Shattered : A day in the life of a foster child | Short Film | 2017 | Elyzian Studios

This is my story This is who I am I didn’t know where I came from I found myself in the system and I never truly had a life I never really got what I was supposed to get I wasn’t cared for and didn’t know what happiness was I knew what was going to happen next and I knew that it was not going to be good Sometimes, the people that are supposed to love you, end up hurting you instead And that hurt, causes damage that cannot be repaired. I was searching for the love that I had never recieved. Moving from one place to another was the only normal I knew, [Parents Arguing] Changing names and addresses didn’t affect me anymore I could feel that a big part of me was missing. It was hard for me to remember who I originally was, I wasn’t me anymore. the houses changed, the people changed the only thing that did not change was the pain I was going through I wasnt in control of my life anymore, and it felt like it wasnt even my life I couldnt do anything to make it better either I could only feel my tears sliding down my cheeks while i cried myself to sleep Is this what I was born for? Is this what I deserve? I tried convincing myself that tomorrow will be better but I woke up every morning feeling disappointed than ever. They say, everyone deserves to be loved Am I not like everyone else? Dont I deserve to be happy? Am I not worthy of love? You dont know what its like to be me. You have never walked in my shoes and that is why you’ll never understand my story This is my story This is who I am

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