Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)

Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)

-Selena, have you ever seen
the show on YouTube called “Hot Ones”?
-No. -On the show —
it’s a great show, it’s really funny
you eat spicy chicken wings that get hotter as you go, all while answering questions
about yourself. -I’m going to regret this.
[ Laughter ] -No, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think
we should try it right now. -All right, let’s do it, yes.
-Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the host
of “Hot Ones,” Sean Evans, right there! [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you for being here.
I’m a fan. Please, thank you for this,
and please take it easy on us. -All right. Well, thank you
so much for having me. We’re doing “Hot Ones”
live here. But don’t worry, there’s
no reason to be nervous. If it gets too spicy for you,
you can always hit the milk. But, Jimmy, I noticed,
where’s your glass? No cup?
-Oh, yeah. No, I don’t — Well, I do have a cup, but
since it’s “The Tonight Show,” I don’t —
we don’t mess around here. So can someone bring out
my cup of milk? -Where’s his cup?
-Yeah, this is, uh — [ Cheers and applause ] That is the actual Stanley Cup
right there. That is the actual — That is
the real deal Stanley Cup. Thank you, Stanley. And it is filled with milk.
-Filled with milk? -That was supposed to be
filled with water. Okay, good. But it’s filled with milk
just in case we need it. But, you’re saying
you don’t really need it. Is that what you’re saying? -Well, we’re doing an
abbreviated version of the show, and we’re going
to start kind of mild with Los Calientes. But I’m going to be honest
with you guys, it’s a very steep ramp up. We very rapidly get to the last
dab of hot sauce, more than 400 times hotter
than a jalapeño. [ Audience oohs ] So with that in mind,
are you ready to dig in? -Yeah.
-Yeah, okay. So we just go with this one?
-This one, right? No? -I think you’re at the end
of the paddle. And then we’ll all —
-That looks way hotter, though. -You have pieces of pepper
and stuff hanging in there. I’ve seen the show, you should
eat the whole thing? -If you’re down to commit.
-Oh, yeah. I’m down.
-These are good. -Okay, mild. That’s good. You can handle spicy?
You can do that? -It’s not bad. -All right, Jimmy,
my first question is for you, because as I understand it,
a few years ago, you did a segment called “Cooler Heads”
with James Franco. And there was this gag
where they were supposed to take a bucket of fake Buffalo sauce
and dump it over your head. But because of a production
mix up, it ended up being real hot
sauce? -Yes. Very real. -Really?
[ Laughter ] -Oh, my gosh,
it was unbelievable. I don’t know — That person is
no longer working at the show. [ Laughter ] He dumped real Buffalo wing
sauce all over my head and we finished the thing,
and I’m like, “That was great!” And then I just started
feeling a tingling on my face and on my back, it went down
the back of my shirt. And my whole face was kind of
scarred from cayenne pepper. And I took a shower in milk. -It’s always
a professional liability when you are working with
extremely hot sauce. I know that better than anyone. Are you guys ready
to move on here to the Wiltshire
Chilli Farm sauce, featuring Trinidad Scorpion? For many years, the hottest
pepper in the world? [ Laughter ] -Oh, great.
-Trinidad Scorpion. ♪♪ Okay, that’s something.
That’s something there. [ Laughter ] I’m feeling something.
I feel something. -It’s actually not bad.
-Really? -Selena’s rocking it.
[ Laughter ] -Really?
-Make some noise for Selena. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Really? You’re not freaking out?
-Unh-unh. -My tongue — something is
happening. [ Laughter ] -All right, Selena,
this question is for you. From eating pizza crust
and fried pickles, your food preferences
very much bear the mark of somebody who does not
apologize for what she likes. So with that in mind, can you
explain the enduring allure of dining out at Hooters? -Well, initially it was to — [ Laughter ] -You can just get
right to the end of the story. -Okay.
-Whoo-hoo! [ Laughter ] [ Barking ] Oh, God! Trinidad Scorpion. Are you serious? -Initially, it was because my
dad wanted to hit on hot girls. -Ah.
-but then, I just — I don’t know — I enjoy the
fried pickles, the shrimp, the butter.
-Uh, yeah, that’s good. -It’s good.
[ Laughter ] -Great menu. Great menu. -Could not have said it better
myself. All right.
-Oh, no. -Right? Are you feeling this? -I think I am now.
-Now you’re feeling it. -Well, for people who watch
“Hot Ones,” this is the moment
they’ve been waiting for. This next wing is
Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity It is a ride. [ Laughter ] -Wha–
-Selena, you’re awesome, cheers. -Cheers. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] -Sizing it up. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -You’re crying. You’re crying. Oh, my God.
-What the hell? [ Laughter ]
-So this sauce is just all about survival right now. We’re just trying to
survive this segment. On our show we have
a recurring segment called “Explain That ‘Gram,” where we have our guests explain
their Instagram pictures. -[ Coughing ]
-So can we put it up? Do you remember this selfie, and
what the heck is in your teeth? -I don’t remember anything
right now. [ Laughter ] -You were — what was it –?
-This is horrible. -Aah! What was in it? Gum? Do I have to finish all of this?
No disrespect, right? -It was gum! It was gum!
-Oh, my gosh. Okay. I think it was gum
or lipstick or something. Oh, my God.
-From four years ago, what a memory.
What a memory. All right, you probably wonder
why I’m shaking up this bottle. This is the last dab. We call it the last dab
because it’s tradition to put a little extra
on the last wing. [ Audience ohhs ] You don’t have to if you don’t
want to. -Oh, my God. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ My nose is running. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ All right. I got you. Oh. Oh, gosh. Ooh!
[ Audience ohhs ] Oh. All right.
-All right. Bottoms up. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -All right, you guys have had…
-I hate it! -…so many iconic moments on
“The Tonight Show” together. But now it’s time to put another
chapter in the history books. We’ll do a name that impression
game. Jimmy, all you have to do is
ad lib three impressions. And, Selena, all you have to do
is try to guess the impression. [ Laughter ] -[ Groaning ] Ugh, I just
want to say who I’m doing. Uh…my gosh.
[ Sighs ] Geez, like, Sandy, I swear to
God, I can’t believe this. I can’t even do an impression.
It’s killing me. [ Laughter ] Just say John Travolta.
-John Travolta. -John Travolta.
-[ Hysterical laughing ] [ Laughter ] Oh, my God. You’re crying, just please
say Pee-Wee Herman. -How is that Pee-Wee Herman?
-Look at you crying. Just one more.
-Why do you do this to people? [ Laughter ]
-We’re stuck here together. -You’re an evil, evil man.
You’re a sick, evil man. And how are you not crying? Wait, you haven’t eaten
your wings! Oh, my gosh. Last one.
I haven’t even touched it yet. Oh, my gosh. Hey, hey. [ Speaking Gibberish ] There’s nothing in that.
[ Speaking gibberish ] -What are you doing?!
-Adam Sandler. -Thank you, say Adam Sandler.
Just say Adam Sandler. -It is Adam Sandler!
[ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my gosh. Does that even help? Ugh! Can you just do
the outro for me? I can’t even talk.
-Yes. Hey, don’t go anywhere. “The Tonight Show” will be right
back with more Selena Gomez. Don’t go anywhere. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ]

