Selena Gomez Confirms and Drops Hints About Her “Finished” Album

Selena Gomez Confirms and Drops Hints About Her “Finished” Album

-I’m freaking out,
as well as you are, but, dude,
that was the best scene ever. No one saw it ’cause —
I wish I had a camera. -Mm.
-Look at you. -Yeah, that was really fun.
[ Laughter ] -You’re so mad at me. -I’m, like, throwing up
in my dressing room. I’m never doing anything
with you again. -I just walked in to
your dressing room and say, “Are you okay?” And you turned around,
and there was a — -Like, full saliva
was coming down my throat. -I don’t know what, but —
Was it milk? You had a carton of —
-Yeah, I had a carton of milk. I had bread. I had rice.
-And you said, “Get out!” -Because you kept talking
and you thought you were going to make
it better, and I was like, “Just stop. Go. Just go.” -Dude, I was burning up, too. I didn’t think —
I was like, “Dude –” Again, I think
we learned our lesson from the Buffalo sauce today,
but these were all real deal. You’re a trouper
and you intimidated me, because you were just like,
“Oh, this is fine. I’m just throwing them down.” I go, “Now I’m just –” I’m, like, licking my wings and trying to,
like, really go for it. But this was, like, nuts.
-Why are we putting them out? -Well, because I want to
know exactly where you freaked out. Was it Da’ Bomb? -I did —
Yeah, the third one, right? Or no. That was — -The Scorpion started
to hurt a little bit. -No, that’s the second one.
-That was the one — -It doesn’t matter. They’re hot.
-But, dude, it’s insane. And I was just — Anyway,
thank you for doing that. -But I am going to
try those later. -You are?
-In a different way, though. -Really?
-Yeah. -You just — You’re fine
with the spicy. But, I mean,
your mascara was running. Thank you for doing that.
You’re always so fun. -Yeah. Thanks.
-We love you so much. Selena Gomez —
come on, give it up. [ Cheers and applause ] I didn’t want to get into
the story again with you, because I’ve known you
for so long and I love you. Let’s get into the interview.
Tell me about yourself. [ Laughter ] Are you working on a new album?
-I’m actually done. -You did it?
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -I have to do, like, a
few finishing things with it, but I’m just relieved. It took me four years now
to even feel at a good place with this album,
and it’s just because I had such huge moments that
happened in my life, personally, that how was I
going to capture that and how was I
gonna actually feel good about what I was saying? So I just — I kept going,
and I’m relieved now. -Wow. Is there —
[ Cheers and applause ] Is there a genre that you’re leaning more towards,
in this album, of music? -Well, I think there’s
always going to be a sense of strong pop in my music, but I
definitely explored more with electric guitar, a lot of more soulful tracks
underneath things. acoustic guitar. It all kind of hits different
places that I feel like is my lane for music. It’s just live in
that world and mellow. -You can do it all. I mean, you really nail
every one. But when you perform live —
I’ve seen you perform live so many times —
do you like doing the kind of ballady, serious
songs or talking to your fans or do you like
the pop, dancing songs? -Yeah, I’d say the more
emotional connection for me, for sure. I love everything that I get to
do and be a part of, but, specifically, something
that connects the with people on an emotional level
is my favorite. -The thing you did with
Julia Michaels I just personally loved —
“Anxiety.” -Thank you.
-That was so great. I loved it so much. I was like — I just —
I loved your voice. But I was listening —
I love hers. And I was like,
“What a good combo.” -Yeah. Well, she’s actually been
my writing partner for over four years. -Really? -She and I had our first, like,
big number-one together — “Good For You.” -Oh, that’s right.
-Yeah. -It was just such
a perfect combo and I just love
that song so much. I was like, “I just want
more and more of you.” And I was like,
“When’s Selena coming on?” Please, whenever you want,
and we won’t do — I swear, no more “Hot Ones.” -Yeah, okay. -I swear I won’t do that
to you ever again. But we’ve had
some fun adventures. -Yeah.

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  14. We shouldn't complain if the album still isn't out yet. she's waiting for the right time, when releasing music you have to be strategical and stuff like that. When sales are most high, you put the song or album out or when all the other big stars are nowhere to be seen, you leap into the scene. The second tactic is what Ariana Grande used and she sky rocketed.

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  18. I keep coming here to remind myself that her album is coming even if it is taking so long but I know it will be so worth it

  19. You can hear her sadness…omg Selena it's all about you darling forget everyone else .. we love you honey always !! Shine with us

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