements such as what is The Leap all about ? Why do people want to make the Leap?

    You need to explain this.

    Who are the characters? Need to develop who the characters are. How did the little girl become a call girl ? Who is the man officer? How did he become what he is?

    There are so many unanswered questions

    If you really want to create good movies 1st
    You need to really develop your story and your characters.

    Don't leave your audience guessing

    You want to see a masterpiece go see The Karate Kid

  19. Nice little film, but so heavy handed with the eyes at the end. I think we'd all figured out what was going on already… This would have been said better with a whisper than a shout. 😊


  21. I was like awe how sweet he hot her a spot. Then i was like hold up did that tramp steal his spot?. Yes the heffa did.

  22. Sorry, didn't make it through it. in the year this was supposed to happen the government will control all forms of entertainment including sex for hire. The path is being set right now with avatar sex partners via robots. I didn't buy the premise. It was well filmed and directed but I didn't buy the circumstances that allegedly brought these two together.

  23. So in 50 years Old Earth is useless to live and people will take 'The Leap' risking illegally to migrate to the New Earth, just like people now go to developed countries like New Holland, now Australia, illegally on boat and also risk of being smuggled and attacked by the developed countries border force. Each side have their story to prove their innocence.

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