Sher E Hindustan – Warrior (2012) | Malashri | Ravi Shankar | Sadhu Kokila | Hindi Dubbed Movie

Sher E Hindustan – Warrior (2012) | Malashri | Ravi Shankar | Sadhu Kokila | Hindi Dubbed Movie

‘How much is this for?
– Hey! Take it away quickly!’ ’20 rupees kilo! Buy it!’ Take the goods and go quickly. Hey you! All the things that are scattered
in the godown keep them in place. Gangu, count the gunny
bags and load them in the truck. There is five hundred less? What to do now? Where is Shakti? Shakti! Shakti! Shakti! – Yes. That Ranga has sent five hundred less. You go right now and bring it. Then bun and tea? You will get bun and tea
only after you bring the money. Go! – Okay. Bhai! No, Bhai! Leave me, Bhai! Bhai! No! Leave me, Bhai! Hey! Am I good.. – No, no, Bhai! Or am I bad? Tell me. No, no, Bhai!
You are good, Bhai. You are good. You scoundrel, you are lying! Hey! Do you see what I am doing? What do you think?
Am I good or am I bad? Master! – Yes! I say that you are bad. – That’s it! Even I wanted to hear the same. Ranga, when I had
come to your house and.. had asked money
from me at that time.. ..I gave you six months
time and loaned you money. At that time I was good for you. But now after one year when
I came to ask for that same money.. ..I have become bad, is it? No, Bhai, please forgive me, Bhai.
– Tell me. Now tell me. Who is band? – Bhai.. Who is bad?
Whenever people see me.. – No! He is a scoundrel!
He is a rogue..he is a demon.. He is a degraded man.
They curse me like this. Because of people like you
I have got defamed like this.. Sir, the money that you had
given in that five hundred were less. Please give me that. Hey! I have been breaking my head with him
from so long .for my fifty thousand. And she suddenly comes in the
middle to demand five hundred rupees. Send her out! Hey! Go out from here!
Let master do his work. Master told me to bring
five hundred rupees. Hey! Go out! Beat her! Hey, are you mad? Hey! Hey! Take this five
hundred and go from here. Do you have any sense?
What if you would have got hurt? That is why I brought you to a side. Okay, I will go now. Hey! – Hey!
She is not any ordinary woman. No sooner she touched me
a current passed through my body. If she would have beaten
me I would have died. Ranga! Ranga! – Yes, Bhai! We will do our settlement later. Who is she? Sir, as she didn’t know
you she made a mistake. And as she is a girl we
don’t feel like beating her. And her mind is also not stable. Sir, please forgive her. Who is she? I have never
seen her at your place before? Sir, she has no one. I found her one month back.
I put her on the job. If she gets food that
is more than enough for her. You tell her to do any
work she will immediately do it. I want this girl. – For what? More than you I need her. And more than me my
family needs her more. Sir, I had tea and bun.
You pay him the money. – Okay. You go and do your work. – Okay. Sir, did you see? Bun, tea,
food expenses, hospital expenses.. I have spent a lot of money on her. This is total fifty thousand.
Is that enough? Sir, you are very kind.
I will send her right now. Shakti! – Yes. You go with her. From mow
onwards he is only your master. Do whatever work he tells you to do.
Understood? Tea and bun? You crazy girl you are
talking of only tea and bun? You will get clothes,
food everything over there. Sir, I will go and bring my clothes. Bhai! Bhai, what is this? You have purchased a girl from the
market and taking her along with you? Don’t we have courage? Are we not men? Why, didn’t I see your courage? And I am not saying that
you don’t have the courage. But this girl is dreadful! Shakti, take this along with you. I am going. “Where do you want to go?” “Shakti! Where do you want to go?” “What is your identity?” “That too you are not aware of.” “Your name is Durga Shakti!” “Your aim is to finish crime.” “You have to again
go where your enemies are.” “Where do you want to go?” “Shakti! Where do you want to go?” “You protect the law..” “You are an example of righteousness.” “You are an example.” “The time will come again
when crime will get eradicated.” “You will change each and everything.” “Remember the past memories..” “Gather the power within you.” “Once again show the
sample of your power.” “Make yourself again
like what you were before.” “Where do you want to go?” “Shakti! Where do you want to go?” “What is your identity?” “That too you are not aware of.” The work for which
you had gone.. – What? Did you finish that work? – Yes. Come! – Where has she come from? Who knows? Listen! – Yes? Brother, you had gone to the
city to recover the money, right? Whom did you bring along with you? Laxmi, what were you asking me?
– Nothing. You wanted a servant to
do the household chores, isn’t it? I have brought her along with me. But, sister-in-law that.. Hey! – Yes! Though you have come to this house.. ..but you are not
a member of this family. You are the servant of this house.
You have to go there. Hey, Ramnarayan! – Yes, master! Take her away! – Yes, sir. Come. Laxmi! There is always
a reason behind whatever I do. Try to understand. Master, what is this? You came and fell here like
some ordinary leaf from a tree. I just cannot believe
that you are getting beaten.. some ordinary wrestler? After all who is he?
Open your eyes and see. Yours, your family’s and
not only that he is the enemy.. ..of this whole village. Hanumantrao is standing
on front of you. Look at him! Hey! Son, leave him! Leave him. How many more people will
you keep killing like this? If there is fire in your
heart and strength in your arms.. ..then go to the opposite
side and kill him. I will surely kill him!
– Kill him! Finish him! Murder him! Kill that scoundrel
and throw him somewhere. Hang him in the middle of the village. We will celebrate! Hey, Hanumanrao! Without keeping your
brother-in-law’s respect.. ..and for the chairmanship
of an ordinary Panchayat.. ..showing your strength
in front of the villagers.. weakened my hold on them. Look, my son! You are courageous.
You have the strength. Like you there is vengeance
of fire burning in my heart as well. Yes! And to douse that fire
you will have to kill him. No one can save him from us now. Kill him! Either you finish him
or his life that means.. future daughter-in-law
that means kidnap his daughter.. ..and bring her here. Father, I will bring! Not only her but I will kidnap both
father and daughter and bring them here. Very good, my son! Hey! Start preparing
for the celebration! Swati! Swati! Swati! Pooja, give me your number! – What? Your number! My number? You want my number?
– Yes, I had some work. Why? Give the number you will
come to know later. – But.. Swati! Swati! From so long I am watching you.
What is your problem? Such an interesting match is going on. 36, 36 there is a tie.
Do you see that girl? She is top scorer.
She is my girlfriend. She has scored 23 baskets. In such a situation when
everyone is supporting her.. ..and you both are hatching
something else here. You too don’t have any brains? Quietly watch the match. Come on! Swati! Swati! Swati!
Swati! Swati! Swati! Swati! Swati! Come on, Swati! Swati! Swati! Swati!
Swati! Swati! Swati! Swati! Swati! Hey, Swati! Come on, Swati! Swati! Swati! Swati! Swati! Hey, Swati, come on!
You can do it! Come on! Hey! Come on, Swati! Swati! Swati! Swati!
Swati! Swati! Swati! Swati! Swati! Hey, champion! Hey! Bye! Hey, Swati, you should have seen
their face after the match got over. Their faces were pale. Hey, Shruti! – Yes. You had said that you
would give everyone a treat.. ..if we win this match, right? What? When did I say that? Canteen! Try to understand
what I am saying. I understood!
I understood! Come, let’s go. Hey, friends!
All of you come to the canteen! ‘Are you giving a treat?’ Younger madam, we are getting late.
Shall we leave? Brother Bhairav! I have won the cup. My friend is giving a treat.
Please try and understand. Even you try to understand. We cannot go against sir’s words.
He will get angry on us. Younger madam, let’s go. Vijay! In my compound What have you got to do?
– He is trying to flirt.. Brother! Hello, brother! What is it? – Can I get a match box? I don’t have a match box.
I have this. Do you want? Oh, my god! Why are you trying to
kill this child by bringing.. ..these messengers
of death in our love story? Won’t I ever be free
from all these things? Hey! – Hey! You have the guts
to barge into our house! Get out! Hello! Brother! Turn the car back. Leave me! Leave me! Leave me!