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  1. Selena Gomez is so cool with spice. Is her mexican side kicking in. La amo tanto, desde que era una niña. Representando a la comunidad latina.

  2. I really wanna eat those wings are those really that spicy? Because we indians put alot of spices in every food we make
    So i want to know my spice tolerance

  3. She is alive . Right ? I'm sorry but ariana is so so so much better she have been through a lot and she still making music … I mean we all know rn who is the real queen that care about her fans I mean I know a lot of selenators and they don't like selena any more .. ariana is just a queen .. we need selena to move on and I think she stuck in the past idk lol but I love her such a great role model tho

  4. Selena never seen hot ones ?? She'd be suprise of she searched it on youtube and bunch of the big stars already on the show .

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  6. I don't like selena gomez…she is very arrogant girl…..i don't know she behaves as if she is the only one who has achieved somethng….lot of big Hollywood actresses are more humble than her…..she has lot of attitude

  7. Commenting that Jimmy Fallon is fake is so outplayed now….how about you go watch the shows that are up to your "realness" standard and stop boring us with your predictable petulance.

  8. Man I wish Selena never got sick. She used to be sooo friggin gorgeous. The most gorgeous on the planet. No'w shes still pretty but shes gained alot of weight making her less gorgeous of course and its because of the meds etc. Oh well.

  9. PeeWee Herman, Adam Sandler impersonations
    We’re SPOT ON! But who
    Can think straight after
    That Hot Sauce from Hades🥵👿

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