Sherni (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Sridevi – Pran – Shatrughan Sinha – Ranjeet – 80’s Bollywood Film

– Sanu is out! Good, you bowled him out, sister. He is bigger than us,
and hence he bullies us. I will puncture his pride
in no time. See my Patiala style strokes now. Which strokes?
– Patiala strokes! Come let’s play. Keep it down.
Get away. Uncle, keep it down.
We have to continue the game. Durga, be ashamed!
– Why should I be ashamed? Have I stolen a guava from
an orchard… …or a sugarcane from a field? You are taller now than a sugarcane. First look at yourself,
and then these kids. You have become a mare,
and yet you play with children. You know my mother! She has pulled me like dough
and made me tall. Otherwise I am still small,
just like a lamb. Like what?
– Like a lamb. Look uncle, if you ever
again abuse our elder sister… …there won’t be anybody
worse than us. Nonsense! You are the size
of a peanut, and you talk like big! Leave it uncle. Let us play. You will not correct yourself!
– Come let us play. Durga, Thakur’s men are beating
up my father and brother. Don’t beat up my son. I assure
you from today he will not do it. I beg of you. Father, don’t plead in
front of these dogs. You have just returned from the
city having learnt a few things. Now you want to
teach law to our Thakur! One day your Thakur will have to answer
for all the atrocities he is committing. I’ll give you the answer! You wretched dogs! Now you have started raising
your hand against decent people. I will break your hands. Look, Durga! I will show you.
– Hell with you! What will you show me?
I will show you. Brother Kundan, you know it. In this village,
goons like Dharam rule the roost. Raising your voice against him
is like inviting your own death. But sister, some one will have to raise
the voice if one has to bring freedom. You should raise the cry for freedom
where normal people live. This is a village of the dead! And by crying for freedom in front of
dead people, you cannot bring in freedom. Come on. Let’s go home. Let’s go. Come son! Great, Thakur Dharam
has kept such tigers as pets. Four of you could not tackle
a girl and instead got beaten. If I have such loyalists,
who needs traitors. You alone are adequate
for my destruction. Where are the others? I ask you, where are the others? They are outside sir.
– Are they ashamed to come inside? What have you come here for?
Get out from here! Sir, if it has your approval,
should we kidnap Durga? We will see to that later. Presently it is necessary
to sort out Kundan. Who are you planning to sort out? What to tell, Inspector. I, Mr. Dharam Pal.. ..who has upheld law
in this village of the dead.. has he to live
with my head lowered? But who has dared to go against you?
– That same, Hariya’s son. Whats his name?
– Kundan. Yes, Kundan. He has just returned from
the city after finishing his studies. What has he done? He has tried to raise
his voice against our family. He has forgotten, that this village,
its water, its weather… …has been the boon
given by our ancestors. Since ages it has been going on,
they work for us. In return we give love. What is the need
to give salary for work. They stay free on our land. In place of rent, they work for us. Today that bastard has
raised his voice against us. He has started misleading others. Sir, if you order, I will
have him arrested under Section 302. To progress the case is my problem. I assure you he’ll be
removed from your path forever. I am of the opinion that
he has learnt his lesson today. It is a question of a few days. When the holidays
are over he will go away. I feel if we don’t pursue this
incident any further, it will be better. Accountant, what about our men?
They were thrashed! Who has beaten your men? Banjara’s daughter, Durga!
– Durga! She has perhaps forgotten the
consequences her father will have to face. She has forgotten that
he is in jail because of us. Anyway, how many days are left for
Banjara’s sentence to end? Two months! But you do not worry. As soon as he is out I will
make out another case against him. I will put him inside once again! Father! You! – Yes. Look mother, father has come.
Guddi, Munnu! Father! My children,
my eyes were impatient to see you! But there was some more
days for your sentence to end? I have run away from Jail. Ran away? But why? There were only two months
for the sentence to end! Suppose they catch you once again? Now nobody can catch me.
I have come to fetch you. Come. But where?
– Where I will stay. I have decided that I will
not allow Dharampal to live in peace. It is possible that Dharampal’s men and
the police will trouble you in my absence. You will all stay with me. Come. Father. Mother and
me can stay anywhere. But have you thought of these
two small kids? Where will they roam? In jungles, in mountains?
No, father, no. Only two months of the sentence
are left. Why not complete them? No. I was quite happy
undergoing this punishment.. ..till I came to that I was put in
jail with the connivance of Dharampal. Ghanto told me that Dharampal
had his hand behind my sentence. I couldn’t accept it that.. ..being innocent I keep rotting in
jail and you keep living like orphans. Only I know how I have
spent the last 6 months in jail. And now, till I take my revenge,
I will not rest. No father. In eyes of law,
you will become a bigger criminal. For their crimes, the law is there. The Law? The law is
only for the rich, Durga. When it imparts justice to the poor,
it blindfolds itself. That is why I alone will
punish Dharampal. Come with me. No, father, the path on which you want
to take us will lead to destruction. Listen to me,
and hand yourself over to police. Banjara! Come on, hurry up! Listen to me, don’t be adamant. It’s not too late. Let’s get away. No, father, I will not let
lives of these children be spoilt. I am proud of you!
Daughters of gypsies are like sons. Ok, I’ll move now.
I will try & come in between… As soon as possible
I will send some money. No, father. We will toil and do labor. But we don’t want
any earnings from crimes. Don’t cry mother!
Everything will be all right. Everyone said the happiness
in this house will return.. ..when your father will return. But that hope too has gone. I am there. Now whatever father had taught us
during childhood will come in handy. What do you mean?
You will entertain on the streets? Yes. “If you give me a rupee
I will do two jobs.” “If you give me a rupee
I will do two jobs.” “First I will sing!” “First I will sing!” “After that I will salute you!” “If you give me a rupee
I will do two jobs.” “See the skills of my youth!” “See the skills of my youth!” “And keep seeing the
actions of our show.” “I’ll fill your eyes
with grand spectacles!” “Some of them yours
and some of them mine!” “Whatever I do, I will do it openly.” “If you give me a rupee
I will do two jobs.” “On my cheeks will play my tresses!” “On my cheeks will play my tresses!” “Many of you will
change your intentions!” “My slim waist may develop a twist! And
the young hearts will feel tantalised!” “And a full night’s sleep will be lost!” “If you give me a rupee
I will do two jobs.” “If you give me a rupee
I will do two jobs.” “First I will sing!” “First I will sing!” “First I will sing!” “If you give me a rupee
I will do two jobs.” Leave me! Don’t trouble a beggar!
I will sort each one of you out! Auntie, your son has returned! What? My son has returned!
Where is he? I am your son!
– No, you are not my son! Get aside. You’re lying.
– Why are you troubling the old lady? Durga. Durga. She keeps troubling us.
She is mad. Send her to an asylum! Quiet! I will send your mother there,
who has produced a son like you. What did she do?
– Produced me! Now scram from here,
or else I will give you one back hand. Mischievous kids.
– Run! Durga, these children trouble me. Why do you come out? You’re aware that
these kids will trouble you. If you need anything just call for me. I’ll help you. No, I didn’t need anything. I was going to the bus
stop to see if Raju has come. I don’t know which
bus will he come in. He may go back, not seeing me. He will return only if he comes! No! He will definitely come.
