Sepia | Aparshakti Khurana | Sapna Pabbi | Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films

Sepia | Aparshakti Khurana | Sapna Pabbi | Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films

“There is a picture of mine.. ..which is in your frame.” “There is a picture of yours.. ..which is in the wall.” “These pictures are nice.. ..but only that is very true.” “In trouble.” “Which is in both our hearts.” Bring the pants quickly, brother.
What are you doing? Kaav, you ready? Ruhhaan, listen. I..
– I’m going to start instalife. Ruhhaan, don’t do that. No. I know. I know. But the world
deserves to see this pretty face. Okay, guys.
Hi. How’s it going? I’m all set for Critics choice awards.. ..and I’m nominated for the best actor. But for now, meet my favorite girl. Totally love her. Hello.
– Hi. So, it has been one whole
years since we got engaged. And today is generally a lucky
day because today is her birthday too. To add to that in two
months we’re getting married.., all in all,
really, really, lucky scenes. So, I need all your wishes today. Please keep your fingers crossed. In fact, I would say
you cross your legs too. How about that?
It’s a good idea, isn’t it? Right? Okay. See you then. You were sending me bare, brother. Who takes so long to dry clean pants? Come on. Let’s go. So, I got a mail.
– Okay. They want to do the interview tonight. The fellowship one? At night? How come at night? Sure, but it is day over there. Tell them to do it tomorrow. It’s Reuters. I’m nobody. But, Kaav, I want you to be there. I mean, it’s such an
important day for me and..’re my lucky charm.
Don’t you know that? Please. Please. Yes. Anyway, I’m not gonna get it. Let’s go. I’ve been telling you for
so long to add a’V’ to your name. Your life will change, you know. Look, if you’re.. this mood, then we won’t go. You carry on. I think. I’ll go alone. Are you sure? Thank you. And you got this. Okay. All the best! Kunal Danda. He cut one ‘A’ from his name. Now his total adds up to one. That’s why the scoundrel won. It is not a laughing matter.
I’m talking about my defeat. “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.” “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.” “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.” “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.” Ruhhaan. Shall we take one
trip before the wedding? Agra. Agra? Taj. You’ve never been to the Taj. I’ve been there with my
parents as a kid. Didn’t you go? Yeah. I also went when I was 12. So, how did you suddenly think of Agra? I found a photo of that
trip in one of the boxes. That’s why. You know, Ruhhaan. It was actually the last
place I went with our pop. So, I was thinking. Okay. I really wish he was here. I wish you could have met him. And especially with
all this wedding planning. I miss him even more.
– Surprise! Happy last single birthday, babe.
– Thank you. Surprise. But it’s from all of us. So sweet! Check in the white closet. Kaav, what are you doing here?
Everyone is waiting outside. I’m just sitting down for two minutes. Surely I can do that, right?
In my own house. But I’ve called all these
people for you. – Right. You’ve called all these people for me. What does that mean now? Not again. Let’s go. A new drama again. Why do you have a long face? These Critic’s awards are not even real,
Ruhhaan. So, chill. Only you are our star.
– Yeah. Kabir.
– Yes. Come here. Listen. Kaavya. Kaavya. Kaav. Hey! Happy birthday. Sorry. I had to crash your party. I was actually staying
the night with Abhishek and.. ..he just brought me here. Oh! It’s fine. You’re most welcome. Kaavya. Faraaz. Nice to meet you, Kaavya.
– You too. By the way, you have a beautiful home. Oh, it’s hardly a home. I mean, yet. So, where are you from? Faraaz. I live in Florida. Nice. What do..
– What do you do? You first.
– Okay. I run edition magazine in India
on women empowerment called Her. Wow! So, here’s wishing you
all the empowerment for Her. Thank you. Now, you. I’m an astrophysicist. I work at the Kennedy space center. NASA? Yeah. Wow! So, tell me, Mr. Tyson how come you are just
visiting this planet? Maybe I’m just a down
to earth kind of guy. Okay. Jokes apart..’s not every day that you get
a house guest who works with the stars. It’s a pleasure. Oh! That reminds me..
you must meet my boyfriend. Ruhhaan. He also truly believes in the stars. You know, North and South lunar nodes. I guess people believe
in what they want to believe. Even my ex-wife believes in all of that. Symbols and signs. Anyway… I guess, in the end
our stars did not align. No, mama. I am okay. I just have a sore throat. No. The award does not matter to me.
You go to bed. Why are you still awake? Yes. Kaav. Did you pray for me? What? Do you pray for me or you don’t? You know that I don’t pray. You know that it’s important for me? Yes. Can you for once.. Can you for once
start thinking about someone else?! I lost that bloody award today. I wanted you to come
with me and you didn’t. You said that it was okay, Ruhhaan. Did you really think that it was okay? I lost. I was miserable. Even then I did all this for you. I invited all of them.
I threw a party for your birthday. So that you should be happy. Oh, come on, Ruhhaan! This is your idea of happiness.
Not mine. I would have been happy with
just a quiet dinner for my birthday. Really? You did this so that you could
feel good that you did something for me. Okay. Let’s go then.
We’ll send everyone away. Come. Ruhhaan. What are you doing? What? What am I doing?
What are you doing? Because last time I threw a party
for you, you were all over the moon. Has it ever crossed your mind that
I might have just been playing along.. ..because it makes you happy? Playing along? Do you mean you have been
playing along all this while? What?
– Yes, maybe I am. And what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to be
a mind reader or something? Stop it, Ruhhaan.
– You stop it. You’re this feminist some brand
ambassador of some woman empowerment.. ..and you’re saying that you’re
playing along for the man of the house. Bull crap!
It’s just as per your convenience. What the hell!
– What the hell! What do you mean? How dare you say stuff
