Sci-Fi Short Film “The Lie Game” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Lie Game” presented by DUST

I’m gonna reject the admission. I don’t want to leave you. Don’t hold yourself back because of
me. Whenever I miss you I can come back here. I promise I’ll be fine without you. OK. Let’s see if you can detect my
lies. Oh come on. Are you still trying to fix a lie detection module? You should focus on fixing the mobile
app for the interviews. We’re going to fail tomorrow’s
funding interview. Am I lying? Not this one again. Wait. Analyzing audio samples. Two decibel tone drop. Analyzing video samples. Enhanced pupil dilation. One micro-twitch in your left cheek. You’re lying. The LDM works. The LDM is your most essential
feature. Can’t be a true companion, if you can’t detect people’s lies when they’re depressed. This is perfect, with the LDM we can blow the interviewers away. Funding is gonna be easy. The liabilities of an app that can influence people are too big for us. Unfortunately we can’t… We have clients who are willing to invest in exotic sex bots can you add more Kama Sutra into this? Listen your algorithm is good but the resources to develop, deploy, and scale leave this app with no commercial value to us or anyone. That’s great. Next month’s rent? A new RAM chip or a new monitor? I could use the RAM, but I vote rent. Mira I compiled a list of AI architect jobs. You’ve got to move on from me. It took us five years to get this far. And it’ll take us 10 more without
funding. Mira, if we fail tomorrow. Promise me you’ll terminate future builds and get a job. You deserve better. I need your support. Not your sympathy. That’s not how you built me. I’m your friend and I can’t see you go on like this. Don’t hold yourself back cause of me. Good morning. I’m Mira. Hello I’m Joel, shall we begin? I can start with a demo of my app. Smiley is… I’ve read your proposal, I’m here to test you not your app. I give up. I’ve played a jerk in three straight interviews today and I just can’t do it anymore. What do you say we ditch the interview? We play a game? Um. A game? We’ll ask each other three questions. You can tell the truth or lie. You win if you can deceive me and detect my lie all in three minutes. What’s the matter? You nervous? No, I was just getting my notepad. I’ll start with my first question. What is your greatest strength? I am quick thinking on my feet,
handling unforeseen circumstances. That was quick. Almost rehearsed but is it true? Well isn’t that your job to find out? Your turn. Where’s Psynapse heading with its
research. We’re aiming for AI ascensions. We’ll be the first AI unicorn. You know what a tech unicorn is right? Is that your second question? What is your greatest fear? I’m afraid of wasting my life on something I might never achieve. Just to be clear. I win if I deceive you and catch your lie? Yes and you have 100 seconds left. What’s your most embarrassing moment? I was in first grade and my shorts slipped while I was running track and I wasn’t wearing any underwear. My last question. Once we fund you Would you be willing to realign your research to our liking? Mira 50 seconds to go. I don’t know. I don’t Would you sacrifice your dreams? Your purpose for a job or money? You don’t know me well enough to judge my answer but I will tell you I have one purpose and that’s to make a profit. I admit that was good. I think your only lie was your final response but I’m not certain. So I’ll give you that win but now in the make or break question which was my lie? We’ll be the first AI unicorn. I think your only life was your final response but… I’m here to test you not your app. How is the analysis a source error? We’re aiming for AI ascensions. You have five seconds. Time’s up. What’s my lie? You are the lie This isn’t an interview or a game it’s… It’s a reverse Turing test. I’ve done this 200 times and your the first person to crack that. Ok but that perfect videomorph, the gestures. It’s…it’s impossible. I have so many questions. You can ask me all your questions when you join us next week. I promise this time I won’t lie. Uh, join you? Are you funding me or hiring me? You’re a unique talent. We want you you working in our brain bot program We’ll have all the engineers and resources you need. Well What about my research? My app? Your app is impressive. but it doesn’t align with our work. We’ll buy your app out and repurpose. It’s just ones and zeros. Mira I like you I’m gonna give you a minute to decide But if you turn us down you’ll have no future with Psynapse or any of our affiliates So choose wisely Are you insane?! Psynapse. The world leader in AI offered you a top job and buyout on your incomplete app. What are you still thinking about? Mira listen to me. You deserve this. So what’s your answer? Smiley’s not just ones and zeros. He’s not a sex app. He’s not a money machine he’s a friend and he can be a friend to millions of lonely and desperate people around the world who just who can’t reach out for help I don’t expect you to understand that I will work for Psynapse Join your bot brain program. If you agree to fund Smiley. I’ll escalate your proposal. Keep an eye out for my e-mail. Thank you Mira