Everybody talks like that. Atleast you don’t say that! People think me as mad,
and throw stones at me. You are the one,
who saves me from these animals. I know you are not mad.
It is these villagers who are mad. They don’t understand
the feelings of a mother.. ..whose only son has
gone leaving her behind. Has it ever happened?
Which mother does not scold her child. I was angry only a little,
and he left the house and went away. He did not think,
how will I live without him. I have been looking for him for
the last 20 years. When will he come? That bus has come from the city.
My son, Raju must be on it. I will go and greet him.
– Auntie! Raju! Banjara, I saw your daughter
near the village bus stand. There was a big crowd,
and she was giving a show. She is very stubborn. Says she will not take my money,
as it is earned through crimes. They prefer begging! Let them be! If it is so written in their fate,
what can I do? Have your food. Will you not eat?
– No, I am not hungry. How will you fight
on an empty stomach. Nor do we have any means of transport. We don’t have food, nor any weapons! I have made arrangements for that. I have decided, we will go
to Thakur Dharampal’s village tonight! Is everything all right?
– Yes, it is. If you value your life,
throw that stick and come here. Come this side! Banjara, you!
When were you released from jail? I ran away from there,
to take revenge on your master. Come on, open the stores! If I open the stores,
master will kill me! If you don’t, I will kill you.
Come on, open them. Come on. Take out the sacks,
I will get the horses. Okay.
– Banjara, we will lose our jobs. But why do you work for that rascal? Come.
– Take out the sacks. Take the horses, quickly. Load them up quickly. Teja, let us get out! How can it be?
Banjara is still in jail. Master, I saw with my own eyes,
it was Banjara only. How did Banjara get out from jail? He still had some time left. He has run away from jail. If he has really run away,
then he is a great danger to us. We will have to do something.
Do one job, accountant. Call Vinod from the city. Tell him to bring along
such people from there.. ..who don’t take much time
to convert life into death. I do not understand you. Banjara is an escaped convict. Its an opportunity to finish him. Like this we will kill the snake,
and the law will be appeased. What are you saying, Nandini. I am saying the truth.
Your father’s life is in danger. No! This is what I was afraid of. I tried to explain to father, but he did
not listen, and set out on the wrong path. But why did your father do this? Nandini, you are my childhood friend.
You are like my sister. I will not lie. Yesterday, father had come. He was saying your father has only
forced him to follow the wrong path. My father?
– Yes. He sent father to
jail on false evidence. Father resorted to
this path to seek revenge. I tried my best to restrain him,
but he wouldn’t listen at all! My father will
definitely listen to me. With me around,
there won’t be this bloodshed. I will prevent him from doing this. What are you talking Nandini?
I should forget Banjara. I’m Thakur Pratap Singh,
to whom the entire village bows to How dare he rebel against me? But father, you committed
the first fault… – Quiet! There is no such thing as fault by me. If I do commit a fault it is always right,
and if a crime, it is always legal! You are my daughter, and a woman. You should be busy
in domestic affairs. Don’t try and be their advocate. Go. But father…
– Shut up, and go from here. Brother! How are you?
– Come brother. Hi, Nandini. What has happened to her?
– Nothing, just a little a annoyed. Vinod, whom have you brought? They look like criminals. What are you talking. They haven’t drunk as much
water as the blood they have shed. Yes, they are murderers… If they don’t murder,
they cannot digest food! Thakur sir!
– Who is that? I am your family barber,
Hajamat Lal Ustrapuri! How did you arrive at this odd time? Seeing your bad times!
– What rot do you talk? I’ll cut your tongue. The scissors are yours
and so is this tongue. I had heard that with
horses going one can’t sleep… ..but you’re awake
and your horses are stolen. Which horse? I saw your horses going
with some people in full canter. Where did you see it? This is my neck, not a betel. How can I speak,
if you press my gullet? Leave me. Speak up. Vinod, leave him.
– Leave me. Tell me, what happened? My throat will take
time to get its lubrication! Yes, what happened?
– You know Durgaprasad of Raipur. It was his brother’s sons baptism. How can they not call me. I said, ‘Why not?
I’ll surely be there.’ So I went. It was around 10 o’clock, No! It was 10:30 or 11 O’clock.
– Will you tell quickly! Sir, I am in the habit of
telling my story systematically. Don’t interfere! It effects my concentration. So it happened, that enroute I met the
priest, who asked if he could come along. I can be a help.
In some way or the other. We got a long journey
and winding country roads. I said of course, you may. So off we set out.
It was hot! It was my duty… Now if you don’t tell me quickly,
it will be my duty to shoot you. Don’t shoot, I am the only one left. Who will run my salon.
Who will shave you? Are you telling or not?
– I am telling you sir. When I was returning from my duty,
I saw some men on your horses.. ..cantering away towards Kali Gorge. Vinod, quickly take
your men to Kali Gorge. No. Banjara must’ve run
away by now & gone somewhere. Don’t worry. I will kill
my enemy with his own weapons. What do you mean? I will spread such terror
in his name in surrounding villages.. ..that the police will set
out for him, like hunter dogs! But how will this be done?
– Leave that to me. Who are you? If you act smart,
you will lose your life. Pick up his gun! Whatever you have
in the house get it her. I don’t have anything.
– Banjara, he is lying! It looks, you don’t consider
your life as precious. Leave him, I beg of you.
I will give you whatever you want. And the jewellery also.
– Yes that too. Go and get it, and quickly. Are you sure,
it was Banjara who raided your house? Who else can it be, Inspector? Please accept that Banjara
has become a dacoit.. ..and if you don’t stop him,
then he will loot all of us dry.. ..for like a tiger,
he has tasted blood. Thakur, I’ve full sympathies with you. When I came to know of the dacoity.. ..I rushed to your house,
and then came here. I expected such concern from
friends like you. – Please sit. Yes, Inspector, what have
you done to arrest this dacoit? We will do all what is possible.
We will use our full strength. I assure you, we will arrest
Banjara as soon as possible. Pick your bags. Why don’t you pick up?
– Okay. Let’s go. Are you blind? Watch your step. Raju? Yes!
– Raju, my son! Where had you gone all these years. You just didn’t worry about me,
how much your mother suffered. I used to wait for you
everyday at the bus stand. People used to think me as mad,
and threw stones at me. Ok, mother. I have come now. I hope you will never go away again! No mother,
I will stay here, and look after you. Raju! Raju, some one said,
you had gone and joined the military! Yes, I had. Where was the necessity
of joining the military. Now let us go home, I will tell you. Let’s go home. Gentlemen,
salutations to you, from this artist. Children, please clap now! Now in front of you…
– I will shake my hips. Brothers, now in front of you…
– Come into your arms. Yes, as I was saying…
– Become a queen of beds. Go and say this to
your mother and sister. Sister! Sister! Guddi! Don’t you feel ashamed
hitting small children? Shame on you! Though you look a male,
you behave like an animal. Take care! You don’t
know whom you are talking to! I am talking to an eunuch!
– What did you say? Exactly what you heard! You! These tricks are now quite old,
you bogus strong man. Now I will show you. Who is this, auntie?
