History. Hand-carved from the rock
of time by the achievements of great men. Brave, strong men who alone dared to… HNNGGGG! Hi I’m Hannah and I’m Eliza and we share not only a gene pool but a passion for history. But for years we’ve been told
the only people worth remembering are a bunch of
bossy old white dudes. Men who said finders keepers fashion icons and sure
some pretty hot boy bands. But why is Australian History such a goddamn
sausage party? We know the truth. Bitch. It’s Mary Plenty of tough titted ladies
hiked up their petticoats and fly kicked down the doors of opportunity. This is bullshitttttttttt!!!!! So, let us take you on a
journey back in time, to meet some amazing Aussie babes of the past Who we like to call Sheilas. Badass women of Australian history (gun shots)

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