Shiva The Super Hero 3 | New Horror Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nagarjuna Akkineni, Samantha, Seerat Kapoor

Shiva The Super Hero 3 | New Horror Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nagarjuna Akkineni, Samantha, Seerat Kapoor

I have fallen in love with I love! The heart says, ‘Wow’! ‘Soul is immortal.’ ‘No power in the world
can destroy it whether it’s wind or water.’ Pandu, soul’s have lot of power. If it pursues you,
it doesn’t leave you so easily. Stop talking nonsense. For the last 10 years we are roaming
here. Did we find anyone till now? There is nothing like soul.
It’s utter nonsense. Hello? I am waiting at the marriage
registration office since morning. Bring the bride and the groom
here quickly. And while coming
bring my commission. Uncle, this is property
registration office. What are you talking? You have come at the property
registration office for marriage. Go away! You are smarter than me.
– Yes, we are smart. Go. – Hello! Sir. – Mr. Raja is waiting
for you since some time. – Hello! If you have no money, tell me now. Sir, we will sell the resort
to someone else. Sir, actually…
– It is not about money. We are waiting for our third friend.
– Who is the third friend? Here he comes. Why are you late? We are starting a business for
the first time so I visited the temple to pray that our friendship is intact. Right. – Now come quickly.
We are getting late. “Similar things. Similar path.
Our dreams are similar.” “We have to live like brothers.
We are together.” “We are different, but have the
same love as life in our bodies.” “What to ask from God?
May we stay together always.” “Beautiful life!” Wow! What a beauty! What a beauty!
– Correct! What a beauty! What a beauty! Soft. Very soft. Hey! What are you doing early in
the morning? Get up. Come on get up. What are you doing? Stay away.
– Sorry, sir. Your wife is like a sister to me.
I was just… Was this a dream? – If you sleep
so long you will surely dream. Come on. This is our resort. Sleep as long as you want.
Do anything. No one will pester you. Customers are getting angry with
this habit. And you are sleeping. Go and take payment
from number 8. Go! Hello!
– Yes. Account and billing is your department.
Customer service is my department. I don’t interfere in your department,
then why are you interfering? Should I kick you if I don’t
interfere? – Are you joking? Do you doubt?
– I feel I must kick you at night. Stop talking nonsense.
– Hey, get serious friends. If we work hard then we can branches
of our resort in the next five years in Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai,
Dubai, London and Paris. This is my target. Before that we will open
a branch in Bangkok. Why? For a massage.
– Really? Everything is legal there. Do you
know that? – Will there be girls? Yes, they also have a license. And it will be a work out
for men. It will be fun. We will plan our resort there. After giving service to customers they will give us service…
– Is it right? Pervert! No! He is interested in
money, not honey. Forget him. He’s a good boy.
– Yes. I don’t know why today
my body is aching a lot. Even I feel the same today. Shall we go then?
– Let’s go. “Today my heart is crystal clear.” “Rayadu.” Here, take this.
I got what you asked for. How much is the cost?
– Rs. 350. Is it? I will not give
the rate you told me. Take 360.
– Alright. Give it. Hands are busy.
Search in my pocket. What are you holding? I told you to search my pocket. Hey, the bell is ringing.
It’s time to see the Lord. Hold this. I will be back.
– Alright. “Sing a song.” My dear children, God is like a father to us. God created Adam and Eve first. Excuse me father,
I have a doubt. Can I ask you? Yes. Go on.
– Before Adam and Eve no one was born in this world.
– Yes. Is it true?
– Yes. Who is the creator of Adam and Eve? And did Jesus come first
or Adam and Eve? Rayadu!
– Father. After the prayer is over
come to my room to meet me. I will answer all your
questions there. I will surely meet you. So, in this world everyone
is Adam and Eve’s children. So, we must treat every girl
as a mother and sister. Father.
