SHADAA (Official Trailer) | Diljit Dosanjh | Neeru Bajwa | 21st June | Punjabi Movie 2019

Jalandhar… More heartbreaking than having
a young unwed daughter at home having an unmarried son
past his age of marriage at home. I had 45 chickens who were like sons
to me, But now I have got only 8 left. 37 of them were fed to families of
prospective matches that came to see you. The villagers don’t
stop making fun of you. – Greetings, aunty. How are you?
– Don’t bother asking about my wellbeing. Villagers will talk unnecessarily. Oh look at your age, aunt. An unmarried man cannot be trusted. The one who is starving
doesn’t fuss over stale bread. I unnecessarily gave importance
to matchmakers He’s the boy.
He has his own photography business. My grandpa used to say that doors
which you try to push open with force.. ..might open just with slight a pull. I was destined to have a love marriage. Many people consider
marriage as an ordeal But they don’t know that marriage
is a beautiful feeling. It is a union of two souls. But a connection only happens when
one soul meets another. How much can one soul do on its own? No one even offers you a candy ..and yet you dream of having
a dairy milk chocolate? God had kept her available only for me.
Finally I have met my match. She is unmarried and so am I I wish we can share the same towel,
the same brush… And we can cook meals together. But I don’t know how to cook anything I eat salad at night. Jackass! All that he promised me
before was just a false dream! It would have been
better if he was a girl. I would at least have gotten
rid of him after his marriage. – Everything good sister-in-law?
– I am absolutely fine. Shall I make tea for you
or would you like to have some milk? One second, I’ll feed you sweets myself! Good night. Wait, let me open a beer bar for you!! A girl needs a boy in her
life as much as a fish needs a cycle. And a man needs a woman
as much as a frog needs a blanket. God formed all relationships
himself that were necessary. A husband and wife’s
relationship isn’t necessary. We have created this
problem for ourselves. Have you ever seen animals get married? The earth is female and the sky is male. Look how far God has
kept them apart from each other. Nowadays 35-40% people in
Japan don’t get married. You should feel happy that
your son thinks like the Japanese do. “This jatt’s freedom has been
written from above. Life is great.” “This jatt’s freedom has been
written from above. Life is great.” “God is generous to all
my brothers who are unmarried.” “This jatt’s freedom has been
written from above. Life is great…” “…for all my unmarried brothers,
for all my unmarried brothers!” Oh son, don’t do this.. One cannot survive
without getting married. Okay then get ready.
Consider me married by tomorrow morning. “You’re such a loving girl…” “I love it…”
What are you staring at? She is your daughter-in-law.
Kylie. Kylie, seek mother’s blessings. Mother, you just had a grandson. – Give some love to your grandma.
– Don’t wet my face! Brother, I’d say those
who get married are dogs!

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