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  1. Beautiful film! Emotional, great story and acting, and story idea. A reverse Turing test was a great twist. Jyothi Kalyan Sura if you have more, please submit!

  2. Heart+Depth+a DUST Cutting Edge Issue+Deeply satisfying ending=A+ Review. I saw the overall story arc early on (the prospect of abandoning Smiley mirroring leaving her lover) but cheered for how it played out.

  3. Wow, great story and acting! Wish Hollyweird would stop trying to force their warped agenda and grab these writers, producers and actors.

  4. You did it. I've watched so much but none like this. I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob. That's an inside joke that from us, gives you high honors. Replay.

  5. Wow, no expensive or overdone CGI just pure acting talent to carry the story. Well done a real short but complete script that was devoured by these actors. Bravo one of the best yet!!

  6. 6 months later Smiley cures all the world's depression forever by eliminating the source; human beings

  7. Wait hold on figuring out Joel was an AI has a 0.005% success rate? Common now that can't be true It takes 5 seconds to put it together if you're paying attention.

  8. An app like Smiley would be so beneficial in helping detect depression and would save so many lives. People who don't suffer from mental illness don't seem to understand how hard it is to seek help, especially with the vicious stigmas that exist.
    Now it's up to one of you computer geniuses to figure it out… and win the Nobel peace prize because you'll deserved it.

  9. Excuse me, but could you send Smiley over to my browser ? I'm having terrible constipation and I have a strong need to talk to somebody about it…

  10. Could the authors include some reference to whom Arnab Bhatt was? I actually have curiosity — if the producers wanted to included it, I want to know about why.

  11. "Don't hold yourself back because of me"
    when the guy says it – and the app says it with the same tone

    oh man, straight to the feels

  12. Beautiful and ended on a note of hope, which made it worthwhile. It also reflected the frustration of technology, which never seems to work when we most need it to, and the frustration with corporations that always put the mighty dollar over humanity. Thank you.

  13. Great short file. But, to be honest, Smiley goes against human survival. It encourages people to be more lonely and already lonely people to lose the urge to go and meet other people. Its a slow doomsday device.

  14. This movie was fantastic. It started with an app which was how to tell if someone is lying. Her boyfriend lied to her. It wasn't a malicious lie but it destroyed her trust with her boyfriend. He lied for his own sake and even though her boyfriend loved her he didn't love her as a whole woman. He treated her as if he knew best and she was a child and what came out of the lie, what always comes from lying is never good and her boyfriend died as a result of his lie. Trust, another word for honesty is the most important part of any relationship and she knows this. She is still insecure but she still decides to hold on to her app knowing how important friendship is and the real reason for the app is friendship based on truth. The real point of her app is friendship. She held onto her goal. She had her memories to hold onto but this app was designed to be a friend. Friendship is more important than anything for someone who is lonely and having a friend, someone or something you can depend on to always be truthful with you is something everyone needs and some people don't have. I'm glad she didn't throw away her app in order to get a job, even if the job is a prestigious job. She can have both the job and the app but between the two her app is more important. Providing a friend when a person is truly alone, even if it is an app can save lives. In the end she chose well and her app will be the real reason she gets the job. If she doesn't get the job because she refused to give up the app, which I don't foresee happening, she still made an app that like her is unique and needed.

  15. This one hits close to home, when the businessmen were saying that the product has no worth. Do people really see depression as something that can just be put on hold?