– Tell me. If I treat every girl my sister
according to your words, then how will the new
generation be born? I can’t understand this, father. Rayadu! – Will you answer
this question in the room too? Absolutely, I will answer you there. Forget it. If I will all the answers in
the room then why come to church. Sir, where do I keep this tea? Do one thing. Go to Calcutta
by flight and keep the coffee there. I will go there to drink my coffee.
Okay? Alright.
– Hey! Where are you going? – I will keep
it in Calcutta. – My dear darling! You are taking a joke seriously.
Give it here. Throw that coffee on my face. Hey! Hello ma’am, I joked about it. Give this in my hand.
Thank you. – Right, sir. Thank you.
– Enjoy. Did you mix jaggery in coffee?
– Yes sir, I like jaggery. Sometimes do smart things too. No one adds jaggery to coffee. You?
– Sir. This is my job. I am Bajirao Singham
of this village. Leave my hand.
Don’t tell this dialogue to me. What’s the use of getting angry? Look at Ashwin,
how he is enjoying with Nisa? Yes, I am watching it. Watching it. If you keep watching, you will have to press
the ball all your life. – Shut up! Hey, Nisa darling! Your activity is driving me crazy. Today, somehow
I will sing and dance with you. What are you doing
in the swimming pool? Silly question. You can’t dance inside the
swimming pool. You will swim, right? A class is going on here. So what? That’s not my problem. Hi, Nisa!
– Hi! Refreshments! Thanks! This is for Nimmi,
to reduce body weight. – Thank you. This is a power house
drink for pretty Suhashini. Suhanisa! Suhasinha. No, Suhanisa. Suhanisa or Suhashini, your beauty is mind blowing. Thank you.
– Hey, what rubbish? How can you compare
apple with oranges? Here comes the Britisher. What happened?
Doesn’t Girish speak good English? I don’t know about English. He didn’t complete engineering
course too. – Hello! Not because I can’t pass,
I left it purposely. Liar.
– I wanted to quit. This bloody education system in India. That’s why I quit. If I had studied
I would have ruined my life like him. But I don’t feel
he’s educated seeing his face. Hello aunt, instead of seeing my face
see your face in the mirror. Hello,
everyone calls me a pretty doll. Do you know it? – Not a doll,
your face looks so ugly. Stop talking nonsense,
I am still single. But you look like
a mother of 3 kids. Will I believe if you call
yourself single? So, just remember one thing, everybody maybe same before law, but everybody may not be
same before biology. Because zoology is different
from Anthropology. Wow! What a statement! Hey, bold and beautiful! Don’t you want Linda Goodman’s
star signs. – Of course. You have it? You say it, I have it. Just get out of this shit, dear.
Come on. Bye, guys! Oh, my God! He is killing
everyone with his English. I can’t see this. All the best! Rest in peace! Cheers! What is this? – Spanish Fly.
World’s second best Aphrodisiac. What do you mean? It arouses you. A single drop arouses you. Who is it for?
– For Nisa. Nisa is my student. Don’t think about her
or you’ll face your wrath. Forget it. I fixed a date with Nisa
by removing her from your class. Don’t you know
how much I love Nisa? Okay. Will the switch
in your room work in my room? Will we stop switching on
the light as we have the moon light. This is also similar. You love her, I date her! Hey, Nisa will go for a date with me. Stupid, even if Kattapa
interfere I will not stop it. Nisa’s fate depends on my date. Right? Smile please! Come here.
– Show it to me. Show me. Show me.
– Wow! This is good.
– Now you click our picture. – Me? Yes, you. Come. I am nothing compared
to your beauty. Aww! So sweet! Come baby.
Let’s take a selfie. – Please, Nisa. I am telling you to come. If you take more time the Spanish Fly
will take her to the room. Smile! Can I hold you? Yes. Absolutely! Is it good?
– Superb! You are so sweet! What are you doing? Honestly, her cheeks
are wonderful. – Really? Now hold this and watch me. Wow!
– Nisa. Can we discuss that book? Oh yeah. Let’s do it.
– Exactly! Do you believe in star signs? Actually… – The people who
roam in the streets won’t know about star signs? You are too innocent, dear. Come, let’s go to my room. What is happening, Manish? He says we are wayward and
fun loving people. So, you are angry about that.