– This is my son, Raju. I used to say, he will come.
See, he has come. Stop it. Till now nobody has raised a hand on
my boys and you have dared to beat them! Who are you? I will tell you later, who am I.
But are these dogs yours? They are my workers. Then put a strap of decency around
their necks and keep them at home. If next time, any one of them
misbehaves with any one of our girls.. ..I will take out their
eyes and hand them over to you. This is my first and last warning
to you and your bloody stray dogs. Do you get my point? Wow, he speaks English too!
– Who is he? He is the mad woman’s son.
He has just come from the army. Raju, wash you hands and face.
I will make food for you. Auntie, that is not required.
I have brought the food. Why did you take the trouble.
I would have made it. Auntie, we know each other
from childhood. Since when? From childhood. Raju, this is Durga.
– Durga? She has been looking after me,
since she was so small. You won’t find a better
girl than her in the village. Than her? That I can see. You can, is it?
But you couldn’t see Auntie’s grief. She pined for you for years! I heard, as a child you
were very short tempered. And one day you fought
and left her in a huff. Yes.
– Where did you go? Where? Oh, I had gone to the military! Now when will you go back?
– I’ll not return. I have left army. What? You have done a very good thing. Now, stay here & look after her. Do what?
– Look after Aunt! No, son. now my daughter
in law will look after me. Raju, I have thought over
it since long, that when you return.. ..I’ll get you married to Durga. Durga, don’t you like Raju? Auntie, what are you saying?
– My God, she is blushing. “I got your companionship..” “I got your companionship
and I have blossomed.” “My life became joyous,
by your coming, by your smile.” “By your coming, by your smile.” “The breeze which comes..” “The breeze which comes..” “..after touching you feels like
the fragrance of sandalwood.” “By your coming, and by your smile.” “By your coming, and by your smile.” “What love is there in this world..” “What love is there in this world,
I have found it in your eyes.” “Like this spring, like this breeze..” “ have come into my world.” “The flowers..” “The flowers and the weather
started looking like spring..” “ your coming, by your smile.” “By your coming, by your smile.” “In my eyes,
is embedded your face like..” “..a statue in a temple.” “You are my quest of life,
the purpose of my living.” “Some stranger..” “Some stranger, some unknown,
looks like my lover now.” “By your coming, by your smile.” “By your coming, by your smile.” “The breeze which comes..” “The breeze which comes..” “..after touching you feels like
the fragrance of sandalwood.” “By your coming, and by your smile.” “By your coming, and by your smile.” Listen?
– Yes sir. Who is that girl?
– Sir, it is a statue. Not that. I am talking of her.
– About whom? The one who dances in those shows? That is Durga, sir! Wow, how she dances! What a figure she has got. It appeared
as if she was a moving Taj Mahal! Shah Jahan by making that Tai Mahal,
has made a mockery of we poor barbers. No joke, I am saying the truth. When she was dancing.. appeared as if her heart
breaking free, was itself dancing! Donkey, I am asking you,
give me an answer! I am a good donkey, sir. In our area, who ever behaves
like you is called a dog! How dare you speak like that! I am just telling you
how our elders feel about it. Too hoots to your elders.
Just listen to me.. Yes. – ..just once get
that girl to my farm house. For what? We will arrange a dance, etc.
Remaining things leave it to me. I may be a barber, but not a pimp! There is no pimping in this. I
tell you, for I think you are my man. Later I will fill
your pockets with notes! This Hajamat Lal is not going to bite
these razors and scissors of yours. I am going. Shave your own face! Come back, who will finish my shave. Now I will come only
for your last ritual. You! Whether it is a mirror,
or an heart, it breaks! But the heart of Hajamat
Lal is unbreakable! Sometimes it is very hot,
sometimes shady! Durga, you?
– Isn’t Auntie at home. No. Was there any work?
– Nandini had come home. To my home?
– No. To my home. Tomorrow is her engagement. So she must have called mother.
– Yes. I mean.. She was asking,
when are we getting engaged. You mean your engagement?
– No, our engagement. You mean, yours and mine,
meaning ours. Isn’t it? In this, there is a problem. When I was in the military I was
injured and admitted in a city hospital. There was a nurse.. …who is very beautiful. When she laughs, it is as
if there is a shower of flowers. Her blue eyes are beautiful,
deeper than any pool. Her tresses are darker
than the darkest clouds! How are they?
– Black like the darkest clouds. And when she walks,
she meanders and sways like… Stop it! If you bring that witch here,
I’ll blacken her blue eyes What color?
– Black! And if she tries to
spread her tresses here.. ..I will cut them and
give them into her hands. And if she sways and walks I will
break her legs! What will I break? Her legs.
– Will I break. Now listen very carefully. If you get married,
it will be only with me, Understood? What happened, Durga. Wait. Durga is right. Marrying her, you will be very happy. She is a very courageous girl. Dancing on the streets, she
feeds her younger brother and sister. When her father returned after breaking
out of jail, she refused to go with him. She told him to go back, finish
his sentence and then come back. Why did this Banjara
run away from jail? He came to know,
that by deceit he has been jailed. And who framed him?
– Dharampal. To take revenge on him,
Banjara ran away from jail. Why did Banjara then commit
dacoity in neighboring village. I don’t believe it.
Banjara has not done these acts. What sort of people are
Dharampal and his brother? They are very mean and dirty people. They are responsible for turning
Banjara into a criminal, son. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Brother. Thakur, Dacoit Banjara
has attacked us! Father!
– Durga, what are you doing here? Nandini is my friend,
and she is getting engaged today. Let there be no bloodshed today.
Please return, father. No, daughter. Today I will
ensure I leave Dharampals body here! You have enmity with him.
Not with Nandini. You only said, all village
girls are like your daughters. So bless her & return. No. I have taken an oath to
rid this village of this evil man. Let the law punish him. By killing him,
why do want to go to the gallows. I am not bothered.
Now get out of the way. I will not. If you insist, then the first
bullet you will have to put in my chest. After that,
you can step over my body & go in. No, don’t. This father-daughter
play is going along just fine. What she is doing with her tongue.. ..our boys may not be
able to achieve with weapons. Don’t be stubborn.
Durga, listen to your father. This time a dacoit is speaking,
not a father. And I cannot obey a dacoit. If you consider me your daughter,
then return. Else I will come in
front of your bullets. All right. I will return today. But he will not survive long. Come! Arrest all of them. Inspector,
why have you come to trouble us. What is our fault? Didn’t you call Banjara to
Dharampal’s house to commit a dacoity. What are you saying? Infact
I coaxed him to return from there. Then where did Banjara
go from there? Tell me. I don’t.. You people won’t say a word. Drag them all to the Police Station. What are you doing? Let her go.
Leave the children. Let the kids go. Let her go.
– Come on, I say. What are you doing? Let her go. Come on. Well done! Where such police is present, who requires
dacoits & looters to bother society. Don’t you have that much decency
as to how to treat children & women? Well done! Who are you to question me. I am a military man. But I
am well conversant with police rules. Do you have an arrest warrant? My orders are my warrants.
