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  1. Bleem can be between any number. Newtonian calculus knows perfect numbers don't exists always and just gives estimates rounded off. Pi 3.14 maybe special, but it's still just 3 more than 4.

  2. So the patient is right and discovered a new number, which is the key to time travel and secrets untold? And through that accidentally went back in time and was the mystery man the psyche doc as a boy, saw killed?

    Very intriguing.

    But hits the same problems every movie does. It does not address how the first man came to be, if the psyche doc had not grown up yet and the crazy doc had not discovered bleem, then he hadn't traveled in time yet.

    They should have had the psyche doc suddenly start remembering the car wreck etc, as if it had just happened. Knowing the wreck never happened, but now remembering it, showing that time had been changed and the crazy doc had gone back in time.

    No time.loops, no crazy un answered time questions.

    Maybe this is what they were getting at, as the doc kept remembering pieces. But they didn't make it clear, and I dont think they were that clever, to make it be him realizing that he was developing new "old" memories.

  3. There it is, the fresh air of imagination. Great job, very intriguing short plot. Continue your great work, please!

  4. I think what the patient have said that there is a secret integer.. this challenging the doctor.. at last he is also becomes a mental patient like the mathematician

  5. This is really nobody is able to think in this way.. the thinking is in the 8th dimensions.. we usually don't think beyond what is taught to us.. this is beyond thought. Loved it

  6. The number "3" and "4" are significant. If we change the whole plot to number of dimensions in which we exist(which higher intelligences should perceive), we can clearly see that 3 is the reality(the three dimensions in which we exist) and bleem is the pathway to the next dimension i.e fourth(here time). The professor cannot show it due to the restriction of three dimensions in which he exists. Practically, impossible to explain a three dimensional person of how to see a next dimension object. The only way is you can show is the journey between the reality in three dimensions and the experience in a fourth dimension(here through time). Wicked story if I think this way.

  7. You have to use intuition to understand how to solve a good integer problem. When people lose their intuitive skills that becomes the moment they lose their minds. Numbers stay secret till they are discovered.

  8. I can only assume that this was inspired by George Carlin's routine. Except (if I remember correctly) Carlin had Bleem between 7 and 8 (and he might have called it "bleen" instead of "bleem")

  9. 100+ years ago, square root of negative one is considered as blasphemy so.. not surpirsing geniuses seems like crazies.

  10. This actually happened in real life with Cantor after he "discovered" transfinite numbers and set theory. His work and way of thinking opened completely new gates in mathematics. He however never got the recognition he deserved for his work in his lifetime and died poor and malnourished in a sanatorium.

  11. I get that the mathematician travelled back in time because of bleem and the doctor saw the news report (parallel with his younger self) about a man who bizarrely vanished from the crime scene. But the question is: is the discovery of bleem the reason the accident happened and what altered the doctor's life? The accident is the reason why he is a psychiatrist and why he meets the mathematician later, so he can find out about bleem to in order to spread the existence of bleem?

  12. DIMENSION IS THE WRONG WORD. A dimension is simply the measure of distance between two points in space. Thus, there are ONLY 3 dimensions. Einstein fucked it all up by calling time a fourth dimension. Whatever time really is, if it exists at all, it ISN'T a dimension.

    Einstein further fucked it all up by limiting speed of solid matter to the speed of light. He had no experimental proof except the incomprehensible math that he presented as proof.

    If he built a spaceship and did the actual experiment, then that's another matter. But he didn't and we have been sent down a rabbit hole.

  13. There truly are some secret numbers if you consider that we actually need to be using a base 12 numbering system. Not only that, all of the numbers affect each other. 3 affects 4, and 4 affects 3, and 6 affects 5, 5 affects 4, etc in the quantum sense. So we are told Rsc K&LC

  14. I Bleem it on my eduimication, teacher shudda s'plained it better. I don wanna space/time travel jus to geet runned over.

  15. How did he travel? Well he did what the doc said to do he took Bleem/Bleen number of the candy (which we saw as 3 because we aren't trained to see this number ) and when they took one there was actually 3 because Bleen minus one is three, the thing is from all the place he could have ended why did he travel in front of the car? Maybe the child Doc had Bleen number of candy at that moment which connected the two events?

  16. I hate those cliff hangers of unexplained endings and was going to down-vote, but then read the comments, realised I was stupid, and up-voted it

  17. But why was the old man in a prison to begin with? And no, psychiatric hospitals/wards isn't supposed to have bars at the windows, that is prisons you're thinking of there.

  18. Seems like it was all set it stone from the start. My question is did the professor have control of when and where he travelled to, and if so why did he go back to the younger version of his psychiatrist?

  19. I like the touch of the symbolism of room 304.
    In this case, normally the numbers go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…
    But in the professor's case, numbers go 1, 2, 3, BLEEM, 4, 5…
    The room 304's meaning is what it'd look like if bleem existed, but as there's no bleem symbol, they used 0, the non-existent. You could say it's Room 3[Bleem]4

  20. Bleem does exist – we call it Pi
    You know 3.14159….. an irrational number we use all the time in engineering and science.

    The Egyptians discovered "Egyptian Pi" 4,500 years ago
    it's not 3.14159 "Modern Pi" but the fraction 22/7=3.1428571
    With their Pi they built the greatest structure ever built by man – the Great Pyramid of Giza

    You can calculate modern Pi with pen and paper
    The Egyptians discovered their Pi with a rope, stick, and sand
    They discovered that if they marked a rope into 22 equal sections (let's say a rope 22 Royal Cubits long RC)
    then if you tie a stick to one end and pinch the rope at 3.5 RC and draw a circle in the sand
    it will have a diameter of 7 RCs and the rope will fit exactly on the circle drawn in the sand – 22 RCs in circumference.