– Yes. But I feel he has taken away
your girlfriend. Correct, I didn’t think about that. “How do I tell without you
life is miserable?” Stop it! I hate love stories. Wow! Nice view. You like it?
– Beautiful. Here you go!
– Hey! Thank you. I like this brand. Are you okay? Yep, I am okay. Nisa! You know,
you are very special to me. You are married, right? Who told you?
– I saw it on Google. Hell with Google! You know actually Google
is not G.O.O.G.L.E. It’s GOOGLE. It was coined by Milton Sirota. He’s the nephew of…
– Tell me are you married or not? I am also divorced. Didn’t you find
out in Google? – Oh, but why? You know full mental torture. Psychological abuse. It’s like acupuncture.
Very painful. You know. No happenings at all. When you turn back to see… Hey Nisa, not behind you. If you turn back in my life
and see… – Oh! I am sorry why did I marry? Oh, I am sorry! No Nisa, I don’t want you
to show sympathy to me. I want you to hug. I want your shoulder. Are you okay? ‘I can go ahead with
the pretext of a picture.’ Nisa, can I click
a picture of yours? Of course. Shall I pose? Double of course.
– Okay. By the way your eyes
must see the lens. The picture should be good looking.
– You will enjoy watching it. Ready?
– Ready. What happened?
– Lens need to be cleaned. Oh!
– Clarity is important. Yeah. Ready? Pose. Any problem? Lens need to be cleaned. Clarity is important. I will try once again. Come on, baby.
Let’s take a selfie. We will take a selfie? I hate selfies. Let’s take a selfie. Selfies are injurious
to health baby. Many people died because of it. Hey, cutie pie, just one selfie. Please! Please! Wow! Nice. Wow! Where are you in the picture? Drink this. Not a single drop will go in.
It will come out. Ma’am, with your permission. I want to call up mummy.
Can I go out and call up? Talk to mummy later.
Drink this first. I am missing my mother
a lot, ma’am. Please! Please ma’am.
– First drink this. First drink this.
– I have to go. Mummy! There’s a ghost.
There’s a ghost in our resort. There’s a ghost. – What happened?
Why are you screaming? Did Nisa leave? – She is not Nisa.
It’s a ghost in her form. She is a ghost in the form
of a woman. A ghost? – Right.
Come with me. I’ll show you. Come. This is Nisa. Click a picture. You will find out. Click her picture. Click a picture.
Can you see her in the screen? What nonsense are you talking?
Take the phone. I can see her. Look. How is it possible? Some time back she was invisible. It means nothing happened
between you both. No. Hold on for a minute. Are you dancing? – No.
I was cooking. Will you eat food? Dude, I am not kidding. This girl is
a ghost. She drank a bottle of alcohol. I feel you drank a whole bottle. Let’s wake her up and leave her
in her room. – No. No. No. I will manage Nisa. Both of you go
and do your work. Go! Nisa!
– Hey! Are you mad?
Are you romancing with a ghost? It is dangerous. – Shut up.
There’s no ghost here. Stop talking nonsense.
Let’s go from here. Nisa! My dear. My darling, Nisa! She looks fine now. What happened to her last night? What are you doing?
– I was thinking of you. Why? – I typed a donkey
instead of Google on the internet. What did you see?
– Your picture. Stop joking and listen
to me carefully. Tell me. – Surely there’s
a mystery about Nisa. How did she know about my marriage? Dude, I told her about it.
– You? Yes.
– Why did you tell her? Married people are not
much in demand. – Is it? If you have I-phone 7
won’t we buy I-phone 8? Don’t over think.
Stop laughing. I need to test Nisa once again. Great Nisa. You danced well. Great girls.
– Thank you! Run from here. No. Run. What is wrong with him?
Why is he behaving in this manner? Nothing. He thinks you are a ghost. He thinks I am a ghost.
– Yes. Oh my God! You know I went on a date with him. He feels you are pursuing him. I have to teach him a lesson.