I don’t require arrest warrants. It is required. The court gives the orders, and the
police are there to implement them. Your private law will not work here. Get a warrant. Otherwise I will not
allow you to even touch them Are you trying to teach me law? Get away from here otherwise I will
put you in the lock up along with them. Little man, I too have a pistol. In the time you will fire one round, I
will fire six and stand coolly thereafter. If you don’t believe,
should we have a trial. Ok, I am going for now. But remember,
you may have saved them.. ..but you will not
be able to save yourself. I will see to it that
you are put in the lockup. Come on. Son, today you have done
me and my children a great favor. What favor, mother. I have come to unmask animals roaming
this place in the garb of humans. The world is getting bad. But don’t you worry.
He will never come here now. I will make a move, good day. “My river of happiness
has broken its bank!” “Leaving everything,
I have now joined my heart with yours.” “I didn’t find a male
as strong and young as you..” “I didn’t find a male
as strong and young as you..” “..that I fell in love
and assigned my youth to you!” “Assigned my youth to you!” “Assigned her youth to you!” “I didn’t find a girl..” “I didn’t find a girl,
as loving and mad as you.” “I am surprised,
that she has assigned her youth to me.” “She has assigned her youth to me.” “She has assigned her youth to you.” “When I saw your face,
rivers of love started flowing.” “Rivers of love started flowing.” “When I saw your face,
rivers of love started flowing.” “Looking at you I felt,
that you are like my own.” “When and with whom one falls in love..” “When and with whom one falls in love,
no one knows!” “The face may be totally unknown,
but hearts recognise each hearts.” “The one who I have accepted..” “The one who i have accepted,
come and hold my hand..” “..and yours and my story,
in its youth has started.” “Assigned my youth to you!” “Assigned her youth to you!” “I am truly blessed,
that I received love from you.” “She received love from you.” “I am truly blessed,
that I received love from you.” “I will now spend my life in your arms.” “Who ever has a lover like you..” “Who ever has a lover like you,
his fortunes will awake!” “What more will he ask from
fate who receives your love!” “Losing myself in your dream..” “Losing myself in your dreams,
I will become yours for ever.” “Putting vermillion in my hair parting,
I have assigned my youth to you.” “I have assigned my youth to you.” “She have assigned her youth to you.” “I didn’t find a male
as strong and young as you..” “..that I fell in love
and assigned my youth to you!” “Assigned my youth to you!” “Assigned my youth to you!” “Assigned my youth to you!” Inspector,
I am getting suffocated by the minute. A man comes to the village
and humiliates the village respect.. ..and there is nobody to stop him? Sir, whom are you talking of? Raju, who else? It seems he is here to create mayhem. We’ve spent our lifetime here. I’ve never looked at a woman
with cruel intentions. This man openly is walking
hand in hand with one of our girls. There is nobody to stop him. I feel like putting
bullets through my eyes. Seeing this what will be
the effect on our girls, and kids. And I heard, he also aimed
his revolver once on you. Is that true?
– Yes. Great. With what shamelessness
you are saying yes. How can an ordinary man point his
pistol at an inspector and get away? Inspector, if you cant do anything,
then loan me your uniform. I will go to him,
give him a tight slap.. ..and ask him where did you get the
revolver from. Do you have a license? Lowering your head will not do.
They portends bad times ahead. If you don’t check that goon in time.. ..your uniform will go,
and also my landlord status. Goons will rule this place! No, Thakur. That time will not come. Before that I will have him arrested
along with his sweetheart, Durga. Search the entire house.
Go, get along. What are you doing? Where is your son? He has gone to the city.
– Hearing of me, he has gone! Where is his revolver?
– That I do not know. We will just come to know. Did you find the pistol?
– We didn’t find anything. Look, old woman, as soon
as your son returns from the city.. ..ask him to report
to the police station. But why?
– Don’t ask questions. Get one thing clear. If he does not reach, I will
put you both inside. Understood? Come on. What is it, Inspector? By dancing in the village, you spread
chaos and disturbed local peace. You are therefore being arrested. There is some misunderstanding. What disturbance can she create. Quiet! She has escaped me often. But I won’t spare her today. I am going to arrest her today. Have you an warrant to arrest me? I see! That military man
has taught you the legal language. I will teach you that at
the police station. Come with me. Mom..
– Let’s go. – Let her go. Please do not take my daughter.
– Let me go. Sir, this is a cruel act. Don’t take her and
put her in a lock up. It will be so shameful
and humiliating for all. You are thinking of such things now. She should have thought of these things
before she committed those crimes! No, sir, please! Durga! Mom. Mom. What happened! Inspector, I am innocent.
I beg of you, please leave me. Don’t lock me up like this.
My life will be destroyed. It’s a shame for a girl
to be jailed. You are thinking of shame. Siding with the dacoits,
you were not ashamed. You were not ashamed dancing
on the streets with a man? Creating disturbance,
you were not ashamed. I didn’t create any disturbance.
They were responsible. Those people whom
you think as innocent.. ..are nothing but goons and crooks. Quiet. You want to argue? You will come to your senses
when you spend the night here. Whole night!
Please, I can’t stay the whole night. This is an evil act. This is nothing. Tomorrow
when I send you to the city jail.. ..I wonder how many nights
you will have spend there. No, sir. Have pity. My mother will die of shame. My little brothers and sister will
have nothing to eat. Please pity me. Let me go home. Let me go. Let me go. Let me go. Mr. Vinod, you! Why have you taken the trouble,
you should have called me. Inspector, I heard that you have
arrested a poor innocent village girl. This is injustice on the poor. What are you saying?
It is with you only that she fought! If we fought,
it is our personal affair. We’ll settle it ourselves. But there is something known as law! That is ok. I will stand bail for her. And I assure you, whenever the law wants
her presence I will personally arrange it. Ok, if you say so. Sergeant! Leave her. Durga! Durga! Where are you taking me?
My house is this side. Durga, don’t be afraid. I have
an urgent work at the farm house. Only for a minute.
After that I will drop you home. How long will you keep
sitting there. Come in. No.
– We will just be moving. Come. Come. Good. Come. Don’t be afraid.
They are all my friends. They have come for a shoot. We will meet them,
and then move along. Great, Vinod! You have a
great eye and live by your promise. You finally managed
to get this doll here. What is all this, Vinod? What to say? Since I saw you dancing, I felt
I should see your dance once again. I am not that type of a girl.
I do shows but I don’t sell myself. Where are you going? Look, instead of lying on the
hard jail floors, come into my arms. You’ll enjoy it. I am trying to be decent,
and you are being difficult. I am asking for the last time,
are you dancing or not? Don’t please play with a
poor girls honor. Please leave me Durga, just do what I say,
and we will load you with money. You will enjoy for
the rest of your life. Please, I am like Nandini,
like your daughter or sister. What did you say? Are you
comparing yourself with Nandini. Durga, a pistol does not look
nice in your hands. Give it here. Don’t forward, else I will shoot. Why shoot, just wink at us,
we will die that way only. Give it to me. Don’t advance further or I will shoot.
– Give it here. I said stop! Mom!
– What happened? Are you all right? What is in your hands!
– Lets get out fast from here. Wake up Guddi and Munna. Munna, get up fast.