– Hey! Come on, sit in the car. Swati! Mother! – Swati! Where are they? – Brother! Brother! That Gajender came here
with ten to fifteen people.. And trying to kidnap our Swati.. Hey! Gather all our people
and tell them to sit in the car. We will not spare anyone! Women, old people and children!
Finish all of them! Wait! By doing this what will be the
difference left between you and them? You will go and beat them. One day they will come
here and kill all of us,. But today if they would have
taken Swati away then her life.. How long should we live
such a life worse than hell? What good deeds we
had done due to which.. ..that woman came to our house. Today because of her we
were saved from being dishonored. Yes, daddy! This is true. If Shakti would not have been here
today in our house then maybe, I.. To hell with that man.. He has turned my house
into a government hospital. Where is my son? Hey! Don’t pretend now. Come on, get up and sit. By eating meat you
have become so strong.. ..inspite of that you came
back getting beaten by a woman? Don’t you feel ashamed? Who is she? Hey! Who is she? Hey, Madhavrao! Hey, brother-in-law! Unfortunately you have
got trapped in my quagmire. Son. What was the name of that person who
had got trapped in that Mahabharat? Abhimanyu! Yes! Abhimanyu! Kill this scoundrel
and throw him away! Hey! She is the same one! Oh, my god! Run from here, or else.. She has come out! She has come out!
– Let’s go from here. Let’s go! So this is the one! Hey, Madahvrao! You scoundrel! Henceforth make any quagmire.. She will break it and will
always save me and my family. She is Arjun of Kalyug! Bring your entire army!
I will not move an inch from here. Call them! Hey, Madhavrao! You call yourself
a very strong man, isn’t it? You scoundrel, you stab in the back? Come on! Come here! Come and show me. Harm this Hanumantrao and show. If you have the guts come here! From fact from this moment. If you have the guts barge
into my house and show me. The doors of my house
will always be open for you. Hey, Shakti! – Yes? Come here! You have made a place
for yourself in all our hearts. That is why from today
your place is in our house. Come, Shakti! Come. Shakti! – Yes. No doubt an eagle flies
high up in the sky.. ..but her eyes are
always on her children. The more I progressed ahead in life.. ..I made that many enemies as well. They always had an eye on my life. And my daughter is my life.
My daughter. I cannot live without my daughter.
I cannot live. My heart is satiated today. In my own front
of my eyes by saving.. daughter’s life you
have done a great favor on me. If I would have had a
son and if he would have done.. ..such a deed the amount
of joy I would have felt then.. I am feeling
much more elated than that. Shakti. Henceforth it is your
responsibility to protect.. daughter’s life,
her smile and her happiness. Never mind if I have tears
in my eyes but my daughter.. ..should never have tears in her eyes. She should never
have tears in her eyes! Hey! My life has
become like some insect. Since I have loaned
five lakhs to that cheater.. ..he is neither giving me
the interest or the principle amount. And the little ninety
that he gives me for that too.. ..I have to wait like a beggar. Hey, Nana! Is the scrambled egg ready?
– Yes, sir. It is done.’ How much time more? Do it fast. ‘And also pack four bread with that.’ ‘Do you have Pulao?
– Yes, there is.’ Hey, Nana! – What is it? There is money in your pocket, isn’t it?
– Yes, I have. And the liquor shop is just opposite.
– Yes, there is. And I am also there to drink with you. Unnecessarily money will be spent. Why are you sitting
here and wasting time? What is my name? – Nana! Thrill Nana! Thrill Nana! Hey! What is the time now?
– I don’t know. It is ten past fifty-five minutes. Do you know what will
happen after five minutes? The shop keeper will
pull down the shutter.. ..and go home and we
will also go home after him.. You foolish man!
That is the thrilling point. What is a thrilling point in this? There is still four and
a half minutes to eleven. Listen carefully, I am telling you. Consider someone comes to
your door step to sell mangoes. What is the thrill if we buy mangoes
from that man and quietly eat them? Tell me. Instead if we barge
into someone’s compound.. ..or garden and by pelting a stone,
or by fooling him.. ..or by stealing
when we eat that mango.. ..there will be a
great thrill in that. Understood you foolish man?
What? You did not understand? If I tell you from my
angle you will not understand. I will tell you from your angle.
Listen. – Yes. Consider that you are married
and you have a wife. – Okay. Your neighbor too is
married and he too has a wife. Just consider like this. When you are totally
intoxicated and sleeping.. such a time and
his wife too is deep in sleep. Your neighbor will
come to you house by.. ..jumping over the wall
and seeing you asleep.. ..he will move you to a side..
– Hey! I understood! I understood! Understood, you foolish man? Yes, I understood. I understood.
– What is the time now? 59 minutes past ten. That means there
is only one minute left. Right at the time of
he pulling down the shutter.. ..all the vehicles like bus, car,
auto rickshaw that run on the road.. Somehow by over taking them at
the time he is closing the shutter.. ..I will put my hand in and
with my estimate I will pull out.. ..a quarter and quickly
opening it when we will.. ..have it ninety,
ninety we will get intoxicated.. if we have had a full bottle,
you fool! And this will be the real thrill,
understood! At this hour on this road
where do you find such traffic? One minute is left! It is time. I am going! Hey! Why did you throw the money? When you will pick
this money and go there.. ..and you will get a quarter..
– Guru! Guru! Listen.. He is going to show me the thrill!
– He dropped all my money! He ruined all my mood today.
– He was going to show me the thrill. My money! Come on, quietly have your food.
– Mother, I don’t want. Hey, why don’t you want?
– Mother, my stomach is full. Hey, my dear, Swati!
– No, mother, please! What have you eaten
that your stomach is full? Come on, quietly eat it. Yes. You do not eat home food. You eat all junk food in
college and have an upset stomach. That canteen, I will..
– All are ready and standing there. From morning till evening
they are with me like my shadow. Speak softly.
Your daddy is sitting here. I am speaking so that he too hears it. With your age you have
started talking also too much. It is time for you to go now.
Go to your college. Oh, god! Wonder when I
will be free from these people. Hey! There is no
need to go to college. Daddy! – Yes, my child!
You heard right. But my child, I am not telling you.
I am telling your bodyguards. Hey! From today you will start
concentrating on your old jobs, okay? Okay, master! – Swati! Henceforth Shakti will be with you. Shakti! – Yes! From today wherever Swati
goes you will always be with her. Go. Yes! Stop! Keys, please! Shakti! You will only
drive the car from today. Hey! What happened? Shakti! Shakti, this.. Swati, Shakti does not know
how to drive the car, my child. You will only have
to drive it now. Daddy! Really? Daddy! – Go, my child! So sweet of you! – Be happy, my child. Bye, mother! – Okay. Bye, daddy! – Bye! Oh, no! When will she come? Oh! This looks like Swati’s car. Quickly wear the helmet.
Come on, move, quickly. ‘What kind of men my
father-in-law has hired.’ ‘Though I wore the
helmet they recognized me?’ ‘Come on, start!
Come on, start! Come on, start!’ ‘I am dead!
The car is taking a reverse.’ ‘Come on, start!
Come on, start! Come on, start!’ Hi, Vijay! – Swati, I just
cannot believe that you are alone. The matter is such. Sit. Shakti, I have nothing to
fear from him. He is my friend. He studies with me in college. Please, Shakti! Please! He is a friend? – Yes. Yes! Come. Swati, I am so happy
today that I wish to.. No! I have got freedom
but not totally. Do you know who she is? I told you yesterday
on the phone..Shakti. Oh! – She is the one. ‘By the way your father
has hired a very good lady bond.’ Yes, a lot. This is Swati’s car, isn’t it? Swati, what is this?
You are driving the car today? That too by making Vijay sit with you? What a surprise! – Not only that. From today I will spend
time with you all in the college. I will come to the canteen.
I will play with you all.. ..and coffee, snacks everything. Do you know I am very happy today? Even we are happy seeing you so happy. Do you know who is the
reason behind my joy is? Who? – She is the one. Shakti! – Yes. They all are my friends. She is Shruti. – Hi! Sudha! Dakshata! – Hello. Reshma! – Hi! Swati! In the joy of coming with
you I forgot my bike on the bridge. I will go and get it. Okay? Okay. – Bye! Take care! Okay, come on.
