Sega Homestar Planetarium Original vs Flux

Sega Homestar Planetarium Original vs Flux

Hello if you’re looking for a home
planetarium I’ve got two here you might want to consider and you’ve probably
come across them already. One is the original Sega Toys home planetarium
and the second is the newer Sega Toys Flux. I have previously reviewed both and
I thought you might like to know what the main differences are so before we
get into the nitty-gritty of the differences when in use let’s first take
a look at the packaging. The original Sega Toys packaging was fairly basic, it
just had the plastic protection and then once you took out the planetarium you’d
probably just throw away the packaging. The new Flux is a much better packaging
design and actually it’s something that you could store the Flux in afterwards
and it looks like a really nice gift box it looks a lot more premium than the
original. The contents of the packages are pretty similar for both you get the
planetarium you get a manual and star map and you get a couple of projection discs.
The main difference between the two comes in the form of the power supply
the new Flux uses a USB power supply which makes it much easier to plug into
things you don’t actually have to plug it into a power socket you can plug it
into a power bank so you might want to use this outside rather and keeping it
indoors. In terms of look and feel the Flux has a nice matte finish now the
previous original Homestar had a very plastic shiny finish and it looked a
little bit cheaper than the price tag might suggest. The controls are the same
on both and both have lit controls to tell you what you selected unfortunately
neither of them have the text lit so in the dark you can’t always see what the
options are you need a little torch to see what it is you want to turn on and
off. They both use the top loading mechanism and they can both take the
same disk so if you already have a Homestar collection of discs it will
work in the Flux. So let’s see how the two compare
on the left I’ve got the original on the right I’ve got the newer Flux they’re
actually both on at the moment and if you can just see, there we go, so you
can see that the Flux is projecting on the wall you can just about see it,
the original though I can’t see anything, let’s turn off the Flux… …I can’t really
see anything on the wall from the Original so the Flux is looking like it
has a more powerful projector let’s lower the lights a little, Alexa set
study to 50%. so now I can really see the Flux, that’s really much much
clearer, the original still can’t see anything. Let’s turn the Flux
off again…no still not really seem much. Alexa turn off the study lights. So now the Original is visible and power up the Flux. Now look at that, that is much
better, much clearer, they’re both very good but there’s a big improvement
in this newer version everything looks much crisper almost like going from
standard definitions to high definition. Let’s move that over a bit to separate them out a bit more…there you go you can see they’ve both got the same star
map in but the newer Flux, perhaps because it’s it’s doing a better job of
keeping it more condensed it’s a lot more spread out on the original compared
to the flux and just show you slightly higher up Certainly for brightness, maybe this needs to be further back, see if we can get it further back and get it in
comparable distance, there we go so I’ve had to put the, there’s the Flux,
you see it’s a little bit further back but now it’s pretty much overlapping. If I just turn the flux off you’ll see what I mean by that So there’s the original,
turn the Flux on and it’s overlapping but it’s so much brighter. Both are actually very quiet so here I’ve got them both on I wouldn’t say there’s a
noticeable difference I’m gonna shove the microphone next to let me know what
you think below which one sounds louder first up the flux Really nothing in it they could both be
on, well they are both on at the same time, and I’m not noticing one louder than the
other there’s just a whisper of a hum as the motors rotate the star fields around
but one thing I did notice while filming this is that while running both the
original home star seemed to gets quite a bit warmer than the Flux, I’m not
quite sure why that was, I don’t know if it’s using a different bulb, a less
efficient bulb that’s giving off more heat, but that’s something to bear in mind that
the Flux is overall it’s newer, of course it’s going to be better, and that will be
the one I recommend but there is nothing wrong with the original Homestar if you
can pick that up second hand there are a lower price
you’ll just get much more satisfaction out of the newer Flux, it’s a brighter
bulb, it’s a clearer image and it’s just a better package all around. I hope you
found this quick comparison useful let me know in the comments below which one
do you think you would go for if you are picking one, if you had to spend a little
bit more would you go for the Flux over the original? if you haven’t already
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  1. Thank you for this! I was on the fence with getting this for my nephew for Christmas because of the price but this review sold it for me! Flux here I come lol!

  2. Thanks for making this video. I was on Amazon looking at these and decided to look at an in-depth review on YouTube. Glad I found this video!

  3. Hello. Thanks for the interesting review. I have a question: do you know if all the Sega Toys discs are compatible with the Flux version? 🙂 Or some are only for the classic version?

  4. but too bad that i can't find a way to buy it because i'm living in Malaysia which located in Asia! Argh! Somebody pls help me ! ><

  5. Am I correct that there is a third model (Homestar Pro) released in-between the Homestar Flux and the Homestar Original(Classic)? I'm wondering whether the flux is still worth the premium price over the pro version.

    Also, in the Homestar Classic Review, you mention that the LED can not be changed. Can this be done on the Flux?

    Thank you for reviewing these!