like that to me, Ruhhaan! You know how much that means to me. I’ll give you an example. Of all the times we’ve
been out on dinner dates.. many times have you paid? What? When did you offer to split the bill? Never. I didn’t think you were keeping count.
– Ruhhaan. Kaavya, is there any beer left?
I can’t find it. Sure. I’ll just get it for you. Also, you had some interview. How’d it go?
– Nothing. Didn’t get it. Here you go. Kaav. I used to come from.. All the way from the other
side of the bloody city to meet you. Because you had to stay around
for your audition calls. Right? Listen.
– What about my taxi fares? My auto rides. My train fares.
Did you pay any of those? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Why? What?
Only restaurant bills count, Ruhhaan? I’m sorry. Let’s not talk about that. No! No, Ruhhaan. Let’s do this. We’re supposed to get
married in two months, Ruhhaan. Let’s bloody do this right now! Guys, cake time. Kaavya, come. Come.
We’re setting it up here. Come. Come. Abhishek, come this side. “When they are happy.” “They have a smile on their lips.” “When they are said.” “Their eyes are moist.” “That’s just the thing about love.” “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.” “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.” “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.” Happy birthday once again. Thank you. Bye. Goodnight. Bye-bye.
– Bye. Thank you for coming. Kaavya, I gave your number to Faraaz. He will call you with
regards to the CNN internship. Thank you. Thank you so much. Guys, wait. Wait, wait. Guys! Happy birthday once again.
– Thank you. See you. Bye.
– Bye. We’ll do the quiet dinner tomorrow? It’s fine now. I’ll be busy all day. With your NASA buddy? He’s getting you some
fellowship at NASA, right? Internship, Ruhhaan. It’s an internship. So, you mean you’ll have to be there? Yes. That’s what an internship means. You have to go to the
place and actually work there. And how am I supposed to know? How would I know?
I’m the beauty without brains. And that scoundrel knows everything. You always talk about brains,
brains and brains. And you will f*** brains if you want to. God!
– What? Stoop that low.
Ruhhaan, you’re a slime ball. Do you think I don’t get attention? When I’m on the shoot all
the chicks hit on me all the time. Yes. All 20 days when
you’re travelling. I know. And not even once I have
cheated in this relationship. I’ve not even thought about it once! And I should be profoundly
grateful for that? Thank you. That was not what I meant. I meant.. No. No. I know what you meant very well. It’s very important
that I hear all of this. Talk. Okay. Tell me something. Why did you call me boyfriend
in front of him? Why not fiancé? For all I know you might have
called me ex-boyfriend behind my back. I should have called
you a bloody child, Ruhhaan. Because that’s exactly what you are. Kaavya, this is not the
first time this is happening. This happens all the time. Just because I don’t say it,
it does not mean I don’t see it. If some professor or intellectual
person appears in front of you.. ..your eyes start twinkling.
Do you even know that? Because I can have
conversations with him.. ..that I can’t have with you, Ruhhaan. And because they don’t ask me
to do stupid thing that change my name. Who the hell does that?! Or maybe you’re looking
for your dad in them. How about that? You know what? Maybe you want a dad, not a husband. One intellectual person
comes into your life.. ..and you can see him in every person. And I can’t be your bloody dad! I can only be your husband. Damn you! Damn you! Are you saying that I can’t
see that you want me to be your mom? Be an idiot!
Bang my head on temple floors for you. Count bloody beads for you. Everybody laughs at you, Ruhhaan. Your name.
Your double ‘H.’ Your double ‘N.’ Your fricking double ‘T.’ They don’t laugh to your face.
They laugh in my presence. And I deal with it. I defend you every time. Every time I defend you. Even though I hate this
idiotic obsession of yours. This stupid, stupid sham. I hate this stupid
name on my wedding card. I hate it. If you hate it so much,
why you even marrying me? Tell me. I don’t know. I don’t know, okay. I fell in love with you, not your name. But I am my name. Yeah. I can finally see that
you are as shallow as your name. I never imagined it would end this way. Let it be. I think it’s just a bad day. Let it be.
– No! It’s a very lucky, lucky day, Ruhhaan. If not now, this would have happened
a year from now, five years from now. It’s good that we’re
saving all this time. Because clearly.. ..we’re really not meant to be. Kaav. I’ll sleep on the couch today. Listen. Please leave me alone. Mama asked to wish
you a very happy birthday. “Loneliness all day long..” “All night long.. ..sorrow sobs on the pillow.” “The moisture of the towel.. ..on the bed just doesn’t go.” “The dirt just doesn’t come off.. ..the muddy shoes.” Kaav. Do you know? It is very easy to let go. Making efforts and staying together… is very tough. Me. Papa. Mama. At Taj Mahal. That’s you, right? Yeah. What? Same day. Same second. Impossible! True. Can I say something? I know what you will say.
– What? That this is fate. We are meant to be. We were meant to be before
we even before we ever met. No, Kaaya. We won’t be together
if we are meant to be. We’ll be together if we want to be. This is a Limca book
of world records moment. But I don’t need a sign to
tell me that our stars are aligned. Yeah. We will have to fight
really hard for this to work. You know that? I think we’ll manage. Clearly we’re not fighting. Love you too. “There is a picture of mine.. ..which is in your frame.” “There is a picture of yours.. ..which is on my wall.” “These pictures are nice.. ..but only that is very true.” “In trouble.” “Which is in both our hearts.” “The picture can change.” “Does not end.” “Destiny can change.” “Devotion does not end.” “That’s just the thing about love.” “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.” “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.” “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.” “The most trivial matters.. ..are big.”