We are getting late for the class. Let’s go. – Yes, come on. Hi, everybody! – Hi! Hi, Prema! – Hi! Your bodyguards are
not to be seen anywhere? That is why I am happy today. That means seeing you happy
Vijay also must be happy, right? Do you know while
coming we came together? That means there is no wall
in between your love now. Isn’t it? Stop it. Vanita! – Yes, ma’am. Vidya! – Ma’am,
she did not come today. Does she ever come? Zaffarina! – Present, ma’am. Shakti! Shakti! Shakti! Sorry, ma’am. I am sorry! Shakti, you..what are you doing here? Silence! Go out! Shakti, go out from here!
– She did not take my name. Shakti, I will give you tea and bun.
You sit here and eat. I will finish my class and come.
Okay? – Okay. Hi, Nandu! – Yes, sister, tell me. She loves tea and bun. – Okay. Will you bring it from out for her?
– Okay, sister. Sister, why five hundred?
Give me twenty rupees change. Keep this. When I come in the evening
you will come to know.. ..whether you have
to return the money to me.. ..or I have to give
you more money. Okay? Okay, sister. Now I came to know why sister
gave me five hundred for the buns. Master! Master!
Nana! Nana is here! Nana! Nana! Nana has come? Hanumantrao! Nana! – Yes! Don’t make haste! Whatever happens speak
calmly and with thrill. You know, isn’t it?
Your uncle is very short tempered. Don’t try to fool me. If he is short tempered then I am also
a scoundrel and his brother-in-law. I am anaconda! I will swallow him! When I told him to marry
my aunt and live a happy life.. ..but he is spending his life
by fighting with that Madhavrao. Today I will pull
his tongue and ask him.. ..whether is he going to get
me married to his daughter or not. Uncle, I am coming! Uncle! How many times I have told you not to
allow scoundrels to enter the house? Send those scoundrels away
by beating them with slippers! Nana! Is everything going on fine? Don’t do this drama in front of me. Seeing me come you were
pretending to talk to someone? Seeing me come you are abusing me. I did not understand this. Whatever you wish to say,
say it openly. Yes. Okay! I will say it openly. Why have you come here?
– Ask me this way. That’s it! So that you hang yourself
to death in your own house.. ..I will forcibly make
you hear a few bitter truths. And I have come here to truly express
the love that I have for Swati. Okay. Tell me. Uncle, you also..
When a great personality like me.. ..comes to your house you must
make me sit and serve me respectfully. Okay! I know this is your house. Nice thrill! I was expecting this. Your friend’s son!
Your very dear friend’s son.. With the name of Thrill
Nana I have done such great feats. From people walking
on the road I had to hear.. ..horrible,
nonsense, scoundrel and rogue.. many times and
had to go behind bars. And you being my uncle did you ever
come to free this dear boy from jail? Did you ever give bail?
Tell me! – No! No! Uncle, even by mistake and without
committing this mistake somehow.. keeping aunty and Swati
happy you are living your life. A handsome child like me can anyhow
survive in his uncle’s house, uncle. Uncle, please have
mercy on my condition. Please have mercy on my condition! I am a poor man and you are
the lord of all the three worlds. Do something by which
I will stay here forever. If you think of staying
here I will kill you! Meet your aunty and
stay here for a few days.. ..and et to your heart’s
content and then leave. Okay? How did he suddenly change? Somewhere the thrill is missing.
Where? Where? Nana! – Oh!
So this is it! The villain ran away.. sooner the hero came. Aunty! Please bless me! Be happy! – Aunty! Aunty, I know why your eyes are moist. Because of the love for his wife,
giving shelter to his son-in-law.. this house and giving
him enough food to eat.. ..your husband is
satiating your heart. If you think like this
then it is wrong, it is wrong. Creating such an emotional
scene all the time he is.. ..deceiving you and you believe him? Listen to me.
Don’t believe him. Don’t believe him! Looks like my trick is working. I very well know how my husband is. Here, keep this flower. Like uncle like aunty. In between this the villain
must have surely thought of something. Okay, I will see.
Uncle, I am coming! I am coming! Tell me one thing. You are already a pauper.. ..what was the need to bring
one more pauper along with you here? With him I hope I
am also not thrown out! Throw him out first – What? Throw him out! Then give me five lakh rupees! Five lakhs? – Then what? For what? – I have borrowed
five lakhs from him. By asking for his money
and getting troubled.. ..he has become my disciple. Give me five lakhs. I will
give it to him and send him away! Oh, don’t eat my head
and get lost from here! Uncle, give him five lakhs
and keep me as mortgaged. From where did this
lipstick come on your face? Swati. Tomorrow our batch is going to Mangalore
for the inter collegiate festival. Look, you are also coming. – Sorry. What? Sorry? It is a three day festival.
It will be so much fun you know? We both will enjoy
without any tension. What we will enjoy?
As you are going I should also come? I am not going to come.
You go if you want to. Swati, come on! If you won’t come no
one from our batch will come. Fine then! No one go!
– What? Look, Swati, if you refuse to come.. ..right now I will jump
from here and end my life. I am telling you! Okay, then jump! – Look,
say yes or else I will really jump. Didn’t I say, jump? Is this your final decision? – Yes. Look, I will really jump.
– I am also telling you, jump! Swati, stop it! I.. Shakti, who are you searching for? I was seeing as to
whom are you searching for? Vijay was standing here, isn’t it?
Where did he go? Oh! Vijay! From so long
you ere telling him to jump. But he was not jumping.
I picked him up and threw him down. What? You threw him? Wow! Your father has sent
a nice bodyguard with you. Now at least tell me whether
you are going to come or not? Vijay, try and understand.
Even I feel like going with you. But what can I do? Tomorrow
Swamiji is coming to our house. Hello, Swamiji!
– May you have a long life! May you be married always! Hello, Swamiji!
– May you be prosperous. Where is Swati? Swamiji! Swamiji! – Yes! She is the servant of this house.
– Servant? Yes! My child, may you always be happy! “Om Mahashakti!” Laxmi, there is no need
for you to worry at all. By the grace of this Mother Goddess,
Swati and you.. ..all will lead a very
happy and contented life. Swati, come and seek the blessings,
my child. May you be blessed! My child,
you also come and take the blessings. Take the blessings!
What are you thinking of? Come. Me? – Yes. ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ How many ever times you throw
the cowries you get only one answer. She is the servant of our house. It is only a week
that she has come here. Yes. After she came here
there were many changes. There are going to
be still more changes. Your daughter Swati’s marriage will
also take place because of this girl. Swamiji, my daughter will
get married because of Shakti? Shakti! That name is only for namesake. Swamiji, I did not understand. That girl’s stars are
not any ordinary stars. It is the good fortune of you all
that this girl has come to your house. This girl who has come to
make Swati’s marriage a success.. ..this girl is like
a goddess personified. What? Such a girl in our
house and like an ordinary servant? When Lord Ram could
not save himself from.. ..the severe test of
fourteen years of exile.. can an ordinary
human being save herself then? This is destiny! This is destiny! You have finished me!
Take this! Take this! You have finished me! Take this! Hey, Hanumantrao! Hey, stand there only! You have no status compared to mine.. ..and how did you dare to come here? Yes! Yes! Yes! What you say is right. Brother-in-law, you are right.
I agree we have no status. But this one.. Hey, move aside! You are going to tie a bond with
this man who has a different caste? Tomorrow you will give
him a place in your house.. ..or you will construct a temple in
front of your house and worship him? Who is he? – Hey, uncle!
Why are you asking us that? Ask your daughter. She will only tell you who he
is and what is his relation with her. Swati, as these people
cannot enter this house.. ..and they did not find
any other excuse that is why.. conjuring a strange
story these people today here.. front of everyone they
are tarnishing your father’s honor. These shameless people are
talking anything they feel like.. ..but why are you
talking without thinking? Look, Laxmi, only we know about this. But the whole village
should know about this. My child, speak up! The whole
village should be able to hear. Speak with confidence! Hey! Listen! You were telling her
to speak confidently. Just look at your daughter. My child, tell me.
