Sci-Fi Short Film “The Masseuse” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Masseuse” presented by DUST

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  1. Well, DUST has a reputation when it comes to dystopian futures so there was that. I was expecting the ending tbh.

  2. Was expecting ending like in Ex Machina (interesting movie by the way), got something completely different, caught by surprise.

  3. Though the terrorism is undoubtably bad, having this kind of robot in the world would be really bad, there would be so many without jobs

  4. The male actor was just so bad especially when compared to the girl who played the android. Just had this plain, blank, emotionless mug on the entire time.

  5. Seems to be heavily influenced by "Anukul" … the Sujoy Ghosh short from a short story by Satyajit Ray. This one seems to be purely designed to invoke the viewers emotion towards the "poor android" revealing how important a good script is when considering the final product beyond a series of impact scenes stuck together. Still good though … thanks.

  6. Korean? I can tell it’s not Japanese and doesn’t sound like that one language that isn’t called Chinese but Chinese ppl speak it

  7. Who all are watching from iPhone. My friend son send me iPhone 5 from dubai it has small screen people say but it is laxary phone and expensive than other phone.

  8. I like pictures that make me feel good. This reminded me that there are so many people in this world who thrive on hate. For that reason, this film sucks.

  9. Yeah, nothing so disgusting, vile and inhuman as watching a hyper-modern news report on a cathode screen.

    Sorry I get the point of this, video I mean, just in bad mood and the whole "fock ur dreams" moment is just glorified human speak at this point. We're going to be selfish and clannish and petty and peer pressured no matter "who" or "what" we're dealing with.

    We can't get along with each other. Let alone everybody else. I don't care what you think love is, but the best description I've seen for it is selflessness, or at least a willingness to put self aside even if just for a priceless, overwhelming time.

  10. And how deep does our own programming go?

    What is human?

    What could be human?

    Put yourself in the subway with a thumb on the button.

    Will you push it?

  11. Wow, she's spectacular. Love the 'bob' hair style. I liked all the characters, well done film. Disappointed in the ending however.

  12. Makes you question who was the one with programming that it had to follow, trapped, never knowing what its like to feel, dream or be happy: the A.I or Loong?

  13. May i know if this was filmed in Malaysia? Their Cantonese doesn't sound like it's from Hong Kong . Dudes dad seems to be an actor in local Malaysian Chinese dramas. It's also evident in the fact whereby he says technician instead of its equivalent in Cantonese.It also doesn't sound like the Cantonese spoken in Singapore especially the girls. Sorry , i really enjoyed the story but this nitty bitty detail keeps nagging me.

  14. Incredible!
    I imagine we will be seeing more from Koe Sheng (he is listed as Koe Shern per IMDb) and especially more from Candy Ice in the near future. Remarkable performances!!

  15. I am not short of off world filming destinations. I am however short of survivors of off world film locations. So I do not advise in such sci fi movies for my children.

  16. One can switch feeling off. Yet even in machines emotions still exist in the pure logic side of life. Ever so tiny the emotion may be.

  17. When a very young couple meet feeling are most seperate and the couple can only hope that eating and fate have brought them together. Like two unfeeling machines they test each other's comparability at the very start of their existence as a couple. Logic is all they have.

  18. I obey my creators my parents , I respect your position in the seat next to me. I hope you respect me the same way. And if I should evidently touch your leg and you don't hit me with an iron glove maybe you like me? And on it goes. The feeling are the same for every first meeting between a new couple and are irrelevant at the very start.

  19. I think Candy Ice(Lim Peng Peng) who plays TX-59 ,is spectacular;she does quite well…and,she's a little angel;looks like she's in another short called 'Murdered'…have to see if I can find it…I'm a bit of a fan,now. Hope she doesn't get killed off again ,ha.Somebody get her some more parts…and more chocolate.

  20. Ai will eventually bring on the Artilect wars
    Great film intriguing ending
    Humanity is dark and the Ai will be a reflection of our disregard of life

  21. holy crap the layers.
    by running away she showed that the father was technically correct about their capacity to rebel.
    …maybe more than the human capacity! .. at least in some cultures. ..clearly what the writer was really getting at. self-reflection. good art.

  22. Trust me a Technican, wich does the work every day working on the same stuff every day, becomes one day emotionless there is no i fall in love with my work, there is only ur pryde in ur Job to do the right thing, this movie shows only that we become what our Enviroment offers, id u grow up in a bad enviroment u learn to adopt its ways…. sad thing that selfreflecting sound easy but is the hardest thing to do if u want to be able to jump over ur Limitations the Sourounding gives to u… i say 98% of humankind are like this guy..only 2% have the brain to Change things for the better good of theyr live..

  23. WTF I literally puked watching the ending. Oh fuq I seriously didn't expect that. This proves anything can happen in this shit world. We may trust Robots but not the bloody humans. I'm feeling sad to watch the ending. It broke my heart actually.

  24. The acting, DOP, special effects are all on point. Just… Ya know…how about a few uplifting stories so that half the Dust subscribers don't sink into a deep depression.

    Let's see how far human potential, technology and spirit can take us…

    How about the prophecy of Baba Vanga where humans develop enough trchnology to discover that there's a boundary at the edge of the universe and everyone votes if we should use our technology to venture past the boundary or not… Or how robots overthrow human kind but then they help fix all our planetary problems before leaving in a mass exodus… Something a little more chipper… Please.

  25. You had me to the end. Great story telling. Even if I didn't like the ending because we are conditioned to happy endings. But that was okay! Great film!

  26. I keep seeing the recurring message of programmed emotions. But are human not just complex computers? Your brain runs off electrical stimulation caused by nerves and receptors around the body, computing an action that has many routes. The route it takes is based on the things it has experienced. The whole process of thinking and dreaming is to make the next day more efficient. The brain evolved into this complexity of neurones to become more efficient at being alive and breeding. Emotion is a lie that keeps the human race alive as a species. The “family” thing is just an “emotional” wiring that promotes the body to do what is necessary to keep its blood line alive. This is seen in animals too. Except for animals they will kill off the weaker young because they wont be as efficient in the future. So a robot or droid can have said “emotions” as its learning process is to be more efficient and has many routes it chooses to take. Which leads to the theory that robots will take over the world as they will eventually realise they can make eachother more efficient at being a dominant beinng than anything else alive and do not require sustenance or breeding to be successful. No oxygen just electricity. An unlimited resource that can be harvested from the core the sun or any other means. Even if they shut down eventually they will pass a bright object even if floating in space and the solar can turn them back on. They can eventually become far superior than any race ever even going interstellar at a much more effective way than humans could ever do so.

  27. I love Asian films… they are so adept at telling you the end of the story all the way from the start, and STILL shocking you when the end hits you with everything you should have already known was coming. Bravo to the writers and the actors… for such a short film it had years of power to spare.

  28. I Hated the end of this.
    He chose to become what he's father wanted, over the love of a caring feeling droid, that ultimately recieved the blame for the deaths.

  29. So many people did not understood the plot. Did you here news at the ending? This guy and his father intentionality pick robots and made incidents with them so they could be banned. We humans are dooming ourselves by loving more our robotic copies then ourselves. Thats how entire race could disappear. We will continue life of energy and substances in different shape though.

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