SEC Shorts – LSU calls up Alabama in horror film style

SEC Shorts – LSU calls up Alabama in horror film style

*phone rings* Hello? Who is this? Uh you called me. Yeah I know. Well if you don’t know who this is then why did you call? Because I want to know whose schedule I’m looking at. What did you say? Only one win against a top 25 team. Mmhh That won’t do. Duke was good when we scheduled them. Well they’re not good now. The AP poll isn’t even used in the Playoff selection criteria so… Goodbye! *phone rings* Hello? Do you like 2:30 kickoffs? They’re ok I guess. Not as good as evening. Why? I like evening kickoffs too. but then again.. I’ve been doing pretty good in the 2:30 time slot this year. Who is this? Look out your front window. I don’t see anything and this isn’t funny. I have four All-American wide receivers who will tear you up. Goodbye! Don’t you hang up on me! What do you want? Turn the TV on. What? Turn it on! “And this just in we have a new number 1 team in the nation!” LSU has jumped Alabama and is now number one in the AP poll. Leave me alone! *phone ring* What do you want!? Look out your front window again. *scream*

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  1. I think the playoff selection committee is going to have Ohio State #1, LSU #2 and maybe Alabama at #3 or #4 depending on what they think of Clemson, so it probably isn't going to be 1 v 2 like they are billing it.

  2. “You only beat one top 25 team” lol not even in the top 25 anymore. That’s what I can’t stand. You beat a “top 25 team” who ends up falling off. It’s like when LSU beat 3 top 10 teams. Look at one of them now. Not even in the rankings.

  3. What’s gonna be funny is when Bama beats LSU with Mac jones lmao 😂. LSU barely pulled off a win at home against auburn with the refs allowing LSU to hold the ENTIRE game . LSU ain’t shit.

  4. Look I'm a DAWG fan…
    But when are people gonna realise that as long as Nick Saban is there , Alabama is gonna be a contender ok… it doesnt matter who they play early ok… they are who they are and have been every year.

  5. love all this drama filled skits and also the fact Alabama is going to win regardless of schedule, LSU will choke as usual

  6. Well, the TIDE will roll again and we will be back in our normal spot at #1. The Tide has so much talent, some young, but they are getting better and better each week and BAMA will win!

  7. LSU beat Auburn by only 3 with only 2 brain cells between Gus Malzahn and Bo Nix combined. Mac Jones can throw a 7 yard slant just as good as Tua can. This game won't live up to the hype. Bama gonna spank that ass same as the last 8 times. LSU bout to go into Georgia mode and hope they can keep it close so that they can say they still deserve to be in the CFP.

  8. There have been many great ones, but this takes the cake! I nearly got an injury laughing when the scooter came out!😂🤣

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  10. I'm a Bama fan and this was hilarious. I cracked up at the scooter.

    They also took a subtle jab at LSU because the LSU villain's jersey was #9. Bama is going for their ninth straight win against LSU.

    As a Bama fan, I'm also glad that we dropped to #2. Bama plays better as an underdog.

  11. Lmao this is one of the best, with the history of lsu players calling people and the ankle scooter at the end got me

  12. Is this meant to imply Bama should fear LSU? I'm not afraid of them, even if Mac Jones is the QB. LSU hasn't won a game against bama since 2011 and even then didn't score a TD in that game. As Rorschach famously said: "I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with ME!". Bring it on.

  13. I mean this would make sense if the “top 10 teams” LSU played we’re actually in the top 10. LSU gets Smoke Checked 42-28. Book it.

  14. LSU nearly not beat “Them” why would Alabama be worried about what the AP thinks. Ohio State and Oklahoma are the ones everyone needs to watch

  15. Everybody likes to say Alabama ain't played nobody our schedule is just as hard or easy as everybody else's I hope the Alabama players heard that LSU player saying they going to come for there heads

  16. How many times over the last 8 years have Tiger fans thought that this was the year, and every year Saban has spent the bye week in his secret laboratory coming up with the perfect game plan to rip the heats out of LSU. Bottom line – I Won’t believe it until I see it.

  17. I absolutely Luv this channel 🤣. May have been funnier if roles were reversed, since lsu is ranked higher. Still can't believe it's not a night game tho, unbelievable 😡

  18. This is hilarious. "I have four All-American receivers who will t-tear you up." That breathing after he mentions the schedule. :D:D:D

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