– Daddy, he is speaking the truth. I love that boy. Swati, in front of all
you have tarnished my honor. Wow! Great! Son, just see. Now
there will be real fun in the story. Just see, the true colors
of the daughter of Hanumantrao.. ..the chairman of Mandal Panchayat. Brother-in-law! Just because
I had relations with a low caste.. ..woman I was degraded,
goon, a lowly man and a scoundrel. Telling this to everyone you
had thrown me out of the village. What will you say today? Hanumantrao, by making this
boy the son-in-law of your house.. ..and standing against the entre
village how will you walk proudly? Let it be! Let it be!
There is no need to bow down in shame. As we both are of the same
caste we will always live proudly. Listen, like you I will not keep
old things in mind and degrade you. Still nothing has gone wrong. Forget the past. Even now I am ready to make
your daughter my daughter-in-law. Will you go against the
community by making this.. ..low caste boy your son-in-law
or by making my son.. ..your son-in-law you
will embrace this relative? You decide now! Brother, don’t tax
your brains too much. Like me you will become old soon. Actually I was thinking as
to how to finish this scoundrel. Brother, you think about
the wedding preparations.. ..and let me handle the
way we should finish him. Vijay! Don’t beat him! Please spare him! Brother-in-law! Don’t beat him! Vijay! Don’t beat him! ‘Shakti! Henceforth it is
your responsibility to protect.. daughter’s smile,
happiness and her life.’ Shakti! Shakti,
they will kill my Vijay. Shakti, please save him.
Do something, Shakti! Shakti! Do something. Shakti! Do something. Master, Vijay is a good boy. If Swati lives with him
she will always be happy. I have seen it myself. All these people are not good. Just see, see how Swati is crying. Please save Vijay! Hey, Shakti! You don’t know anything!
You keep quiet! Vijay! Please don’t beat him! Shakti! ‘Then never mind if
tears come to my eyes.’ ‘But my daughter should
never have tears in her eyes.’ Master, please listen to me. Spare both of them. Hey! Why do you hear what
this crazy girl is saying? Bring Swati here! Come on, hurry up! Get in quickly! Hey! She does not know
how to drive the car! Kill both of them and
bring my daughter here! Shakti, they have come.
Quickly leave from here. Let’s go! Shakti, you don’t know
how to drive the car, isn’t it? She does not know how to drive? Shakti, please save us.
Try to drive the car. Hey, don’t allow them to go! Brother! – Yes. Brother! – Yes. You said she cannot drive.
But they went away! What is the use? Hey! You are running after
them to catch them? Is she pushing the
car and taking them? Start the cars! There she is! Come on, hurry up! Hey, come on!
Drive the car! – Move ahead! Shakti! Brother, drive fast! Hey! Shakti, drive faster! Hey you, stop! There she is! Shakti, be careful! Come on, hurry up! There she is! Bend down. Shakti, drive faster! Hey! – Shakti!
He has come! He has come! Hurry up! Put the car in front of their car! Quickly! Shakti! Oh, no! Hello! Hello! Commissioner! Take positions! Shakti, carefully!
– Break is not working. Move aside! Move aside!
Move aside! Move from front! Get ready! Oh, no! Swati! Swati!
– Take them to the hospital! Swati! – Quick! Hey, Mr. Commissioner! Where is she? Mr. Hanumantrao, relax!
This is a hospital. Hey! What hospital and
why do you tell us to relax? She should be handed to me.
Only then there will be full action. Please! Please!
– Commissioner, you do not know. You do not know what
she has done with me. When this Hanumantrao gets angry
this whole village starts trembling. And in this that ordinary
woman who was a servant in my house.. Shut up! Shut up! That lady about whom
you are talking so lowly.. you know what
we have done for her? Just see! Look there! Whom you call as a
servant our department.. ..has kept tight security for her. No sooner she opens
her eyes the sun sets.. ..from where it has risen. Hanumantrao,
by taking her name the entire.. ..Indian Police system has
become capable to salute with pride.. Hearing her name the underworld.. ..and all the corrupt political
leaders start trembling. She is such a personality
who has this spark in her. All the people of the state
stand up when they hear her voice. For her people are also
ready to stake their life. That woman’s name is not only Shakti.. ..and she is neither
the servant in your house. She is Sherni! She is Sherni! Mummy! Hey! Come on, hurry up! Hurry up! Call the ambulances! Slowly! Slowly!
– Come on, come on, hurry up! Hurry up! ‘Put them in the van!’ Today morning a school bus
met with an accident due to bad road. ‘It is learnt that many children
have died due to this accident.’ ‘It is said that the reason.. ..for this is the second
hand material used for the road.’ Come on! Move from the middle! Wait! Wait! Stop! One minute! How to happned this? One minute! Please save my child! This is not the first accident
that has taken place on this road. It the past two years this kind of
accident has taken place five times. And in this approximately
200 people have died. Parvati!
– We could not save the child. Come on, nurse, fast! Due to this incident people are asking
questions to the chief minister. And due to not getting any
answer people have started riots. We want! We want! We want justice! All over Karnataka the students have
been protesting against this incident. This issue has taken a
different political turmoil now. We want justice! Sir! We want! We want! We want justice! Look here, the Chief Minister is not at
all capable of running the government. And he will neither tell you
nor us the truth about this incident. And if he is ready to give
his statement then it is my request.. him to take an oath
of the Geeta and give his statement. I will not move back!
I am not scared of anyone. The entire government is a cheat. I can go anywhere and say this. ‘I will awaken the public!’ ‘Let me see whose
side the public takes.’ This is not the question of any party. But it is a question
of the future of the country. It is our duty to protect
the future of our country today. But today the flowers were
crushed before they could bloom. We will always raise our
voice against such injustice. We want justice!
We want justice! We want justice! We want justice!
We want justice! We want justice! There was only one Ravan in Ramayan. In Mahabharat too there
was only one Duryodhan. But in this age we have.. Yes, tell me. You are watching television, right? I am sitting right in front of it.
We need 20 runs in two overs. I have laid a bet of one crore! So that India loses. In each and every channel our
honor and respect are being tarnished. ‘In every alley people
are going on strike.’ You are a PWD minister. Because of your carelessness
the school bus fell in the pit.. ..and many children died due to that. And you are watching
cricket match on television. Don’t you feel ashamed? After I stopped feeling ashamed.. ..I became shameless
and thus reached this post. Day and night our public
keeps falling on the road. Did even a single man say
that this road is not proper.. ..and did he complain about it? They will never do it.
Do you know, why? Because he too does not
know when his family members.. ..will become a victim
of that accident. Who can change destiny? After that person dies his
family members make a commotion. The TV people show
the entire incident live. People who are alive say
that I am alive and keep quiet. After all the people of
the deceased need compensation. The media needs TRP. The people in position
need some reason. And people like us want the position! If you talk like this what
answer shall I give to the public? Mr. CM, this is India. Here there is no answer to anything. There are only questions. If just one question
comes to your mind then.. ..many questions start troubling you. The people of our country do not have
anything called as basic planning. They do not even know
how to vote properly. Now as the public
questions the government.. ..the government too
can question the public. Why this child even
after you have two children. Why haven’t you paid
the income tax still? Why haven’t you made
your medical insurance? Why don’t you properly
follow the traffic rules? In the same way like
our India which is so big.. the same way the problems arising
here will also be greater, Sir! The thing is I cannot solve
each and everyone’s problems. Each one has to solve their problems. And they should also do something. Look here, Mr. Shyamrao!
Try and understand my pressure. Mr. CM, don’t take much tension. Have two pegs before dinner at night. In the morning when you wake
up your pressure will be normal. The thing is only two balls are left.
I will disconnect now. Hey! – Bhai! I have heard that the
students are going on strike. Do you know what you have to do?
– Yes. Bhai, I know. Didn’t I say that India will lose? We want justice!
We want justice! We want justice! We want justice!
We want justice! We want justice! We want justice!
We want justice! We want justice! All of you please keep
calm till the chief minister.. ..does not come here and speak to you. We want justice!
We want justice! We want justice! We want justice!
We want justice! We want justice! Charge! Look, please do not beat anyone. What are you doing? This is against the constitution. This is our strike.
You cannot break it like this. Go back! What are you doing here?
Go back! Move away from here! Leave them! I say, move away! Keep calm all of you. Keep calm! Take him away quickly! Hey! Get down. Get up. Tell me!
