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  1. Here are scams to avoid they are total bullshit. MAKE MONEY AY HOME PROGRAMS, ON LINE PAYING SURVEYS, GAMBLING ON LINE CASINO GAMES, LOTTERY, LOAN SHARKS, PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE, FAKE LYING IRS PHONE MESSAGES, CHAT LINES, PAWN BROKERS, don't log into them because they lie to the public. SJW groups and the Democratic Party want to limit freedom in this country. Florida and South Africa have these things in common. death, robberies, murders, gang violence, health problems, the authorities are not doing a goddamn thing about any of these things. pharmacy corporations want to keep customers on medication for life. so they keep making a billion dollars. and American Idol is not about Hollywood talent anymore. It's all about contract deals and selling products. The Poperazi and access Hollywood only care about who's in the see pot light. remember Anna Cornicova tennis player? she does not care about fans at all. if the camera was off her she wouldn't acknowledge people. Oh and one more thing Kevin Trudo the fraud and Cleo the fortune teller scam artist both were caught selling lies. Year it's no surprise it happened Game shows in the eighties we're fixed. Bob Barker was a sexiest creep would harass the girls that worked on that price is right game show. They never taught this stuff in school ever. Of course not we found out the hard way. Buddy Cianci put ninety nine percent of Rhode Islanders out of work because he stollen money from businesses. so America open your eyes and ears. Take a good look around down town Providence. An Then ask yourselves this question. Is the United States better than any other place on earth?

  2. Who's ever seen Donald Trump laugh? I don't mean a little sarcastic Ha! I mean a full from-the-belly laugh.

  3. Don't like Seth. Like his sci find series. Great!
    But his regular humor appeals to the basest part of human nature. Not helpful. Base and helpful can co-exist. But not with Seth.(?)

  4. 0:42 I've been pointing out for years now that Trump is a total and utter dullard. One of his greatest delusions is that he thinks he's entertaining whereas he is in fact crushingly, soul-sappingly tedious.

  5. 4:20 "I got a hate letter from the town priest." Being criticized by a person who works for a monstrous and depraved world-wide contact network for pedophiles and perverts is the height of hypocrisy. Being censured by somebody who lies for a living is ironic indeed. Well done, Seth!

  6. Seth McFarland..sorry..ur boring…try getn a real job..and talk like u have more than just a single digit..IQ…😔😔

  7. One of the masters of comedy and satire.
    You the man Seth lollllll
    And Colbert.

  8. So…it just hit me with a ton of bricks and a mighty stupid look on my face that Brian is not only his regular voice but Brian is also Seth putting himself in his own tv show.

  9. Dear Seth: that's why Mr. Donald Trump is the greatest American President ever and you are just an entertainer.

  10. Everyone loved him before he was president. Hypocrisy of Hollywood. If you want to stay in the fishbowl will let you keep your jobs

  11. I am glad we in the Netherlands sie the original version.
    Allot of the jokes ar not translatable in a other language.
    We have subtitles, but it is sometimes hilarious! Bc some words are not the same and means somthing completely different. The German and French tv channels are unwatchable bc they use the same voiceovers for everything! ! And most of the time it sounds ridiculous.

  12. This has got to be one of the best interviews I’ve seen of Seth so far. The host wasn’t interrupting him 90% of the time, great questions, progressive conversation.

  13. I think when a person as likable as Trump becomes president, people instantly go into predatory bipartisan mode. Trump literally hasn't changed at all, it's just the spotlight has been on him and every part of his life. It's not easy for him I imagine, or Obama or Bush either. But ultimately, it's whether people do good or bad work…and then let history be the judge. Think how many people opposed Abe Lincoln? Yet he is worshiped as a righteous President by historians.

  14. Seth Myers is so disgusting and such a lousy host. Really he is boring. I never ever watch that show…don't know even when its on or off….Wish they would cancel him…too lucky with no sense of life and people. A loser.

  15. I don't get the dubbing at all. It is obvious in kids shows but they really dub EVERYTHING in central europe. Luckily we in Finland (and scandinavia as far as I can tell) just put subtitles there at the bottom of the screen

  16. it's kinda funny how they were all laughing at his roast. and then after he announces his run for presidency they change course.

  17. I wanna talk about Donald Trump cuz he lives rent free in our heads and it's all we talk about… I'm paid to talk smack about him.. I'm a hypocrite

  18. If you actually watch Trump’s roast you’ll see for yourself that Seth is not speaking the truth. It’s interesting to watch- you can see everybody liked him. Chrissy Teigen gave him a standing ovation.

  19. My Question is why the hell is Seth Macfarlene not a talk show host! It’s almost like he’s teaching them how to be one almost on every interview! SMH

  20. From American Dad the thong episode

    The Thongs the kids buy are called Coolotes

    In Spanish It reads literally Culotes

    Culotes translates to Big Asses

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