Serendipity Official Trailer #1 – (2001) HD

Serendipity Official Trailer #1 – (2001) HD

-Perdona Te digo qué Cómprame una taza de café y son tuyos ¿De verdad piensas que soy así de fácil? ¿Creés en el destino? Nunca lo pensé. ¿Me das tu número de teléfono? Piensalo. Di lo primero que se te venga a la cabeza. Tienes unos ojos hermosos. Lo segundo que se te venga a la cabeza Tienes unos ojos hermosos Vamos, detente. ¿Esto es una cita ya? Solo chequeaba. ¿Película favorita? La respuesta correcta es “Cool hand Luke” ¿Postura sexual favorita? ¿Momento favorito de Nueva York? Este está trepando el ranking. Me halagas. Tal vez deberías darme tu número. Eso fue un accidente. No existen los accidentes. Esto está mal. No se tiene la mejor noche de la vida y después se lo dejas todo a la suerte, o sí? ¿Ves este libro? Esta noche, cuando llegue a casa voy a escribir mi nombre y mi número dentro y después, mañana, a primera hora se lo voy a vender a una tienda de libros usados. ¿Qué pasa si conozco a alguien antes de que lo encuentre? No va a suceder. Eso es una demencia. Es Sara. Mi nombre es Sara. Unos años después ¡Te casas en tres días! Arriesgarías tu relación solo para buscar a una tía que conociste? Puede poner este número de cuenta en su computadora y solo decirme su nombre. Cuando lo plantea así… ¡No! No puede estar de este lado. No puede pasar a este lado del mostrador. Esto es muy importante. Ay joven, lo hizo de nuevo, cruzó la línea. Te lo digo ahora: las mujeres británicas no envejecen bien. Hace unos años seguro lucía hermosa, pero ahora podría lucir… vieja y hermosa. Pienso en ese misterioso tío que conocí hace dos millones de años. Y es posible que haya echado todo a perder. Aquel momento del destino. Necesito la vieja dirección de una tal Sara Thomas. Eres mi héroe, tío. Te animaste y estás haciendo que suceda. Estoy buscando a un Jonathan Trager. Debe haber llegado tarde. ¿Tarde para qué? La boda. Cuando el amor se siente como magia lo llamas destino. Cuando el destino tiene sentido del humor, lo llamas Serendipity Dicen que una sola vez en tu vida, llega alguien que esta hecho para estar contigo Para mi amigo, esa persona, soy yo

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  1. as a female that loves romance movies…i still have yet to watch this. Honestly, it sounds dumb to me. I'll watch it though. Since netflix doesnt ever have anything new on there. -_-

  2. for me the movie is great 🙂 actually at first i thought it was selfish of them to find each other when they're both engage with different person but overall it reflects human behavior. their personalities was like a mirror to a human soul when it comes to love, it's either you'll turn yourself to a stubborn looking for your pipe dream or marry someone and pay for eternity of empty-ness that the one you marry can never ever fill (Coz you know even though human beings have some striking resemblance to each other we still do have some differences that makes us unique). I mean their is no harm in the message of the movie, It just display how our actions affects our future, its all about decision making that we do everyday. and i am not saying go to NY and bump to a stranger days before Christmas, like what Sara said in the movie "soulmate is a very crucial term to use about what's happening to your life" but its not a crime to do what makes you happy even if it means breaking your fiance's heart for the fact that you've been dating for like countless years/ living together and he still doesn't have any idea of what your finger's size is (It kinda breaks my heart co'z the movie showed how Lars take Sara for granted). no hate guys just love the movie and NO I didn't come here because of BTS and other stars.

  3. This movie send such a terrible message…..that it's ok to string others along and have them fall in love with you…. only to break their hearts because of our selfish desires. Horrible horrible message. Life doesn't work this way. Garbage.

  4. "When destiny has a sense of humor it's called serendipity". So all my life is serendipity. Why my chances in life at everything have irony

  5. Só em filme mesmo, que vc encontra o amor da sua vida e deixa ele ir apenas por acreditar no destino! O amanhã pode não chegar ame hoje ! 💜

  6. I understand this movie. Same thing is happening to me now. The main characters are crazy and nonsensical just like me. There's this woman that I saw months ago and I can't seem to get her off of my mind. How is this even possible? I don't even know her name.. but there was an instant connection — it was more spiritual than physical attraction. It's been a month and I can't stop thinking about someone I just met once. It's crazy. But something's telling me; that we will see each other again. I don't know when or how. I just know and I'm positive we will meet again somewhere. This movie is real.. it happens in real life too – it happens to me.

  7. This film is so nostalgic for me. It was always my favorite. Those were the days. When rom-coms were actually good and had the best sound tracks 💓1995-2005

  8. There's so many movie's that i really love but this one really stands out the best and it is without a doubt my FAVORITE OF ALL MOVIE'S OF ALL TIME. It's just so inspiring and moving im starting to think of getting a career in acting but im scared of what people might think of me im about to turn 22 this january and im unhappy with my current job
    "I want to be somebody
    Not a nobody"

  9. There's one BIG issue with this movie. Okay, so they're both in serious relationships, and one is about to get married…..but they both go looking for each other, searching and searching for each other. And, of course, they find each other. Sounds all good, right? NO. Because NOBODY ever mentions the PARTNERS of these two! Um, how is that kind, right, moral, or romantic??? It is WRONG to be about to be married (in a matter of DAYS) and be running around searching for some woman you met years ago, because you're convinced she's your soul mate! And, it's wrong of her to be running around looking for him while she's in a serious, long term relationship! Actually, isn't she engaged? So, even more WRONG.

    Everyone always thinks it's so roooomaaaantic. Yeah. Right.

  10. Is it just me who thinks she should have given him her number the first night they met.
    Well… i guess if she did that there won't be movie then.

  11. Another worthless love movie. I give it 4 vomit bags would of been 5 but I had to pick the popcorn out of bag number 5.

  12. Great movie, I was in my 20's. Just bought the dvd, and I watched it quite a number of times. Really impressed with the effects, specially the snowfall. Love the actors, really satisfied. Would love a second from John, maybe part 2, or something else thats overwhelming. Great!.

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