Tell me, whose property is this? This is public property. Do you know who is public? These people, those people,
your father, your mother.. ..your brother, sister and relatives. The one who sent you here and the
one who brought them into this world. Even I and a scoundrel like you is
also called public property, understood? Our roads, buses,
drinking water, food, grains, school.. ..and college,
everything belongs to us. We elect the government
so that they protect us. But scoundrels and rogues
like you come and ruin the system. I have come here to
reform people like you. Because of your lowly deeds these people
will have to pay the price tomorrow. I am telling this not
only them but even to you all. Anyone who casts an evil eye
on public property just finish him. All of you have complete
right on public property! Can’t you see who students
are and who are goons? Pick up these scoundrels
and put them behind bars. Come on! – Public property! Move away! – Come on! “Your name is Durga Shakti!” “Your aim is to finish crime.” “You have to again
go where your enemies are.” Shakti Devi, the new IPS
officer who has newly come.. this city brought the goons under
control and pit all of them behind bars. And she made the students
aware of the society.. ..and fulfilled her duty. Sir, your work will be done.
Don’t worry. Madam, take this. Yes, what you are saying is right,
but.. – Mummy! Hey! – My son! No sooner your son just
fell you became so tense. And those thirty children
who fell in the valley.. ..they could not come out alive,
isn’t it? Only your blood belongs to
you and what others have is not blood. A human being should have
humanity and not cruelty like you. Never mind if anyone dies
but I want money from everywhere. Have you understood?
Come on, disconnect the line now. Sir! How will we make the road?
We have still not received stones. Hey! Passers- by on the
road do not dig to find out.. ..what is kept underneath the road. Put mud and finish the work. Sir, by putting mud.. If we put mud there only.. ..then I will be able to
buy cement for my own construction. By purchasing cement you will not be
able to construct your own building. Your bad phase has begun! Who says that we do not
get heavenly joy on the earth? Arrest warrant! Hey, girl! Maybe you have
come at the wrong address. Your father gave me this address. I got it from court. Here, give it to me. I get to see very few such notices. After all you are a woman.
You have come here till my house. Very delicious food is prepared. Eat to your fill, apply
turmeric and vermillion to this.. ..and see this wipe your hands
on this and get lost from here. I do not eat food at the
house of ungrateful people. Neither am I a slave
of corrupt ministers like you. I am Chamundi!
I will shatter your ego! Today too a tigress only
hunts a prey in the jungle.. ..and not a vulture like you. Yo kill a demon like you Lord Brahma,
Vishnu and Mahesh.. ..had gone to a Devi. A woman is not something to be used. She is that power who crushes
the entire world under her foot. What will a cunning
man like you understand? Do you know who you are talking to?
Come on, get lost from here! Hey! What happened? What happened? Are you some great saint? You take advantage of poor
people and snatch their land. Today or tomorrow I will
beat you and put you behind bars. After all you are hired
by this minister, isn’t it? If you won’t be there someone
else will come in your place. Hey, girl, listen to me! By wearing this uniform you
are talking of ruling over the world? No doubt you may be a policewoman
in the eyes of the people. But for us you are a watchman. They get salary from
a private company. And our government
gives you the salary. Yes! When degraded ministers like
you give speeches like saints.. front of the public
and when the truth is exposed.. ..the public lose their temper. They beat you with shoes,
slippers and stones. Then this uniformed
watchman comes to save you. We are not living because of you all. You are living because
of the protection we give you. This uniformed watchman is
standing between your life and death. If we stop watching you.. ..then within a second
your death will catch you out. In this free India we
policemen are always on duty.. maintain the
freedom of our country. And not corrupt ministers
like you who commit crimes. My child,
a woman is the symbol of peace. The lives of how many
girls have you ruined.. calling them,
my child, my child, you scoundrel? Sick people come to you
with hope and you cheat them.. ..and take undue advantage
of their helplessness? You are a sage, isn’t it? What are you doing here
in this notorious place? Have you come here
to sprinkle holy water.. ..on their black
money to make it pure? Henceforth if I ever see
you in a sages attire anywhere.. ..I will bury you alive in
the cemetery. Get lost from here! Oh, my god, run from here! You don’t know. Don’t try to use the
power of this uniform on me. You will turn to ashes. This is the quagmire
of political people. Many stood in front of me
here and gave speeches and left. So many like you
have been killed here. Stop talking nonsense!
You are not saying this. This corrupt politics is saying
this who encourages people like you. On one hand you talk of
the progress of the country. And on the other you
are destroying the country. Nowadays wherever you
see there is only corruption. Your corrupt hands are not necessary
to wipe the tears of the public. We need a pure heart. You must have come to know
now that everything is corrupt here. It will be of no use
if you only arrest me. If you wish to then
arrest the whole government. Henceforth I will not arrest.
Iwill only beat! Enough of your drama!
Go away from here! You people who suck
the blood of the poor. You people who only
fill their pockets. I am speaking to that
monster who did not construct.. ..the road properly due to which
many innocent children were killed. Hey! Don’t forget that
you are speaking to a minister. What kind of minister are you? You keep goons with you.
You keep girls with you. These people listen
to whatever you tell them. Whatever you do these
people tolerate it. But this Shakti will not endure. You are responsible for the
death of those innocent children. And I very well know that. Hey! What do you think of yourself? Yes, I have killed them!
I have killed them! I am responsible for the
death of those school children! The 20 crores that was sanctioned
for the road construction.. ..that my contractor,
my engineer and I pocketed that money. What will you do now?
What will you do? Tell me! Do whatever you want! Go! Thank you for your statement. Yes, I have killed them!
I have killed them! I am responsible for the
death of those school children! The 20 crores that was sanctioned
for the road construction.. ..that my contractor,
my engineer and I pocketed that money. What will you do now?
What will you do? Tell me! Do whatever you want! Go! “You protect the law..” “You are an example of righteousness.” “You are an example.” Police officer Shakti Devi, arrested
minister Shyamrao today morning.. ..and paraded him in
front of all on the road. ‘Along with Shyamrao,
engineer and contractor..’ ‘..and all those who are connected
with this incident were arrested.’ The new police officer
Miss Chamundi’s responsible act.. ..has given us the fruits today. The culprits of the
horrifying road accidents.. ..happened recently where
kids losing their lives.. ..have been arrested by Miss Chamundi. I am terribly ashamed and
sorry for this grave accident.. ..that took place
in our government today. I announce to give five
lakhs to every child’s parents.. compensation who lost
their lives in this accident. All the criminals connected
with this accident.. ..have been arrested
under the leadership.. ..of our police officer Shakti Devi. And as per the law all of
them will be severely punished. Hey! I want my brother out. Madam, this is not possible. Till now the people have seen
your brother’s illegal dealings.. ..and his deeds on the television. Madam, right now I cannot do anything. Keep quiet! I know everything. How would you become a
minister if I would not have.. ..spent so much money
during the elections? Never mind if you are
sitting on that chair.. ..but it is my government. The 30 seats that you go
from me if I take them back.. will lost your post
of a CM and very soon you will die. Madam, wait for a few days. No sooner this matter
calms down a little.. ..I will free him myself. Whoever has put my
brother behind bars.. ..terminate that person
from the job right now. My discussions are going on. Leave aside dismissing I
cannot even suspend her right now. Hey! Quietly gather the pieces
that I throw in front of you.. ..and serve your master. Leaving that aside don’t
keep telling me unnecessary things. Madam, that is not so. At the
most I can transfer her somewhere. If that is so then
directly send her to hell. ‘Didn’t you understand?’ You send her to Raidurg
I will send her to hell. Sir, you are elder to me.
