I like that. As a matter of fact, it seems like a very natural transition. Yeah, let’s see if we can do it. Music. It’s the one thing that we all understand that we don’t understand. Music has tremendous driving power within the narrative of any film. Bond. James Bond. The visual is one thing. When you add music, it becomes something else. It’s a whole different experience. The score is the heartbeat of the film. So much of it is felt. It’s all about intuition. You realize this power we wield. We can make you feel anything we want you to feel. John Williams made me realize film music can be as great as the classical composers. Thomas Newman. His music is just so eloquent. Hans Zimmer revolutionized what we do. We have to go and shake it up. We have to go and reinvent. For months and months it really feels like you’re going to fail. Proving yourself is a great force. There is a chemical high. Pirates. It’s like Led Zeppelin played by an orchestra. What can the audience really feel? It doesn’t matter how you get there. It’s whether it’s got substance. Standing on the podium and hearing it for the first time I guess it’s like seeing your child for the first time being born. Film music is the symphonic music of today. How do you make the audience feel like they’re coming home? Your mind is connecting those dots. Film music has changed fairly radically. There is sort of a new renaissance going on. It’s so visceral. It’s incredibly powerful. You can’t say enough about how exciting that is!

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  1. Finally! Can't wait! How do I get a list of the selected theaters? Also, how long will it run in each theater? A day? A week?

  2. No John Murphy in this?!! He did "Sunshine" "28 Days Later", and "28 weeks later" talk about setting the mood for a movie!

  3. I had the honor of viewing this Thursday night thanks to the fine folks at Phoenix Film Festival. As both a musician and an actor, this was highly intriguing. Job well done, everyone. Great documentary!

  4. I've added some epic tracks from this documentary to my Movie Soundtracks playlist:

  5. Can't wait to see this documentary!! And what a great way to start the trailer, with E.T's magical music! I just hope this'll be released in French theaters!

  6. I signed up for this documentary March 2015 and they keep putting off sending my DVD and T shift because of these showings. Now I am told it will be September.

  7. Already know I'm going to be disappointed in this…. because it's only 93 minutes long… should have been a PBS miniseries of like eight or nine episodes like something from Ken Burns.

  8. Looks exciting, but I don't see Ennio Morricone and Claudio Simonetti (Goblin) on the list. I have lots of CDs by them!

  9. definitely need to see this. hopefully theres something about Vangelis in it but that's fine if not.

  10. I like it but have a correction to make: the movie is ONLY ABOUT THE WORK OF AMERICAN FILM COMPOSERS. I think it's great a doc on that subject – and still highlighting the work of Rachel Portman, a woman is a sexist industry but where is all the great non-american composers? Morricone, Mancini, Rota, Legrand, Maurice Jarre, Moroder, Santaolalla, Lalo Schifrin, Vangelis! Such a shame this omission

  11. Any praise that can be given to any film composer is well deserved. Is Itunes the only place this thing will be?

  12. So happy to have seen this! Such an astonishing achievement and an outstanding documentary! Has made me appreciate something more, even though it's something I already adore so much! Film Scores!

  13. Is this not on Netflix? I would love to get information from any of these world renowned composers! I would love to play for either of them!

  14. Can anyone tell me what Score is played from around 1:50? It sounds like something from the Pirates of the Caribbean Series, but I can't make out which one?! Please help!

  15. I know a lot about scores and listen to them all the time. I recognise most music used in the trailer, but what is the last piece? Does anybody know? It sounds like James Newton Howard.

  16. For those of you asking – and I was hunting for it too – The last song played is by John Debney and it's from Spongebob Movie Sponge Out Water(56mins 42 secs). It's not on the album – but if anyone knows it's title – Major points for you!

  17. Finally caught this last night and was a great thing. It brought into light, even more, what the struggles are of my dear friend and amazing composer Doug Frankenberger and why it is often impossible to get a hold of him while he is working. Thanks!!!!!

  18. Amazing! Though I would have LOVED to see Chris Nolan and Hans Zimmer working in their spotting sessions. That's something to watch.

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