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  1. Ye aparshakti khurana ko kya ho gaya yaar……Ye itni sahi acting kabse karne lag gaya….But I doubt if he can do a movie as a lead hero.

  2. Ye ladki … She's good but abhi bahut kuch seekhna hai acting mein isse……Thoda isko apni speech mein bhi kaam karna padega aur expressions mein bhi…Lip movement hai abhi thodi….But she can be a good actress in bollywood..And I'm serious…..Par bc …. aparshakti khurana itne sahi expressions kabse dene lag gaya…I am astounded to him yaar…. Brilliant performance.

  3. honestly prefer this format over the crap dished out friday after friday.
    my only negative over the entire 30 mins is that the theme has been a plain vanilla copy paste. refreshing take n above average performances but surely the theme could have been better modified…?
    anyway, all the best to the team- you guys are getting better n better w each product 🤘🤘

  4. Yeh kya ap WTF me beep lagate rahte ho? Disgusting. Four letters use kia gaya, to beep mar dia, yeh kya bachkana harkat hai bhai? By the way, awesome. Lovely song written by Kausar Munir and sung by Yaseer Desai.

  5. Just started and disliked. How can be the directors of so called "short – films" are so lazy?? A girl, shifted to new house, things unpacked, she lifts a heavey package, open it and its all empty with some silly pictures…. Seriously??? If you want to show that it was previously cleared then why all showing up of acting of heavy lifting??? Disgustingly silly.

  6. A lot of dreams, are still living together not because they are ment to be together, because they want to be together. Apar & Sapna you both rock with your sweet and calm full acting…💐👍

  7. Mai v ye chiz apni jivan me apply kar na chahta hu and koshish v kar ta hu… Chor dena ( whatever may it be) bohot asan hai… Par sath rehna wo difficult h!!! Its beautiful yaar!!!

  8. Isn't this the actress from Khamoshian?
    Also. This is a better romance film than many mainstream films… mainly because it's so realistic. A real picture of love and relationships.

  9. Lets just say…. fighting is cathartic, if taken in right spirit and resolved…😜…plus u are ready to hear the worst and not scared of anything at that moment….

  10. Enough with this space for women shit kya bakchodi chal rahi hai matlab saare ambition aur life aur aurton ki honi chaiye just leave bitches alone

  11. "Do we really understand each other" or "Do we really want to understand each other"

    A lesson what the millennials need to tie under a knot that hopping over relationships doesn't help build a good life, it's just an escapade.

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