    The difference between 22/7 and modern Pi is 0.0012671 – a number so small that we can today use Egyptian Pi (22/7)
    instead of modern Pi and that difference is smaller than the expansion/contraction of any metal/material on earth that you use to build something.

    So the Egyptians did not use Modern Pi (Bleem) they used something they could see with their very eyes 22/7
    and built all those pyramids with that number. The Egyptians fabricated a stone wheel that was 1 RC in diameter
    that meant as they rolled it on the sand and rocky soil every revolution was 22/7 RCs long.
    Since the base of the GP is 440 RCs long that means when the wheel turned exactly 140 times, they knew they had moved 440 RCs.
    All the measurements of the GP are harmonics of the Egyptian Pi and not modern Pi (Bleem to them)

  21. Here's the thing.

    The discredited mathematician was able to go into another reality and when he came out he was in another time period and in the middle of a road that didn't exist in the reality he left. That's how he was hit by the car.

    The physics we know and think is a constant may not be real in another galaxy let alone another universe.

    Take my hypothesis that in another reality any number added to itself only makes a number twice its size.  So to get to four from two you have to go a roundabout way. 1+3 would equal 4. But not 2+2. 1+5 would equal 6 but not 3+3…

  22. funny, BLEEM,, is a number between numbers on an infinite , quantified level, that a small percentage of people would get it, by overthinking,, because those individuals, are chosen from some remote existence to calculate time between numbers…


    just sayin

  23. This is so stupid. I don't get why people like it, is it just lack of understanding of mathematics?

    If you were a mathematician and you posited the existence of a new number or type of numbers, the rest of mathematicians would just say "ok, go ahead".

  24. There's only one thing I like more than watching Dust. And that is the informative comments made by the smart people who also watch Dust.

  25. 123∆4567890

    It has been there since Supreme ^Adolfo has declared in 1947 why everyone acting d surprise
    … You

    And on Supreme Victor Day is 30-∆-1945


  26. This short meter reminds me of the other full movie Called Pi. Black and white film. Watch it if you like this short film.

  27. It seems to me like this sketch is based on a fundamental confusion between math and science.

    “4 comes after 3” is NOT an “indisputable truth”, it’s just a definition we made.

    We can change the definitions as we please.

    For example, we can define addition in a way that 1+1=1, looking at just the numbers 0,1 and keeping multiplication the same, we get “basian arithmetics” if I remember the name correctly, which happens to be the basic logic all classical computers operate by.

    We can also define addition such that 2+2=0.

    We actually have that with modular arithmetics, specifically mod 4.

    And with higher dimensions in physics, it’s not that we lack the mathematics to describe them, we lack any direct physical evidence of them, except for “huh, if they existed that’d solve some issues we currently don’t know how to otherwise solve in physics”

    Math is not science, and it has absolutely nothing to do with reality.
    We just tend to USE mathematical language to describe our thoughts about reality, and we also tend to make mathematical models based on those thoughts, usually.

    You wanna make a set of numbers that go {1,2,3,bleem,4,5,….}?

    You absolutely can, nothing’s stopping you.

  28. Three is a perfect union representing 3rd dimensional reality. The resolution of the dichotomy, the purpose of this dimension ultimately resolving into Tetragrammaton.

  29. At 12:40 there are bleem jellybeans, not 4 (as you only see three) but not 3 (as one is taken away, then you see 3). At no point was there a fraction of a jellybean, but to see the 3rd jellybean, the bleemth jellybean had to be eaten. Bleem shares some qualities with integers but does not necessarily have to be one in order to unlock the key to time travel. Rather, bleem is the quality where the 3rd appears when the 4th is removed. Or the 3rd disappears when the 4th is added (you can see him trying to move away a jellybean on the table when trying to display bleem). It hints at a connection between 3rd and 4th, or an interchangeability. Note that the professor learned something new in the days after claiming that bleem is "only" an integer, so he may have been wrong about that, but on the right track.

    Time dilation or the event horizon of a black hole can both be described as interchange between a spatial dimension (perhaps the 3rd) and a time dimension (the 4th). By interchanging space with time, we can replace what we cannot traverse (time) with what we can traverse (space). By discovering the bleemth dimension, he unlocked the key to interchanging the 3rd and 4th dimensions and traversing time.

  30. This goes to show that our mathematical understanding of reality isn't absolute. Reality changes with time but our mathematical thoughts isn't catching up.

  31. I think the 'psychologist' is actually representative of the 'little boy' and the 'psychologist's patient' represents the 'accident victim'. I think it was a metaphor all around for how unresolved guilt will haunt you like the end-all-be-all solution to an equation that you can't find. There were a slew of excellent nods and references to philosophical and mathematical things, but it seems like the psychologist is recalling his own childhood memory of the time his mother hit a pedestrian; where the identity of the victim was never determined nor was the driver who killed him found. So he had to live with the guilt of knowing exactly what happened while also knowing the consequences of honesty. It's the tale of his hidden trauma and how he was gradually uncovering it. See also the film The Machinist with Christian Bale. It was a similar plot but longer and weirder left turns.

  32. Wow, do bleem was actually the key to time travel…. The missing number was the fundamental part of going through different dimensions, that was a good twist

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