Senator Elizabeth Warren on How She’d Beat Trump

Senator Elizabeth Warren on How She’d Beat Trump

We are back with Senator
Elizabeth Warren. And Judge Judy was
here a week ago, and we talked for a long time. Sometimes, we don’t
air everything, because we don’t have time. This was something
that did not air, but this is something
that she said. And I would like you to
see it and then respond. OK. I actually watched a little
bit of Elizabeth Warren. And finger-wagging vitriol is
not what this country needs. This country needs a calm,
stable, sure-footed leader. And the only one out there that
can do that is Mike Bloomberg. No. Your thoughts? [LAUGHTER] Look, I understand. I get pretty passionate
about a lot of these issues. I do care. This is a fight not from
a bunch of consultants. This is a fight from the heart. But I’ll tell you, the things
I talked with Mike Bloomberg about– about the allegations against
him for discrimination for harassing women, harassing
women during pregnancy, and the fact that he has
muzzled all these women with non-disclosure agreements– I just think that’s wrong. And he may not be accountable
when he lives in his billionaire bubble with
all of his yes-men, but he gets on that
debate stage with me– he’s accountable. All right. [CHEERING] So speaking of judges, if Trump
is re-elected for another term, there is– You’re making my teeth
hurt when you say that. –there’s a possibility that
he will appoint two more judges on the Supreme Court. Mm-hmm. What would that
do to our country? This is really worrisome,
because right now, we already see the
kinds of judges he’s appointing to
the district court and to the Court of Appeals. He’s had a lot of
nominations there. And look, I just want to
be factual about this. He is appointing people that
we just would never, I think– for decades wouldn’t have
thought about putting in the judiciary– people
who have records for being anti-woman, racist,
homophobic, anti-voter– trying to keep
people from voting. This is just deeply,
deeply worrisome. And those people
are going to sit on the federal bench
undermining our judicial system for the rest of their lives. So there are a lot of issues
people will talk about in the presidential primary. But having a president
who will nominate people to the Supreme Court, and to
the other federal courts, who truly believes in rule
of law and comes at this with some sense of justice,
not just for rich people, but justice for all Americans– I think that’s going to be
a crucial issue in the 2020 election. I do, too. I do, too. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] So, all right. So some people are saying– that are supporting Trump– they may not like
his personality. They may know that
he does things that they don’t
agree with, but they would vote for him
because they think the economy is doing well. He’s doing a good
job as President no matter what you
think of him as a man. Mm-hmm. What do you say to that? Well, I would start by saying
the economy’s doing well if you’re starting
out as a billionaire. And it’s doing
pretty well if you’re starting out as a millionaire. But for other folks, the economy
is not doing nearly that well. There was a time when
the stock market went up and when unemployment was low. It meant hardworking people
all across this country were doing well. And I say doing well. This was really building
America’s middle class. People had money to
put into savings. You could take a
two-week vacation. People were putting money
aside for their pensions. Today, we watch
unemployment is low because people are working
two and three jobs, because one job just
isn’t enough for people– that people can’t
make ends meet. The point I made
earlier about my mom– just think about
the difference here. When I was a girl and my
mom walked to the Sears, she got a full-time
minimum wage job at a time when a full-time minimum
wage job in America would support a family of three. It would cover a mortgage,
it would pay the utilities, and it would put
food on the table. Today, a full-time minimum
wage job in America will not keep a mama and
a baby out of poverty. That is why I am in this fight. I believe that is just
fundamentally wrong. [APPLAUSE] I agree. I grew up middle class,
and to have no middle class left anymore– That’s right –is really scary. Yes. It’s ridiculous. You’re either very
poor or very rich. And we’ve got to do
something about that. I agree. That’s right. Jumping to– let’s say
you get the nomination. Let’s say that. All right. [LAUGHTER] You get the nomination. Good. That was good. Today’s the day. How is a woman going to beat a
man who gets away with saying anything and everything? And we know that he lies. We know that he’s gotten
away with all the things he’s gotten away with. How do you beat him? I think the way you
beat him is two ways. One is you just don’t
take anything off him. We’ve had it with
schoolyard bullies. We all understand this. You stand up the first
time, and a lot of the air goes out of him. And that man has a lot of air. And you stand up to
him, and it matters. But the second thing is, we
can’t let this election be all about Donald Trump. He’s done a lot of
terrible things. But this is our chance,
in 2020, to talk about our vision of the kind
of America we want to build. I think we beat Donald
Trump by talking about our positive vision of
the America we build together. All right. [APPLAUSE] We’re going to put Senator
Warren in the hot seat. Everybody has to vote. That’s the one thing. Yeah, that’s right. We need everyone to
vote in order for that– Yes. –to happen. All right. No matter who you vote
for, you’ve got to vote. Got that. And we’ll be back, and
put you in the hot seat. OK. Yeah.