– What is it, sister. Come hurry up!
– But what is the matter? What happened? Tell me. I will tell later,
hurry up and leave this place. Where will you run away? My brothers blood is not cheap that you
can hide in any corner of this world. Listen to me,
your brother tried to molest me. What respect do you beggars have?
– Thakur! Shut up! Why did you hit our mother?
I will kill you. Take him away.
– Leave me! Sister, save us.
– No, sir! Thakur, take my life,
but leave my mother, and my siblings. How can I kill you?
You and your mother have to live. I will sort out your hands
with which you killed my brother. You will be left to beg only,
the balance of your life. And death will elude you. And all this your family
will have to see with their eyes. You mean sinner. Fear to God! Perhaps your mother too died early.. that she should not
see you molest your own sisters. How dare you!
– No! Sister, save us! Save us! Dharampal! Stop, you rascal! Catch her! Catch Durga! Durga! Get up! Father? Durga?
– Father. Durga, how did you come here? How are you in this condition?
Who were those people? Father, no body is left.
– What? Those goons have killed everybody. Who has killed my children? Dharampal. Dharampal. Sir, I have no faith in
Thakur and these police people. Crime is at its peak. It looks now these big
people will not let us even live! Sins are being committed. Today on Durga,
tomorrow it could be any body else. The way they killed the children. None in the family were spared. Has Banjara come to know of all this? If he had, wouldn’t he
have smashed Thakurs mansion? But how can you say this was
the handiwork of Thakur and his men. Brother, who else will do it? Who else had enmity
with Banjara and his family. So you have come!
I was waiting impatiently for you. If police becomes impatient,
what will happen to the people? Shut up! You are Durga’s accomplice. Where is the pistol which
you were showing to me, on that day. Yadav, arrest him. Before arresting me,
wouldn’t you like to see the license? When goons like you don’t have ration
cards, where will the license come from? If you don’t mind,
just glance through this paper. What is this? A letter from the DIG! Addi. Supdt. of Police, Mr. Raj! Sir, you have been
sent here on special duty! Yes. I have come to investigate the glory which
you are bringing to the police force. Have you found out
anything about Banjara No. What has happened to Durga? Sir, she has killed three
people and has absconded. What about her family?
How were they killed? We know nothing about it.
– Then what do you know? Is this the way you discharge
your responsibility? Who will have any
faith left in the police? People will take law into their own
hands and the law will become spectators. This looks like an ordinary uniform. Mr. Sinha, this uniform
carries a big responsibility. If you cannot take it up, it is better
you remove it and do some thing else. Sir, for the murders which Durga
committed, we have got witnesses. But for the family murders
we haven’t found a single witness. Till Durga tells us what
happened what can we do? Where are the dead
bodies of the family? Come this side. I will do their final rituals. These pyres will cool down in time. But what about the fire which
is lit in the hearts of the poor? Isn’t there a single man in this village,
who can tell me what actually happened? Till I come to know of
the truth I cannot do a thing. Only Durga can tell us.
– But where is Durga? I feel she must have
gone to her father, Banjara. But where is Banjara,
I don’t even know that. Sir, I do not know much, but I heard he
is often seen in the valleys of Ramgarh. Raju, you’re too late. I had to go through
a lot of difficulties. But how did the whole thing happen? After you left, the inspector
came and locked me up in jail. He abused me. Late at night, Vinod came. He got my release and instead
of taking me home, he… Durga, don’t cry.
Tell me the whole thing. He and his friends sprung up on me.
I pleaded with them. But they didn’t pay heed to my pleas. To save my honor,
I fired on him, and ran to my house. I wanted to run away from
there with mother and kids. Suddenly Dharampal came, and
in front of me killed mother & kids. To save myself, I also grabbed
a gun and killed many of them. I do not remember how many i killed. I only remember I
kept running and running. Like hunter dogs
they kept chasing me… That is enough, Durga. Forget the past.
Look towards the future. We have to prepare for that.
You will have to come with me. I am with you. You will have to come to court,
so that I can prove you as innocent.. ..and punish the guilty. Yes, Durga. All right. If my love
is ready to prove me innocent.. ..then I am prepared to come with you. No! Durga will not go! – Father.
– What are you saying? Do you wish that her life
to is destroyed like yours? Do you wish her to spend
her life in these jungles. Instead of improving her life,
you wish to push her into hell! You wish that law and the
police constantly keep hounding her! Law? Your law had put an
innocent person like me behind bars. She has killed three people.
Who will save her? I will save her! You? How can you save anyone?
You are just a puppet of law. Father! – Yes, he hasn’t
told you he is a police officer. What? And listen, he is not
even the son of your mad aunt. He is an imposter! By changing his form,
he came to arrest me. And now he has come to arrest you. So by getting you hanged,
he could earn a few medals. What I thought of you,
and what have you turned out to be. You kept telling me lies.
You played with my emotions. No, Durga, this is incorrect. The medals I’ll get by arresting
you and your dad will be worthless. I admit I was initially
tasked to capture your father. But later I came to know,
your father was innocent. And I came to the
village to find out.. ..who is behind getting
an innocent man punished. When I came to know
the reality of Dharampal.. I returned to my
HQ to inform the facts. And when I returned, it was too late. Everything was finished. I tried to find out the facts But the villagers are cowards. No
one comes forward to tell the facts. That is why I came over to you;
so I know the truth. I give you my word, till I don’t catch the
actual culprit I will not rest in peace. Then come only on that day.. ..when you are successful
in catching the actual culprits. On that day, myself and my daughter
will hand ourselves to the law. Never before that! Durga, don’t get me wrong! Alas, if I hadn’t got you wrong. Otherwise today… Please have faith in me. Look, I have an old
enmity with the police. But you performed the
last rites on my family. I am therefore indebted to you. But in future if
you try and follow us.. ..I’ll forget this favour.. ..then my treatment will be the same with
you as it is with the other police people. Look… Teja.
– Yes. The police have come
to know of our location. We should quickly change
our location. – Right. Don’t worry, within few days
I will have that officer posted. You have a drink.
– Well done. For doing your duties so well! You are sitting in a goons den, with
whiskey in hand and that too in uniform! How can people have faith in
law with people like you in police. You should be ashamed of yourself. Sir, I was just passing by…
– and have a few drinks enroute. Have some shame! You are
not bothered of respect for uniform! Why are you shouting here! This
is my house, not a police station. How dare you shout at my guest.
He is not a criminal. After all he is a police officer! You know he is a police officer. But he has forgotten,
and that is why I dropped in. As an SP I order you. Right now, arrest Dharampal. What? Arrest?
Me? Are you in your senses? I am! But you are not. I am
trying to bring you to your senses. Haven’t you heard? Arrest him! What nonsense is this? Under my roof,
you are ordering my arrest. Here are the handcuffs. Arrest him and
get him immediately to the police station. Perhaps you don’t know
what is the reach of Dharampal. Senior MPs wait on me,
and you are putting handcuffs on me? Ok, I will so avenge my humiliation.. will not forget
the rest of your life. Come! Accountant!
– What is this sir? Straight away ring
up the Home Minister. Tell him a two bit police
officer has done this to me. Okay, sir. This deal will prove very
costly to you, police officer. I just do deals. I am not bothered about the price. Lock him up.