– What will you do? Do you want a date with me? What did you say?
– Will you come on a date with me? Music! Say yes or no. This man is your slave
from today, ma’am. Now I will teach a lesson to Girish. Pravin, this is just a dream.
Come back to reality. Are you in your senses?
– Why? You are ruining things
before it started. You are running things before
it started. What is this? What is this? Nisa wore a bikini and
called out to me and you came in. Like a spoil sport. A traitor. This guy in reality and you in
dreams ruin things for me. When will I date Nisa darling? Hey!
– Yes. I am not sad that I didn’t get Nisa. I am happy that my life is saved. Honestly!
– I was kidding. What timing! This must be Nisa’s call. Enjoy. Bye. Good night. Hey! It’s Nisa’s call. – Is it? Speak to her quickly. Hi, Nisa darling. What happened?
You called me up so late at night. Hello! Hello! Hello! I can’t hear her voice. Speak to her. I will go and check
what Nisa is doing in her room. Yes. Alright. Go. Go. Hi Nisa darling,
what is wrong with you? The date is for tomorrow night.
Do you want to go tonight? Nisa! Her phone is on the side
and she is sleeping. Then who is speaking on the phone? Your body is so soft.
Which cream do you use? Which cream do you use? Tell me Nisa. Disconnect your phone. She is not Nisa. She is not Nisa.
– Shut up. Don’t disturb me. Okay. Tell me which cream is it? Should I come and apply
that cream on you? Will you fall in love with a ghost? Don’t you understand what I am saying?
She is not Nisa. Shut up. Not you. Not you. How much do you love me?
Sing it out to me. Please! Now listen to Nisa’s voice.
Listen. Listen. Listen to this. “A candle burns somewhere.
A heart somewhere.” I told you. Now you are caught. She is not a girl. Disconnect the call.
“Come closer and take a look.” “Moth.”
– Disconnect quickly. Come on. Quickly. “Which destiny is yours?” If you want to die, then die.
– “A candle burns.” “Somewhere.”
– I am going. I am going.
– “Somewhere a heart.” You stand here. Come on let’s go. Let me wave my wand. You will now not hear
any other sound beside my voice. Now take a deep breath. Now leave it. No. No. Sneeze. Stupid where do you breathe
and let out from? I am confused. You didn’t tell
me where to breathe out from. If you would tell me
I wouldn’t fart. I had Chicken Briyani for Rs. 2. It must be crow, not chicken. Answer my questions
without stopping me. – Yes. Go on. Before we bought this resort
did any strange incident take place in Thakur’s resort? What do you mean?
– I mean. Any suicide or murder? What sir? You are talking
about suicide and murder. If such an incident took place it would
have flashed on TV and newspaper. Go away from here.
There’s no ghost here. Go. Son, what happened? I got jewellery with much difficulty for
her on our wedding anniversary. – Yes. She gave that jewellery to her mother. What do I do now? Tell me. I am thinking how I will get back
that jewellery. There is one way
to get the jewellery. Allow your mother-in-law
to stay with you. Was I mad to get married to you? Let’s go home.
I will teach you a lesson. Good morning father. Sit down.
– Two minutes. Two minutes. Yes. Two minutes.
– Yes. Why have you both come here? Do ghosts exist?
– Yes. Did you see one? Tell me one thing. Is there air?
– Yes. It exist. – Yes. Then show it.
– Here. No father. The air we don’t see we feel it. God is not to be seen,
but we still believe in him. And in the same manner ghost exist. If we don’t want air
we switch off the fan. But how do we shut away ghost. How will we stop them?
– You can’t stop them. We can’t stop them.
– Yes. But the Lord can stop them. The cross in my hand can stop it. Lord! – Tell me what has
really happened? Father, we feel there’s
a ghost in the resort. Call me for a blessing at your resort. As a sample keep the cross on
my forehead and purify me, father. I haven’t taken a bath out of fear. When God exist,
what do you fear from? Please father. Just once.
– What? Hallelujah!