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  1. Oh man, I really hope Elizabeth Warren wins, she could turn the whole country around and start to undo some of the damage Trump did.

  2. 4:11 she realizes that it was either Trump or Hillary right? 😂😂😂 U can't divide a party when there's only one option. And if he was that hateful he wouldn't have won imo

  3. What a liar Warren is! Trump has created millions of great private sector jobs at great companies for all races & for women & men & youth & older folks & great jobs for those previously incarcerated! What planet is she living on? What a lying witch!

  4. Warren is right. We need to take care of people who get tested for coronavirus, not let them lose their jobs or let them starve or deport them. We need to make people feel safe about getting tested. If we don’t, they won’t come forward and the effort to contain the virus will be without effect.

  5. Ellen invites on a socialist to her show yet the irony is that Ellen got rich and gets richer everyday through capitalism.

  6. I really like her as a person but in debates she repeats herself too much with canned answers. If she drops out , I really hope she gets to be a VP

  7. That is the kind of woman we need as president!
    She looks determined, straight to the point, calculated with charisma! I really like her!
    Please vote people!!
    We have to make a change!

  8. She’s a considerate, deep thinking woman. I like how she thought of people’s lives that have coronavirus, it says a lot about her.

  9. Progressives could have had the nomination if you would have just dropped out. You weren't even polling well at all, what made you think you were going to get anyting. You should have done the right thing. Now progressives have you to blame for it. You're probably not even a true Progressive your probably just getting paid by the moderates.

  10. Watching this as Elizabeth’s announcement of dropping out. A sad day when America let the most qualified candidate go.

  11. No backbone and no plan. Just shrill. She could destroy the economy. Anyone who waves like they just got electrocuted can't be president. She is big talker and a quiter as she proved today. She never apologized for pretending to have Indian status – her whole life has been a fraud. Time for your long walk on the woods liz.

  12. She’s right exactly right Trump won’t debate her……..
    She dropped out

  13. The country needs a bill in Congress for an Amendment to the Constitution outlawing homeowner property tax and the land that it's on. Municipalitys already collect business property tax, permits, and also get revenue from state and federal. Part of the Amendment would state: "If necessary, the municipality may levy a retail sales tax in their district up to, but no more than 2 cents on the dollar, and also be prohibited from transferring or shifting previous taxes to another entity, other than the inflation rate put out by the U.S. Department of Labor once a year".

  14. Uncle Sam could use a bill in Congress outlawing U.S. banks from loaning out their depositers money. It would be replaced by a nominal monthly accounting service charge, maybe $8 or $10 a month. Also a good bill would be to award the employer, employee, self employed, government employees and military personnel with $150.000 in a lump sum after 60 months of full time work, or a combination of part time and full time equaling the same, regardless of number of employers. Now the citizen or perminant resident can pay off a home. The printing and issuance of money is validated by any legitimate labor and production, for payroll purposes. Taxpayers money is only used for specific items, such as purchase of the finished product for government use, pensions and welfare. People's taxes doesn't run the whole world.

  15. This show is way too one sided and they all respond with the same thing "homophobic, anti "woman" that's what she said, with NO facts

  16. Don't worry about Trump "stalking you" during the debates. You'll never be on that stage now.
    Or ever.

  17. Days later she Warren quit. So much for that fake story about her mother. Another fake story to add to her first woman of color bibliography. She will do what she's told by the DNC and back Biden if she want to stay a senator.

  18. Her fifteen minutes of Fame will be when she destroyed Bloomberg. At least she accomplished something.

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