– Is it? I am very sorry, Thakur. Right now you are sorry. Very shortly
this officer of yours will be very sorry. Wait and watch. Yes sir! Sir, there is a call
from the DIG for you. Yes sir! I heard you have arrested Thakur.
– Yes sir. But how did the information
reach you so fast! Higher authorities have given
instructions. Release Thakur. What are you saying?
But this man is a murderer. Of a woman and two children. If I leave him, police and
law will be seen in poor light! Do you have evidence? Yes, I have. Solid evidence.
– Who is the eye witness? Yes, I have. Who? Same mad woman,
whose son I become and came here. She is the eye witness. Okay. Get her there by
the time I reach there. All right! Mother! You bastard.. get an eye witness eliminated
you got an innocent woman killed! I did not get anyone killed.
– You are telling lies, you dog. You have silenced her for keeps. So that she does not give evidence
and you do not go to the gallows. I will not leave you alive.
– Yes, the law is with you. Who is there to ask you?
– Don’t act cheeky, you dog. What is happening? Are you trying to take law
into your own hands? He has done such a vile deed! Leave him and come with me. You call yourself as custodian of law.
Are the upholder of law like this? You cant control yourself,
how will you control the public? If the junta comes to know of it,
our department will be defamed. Sir, this woman looked
up to me as her son. She was an eye witness
of Durga family murders. He got her killed also. What? When did this happen?
– Just some time back. I am coming from there!
– Did you get any proofs. Sir, he is a very cunning crook.
He keeps wiping off all evidence. Look, our department
has its own limitations. You don’t know how
influential this man is. Till you come across some
hard evidence don’t do any thing by.. ..which your career is blemished. Thakur, I am very sorry
for what has happened today. I assure you in future our department
will never make a similar mistake. You can go home. Thank you very much. Doctor.
– Don’t worry. He is out of danger. When can I take him home?
– In a week or so later. Thank you. Vinod.
– Brother. I will not leave Durga alive. No, this job is not yours.
This job I will do. I will search her out and finish her.
Where can she go? She don’t have any other place to hide. She has only one place to hide.
Only Banjara will help her. Durga, what is this? This is the form I am taking to take
revenge on Dharampal and his brother. You will take revenge?
– Yes father. The flame of revolution which
has engulfed you will engulf me too. And till I avenge my family
and finish Dharampal and Vinod.. will keep consuming me. No. I will not let you color
your hands with his dirty blood. I want to see henna
of marriage on these hands No, father.
This will never happen now! Why? I will quickly find
you a good boy and get you married. You will put on a bridal dress
and send you in a palanquin… And this is a dream of all fathers. Forget it father! Let them remain dreams. In eyes of the world I am a murderess. No body will forgive me. No one will be ready to hold my hand. Don’t say that. Times change. In time the world forgets everything The world can forget, but father,
I can never forget the murders! You have not seen mother dying.
You haven’t seen her blood flow. I have seen. These eyes have seen. And I swear on you.. I cannot sleep. I cannot sleep. i remember her. I hear my brother and sister
screaming! Save us, sister! I couldn’t save them. But by killing them I will
certainly bring peace to their souls. All dismount and tie
your horses at the back. Come with me! If you make noise,
I will put a bullet through your neck! Where is Dharampal? – He has gone
to the city with Vinod for treatment. Nandini is in her room, sleeping. In which room is the safe! In that room. Teja, you stay here with two men.
No one should come inside. Get up! So much of money! Is he
a Thakur or a king of some place! Not a king, but a dacoit! He has looted people in our name,
and amassed so much of wealth! Since it has been looted in our name,
we have a right to it. Empty the safe,
& collect the guns. Hurry! Leave me! Save me! Leave me! Leave me! Save me! Being a comrade of Banjara.. haven’t learnt to respect sisters
and mothers! You dog! This is the first time some one has done.. ..such a despicable act
from Banjara’s group. I do not leave any one who
molests or rapes a sister or mother! No, please! It was a mistake. It will not happen again.
Please forgive me! This is his first mistake.
Warn him and please forgive him. Sir, please forgive him. All right. But get one thing clear!
Banjara only loots criminals… But he will not stand any
one raping or molesting women. Teja, go! I have forgiven you.
But if you ever attempt to repeat it.. ..then I will bathe you in blood,
from head to toe! This barber has come to meet Durga. You! What is it?
I hope every thing is all right. No, it is not, Durga. I have brought
bad news about Hariya’s daughter. Who? Anju? What has happened to her. She’s on her death bed. She wants to meet
you for the last time? Last time?
– Yes. What happened? Her in laws poured kerosene
on her and tried to kill her. What? But why? She was just married.
Where is she now? In the hospital. She is our
guest for a few moments! Poor thing. You go to the village, and
see everything is all right. – Right. And you inform Father, I am
going to the hospital to meet Anju. Doctor! Anju. Durga, you have come! – Yes! Death is standing in front of me,
to take me away. No, no, Anju. Anju. Doctor! Where is Hariya? He has gone to her
place to call her husband. He will not go anywhere. It is better for such
daughters of beggars to die! They come packing a few sarees and
come empty handed, and without dowry! Now stop making a scene here.
Stop crying & go away. But sir, she was also
your daughter in law! She is a daughter of a beggar. She came here like a servant.. ..and in a few days got herself
burnt and went to the hospital. We have nothing to do with her.
Get out from here! Don’t say like that.
Have pity. She will die otherwise! Anju is not dying, she is already dead!
– What? No, it cannot happen. God cannot be so cruel. She was just married.
It was too early for her to die! These hungry dogs have killed Anju.
They wanted more dowry. Instead of respecting her,
they put a shroud on her! Hariya is saying the right thing. I do not know anything of this.
– You know every thing! You will yourself admit it finally. You see this man! He gave
his entire life savings as dowry! He even mortgaged his land. And land is like a mother to a farmer. But you are greedy. You killed this poor man’s daughter
to trap another girl into marriage! What do you think of women?
Are they sheep and goats? That you get married to them, bring
them home and treat them like servants. And when your greed increased,
you burnt her and killed her. So that you could dupe another family. Tell me, who is responsible
for Anju’s death between you two. Anju was not only my friend,
she was my sister! And I will not leave
my sister’s killer alive. Speak up, who killed Anju!
– I do not know anything. Father used to trouble
her for not bringing dowry. But what about you finalising your
marriage with Seth Achoo Mal’s daughter! But you only had put oil on Anju! But you had set her on fire! Uncle Hariya, your daughter’s
murderers are standing in front of you. Pull the trigger! Take revenge for your daughters death! What are you thinking? If you don’t kill these snakes today.. ..then tomorrow they
will kill more innocent girls.. their quest for more dowry. To put an end to this practice,
you will have to kill them. Pull the trigger,
and kill these snakes. Villagers, open your ears and listen. This is a warning
to all dowry seekers. In my area, in future if
any body takes or gives dowry.. ..or trouble their wives for dowry.. ..their fate will be similar
to what you witnessed today. Come Uncle! Teja, where have been since morning. Today is my sisters marriage.