I am not landing you in any trouble. You are mistaken. They will make us bow
down as much as we bow down. We will have to stand against them. What will be the use of doing this? Though knowing everything
about them I cannot do anything. If I do something then they
will bring someone else in my place. In such a situation
I will never be able to do.. ..all the things I want to
do for the welfare of the people. No doubt the government
does not need me.. ..but the people need
the support of the government. I am being very calm with them. Sir! You need peace to attain freedom. And you need strength
to maintain this freedom. Gandhi’s words went away with him. Sir, we will have to follow
Netaji’s path to once again.. ..make Gandhi’s words vigilant, sir. Sir, if we need to
save the good people.. ..we will have to
kill the bad people, sir. This is possible only through
a brave police officer like you. What will I have to do, sir? Under the name of transfer
I am sending you to Raidurg.. kill all the sinners there. Thank you, sir. I have nothing to do with the village,
alleys, city caste, creed and religion. Wherever I go I will eradicate
crime from the roots! People will benefit
by sinners getting killed. Sir! – All the best! Thank you, sir. Fear! Fear! Fear! See the fear in his eyes! In this entire Raidurg I have
freely distributed fear to everyone. All had taken it
except you did not take. But now you have taken, right? By tying my hands and legs
and with a knife in your hand.. are frightening me? I have already
frightened you like this. You have kidnapped
a municipal officer. You will surely have
to suffer the consequences. “No one knows the feat of my hands!” “I will rule the whole world!” Wonder what will happen to you now. Okay, fine, Khiladi Number one! What did I ask from you? ust a signature for me to
construct a complex in that slum. For such a small thing
you are making such a big issue? Look, my son!
We can barge in wherever we wish. We will offer those slum
dwellers a different place. Hey! I can never deceive
those innocent and poor.. ..slum dwellers for a sinner like you. Not only this,
I will inform the government about.. ..your illegal business,
factories and extortions.. ..which you started by
pressurizing and threatening.. ..the poor and the helpless. And I will see to it
that you close it down. You are narrating a dialogue? Are you a film hero?
I will give you a slap! I thought you would support me,
you would tread my footsteps. But you are praising the government. Hey! What do you have that
you are showing so much courage? Because I have no
child for you to kidnap. I do not have a wife
for you to rape her. I do not even have parents
for you to torture them. I am alone in this world. I
am not scared of anyone in this world. You are an orphan yourself
and you were calling me an orphan. “You are an orphan.
You don’t have any kin.” “I am the biggest
creep in this world.” Mother! Mother! I have come
to know that she is coming. I will finish her before
she steps in Raidurg. Hey, Chote! Sit down! – But, brother! Sit down! I fed you royal food and
brought you up like a tiger.. ..not because you should
go and fight with an ordinary woman. Hey, Ranga! – Yes, Amma! Go and cut that woman
into so many pieces that.. one remembers her identity. Go quickly! – Yes, Amma! Come on! – Hurry up! We will not spare her today! We will finish her today!
Let’s go! – Let’s go! Tell me. I have heard that
you have made a very grand house. Nothing belongs to me.
It is my son’s money. He works in America. You purchased land. You spent crores of rupees
and constructed a lavish house. Before doing all this
not once did you ask me? What is this? It is my land.
The money belongs to my son. It is my house. Why should I ask you? Hey! Only the land belongs to you. But this entire Raidurg belongs to us. Here even the cow takes my mother’s
permission first before giving milk. This is literally injustice. I will complain to the police. Once again if my foot falls on you. You will be finished! Beware! Hey, Rudra Devi! This country
has given birth to many brave people. To kill demons like you
that Bhavani will surely come.. the form of Durga, in the form
of Kali and in the form of Chamunda. You scoundrel! ‘Madam!’ I have cut your goons and separated.. ..them like the sky and the earth. You just need to perform
their last rites. Hey, listen! The place where you have
come is Rudra Devi’s area. I will crush you to death! I have come here to shatter your ego. You have not come here.
We have called you here. Our government is like a widow. Anyone can become her husband. And we are the husbands of
the government that is in power now. Understand this properly! – Hey! Our government will
never be called a widow. And till diligent and religious
protector of law like me are there.. ..the government will
always be like a married woman. Hey! When my uncle was studying
in school he had beheaded one master. And you arrested that man
and paraded him on the road? You have not locked
horns with only one man.. ..but there are many
more people behind him. If we wishes we could
have anywhere and anyhow.. ..killed you but, no! You have committed a grave
mistake by taking enmity with us. That is why you will die! Yes! And so we called you here. That’s it! This, this, this! This is the biggest mistake
that you have committed. There under the name of duty
I have sacrificed a Ravan and come. And here under the name of
OT I will finish demons like you. Don’t think that after killing
fifty people you will be called.. ..and the queen of Jhansi! This is our village and not your city. We will not spare you! I will also forget
that you are a woman. Hang! I will hang you
and slit you into two. Hey, Raka! No, my son! If we kill her so easily
we will not have any fun. Now that she is acting
so smart drag her from the.. ..wrestling ground and crush
her nicely and throw her away! Only then we will enjoy the real game. Many people like you
who enjoy have been finished. It is your turn now. You will not be able
to escape anywhere. By being your death I will perform
the dance of death on your tombs. Hey, Bhavani, that is enough! This place does not belong to
your father for you to do Tandav here! This is our area! When a dog goes and wets
a place he also keeps barking.. everyone thinking
that he owns that place. But he goes and hides somewhere
no sooner a tigress comes there. Look here! A tigress is standing here! Hey! I am that man who has
caged many tigress’s like you.. ..and have made them my slaves.
Remember that! Locking in a cage and looking
from far is not called manhood. Have you ever seen a tigress? Have you ever seen one?
Have you ever seen? See this! If you have the guts
and strength in your arms.. ..then look into a tigress’s eyes
and stand in front of her and show! Show me! A small child!
You got scared of terror? Hey, Bhavani!
Don’t try and act too smart! No person from your department
will come here to help you. Your superiors like AC,
DC, IGP and DGP that are there.. And their superiors like
the councilor, corporator.. ..MLA, minister,
Chief minister that are there.. All these ministers survive
on the money that we give them. You have come here only
that much your department knows. But where will you go from here that.. one will come to know. After all on whose support
are you acting so smart? No one acts smart
with anyone’s support. Even your father never
knew that scoundrel like you.. ..would be born from her womb. – Hey! After joining the police
department I have seen.. ..the government change thrice. I have gone around in three villages.
I have also come across 300 MLA’s. And I have also taught 3000 criminals
a lesson and have sent them behind bars. Now never mind if 3000
people like you come. Till I have the blessings
of the people of this country.. one can harm me in any way. If death is destined
for me then before dying.. ..I will make you
behold the lord of death. After being born you all
must have heard lullaby’s, songs.. ..and even religious songs. But the sound that you will hear now.. Did you hear that? Did you hear? The time that has passed by
was yours and the coming time is mine. With blood I will write your fate. My strength is in my uniform. If you try and mess with
it you will be finished! Stop! Hey! If you try and move
ahead then understand.. ..understand that I
will kill all of you here. Keep away! ‘Keep away!
Keep away! Keep away! Keep away!’ If I kill you not a single piece
of yours will be seen in this village. If I can lay my life for my duty then
when need be I can even kill someone. If you try and act smart
I will cut each one’s head.. ..with this sword
and leave you dead here. You know my name, isn’t it? My name is Shakti. Stay away! Or else you will get.. ..salvation! ‘Salvation! Salvation!’ Hey, nowadays these people
are not recovering the money properly. Hey, where is the money that you have
recovered? – Yes, go and look for them. Yes, why haven’t they come till now?
– Bhai, they have gone to recover money. Okay! Bhai! – Move away! Hello. Hello. Where is the money?
– Bhai, take this. How much is this?
– This is today’s complete recovery. Hey, Raja! Give him tea. Hey, listen! – Hey, tea and bun..
Give me tea and bun! Give me tea and bun.
– Will you do what I tell you to do? I will do whatever you tell me to do. Give me.. – Slap him and show me. Only this much? – Yes. Hey! I slapped him! I slapped him! Give me now..
– Give tea to this insane girl. Give me quickly! Give me quickly! Hey, Ashok! This poor girl is mad. You must not make her do this. See what I make her do.
– You will make her do? Okay, do and show me.
– Do you know what should be done? See what he is making her do. Give me tea. Give it to me quickly. Hello! Do Yes, I want. I want.
– Will you do what I tell you to do? Yes, I will do.
– Quickly open the buttons. Whose? – Shirt buttons. Okay, I will open.
– Not mine but your shirt buttons. Okay, I will open them. – Yes. I am opening them.
Quickly give me a bun. Quickly! Quickly!