– Hallelujah! Ashwin, it’s not that. Listen to me. One shouldn’t have friends like you. With so much hard work we
collected money to buy this resort. And now we will spread rumors
that there’s a ghost here. Sorry, we did a mistake. Alright. Now forget about this issue. Yes.
– Yes. And don’t tell anyone
there’s a ghost here. We will not tell anyone. But honestly there’s
a ghost in this resort. Even I am here right? Why don’t I see a ghost?
I must see one, right? Oh no. Ashwin. Hey Ashwin. Hey! Hey, Ashwin. Ashwin! Ashwin! Ashwin! Ashwin! Oh my God! Ashwin. Ashwin! Where are you? Where are you? The sound is coming
from the bathroom. Ashwin! Come to the bathroom
with me. Please. I told you there’s a ghost,
but you didn’t believe us. Now look what happened? Come out. Don’t go there. Nothing will happen to me. Ashwin! Ashwin! He is not here. No. Hey, Manish! What is wrong with him? Hey! My dad called up today
in the morning. What did he say? He said business is not for us. Sell the resort. Take your
share and return home. You are right. Instead of living in fear here it is better we sell the resort take
our share and leave the place. – Yes. You are great! I trusted you’ll,
I fought with my family. I invested in this resort. Now you are planning
to sell your share and leave. If I incur loss in business my family
has asked me not to return home. In a way they have thrown
me out of my house. Got it? Parents are together
only until the child grows up. After that only friends support you. If you’ll don’t support me.
How will I live? Stupid. I can’t shed more tears. Hold it. Why Cassata?
– To eat. But why now?
– Because I feel like eating now. Hey! This has expired. That is why I gave it to you’ll.
– You? – You? Just a moment! Hello! Bala! Alright. I am leaving. Okay. – I will call you
after freshening up. It smells of dead rat. Hi baby!
– Hi Bala. How is your business running? You forgot me, right? Will I forget you?
There’s no chance. What’s this?
I can see only your face. Sit behind. I want to see you completely. Ashu, what’s this?
Every time you say go behind. Please go. Go. Okay. What’s this? Why is it so hot here? What are you seeing?
Start undressing. No, Ashu.
– Please start undressing. Not now. – You are on the phone.
What’s the problem? Will we face a problem? Nothing will happen. There’s no one here besides us. Alright. What happened? Nothing. Nothing. Undress yourself. You are very naughty.
You will never change. Why can’t I see anything?
– What are you saying? I undressed completely.
What can’t you see? Really? Did you completely undress? Yes.
– Maybe it’s a network issue. I am worried, Ashu. What is the worry? I am here. Okay. Okay. Can you see now?
– Nothing at all. Oh no. I don’t know whose face
I saw in the morning. Maybe my friends are here.
I will call you later. – Okay bye. Father, no matter what happens
this issue shouldn’t get leaked. If it’s leaked
we will face loss father. Hallelujah, father. – There is no
other way left besides begging. Why are you laughing, stupid?
– Whom are you calling names? I am Rayadu.
Chota Don. – Shut up! This is not that mirror.
– No, It’s the same one. Praise the lord in the
name of almighty. Praise the lord in the
name of Jesus Christ. Now watch she will come out. What? She will come out. Where will she come out from father? The water you sprinkled has come out.
– I beg of you. Stop talking nonsense. Don’t insult me. Praise the lord in the name of God. In the name of almighty. In the name of Jesus Christ. In the name of Supreme power. In the God. In the name of Almighty. One must have a face like me.
– In the name of almighty. This place be purified with…
– Enough! You are speaking from so long.
What is happening here? No sir, to calm Don is not just
difficult but impossible. Get it? And understand one more thing. If a ghost cries about 50 miles
away at night a mother says go to sleep
or Chota Don will slap you. Do you understand? You must have heard. People who don’t understand
simple language need some action. So sir, who is stupid?
– Yes. Did you see? Chota Don. Ahh! Who was it? Everyone left me and ran away. Father! Are you leaving me too? Is there any other way
other than this? Please save me. Son! You fidgeted. Now you bear the consequences. I don’t want to interfere. Father, you forgot. You could respect our relationship.