I was busy in that only. Your sister is getting married,
and we didn’t know of it! I too didn’t know.
I came to know only when I went home. Sir, I have come to give
you the marriage invitation. Teja, now I am only fit to
commit dacoity during marriages. I am unfit to go
like a guest nowadays. Simply give my blessings
to your sister on the occasion. No, we don’t have a family
elder who can do his rituals. This alone you will have to do. If you don’t.. ..I will understand that you have
still not forgiven me.. ..for the mistake
I committed on that day. No, I am not one of those,
who harbour old grievances. Just like on pressing the trigger,
the bullet is out.. ..similarly once I forgive,
I forget and take it out of my mind. Then you will come? Most certainly. Your village is pretty far out. Come.
– This way? – Yes. You must have made all
preparations for the guests. The arrangements for
the wedding are done. Teja, who is the boy to whom
your sister is getting married to? He is a school master. Okay. Teja, what is the matter?
The whole village is empty. Banjara, you have been surrounded! If we want, we can finish you. But we give you another chance to live.
Surrender yourself to the police. Well done, now go to the mansion,
and collect your prize. Get the jeeps! How come you are here?
– Father, come. Come on my shoulders! I had told you not to go.
He couldn’t be trusted. Ultimately he proved
himself a traitor! How did you reach here? I knew he will cheat. And
that is how we followed you and Teja. Durga, police is coming this side.
You escape from here! Look, I cannot leave
you in this condition! My whole body is like a sieve.
I will not live. Give me your rifle. I will stop the police. You run away! Where will I run away,
leaving my father? Whom have I got now? If you
have to die, I will die before you. I have seen everybody
die in front of me. Now I cannot see you die too. If something happens to you,
I will torch the whole world. I will kill everyone.
I will not leave anyone. Come father! Come father! Careful. Father! Give him water! Go and quickly get a doctor. Hurry.
– No. There is no need now.
Only a few breaths are left. No, father, no. Don’t cry! You are brave. Brave people can endure
any amount of pain. I am going to my own people. Your mother is waiting for me. Your brother and sister are
awaiting my arrival. – No, father. I am leaving no wealth
or jewellery for you. But yes. I am leaving an enemy. With a hope that you will finish
the crimes being committed by him. Will you do it, daughter? Yes, father. I will. God bless you! Today I am very happy. I am not leaving behind
a helpless and weak daughter. Amongst my loyal colleagues I am
leaving behind a tigress. A tigress! May god protect you! Father! Father! No! No! No! My father was killed by deceit. This traitor, Taja, has cheated
his entire group and his master. I will not leave that bastard alive. Tell me, where is Teja?
– I do not know. You know everything.
You used to be with him. Speak up. I will tell you. “Time and again, the slip was slipping!” “The bud blossomed and
started giving its fragrance.” “Time and again, the slip was slipping!” “The bud blossomed and
started giving its fragrance.” “See how we blushed,
and how we blossomed!” “See how we blushed,
and how we blossomed!” “In four days, youth too blossomed.” “Time and again, the slip was slipping!” “The bud blossomed and
started giving its fragrance.” “While gazing, I wonder what happened!” “While gazing, I wonder what happened!” “I got lost, and my heart too got lost.” “My eyes blinked,
and the affair kept developing.” “And the remaining story,
became more interesting.” “Time and again, the slip was slipping!” “The bud blossomed and
started giving its fragrance.” “These days of life,
are nothing without love.” “These days of life,
are nothing without love.” “Lover, the days of fun & gaiety
can be counted on fingertips.” “The eyes became killers,
the tresses became snakes!” “Losing balance,
youth became mad in love.” “Time and again, the slip was slipping!” “The bud blossomed and
started giving its fragrance.” “See how we blushed,
and how we blossomed!” “See how we blushed,
and how we blossomed!” “In four days, youth too blossomed.” “Time and again, the slip was slipping!” “The bud blossomed and
started giving its fragrance.” Everybody, go away from here! What is the hurry, Teja?! Don’t kill me, Durga! You died, when you got
father killed by deceived. Today I am just completing
your final rituals. Please forgive me, Durga! Now only father will forgive you,
when you meet him. Don’t fire! Durga, don’t fire! Pick up this dogs
body and take it along. Who is outside? Who are you people?
Whose body is this? Teja.
– Teja? Durga. He was your colleague,
why did you kill him? He killed faith, so I killed him. Do you know why I threw
his body on your door step? For you got in cahoots with
him and got my father killed. And we have an old
account to settle too! Inspector, you too, by donning a police
uniform, have murdered law endlessly. Any you have a big hand in making
an innocent like me into a dacoit! And that is why I have come to
pin a medal of bullets on your chest! No! Yes! You had put the gun
into my hands. Now face its bullets! Are these the fields
of Dharampal. – Yes! If I find any one working in Dharampals
fields from today I will not leave them. Run away from here! When Thakur is facing atrocities.. can the family Dharampal
stay in this village. Tell me, how can any decent
person stay in this village. We cannot do work in our fields.
Our godowns have been looted! Our mansion has been robbed.
Your department does nothing! Quiet! Don’t think police
has cotton stuffed in its ears! As easily as cotton is stuffed into ears,
so will we bring criminals to justice. We need two hands to clap, not one! What are you saying? Who forced Banjara
into becoming a dacoit? Who killed Durga’s family
that she was forced to join dacoits. Who was looting in
the name of Banjara? I am sure you can answer
these questions very well. I can’t understand what you
are saying! How would we know… I am talking of something
very close, Vinod. You and your brother know
very well what I am talking about. I am a very simple man.
Don’t trap me in verbal symthic. My name is Dharampal Singh. I only do what is religious
and set aside the rest. But there is one thing which is
troubling me. Can you put light on it? Go ahead! Why has Durga not
been captured as yet.. ..when teams to capture her are here,
and you are here. The Anti Dacoit Unit. Please answer me. Please ask your religious
scruples & tell me, yourself. Should I? – Yes! You do not want her to be arrested. I had heard of your
relations with Durga.. ..but my religion did not
permit me to take cognisance of it. But I am now convinced that
you and Durga have illicit relations. Quiet! Control your tongue, or else… I have not put on a mask
of decency & morality like you. To do my duty, and uphold the respect
of this uniform, I can give my life. To arrest Durga is my duty,
and I will do it. And listen to one more thing. The day I find proof against you,
you will be behind bars! Enough, Rajan!
– Shut up! And get out! Out! Brother, let us go!
– Fine. Bastard. Dholakram.
– Yes sir. Get Hajamat Lal
immediately to my house. Okay. No. There is no question
of our meeting again. He is a police officer,
and I am an absconder. In his eyes I am a dacoit. On his shoulders rests the responsibility
of eliminating our boys.. ..and on my shoulders
is the job of protecting them. We are walking on different
paths which can never meet. Don’t say so, Durga! You never know what new direction
life will take by this meeting. He is a good boy, and I am quite good
in recognising the good from the bad. My razor may be on their beard,
but my gaze is on their face. When I shave, I study faces.