– Give me tea as well. Okay? Give me tea also. She broke my hand! She broke my hand! The nature of our living
should build our character.. ..and not our blood. If you again trouble
these innocent people.. ..I will shower your blood like rain. Get lost from here! – Hey! Oh, my god! All of you are police. If you only are corrupt
how will you correct the system? When a policeman walks
on the road in his uniform.. ..then people should not say that see,
Mamu is passing by. Instead they should proudly say that a
policeman in his uniform is passing by. And should salute him proudly. A policeman is the one
who protects the culture. A policeman is the one
who protects the public freedom. A policeman is the one who
ends injustice and gives justice. A policeman is the one who shows the
right path to the young generation. The one who is sick
goes to the hospital. The one who wants justice
goes to the court. The one who wants a
boon goes to the temple. But if anyone is troubled
anywhere the police is the one.. ..who reaches there to help him. In the same way like
from sun rise to sun set.. From a person’s birth to his death.. Every day, every time,
every moment, all the time.. ..this police is ready to help him. Why do people usually dial
100 when they are in trouble? Do you know why? Because the police
is hundred percent correct. Don’t corrupt him. The Khakee uniform
should not be proud of us.. ..instead we should
be proud of our uniform. If the husband is useless
the wife is troubled. But if anyone policeman
turns out to be useless.. ..then the whole
country has to suffer. I do not wish to know
what you were doing earlier. But what you have to do
from today that I will tell you. Henceforth you need
not get scared of anyone. The one who is born will surely die. I do not know whether after his
death he will be born again or not. But tomorrow the children
who are going to be born.. ..they should salute us
no sooner they hear our name. Instead of keeping
quiet all your life. Why not live like a tiger
even if it is for a day. Henceforth the police station
will always be open for you all. Like there is a temple in every
area there will be a police station.. every area. Like god is there to save
us I am here for your protection. Henceforth if anyone does anything
wrong with you then go and complain. I will drag and beat him. Quietly come home. Grandma, I want to drink tea. – Look,
if you do this I will leave you.. ..and go away. Come, my child, come.
Do not be stubborn. – Leave my hand. Come, home. – Grandma, leave me. Come, my dear child.
– Leave me, grandma. Do not be so stubborn. By the grace of god a nice
officer has come in our area. Absolutely right. Looking at this officer it seems like
she will turn this hell into heaven. We can go anywhere without any worry. Let’s go. Let’s go. – Yes, let’s go. Hey! By robbing the poor the black marketing
that you have started over here. The illegal factories
that you are running.. I will get them sealed in 24 hours. Go, go and tell your master. I am the one who rules
over all the people. I will follow you wherever you go. You have challenged this devotee
of Ravan. This is a grave crime! I will finish your identity! I will finish it!
I will finish it! I will finish it! Hey, you woman! You are asking
a wrong man about this Ravan! See, I came here myself! Come on, get lost from here. You do whatever you wish to do now. Do it. What will you do? You will not be able to do! I appreciate your guts! Coming into my village
you have locked my factory. I feel like giving you
something for this bravery. What should I give? What should I give?
What should I give? What should I give? Shakti, I have decided
what I should give you. Take this!
Take this! Take this! Take this! This is the only respect I have
for you for the task you have done. Hello! – ‘Bhai,
there is fire in our factory, Bhai.’ This was the gift for
you from me for your honor. Hey! ‘Bhai!’ – Yes. Yes. ‘Our oil mill is also on fire.’ What happened? With just two shocks that I
gave you all your ego got shattered? This is the strength of the uniform. I will torture you in such a way
that you will wander in the alleys.. ..of Rayadurga like an
insane man tearing your clothes.. ..and with a shaved head. Understand one thing very nicely. Till this Shakti is in this village
you will not be able to shake.. ..even a single leaf of any tree. Hey! – Hey! Hey! If you shout it will be offence
and if I shout it will be defense. If you beat it will be injustice
but I beat it will be justice. It will be a case if you shoot
but it will be news if I shoot. That is why the government
has given this uniform.. people like us to settle
accounts with people like you. Before all the policemen
that are standing here.. ..beat you mercilessly
quietly go away from here. I cannot tread Gandhi’s path
to explain to you lovingly and nicely. I tread the path of Netaji. You don’t know me. No sooner I roar there will be an
earthquake in your whole Rayadurga area. If you wait here a minute more now. I swear on my country.. ..I will bury you right here!
‘I will bury you right here!’ Bhai, your phone is ringing. Hello. – Hey, Raka! This is Shyamrao speaking. I am coming to teach
that policewoman a lesson! Uncle, what are you saying? I have got a bail. Within 24 hours they
will release me from here. We will mercilessly
kill and throw away.. ..the one who has
made our life miserable. Come on, turn the car!
It will be fun now. Gauri! Hey, why are you standing
in the middle like this? What if something would have happened? You are a police, isn’t it? – Yes. I want to ask you something. You won’t beat me, isn’t it? No. No! I won’t beat you. Swear on me? I swear on you. I am hungry.
Will you give me tea and bun? I have not eaten
anything since morning. Mr. Shivnath! Madam! Bring tea and bun for her.
– Okay, madam. So much! Bring so much!
I love tea and bun a lot. Take this. – Do you know? From morning no one
gave me tea and bun. Take this. – Yeah! Tea and bun! Who is she?
What has happened to her? My child, I will tell you. She is my granddaughter, Gauri. She was not like this before.
One day.. Master, leave her!
Leave her! – Hey, you old woman! ‘Grandma!’ This is my rule! And my children are
the king and princes here. More than war they love mace fighting. Go away! In half an hour your
granddaughter will come home. Madam, please do not
ruin my granddaughter’s life. Hey, you old woman! “It is night and you need to sleep.” “Don’t interfere in my work.” No! No! When Mahabharat is going on inside why
are you narrating the Ramayan here? Dusshasan is busy inside. No! No! Master, please let her go.
I beg of you. She is very small. For god’s sake leave her. Come on! – No! No Let me go! Oh, come on!
– My brother too is small. If he does all this
only then he will grow up. Not only my granddaughter,
so many innocent girls.. ..have become prey to his lust. Brother! Brother! Brother, some people are after me. Please save me for god’s sake. Brother, please save me. Tell me. – Yes? Is there someone else even
degraded than me in this village? Anyway, forget it. Good that the prey has automatically
got trapped in our trap. Look, there is no need
for you to get scared. Hey, just go out and
check who is after her? Hey, let’s go and see. You don’t fear at all. When I am here no one
can harm you in any way. Please save my honor.
It will be a great favor on me. Do you wish to save
your honor or your respect? Okay, where is this honor? – Shut up! Here? Here? – No! Show me. – Leave me. Where is it? – What are you doing? No! No! – Hey! This girl has not
got trapped on her own. Instead she has come on my behest. Hey! Mr. Sitaram! – Madam! Make an FIR stating
that a lady constable.. ..was kidnapped and was tried to rape. Take him away! Hey, you don’t know with
whom you are locking horns! Hey! Start the car! Sister! Gauri! Go and wear it. Go! Move away from my sight. Sister! How do I look?
– You are looking very nice. Let’s go. Break their bones!
– Hey! Break their hands and legs! I will kill you! Their guts have
increased so much now.. Beat them! They have put my son behind bars. Beat each and everyone mercilessly! Today I will show that policewoman
this Rudra Devi’s ferocious form! Please save me!
Someone please save me! For god’s sake, leave me.
– No one is going to come to save you. Shave the heads of everyone. Hey, shut up! In the past 25 years I have
neither allowed any repair work.. be done in this police
station not did I allow it to grow. And in such a situation this policewoman
is to emancipate this village. I will make her condition
also so miserable that.. ..she too will run
away from this village. Rudra Devi! Hey! Hey, Raja! Leave me! Leave me! “You protect the law..” “You are an example of righteousness.” “You are an example.” “The time will come again
when crime will get eradicated.” “You will change each and everything.” Leave me! Leave me! Hey! Hey! Leave me! I said, leave me! – Leave me! Hey! Hey! Hey! – Hey! Shut up! Shut up! A woman should always give
blessings and not dirty abuses. Have you understood? What do you think the police is? We are that rays of the
sun which illuminate the world.. ..right from east to west. You have seen the sun rising. I will show you its heat now. Shave their heads! Hey! – Hey! Hey! Don’t touch me.Leave me!
Leave me! Hey! – Madam, don’t spare him alive!
Madam, kill him! Raja! Hey! Hey! Hey, cut and throw her away! Shave her head!