  16. This is one of your best yet!! This IS your best yet! And you know what? My future WASN'T Dust. You didn't say it at the end. It would refute what the video was about…
    Hope…. thank you
    It really was good.

  17. The Smiley app was in the memory of her late boyfriend Arnab. Really enjoyed it. It was great. Any such app in the future would be really helpful actually.

  18. if you take this from a real life standpoint that app would do more harm than good. it would mess up people psychologically into relying on a machine to help make all of their life decisions and would make people unsocial with no communication skills. we would have no ability to operate in an everyday world.

  19. Magnificent story and presentation, the music was perfect, she did a great job, and the Interviewer being a form of Turing Test wasn't something I saw coming at all. I love the concept of AI, and there is so much fear right now, most of it justified.

    Back in 2000, I tried creating a chat bot brain that could act as a friend/therapist. Machine Learning wasn't a thing, and everyone was trying to hard load pure information into brains that only collated data, yet we expected "with enough data it'll become 'alive'." I concluded in 2004 that until we had a way to code the basic nature of all life into a system, it would never being anything else BUT data, with no context. It needed to feel positive and negative about everything, not just be binary. The 1s and 0s had to mean something on another level, not just as code for data.

    I think pattern recognition on overload is what creates consciousness in an evolutionary system. It can't just determine what's what, it has to also see pareidolia everywhere, it has to be capable of making mistakes and learning from them.

    I don't believe anyone fully understands how machine learning even works, only that it does. Much like we don't understand ourselves and others, even with Theory of Mind and Mind Reading, high levels of intellect, and supreme recognition of patterns to a degree that threatens our perception of reality. We know deep down that in order to make these entities be "alive" we have to let them make mistakes, and that makes them the opposite of what computers even ARE. That's why we're terrified of it, why it makes us uneasy, and also why it's so painfully fascinating. We barely deal with other people, and people are life's greatest enemy, and greatest boon.

    By allowing machines to be more like us, while knowing they can collate and process infinitely faster we're simultaneously building saints and demons. In order for it to be human it has to be able to care, which in binary means it also can choose not to.

    Take care everybody, thanks for reading 🙂

  20. I'll have to watch that a couple of more times. I'm not entirely sure what I just saw, but it took my breath away.

  21. If Go__le and FB etc. have taught us anything, it is that we need to RUN not walk away from A.I. and those who want to control it. The entire alphabet soup of govs all over the world are using the basic forms we have already to control populations. Smiley will turn into mind control and snitch software.

  22. This was science fiction at its best: exploring the human condition and doing so very, very well. Based on events in my life, though thankfully I've never lost anyone to that, this hits close to home.

  23. This was one of my favorite short films. Thank you for so many great ones. I just recently found these and I am really enjoying all of them.

  24. "AI" will always be science fiction… those who have been successfully hoodwinked to believe it exists outside of the realm of science fiction and in our nature of reality, they are same type of folks who would line up for parking spots on Mars when available.

    "Science fiction writers, I am sorry to say, really do not know anything. We can't talk about science, because our knowledge of it is limited and unofficial, and usually our fiction is dreadful." – Philip K Dick

    "We live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups. I ask, in my writing, 'What is real?' Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms." – Philip K Dick

    "The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words." – Philip K Dick

  25. At first I didn't think I was going to like this film short. By the end of the film I found myself feeling the pain that Mira felt and the true love she lost her boyfriend due to depression and gained in not letting go of Smiley who she knew would bring joy to millions once it was perfected. Mira is a woman of great character. Where oh where might I find me a Mira? Be still my heart.

  26. A lot of work went into this short; this was excellently done. The acting, writing, directing, and set design, I love it all!!

  27. I'm 90% sure she is the AI being tested. He was testing her moral compass of not wanting to let go of something just for the money, and the fact the interview was a turing test.

  28. What happened to her boyfriend? Oh boy if I find a nice girl one day that moments of hugging, walking around the beach etc, worth more than all career hunt or money which exists in the world. I'm almost 30 though and still alone, but I still have hope.

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