Believe me, Raju is a good boy. If mad aunt was alive,
by now you would have been wedded! There is no point going back in time. Not only is mad aunt dead,
but so is Durga! This Durga is the
leader of these dacoits. Under no circumstances will she permit
the safety of her boys to be compromised! Never! Durga, he has no business
with your colleagues. He wants to meet you alone. If you wish your people can
be at a distance and protect you. Have faith in me. I am telling the truth. All right! Durga, after so many days.. ..I am getting an opportunity
to see you and meet you from so close! I too feel we are quite close,
but there is a 1000 miles gap. This separation you have created. We can once again come close. All problems can be solved
and the distance dissolved. If you…
– What? Hand yourself to the police. Whom am I meeting?
A police officer or Raju whom I loved. Both, Durga! No, both cannot come together. The police officer
wants Durga for his law.. ..and Raju wants her for his love. Law and love are such two swords,
which can never enter one scabbard. They can! Durga, I am that man, who is standing
by his love as well as the law. Neither am I deceiving the law,
nor you. I am instead trying to find
a way where I can uphold both. It is not possible to find
that path in this world, Rajan. It is possible. Only an initiative
is necessary from your side. Stop all the blood shed from today.
Throw away your weapons and come with me. Where? To the gallows? No. To go to the gates of law,
and ask for justice. If law had given justice.. ..then Durga wouldn’t
have lost her family.. ..nor would she have become a dacoit. My entire family was killed,
and your law kept watching the fun? I know you have suffered
numerous atrocities. Some people putting police
uniforms have dishonored it. This will not happen now.
Have faith in me. I am with you. To get you justice, I will put
at stake my uniform, my everything! Give me time to think.
– Why? I had sworn.. ..till I take revenge on Dharampal
and his brother I will not rest in peace. The day I fulfill my oath,
I will hand myself over to the police. No. That is the job of the law. No. Who was it?
– Vinod. Vinod. Hajamatlal?
– Yes, sir. Who is this girl?
– This is not a girl but a statue. Not this. I was referring
to this girl you were talking about. Sir, she is not a statue,
but Putlibai. Putlibai? You can take it as that. Name is good,
but how is she to look at? She is great. Even if you close your eyes, you will
not find a more beautiful girl than her. With eyes closed? Meaning? The girl is young. She is beautiful… Really! She is like Tai Mahal,
but of red stone. But what have you with color. Your concern is figure, her style.
With the body… All that is all right,
but I hope she will dance and sing! To bring her to you is my job,
but for other things… Leave that to me. Now, just
do one work for me! – What is that? My elder brother is
going to the city today. Just get her to the
farm house at midnight. Sir, what a place you have chosen,
and what a night! May be tonight is the last night! “I am well acquainted
with the style of your love.” “My grace is also
well known in the world!” “I am in front of you.
You are in front of me!” “Let us see what strength
is there in your desire!” “It is difficult to
save the target of my gaze!” “It is difficult to
save the target of my gaze!” “Today the world will see,
how accurate is my aim!” “How accurate is my aim!” “This youth and open hair,
beckons the spring.” “This youth and open hair,
beckons the spring.” “Take care, this she cobra
of youth does not bite you!” “Let the night pass,
let the vehicle keep moving.” “Let the night pass,
let the vehicle keep moving.” “This youth and beauty
welcomes you to come forth…” “For you are the target of my gaze!” “It is difficult to
save the target of my gaze!” “For you are the target of my gaze!” “I kill with my eyes,
I kill with my style!” “I kill with my eyes,
I kill with my style!” “I kill by faith, I kill by belief.” “I am the life of an assembly,
I am seductress of the eyes.” “I am the life of an assembly,
I am seductress of the eyes.” “It is not easy to escape
my style and my manners.” “For you are the target of my gaze!” “It is difficult to
save the target of my gaze!” “It is difficult to
save the target of my gaze!” “You are alone, and so am I.” “After a long time,
have I this opportunity.” “I always needed
this moment of meeting!” “How will you remember,
I am your old memory.” “I am that appeal, of those four walls.” “The one who you looted,
I am that same destruction.” “Why have I come here,
you better come to know.” “Love, you better know,
I am your death.” “I am your death, recognise it.” “I am your death, recognise it.” “Recognise it.” Durga, you? Yes. Do you remember this place. It is the same place where
the story of my destruction started. You started this story,
but I am going to finish it. The only difference is that day,
I was helpless, and today it is you. I didn’t do anything. I just
got you from the police station. That inspector… That Inspector has received
the punishment for his follies. I will finish all those
who had a hand in my destruction. From today, no scoundrel
like you will ever look at a girl. Durga, please forgive me,
I beg of you. That day I too had folded
my hands in front of you. But you all laughed
and poked fun at me. You tried to molest me. I am ashamed of myself. Can your shame bring back my father? Can it return my mother
and small siblings. No, you made me an orphan. You compelled me to pick up a gun. But today you will
face these same guns. Run! Where will you run? I have made walls of
death on all escape routes. No, Durga, don’t shoot me. I will not let you die so easily. I will put bullets in all parts of your
body like nails and only then let you die. You cannot do this Durga.
You are like my sister. Sister? What will you know of the sacred
relationship between a brother and sister. You are that devil who will not leave his
own mother or sister for his own greed. And such a devil,
even God will not forgive! Uncle, this dog is dead. Now left is his elder brother,
Dharampal. It is very necessary
to arrest Durga and her gang. It is a question of respect
of the department. Spread out! Search the area,
and find out their whereabouts. You understand? You were running away.
From Thakur Dharampal? My reach is farther than death. My hands reach where death cannot! It appears God has neither
given you brains nor wealth. He has left you here,
to be kicked about! Tell me, where is Durga? You won’t speak? All right.
My legs know how to make people sing. You are inviting your own death. When you confront Durga,
you will die in such a way.. ..even your brother’s
soul even in death will shiver. Time will tell, who sorts out whom. But I will reduce
you to such a state.. will not be able
to even look at yourself. Hey.. pick him up. Take out
the eyes of this loyal dog of Durga. Gulab Singh! No. I fold my hands. Please forgive me. Don’t kill me. I will not kill you so easily. After a long time has this
day for which I was waiting for. And for which the
villagers were waiting for. Today, you will have to account and
pay for all the crimes you committed. The account for my mothers death… Account for the death
of Munna and Guddi! For my father’s death! For all those poor
you murdered along the way! I will give up all these things.
I will leave the village and go. I will distribute all
my wealth amongst the poor. Nobody needs your wealth,
nor does anybody require you. No, Durga, don’t be mad!
– Leave me! Durga, don’t take law into
your own hands. – I will kill him. Durga, come to your senses. No! – Calm down, Durga.
– I will kill him. Leave me!
– Durga. Don’t be crazy.
– Let go! Come to your senses, Durga. Come to your senses!
– No! Don’t be crazy.
– No! Durga, don’t take law
into your own hands. – Let go! Come to your senses, Durga.
– Let go! Calm down, Durga.
– I will kill him. Don’t be crazy.
– Let go! Don’t be crazy.
– No! Dharampal, you coward!
– Come to your senses, Durga. No!
– Durga! You will not survive today!
No! Listen to me, Durga! Let go!
– Durga, no! Dharampal’s body is inside.
Send it for post mortem. And seal this place. Come, Durga!
– Come inside.

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