– Stupid. Our relationship will remain
if we are alive. Father, my whole body is shivering. Only you can do something now. Pray. You asked me not to pray. Yes, but now I changed my mind. Run from here.
– This is a ghost. Oh no! What is this? What is happening at the resort? And why is it happening?
He’s ego maniac. Informing. Oblique. Is this the time for philosophy? You slapped me.
– No, I gave you a French kiss. If you talk again in English then…
– How can I not speak in English? You? Children, may you have a good day. Good morning father.
– I feel your good days are here. Is it father? – Yes. Be ready
in the morning tomorrow. We are going to a place.
– Which place? We have to meet a man to solve
the mystery of your resort. Who is he? He is such a person whom people believe to be the
incarnation of goddess Durga so people call him Rudra. What is this father?
Where did you get us? Some prayer service
is going on here. Shh! God bless you! I feel proud on seeing you, Rudra. There is no mentalist like you
in the country and abroad. Being a scholar in science you didn’t forget
your religious belief. You are great, son. Teacher, science is limited
to its books. But there’s much more than science. That is why I am updating myself. The path our ancestors took I am following that path. Babu, there’s…
– Has the father come here? Yes, father. Do I ward away the hotel ghost
from here or shall we go there? Did he hear us? He is a mentalist. He can see in your eyes
and read your mind. He is one of the top five
in the world. How is it possible, father? Give me your phone. Look into my eyes. Look straight, not here and there.
– Sorry, sir. Think of the password in your mind. Repeat it again and again. Yes. Nice wallpaper.
– What? It really got unlocked. Rudra.
– Yes. Will the resort issue got solved? This world has a solution
for every problem, father. Everything will be fine. Sir, the commissioner is calling up. What’s the case? An elderly lady Sharda Devi
expired 10 days ago. She has no relative. The post mortem reports
of brain stroke. While eating apple a big
piece got stuck in her throat. She died as she didn’t get oxygen. But the neighbors say
her death is not natural. That is why we arrested her servant. But he is not ready to speak. Yes. Where is he? Look I can’t lie to you. I have the holy thread in my neck. I have nothing to do with her death. I had gone out to get milk. When I returned she was dead. He is repeating the same
thing since the last 10 days. Is he telling the same thing
or something different? Almost, word by word.
He is saying this. Then he is lying. You are hiding the truth. Commissioner if you ask the person
who didn’t commit a crime repeatedly the brain reply differently.
His tongue stammers. And if a person has done a mistake, to hide his mistake
he tries to repeat it often. He practices it well. Tell us did you practice or not? Did you practice or not?
– No sir. I didn’t practice. Sir, drink water. I vow on God sir. I didn’t do anything. That day when you brought the milk,
what was the time? It must be about 1 o’clock. I heard ‘Azaan’ from the
nearby mosque. Oh! Commissioner,
when did Sharda Devi die? As per the report 12:50 p.m. Where did you get the milk from? A shop at the corner, sir. How many times did you
practice to say the same lie? Yes. You are really lying.
– No, sir. I am telling you the truth. You are lying.
– Trust me. Your tongue can lie, but your eyes can’t lie. As per neurophysiology,
there are two portions in a brain. Left is visual cortex. Right has creative cortex. If you are asked which is
your favorite place. Your eyes will automatically
look up on the right. As your favorite place
is stored, which is real. It means you will speak the truth. If I ask you what will you do after
you become the Prime Minister. Your eyes will look up on the left. It means you will access
your creative brain, which won’t be true. Either it will be a lie or a dream. You don’t need to think
to speak the truth. If you think and answer
it won’t be the truth. When I questioned you, your eyes
looked up left both the times. It means you are lying. Then what is the truth Rudra? Where did the murder take place? You have 45 acre of land. One acre is worth 4 crore. It means 280 crore worth property.