‘Shave her head! Shave her head!’ Hey, don’t do that! Hey, no! Stop! My son! My son! My son! You have killed my son! Cry! Lament! Cry more loudly! Seeing you cry no one from
here is going to come to save you. Forget saving you no one
here will shed even a tear for you. Just see how your son
is dead here like some orphan. The end of the one who will
cast an evil eye on this country.. ..and woman of this
country will be like this. Hey you! Coming to my
village and with me only.. Hey! How come this is your village? This is my village and
all the people here belong to me. Enduring sun and rain and brought
up in the arms of mother earth.. ..this Shakti is ready
to fight injustice. I have played in
the alleys of Rayadurga! I have drunk the water
of the holy river here. I have performed
venerations in the temple. I have become big by eating
two morsels from the hands.. ..of these people who toil very hard.
I! Tell me, aunt! Why did you suddenly
become so stunned? Twenty years ago in this same place,
after your husband’s death.. ..with your brother and children you
were standing and crying helplessly. Thinking that she is some
relative he brought you home. He gave shelter and food to everyone. That great personality
was none other than my father! ‘He was my father! He was my father!’ After his wife’s death he kept his
loving hand on his daughter’s head.. ..he also gave me a mother’s love. He was a father,
a mother and a guru for me. To this extent that he
was not less than god for me. He was a messiah who used to
consider this village as his family. He would be present in
everyone joys and sorrows. He was a very generous man! With such a human being,
why, why, why? Why did you do this
injustice with my father? Do you remember anything?
‘Do you remember anything?’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ Sir, because of you there
is happiness in the entire village. And now you are going to
construct a proper hospital.. ..for the people of this village. That is why I have prayed
that may Mother Chamunda.. you to successfully
carry out this endeavor. Hey! What are you doing? Hey! By showering flowers on the people
are you thinking of making us beg? Look, beware what you say. What do you wish to say? So that your children educate
and become good human beings.. ..I enrolled them in school. But they did not study. And secondly your brother.. What all I did to reform him. He went on become wayward
due to drinking and gambling.. I responsible for that? What you are doing is wrong. Just because you have crores
of rupees don’t give it away. What do you mean? I mean..transfer all
the wealth in our name. Hey! You must never save
wealth for the children. 1We must make the children
the wealth of the nation. Look, all the wealth that I have here
belongs to the people staying here. They have equal right
on everything that I have. The people who are staying
here will get all my wealth. Sister! By killing this insane
man if we do not.. ..take control of all the wealth.. ..we will have to beg in every
alley saying, oh, mother..mother.. Hey! – Hey, Shyam! Things are going out
of control now. – Yes. We will have to do something quickly! Otherwise we will
also be ruined with him. Look here..
– Oh, no! Please don’t say this! Please don’t say this! What are you saying? You are thinking like this about
the man who thinks of others welfare? Is this justice? Go away from here! Go away! You sinner,
you have murdered our priest? I will not spare you!
I will not spare you! I will expose you all.. Father! Hey! Don’t spare him!
Kill him! – Father! Hey, where are you going?
You will also not be spared today. My child, run away! – No! Father, no! I will not leave you and go!
– Run away! Father, I will not go! Shyam! My child, run away! – Shyam! You run away! – Catch her! Leave me! Father! My child, run away! Well done, my sons! – You run away! Today you have proved
that you are my sons. Run away, my child! – Hey, Raka, Raja! What are you looking at? Catch that girl! Don’t let her go! Hey, stop! Stop! Stop! Where will you go? Hey, stop! Hey, wait! No, uncle! No, uncle! Please don’t kill me, uncle! Uncle, please don’t kill me.
– Where will you run away? Uncle, let me go. No, uncle! – Your father died.. No, uncle! – It is your turn now. Please let me go. You are also dead now. – Let me go. Father! Hey, wait! Even god cannot save her now. Let’s go! ‘And that day god saved me.’ ‘And somehow from the village.. ..I came to the city.’ ‘When I was wandering
alone in that strange city..’ ‘..a noble man gave
me shelter in his house.’ And by educating.. he made me an honest.. ..and responsible police officer.’ She is the daughter of our land lord. Hey! She is the daughter
of our land lord? She is the daughter of our land lord? Go and call your brother
Shyamrao and your scoundrel son. Today he is dead tomorrow they will
die and day after tomorrow you will die. I will eradicate the name
of Rudra Devi and her family.. ..from this Rayadurga forever! I will dig all your
graves today here and now. Sister! Sister! It is good! Hey, look, he is dead!
He is dead! Good! Look, he is dead!
He is sleeping peacefully. Good he is dead! He is dead! Hey! Sister! Baldy! Hey, baldy! Baldy! Baldy! Your son is dead! Hey, baldy! Hey, Baldy, your son is dead! Mother, where is your
granddaughter, Gauri? My child,
from morning I have not seen her. She has not even eaten anything. I don’t know where she has gone. Our department did
not get any information.. .. about what happened after that. I don’t understand that such
a officer was working as a servant.. your house? What does that mean? ‘That day after delivering
the good I went to the river bank..’ ‘ wash my truck there
I saw madam fallen down unconscious.’ ‘From there I took
her to the hospital.’ ‘Unknowingly I made such a
great personality work in my house.’ ‘This was my biggest mistake.’ Sir, Shakti has
regained consciousness. I am feeling so nice! Sister! Gauri, what are you doing here? Do you know how much
I was searching for you? From morning I am here. See what I have brought for you. Come we will eat together. I don’t want. You don’t want? You don’t want bun? – No! Why? I am going to get
many buns that is why. How? Who? Hey, I killed her! I killed sister! I killed her! Give me four buns now. I stabbed sister very hard! Sister! – Your work is over, Shakti! Your work is over!
– ‘Give me four buns. Oh, my god!
What all wonders you showed us. Looking at your smartness I
was tense as to how should I kill you. No sooner I used to step
in this village those people.. ..who used to tremble with fear.. Those people who would not
fold their hands in front of god.. ..but would start praising us
by saying, hail to you! Hail to you! The same village and
the people of that village.. ..spit in front of us and
make fun of us behind our back. The one responsible for this
is Shakti, Adi Shakti, Durga, Chandi.. ..Ranchandi and Chamundi. I was very worried as
to how should I kill you. “ will have to come..” “Oh, the messiah of my fate.” And at last this crazy
man found this mad girl. Sister, leave me.
He will give me four buns. Do you know how much
I spent to kill you? Half tea.. Tea and one bun! That’s it! There is always a way to
control even an eccentric elephant. What are you then? We used this girl’s sentiments.. cut your commitment. Hey, you girl! I did not remove my
ornaments even after my husband’s death. The empire that I had
erected shook but even then.. ..I did not shave my head. The day you killed
my son and shaved my head.. front of the whole
did shave my head, isn’t it? That day itself I decided that
I will rest only after killing you. The day we killed your
father your story also.. ..that is what we thought. But you were saved! But today you won’t be saved. I will straightaway
send you to your father! Sister, let me go! He will prepare tea for me. As you told me I wounded
sister with the knife. Give me tea! – No! Gauri! Gauri! – Sister! Sister! – Gauri! Sister, I feel scare. Sister, he will kill me! Sister, please save me! Sister, they are not
giving me tea and bun! Sister, please give
me tea and bun! Sister! Sister, you can’t leave me and go. Sister! Chamundi! Show your power! ‘Your power! Your power!’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Master! Shakti is saved!’ ‘And she is going to reach there!’ Shakti! Oh, no! What have you done? Look, we conducted this
fire veneration so that.. ..there should be no
calamities in your life. But you have ruined it! You all will surely
face calamities now! Hey! Don’t say that
we will face calamity! We are already facing the calamity! Look, master,
you should never say this. If Mother Goddess gets angry then
something terrible is bound to happen. Get lost! Mother! Goddess Chamunda! Mother, please protect me! Please protect me, on, Mother! Show your form! Finish these atrocious people, Mother! ‘Mother! Mother! Mother!’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ Mother Chamundi will not be at peace
with the blood of innocent people. She will calm down only after she
is bathed in blood of demons like you. No, Raka! I am enough for her. Hey! Hey! Finish her! “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti!” “Shakti!” No! Hey! Mother! Mother! Sister! My, sister! My, sister! Sister! My, sister!

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