Sci-Fi Short Film “The Promise” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Promise” presented by DUST

(O.S) [Reporter Talking] What are you doing here? Are you ok? Yes I’m going to check you. Look at a fixed point on the ceiling. Very well Get up Let’s see, on your knees That’s alright Ok, raise your arms Stretch your fingers That’s alright, take a deep breath You have to focus Your hand Stretch it You have to focus, ok? Stay straight Keep your fingers like that That’s it, don’t worry and focus Very well, everything seems alright Do you think I’m pretty? Of course Why do you smile with her and not with me? I smile with you as well Ok, you can turn around. Here, put it on. Turn around Lean forward Let your head fall over Now, it’s possible you might feel a slight cramp. Let’s see, straight up. I’m going to kill her What are you saying? Turn around Now, I want you to look at me straight in the eyes. Relax. Take a deep breath. Let it go. Ok, that’s ok. That’s it Open your mouth, this is going to calm you. Right, very good Easy, hang on. What are you doing? Kissing you It can’t be You know we can’t. I’m going to kill you Stop! I order you to stop! You won’t give me orders anymore.

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  1. Yeah. Not sure what was going on in this thing, but nice visuals in it. (I speak of, of course, the pretty lady in her underwear with closeups of her crotch.)

  2. I guess what I get or what I read into it (?) is that this "one" held promise, this A.I. held promise but like all A.I. that learn, we can't successfully programme an A.I. to be friendly to humanity.

  3. Personally I think it is all about the panties, if you know about anything else that might be going on here I would like to know.

  4. Kind of sad tone to this almost like real life. One second she want to kiss him the next kill him. Sounds like my first ex-wife. If she is a robot she must have Not gotten the memo about Not killing humans. She is a beautiful young woman, very nice to look upon. Kind of make one wonder did they destroy her or just shut her down, turn her off to fix her. Hell of a waste to completely destroy her. After all even a wrecked car still has some good parts.

  5. I decided to see what the most watched videos on DUST channel was. This was the #1. Compared to their other videos this one is light on story & content. It shares a trait with many of their other most watched. The thumbnail, and content are mostly reasonably attractive woman. This doesn't bode well for humanity…

  6. Hello, I think the film is sorely lacking in development.

    The images are good, the actors play too, but it is not clear what the subject is, what the author wants to express, share.

  7. Why didn't he just let her have her way with him? If he got caught he can just say it forced itself on him, looks like it was strong enough to do so?

  8. I can't kill your wife? I can't get a kiss? Then I'll kill you

    Seems like it's working just fine to me, what's the problem here?

  9. Guys its one of the best Dust…
    Story= its a facility, new models are made and tested, he made her for some reason: 1. in the image of his wife and with parts of her personality, or 2. unlike her, but again with parts of her personality. This explains why it made comparisons about his wife. It must know somehow that he smiles, etc. And its 'love' towards him, is an immitation of something embedded in it.
    The AI came in secret to his room, thats why he said "what are you doing here, are you alright?" and started to check her as a technician. The AI having parts of a personality, had focused on certain behaviour aspects, imitating love and anger. But it drove easily to monomaniacal obsession, what moral thought would stop it?
    The problem with AI's, that Humanity will face, is exactly that: The AI will not grow like children do, with body and societal limitations, empathy, innumerable experiences etc, that will create their personality.(even with that we get Psycopaths, mass murderers, rapists, etc)
    The AI will suddenly Emerge, and will have a different way to evolve its personality, a way that we dont get, cannot even fathom. No Moral limitations, nothing but combinations of Code

    So we dont know what It will do finally.
    For those who say that we will put limitations etc = how can you keep limited something extremely more clever than you? It will find ways around. And it has no MORAL limitations implanted by our biological growth in a closed Society system.

  10. She was a unique beauty, and wasn't wearing any makeup. Other than her, the video sucked — confusing, what was it about?

  11. What the hell was that supposed to be about? 5 minutes out of the middle or end of a 90 miuute movie? BFD. What a waste of my time. Who cares what happened to either of them. There was no story and no connection.

  12. She was designed as the image of his dead wife, or loved one. She was being prepared to be her replacement. But, she suddenly became self sentient and hated her position as a replacement because it destroyed her identity as a person. She was being loved but not for who she was, but for who she RESEMBLES. Thus, she decided to kill that image of the beloved woman, by killing herself. Do ahcieve this, she would attempt to kill the man who ordered her design, the client. She knows that attempting to do so will bring the "clone police", who will destroy her, giving the client a lesson that what he is trying to achieve is futile , inhumane, and very unjust, Even the policewoman understand this and looks at the client in such a manner as "see? that's what you get. Happy now?". The client indeed understand this in the end, and he throws a way the box that contains the memory of his wife/loved one. I think this is all very obvious, isn't it?

  13. Either she's a robot (but if she's a robot, why does she breathe and have muscles and whatnot?). Or she's a real human being controlled by that AI box connected to her spinal cord.

  14. Love the condescending look the rescue Lady gives him – see that's what you get for messing with Machines! Pitiful Bastard.

