Shift – A Sci-Fi Short Film

Shift – A Sci-Fi Short Film

There seems to be drastic shifts of weather in a short amount of time. So far, …loud blasting noises were heard. Lighted beams were sighted at a distance… In other breaking news, there has been reports of an epidemic on the rise A new virus strain has been detected. Researches are still unsure whether this has any connection to do with the shifting weather. The virus mostly affects children below the age of ten. Fatal. Most victims usually die within days or even hours of exposure. The only cure for now is prevention. Do not let your children play outside. If your child shows any signs or symptoms such as high fever, bring them to the hospital immediately. Good morning to the people of Kuching. This is Radio Kuching with the morning news. So far, the weather is still stable. Let us hope it stays that way. On to more news, once in a while there are people who can’t cope with the lost of a loved one. In this case, around 2 a.m. last night, a dead body was reported to be dug up and stolen from the Matang Jaya’s graveyard. The witness, who was a random passerby, reported to have seen an adult male loading the body into a truck. Upon investigation, the dead body belongs to a female named Claire. Reasons unknown. Police will investigate further..

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  1. Great movie! Killer ending! And I can't believe that was Alex on the radio! No wonder he sounded familiar hahahaha

  2. Wow! You're amazing. And thanks for the sub. My "real" job is actually branding. I run an agency in Sweden. Please get in contact and I'll put you in contact with the people in the film industry that I work with. Maybe it'll lead to nothing, but who knows what might happen. Were do you live and work? Just thought 181 subs is like WAY to little for competence like this. Really impressed by the combination of storytelling, art and technical competence!

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