Seth Tests out a New Interactive TV Show: Wild Choices with Chip Grit

Seth Tests out a New Interactive TV Show: Wild Choices with Chip Grit

-Recently, Netflix has begun
experimenting with interactive shows and films,
where the viewer will make decisions about which direction
the plot goes, kind of like those old
choose-your-adventure books. And it’s really cool, and NBC
wants to get in on the action. And so they’ve asked me
to test out some new interactive shows
for my audience. So tonight’s show is a new survival program called
“Wild Choices.” So, let me get my remote. And let’s check it out. ♪♪ -Welcome to “Wild Choices,” where you make the choices
for my survival. I’m your host, Chip Gritt. And I’m out here
completely alone in one of the most unforgiving
environments in the world — the Alaskan wilderness. Here’s your first choice. Should I try to get a fire
started or should I eat a bug? The choice is yours. -Okay, so now I get to choose. And let’s go with “eat bug.” [ Laughter ] -You chose eat bug. Now, in a survival situation, it probably would have made
more sense to start a fire
for warmth and protection. [ Laughter ] But it’s also important
to keep my energy up. And this bug is an excellent
source of protein. It was a tough choice,
but I understand it. Here goes. [ Audience ohs ] Mmm. ♪♪ Great. I ate the bug, and I can
already feel the extra protein and calories flowing through me. Now I have the energy to start
a fire, build a shelter, or do any of the countless
other things I need to do to survive
in this dangerous terrain. But the choice is yours. What do you think I should do? [ Laughter ] -Tough call, but “eat bug’s”
still up there, so let’s go with that.
[ Laughter ] -You chose eat a bug again. Okay. Got to be honest,
a roof over my head would have really helped
a lot right now. But I’m also going to burn
a ton of calories when I get around
to building that shelter, so I see
where you’re coming from. Oh, ah. Oh, this guy will do. Yeah.
That’s a big boy right there. Well, down the hatch. Okay. I ate the bug. This one didn’t die right away. I could feel it moving the whole
way down, but I did it. And now I am full. [ Laughter ] I’m also a little bit cold. And a little bit afraid. I don’t think I’ll make it
through the night this exposed. So it’s time for you
to make another choice. What’s it gonna to be? [ Laughter ] -Eat bug.
[ Laughter and applause ] -What? Why? Why would you pick the —
I — I — Fine. You know what?
I’ll find another bug. Got to be another one
around here somewhere. It’s outside, so — Oh, what the [bleep]
is this thing? [ Laughter ]
Oh, boy. It’s kind of weird-looking. But you chose eat a bug,
so I got to eat the bug, right? [ Audience ohs ] [ Laughter ] Oh, was it pregnant? [ Laughter ] [ Wolf howling ] Jesus Christ, was that a wolf? There’s wolves up here! What?! Okay. My life is in your hands. Should I administer first aid
or should I start a fire? And I really want —
I really want — I really want to reiterate here
that both of those choices are very good choices, okay? So what’s it gonna be? -Okay, this guy’s
really struggling. We should definitely
get him some help. Oh, wait. Oh, sorry. I didn’t see there’s an option
to scroll down. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, yeah, I definitely want to
see him eat those worms. -You son of a bitch.
You scrolled down, didn’t you? Really good job. Come on, man. Okay. Just — Okay, listen, look,
we’re buddies, right? Okay. I don’t want to do this. Let’s be cool. Be cool. Let me administer first aid
to my head, please. What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?! -Eat them. [ Laughter ] -God damn it! [ Audience ohs ] ♪♪ [ Laughter ] -I guess poke him? [ Laughter ] -Mm. [ Laughter ] -Harder!
-Yeah, poke him harder. [ Laughter ] -[ Groaning ] -Better get the hell
out of here. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Make sure to check out
“Wild Choices” coming soon to NBC Interactive.

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  1. "I can already feel the extra protein and calories flowing through me."

    Those are the eggs, Chip. The larva should be hatching soon.

  2. ▫️ Unless there’s a prize for keeping Chip alive, then there’s no incentive to keep Chip alive. It’s more fun to make the same choices Seth makes!
    ▫️ Now, who’s hosting Season 2 of Wild Choices? If it’s Amber Ruffin, then Seth’s choices just makes Amber Says “What”, she ignores Seth’s choices, and picks the better option.
    ▫️ Is there a Lesbian Choices with Jenny Hagel? I would love to game play as one.

  3. This is me and my nephew when we played the Bear Grylls one on Netflix and yes we chose "eat bug" just to see him ate a bug which was pretty gross. We also sent him to his dead a couple of times as well.

  4. I really don't get it. What's the joke here? That people would make TV contestants and hosts suffer for their entertainment?
    That this guy ate a bunch of insect-looking things?
    Is it supposed to be fun to watch people suffer?

  5. Maybe if we're lucky, he'll find out what happened to those damned, migrating tree-frogs Seth refuses to tell us about.

  6. Awwwwww, poor Chip Grit. It went exactly how I expected, although I never found grubs or bugs the entire 3 years I lived in Alaska, nor did I find the tropical rainforests that apparently grow there. Guess I'm not much of an outdoors person. 😂

  7. You know, what the most funny (or saddest?) thing about this is?
    If there ever were a show, that would offer these choices…the majority of the audience would choose the same options, that Seth chose.

  8. You can either watch this and believe that it's a commentary then break it down, form your opinion and then debate your individual conclusions or…… just watch this humorous sketch about a dude being forced to eat bugs hopefully realizing that given that remote you would do the same thing because….comedy

  9. Seth is onto something, aside from the ridiculousness of his choices this is totally the next wave of tv fads to take over!

  10. gotta admit – I KNOW how to survive – I KNOW what the right choice for survival is….
    I'm also human enough to admit I would chose….
    EAT. A. BUG. each and every time

  11. in the first season of " I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!" in Germany something similar happened. The audience selected the same guy over and over and over for doing the challenges, just to see him suffer. So yeah, this is definitely what would happen 😀

  12. Poor Chip….Seth Didnt Pick Anything I Picked….Playing This Game With Me Would Be Boring Cause Id Pick Everything That Was Actually The Right Choice….LOLZ!!

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