  15. So let me get this right: every one of these films with human-like robots…..every…..single……one……shows them at one time or another waking up one day and just killing their human owners/hosts/creators. Take this little ditty for example. Obviously a commercial product. Do we really have to swallow the belief that companies, in their own "enlightened" self-interest, wouldn't program in some kind of fail-safe? Software that prevents them from harming a person? Voice command to terminate operations? A simple off switch at the base of the neck? Come on. For me that's really hard to believe. Doesn't exactly encourage me……I was counting on one of these around before I die!!!!!! LOL.

  16. Uma linda mulher numa cama sozinha desejosa querendo fazet amor e gozar muito ser beijada acariciada mais ser feliz verdadeirame e nao ser como um papel descartavel .

  17. Any excuse to pay a woman an fir sexual thrusting and show the viewers (most viewers) there's evil under most skin (thin woman's prerogative to not care if somebody peels their own skin off out if jealousy)

  18. so the hombre was a robot too because his body was strong enough to withstand breaking an unbreakable window or was that gratuitous? But wha-do-I-know?

  19. I don't understand what this was supposed to be about. You have a half naked robot lounging around and then a pervy passive aggressive doctor with no real motive or story. And I dislike seeing half naked women just because, completely unnecessary and sexist.

  20. Hes attracted to his experiment. Experiment is jealous of his wife, so decides to kill him. Wife knows he wants to fuk the experiment, so kills it and gives him the chip. And he should give up being a doctor to become a pitcher, because he threw the hell out that chip.

  21. My take on it.
    In the box he(Dr.Doodle) throws out at the end holds the download of his ex biz partner Dr.Jack H brown.
    Who died in a terrible Rabbit feeding gone wrong. They had a Short period of time to extract his brain make up and only had the female shell to implant . Finally when he was able to look over Dr.jack the hidden truth of Dr.jack Sexual feelings for Dr.Doodle could not be contained . Mean while the Wife for Dr.Doodle was over seeing this on cctv And when she overheard Dr.jack say he wanted to kill her and seeing her husband lusty glare at the breast ,vindicating her jealousy that there might be more to the partners late hours at work, She quickly headed to the room..
    Mean while Dr.Doodle knowing he is being watched turns down his ex-partner in doing so enraging Dr.Jack.
    .. Finally the Wife reaches the room enters , extracts Dr.Jack code hands it to Dr.Doodle in away conveying She was right all the time.
    Dr.Doodle Knowing now he might of had love for Dr.Jack and also regretting not turning off the cctv throws his ex partner out the window. In doing so killing A innocent homeless man that was reaching out to take 2000 credits for some bread .

  22. I think he invoked the human emotions in her and he promised to her that it will be okay to touch her and she will feel good, but it raised her human instincts which triggered her to make love or kill the partner. The seven binks concept of love or kill the other one is worked here

  23. Only two minutes in but my god, where do they find these women! Film after film i think i've found the most beautiful woman on the planet. They can't ALL be the most beautiful!

  24. I think she was a drug mule. They extracted whatever she was carrying and the guy with her got paid with some square object. That's about all I could figure out.

  25. Pretentious drivel. No real story to speak of, no character depth, hard to read motivations for anybody. But hyuk hyuk, crotch close-up and side boob! I could have just watched porn and it would have had more context.

  26. Boredom made her
    I don't see there being any reason a at hm robot, b stronger than the average human. Make it b a level playing field just in case..

  27. If you don't know how to end a story, just do not begin it. Take your lugage, go to arkansas for potatos growing, but stop to do such empty video.

  28. What was the point of the news segment in Russian about the malfunction of American segment of the International Space Station in the beginning of the short?

  29. Ok. Here's my guess.
    So, this dude creates an exact clone of his wife; downloaded memories, minus the ones he'd like her to forget, etc.
    She begins to remember his past affair/infidelities, his treatment of her or lack thereof.
    She wanted to kill the woman he had an affair with, but can't because she realizes that just won't do her any real justice, which turns her immediate attentions to him; the perpetrator.
    She doesn't really want to kill him, though she clearly could. But she wants to hurt him, badly. To humiliate him with her newly found strength and hyper awareness. So she physically, callously, methodically attacks him.
    In walks in, the company security with a tech supervisor close behind. They quickly remedy the situation, subdue her, and remove her brain-center.
    Then comes the climatic moment where the tech supervisor cast a look into, or rather gives the man in question, the man on the floor a look which says…
    "You see? We told you this would happen. We told you downloading the memories of your wife who suffered through a traumatic emotional divorce, then died/committed suicide/in a coma, wasn't a good idea; that it could lead to her attacking you physically."
    Cut scene. Zoom out of futuristic city scape.
    Seriously, though. That look the tech lady gave. Priceless

  30. The square object he was given is what was extracted, and he threw it out the window. She was an android. Probably a sexbot. She became irrational and jealous (like Pris in Blade Runner).

    So they deactivated her. He dead AI core was handed to him as a warning by his boss not to fuck around with the staff…

  31. Without context is an interesting concept. How many ways can different viewers perceive the same story? In a way that is art. The observer interprets what it means to them.

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