  6. Why can;t they just make a light that shows exactly what you see when you go outside. Instead of this fake looking sh*t. looks fake having millions of stars above you, not realistic at all, if they removed alot of the stars and just had the standard stars that you see when you go outside, I';d be happy to buy. I almost want to make my own. Noone makes them how I;m thinking.

  7. Sale caro, viene con poca cosa, hay que comprar los accesorios para ver la tierra, la luna u otras cosas.

  8. i want one that looks more realistic. I believe the flux might be the one. This is for my son's room so we can both look and talk about the stars at night before his bed time. Does anyone recommend a specific one? I wish a shooting star would shoot across the sky every now and then, that would be great!!

  9. I'm sorry but the fact that there is more stars crowding the view doesn't mean it's better. The original looks more realistic as would be visible to the naked eye. The flux makes it look like a grid of stars crowding the circle, much harder to imagine they are actually stars. Not to mention, you don't watch stars in a lit room, so comparing them in a lit space is absurd.

  10. I initially liked the flux more but after a bit I decided i liked the original better. The flux actually looks too bright.

  11. i followed the link you put on the description but i don’t know which one is the flux model? which one is it? and do you have to buy the disc separately? or does it come with one?

  12. Thanks for the review, I will probably order the flux,i did have the original a year ago but sent it back due to its lack of brightness and focus at the edges. For people who think the flux has to many stars, when you can see the night sky from somewhere like the Mojave desert you wouldn't say that…..Its unbelievable how many stars you can see with the naked eye…

  13. I opted to get none of these….or any other model one might find through any other channels like Amazon or online stores, because they ALL….and I do mean ALL, except possibly for this $240 one that seems like its for lecture halls or museums….have these fairly consistent horror stories tied to them. every star projector, from kids' toys to genuine models, break down, blur the image (despite settings) and generally fuck up. none seem to exist that are built well enough to cast a proper dome of clear star fields into a room. I imagine you'd have to go to NASA or some supplier for lecture halls and observatories to actually get a competent device.

  14. Just wondering if it comes with some sort of audio that explains what you are looking at? considering buying it as a gift and really want something with audio tracks. Thanks in advance 🙂

  15. Can't help but wondering if it might be better to use a regular projector and play astro videos or astrophotography presentations?

  16. I am a host at the planetarium from Timisoara and I can tell you that the original is 10000% better if you wanna see the real night sky.

  17. Wow your using Alexa huh. Are you lazy? Donyou not know that it a possibility that the government is listening you. You are a follower not a leader.

  18. Home planetarium technology has really lagged behind in my opinion . Neither of these look that great and if I had to choose one, it looks like the original has a more realistic spacing of stars and clusters etc. The new Flux projection just looks way to packed with stars and looks like it would benefit from being as far back from the surface to be projected on as possible. It just doesn't look inviting from this video at all.
    I'm really surprised we don't have an affordable laser solution these days for projections or at least something that mimics 3D spatial projection. Maybe that 10 years off still, otherwise I would love to relax looking into a realistic projection of the heavens.

  19. i'm really confused about this. i see it's fairly expensive on lots of sites but i've also seen these for much cheaper, around $30-50 on lots of other sites. in fact, i only became aware of this product through an ad on facebook and it's $29.99 with one set of discs and with both sets it's like $39.99. it looks exactly the same as the new flux. i tried searching knockoffs/fakes, but could find no info that that was occurring. i'm torn. i obviously would like to spend less if those are legit and from the reviews, they seem to be, but at the same time i obviously don't want to get a fake. ughhhhh!

  20. background song of min 0:23:(♡, You don't know how long I've been looking for this song ,pls:(((!!!♡
    exellent review!♡♡♡ @Mark Draper ♡♡

  21. What a shit review!..putting them both so close to the wall (head in hands)..what you should be doing is projecting them against the ceiling!! least so the projectors are around 6-7 feet away from the actual image.

  22. bought one this week on & got a money confirment prove (paid with paypal), but suddenly seeing yesterday this site is completly gone, so i wonder if Ill ever see my stars ….

  23. Opino igual la circunferencia en el original es mil veces mas amplia y realista no entiendo flux con poner una vela y pintos sria igual wue flux xD

  24. flux is nice but the border are just too sharp , i'd live to have my original bulb to be brighter but still loving it, and seriously they should have made disk with both hemispheres that are coloured, I am bored of the black and white

  25. "Alexa"… Seriously? I found you so edgy and cool when you had Alexa turn down the lights. But then I remembered that Alexa is for gullible, easily impressed people who don't care if Amazon harvests everything they say in private. Lost all respect for you after that.

  26. Where is the best place to buy the discs and are they compatible between the 2 units? Seems like their website is hard to navigate. Their are a ton of odd websites that sell their products as well so buyer beware.

  27. I have to say both are good.
    I have both new and old.the new one it covers a much larger area!

    all i do is move the new 5 watt one back to another side of the room and that spaces everything out good.

    the original is good if you just need a short throw.
    i love them both,
    the newer one is now my favorite!

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