And you have no heir. What will you do with so much money? Give me the money. – Who are you
to ask for my property? Yamraj! Satya, call up the police. You are one of them. I was going to give you
the property. You were going to get
5 acre of property. Now you will run between
the police station and court. Five acre? What do you mean? He didn’t murder,
but he supported the murderer. He tried to hide the truth. To confuse you all hydrogen
peroxide was used on the fingers to remove
the ink marks. Four people had come home.
Including him they were five. Five cups of tea will be in the kitchen
which they drank on getting the property. The finger prints you find on them to find whose finger prints they are, find out on whose name that
property is registered after Shanta Devi’s death. One of them has put up a board already on that plot. Brilliant, Rudra.
This information is enough to solve this case. Look. No matter how hard you try
to hide the truth, but you can’t hide
the truth from the law. Sir, who is he? He is a modern saint. There are few mentalists
like Rudra in this world. Their help was taken in America, Russia
and Australia to solve a few murder case. Mind reading. Mind influencing. Hypnotism.
Reading the body language. The person who has such psychological
knowledge are known as mentalist. Is this a new king of science?
– No. You can call it science
and also miracle. It’s a phenomenon.
– Phenomenon? Yes. – Is she Nitya
Menon’s cousin? – Hey! Aunt Sunny’s new video is out. Forget these things. You are a good boy.
Work on your laptop. – Shut up! Do one thing. Connect the TV
with the Wi-Fi. – Right away. You won’t change. Switch off the light. Loading. Loading.
– Loading. Say it. Loading.
– Look. Loading. Loading. Loading. Loading. 90%.
– Loading. Load… We can see ourselves here. Really it’s us. Go and switch off the TV. It’s not getting switched off. Really it’s not getting switched off.
– Give it to me. We got a voice message. Who can it be at this hour? Check it. We are not to be seen on the bed. Really? Oh God! Let’s go and see. Ghost! Ghost! Sir, that ghost
is not an ordinary one. It’s a big devil.
It drove us crazy. We slept in the church at night. Please ward off that ghost from us. Please, sir. You’ll have to know one thing. A human’s fear is the
strength of the ghost. The power it has when it’s alive only 10% of that power is left after its death. I like listening to you, sir. It’s really encouraging.
I like it. Right? You feel it’s encouraging. My
bladder is blocked since last night. It looks very discouraging. No outgoing. Sir, I am feeling very scared. We fear knowing the truth. In fact, I am giving an example of a ghost
to explain things easily for you. As per my information
that is an invisible energy. Energy?
– Yes. What a person thinks after death that is called invisible energy. “I will hear it.
Talking like that…” “So many do that…” ‘Work has been forgotten.’ Look likes there’s a
connection problem. Wait! Sir.
– Sir, don’t go. It’s here. That ghost is here. What? It’s a ghost.
– A ghost? Yes, it’s here. Who are you? And what are you doing here? Tell me who are you? Do you fear confronting me? How long will you run away
from me in fear? Come. Come and confront me. Sir, is it necessary
to call that ghost now? We are already very scared, sir. You’ll don’t need to fear at all. He can’t attack us in any manner. Sir! What happened? Sir, speak to us. Sir, he entered your body. Is he more powerful than you? Who is he? It’s the soul of a girl. This soul wants revenge. I can’t tell you whom
she wants to take revenge from. Our condition is very bad sir. We invested in this resort
against our family’s wishes. They wanted to sell the resort,
I refused. Oh no. And even if we want to sell it
no one is ready to buy it. What to do?
I can’t understand anything. To know your problems and to solve your mystery. I have to come to your resort and meet Nisa. Does he want Nisa too? Shut up. Let’s do some magic, okay. I will touch Manish’s cheeks, but only Sarah will feel that touch. Hmm. Are you ready Sarah?
– Yes, I am ready. Did you feel?
– No. Close your eyes. The shock was hard right?
– Hmm. When you were asked why did you lie? I am sorry. What happened? He beats you. She feels it. Crazy experiment dude. What do you mean? You were
fooling with me. – I was kidding. How did Sarah
get slapped when you hit Manish? You must have heard in twins if one
child is in pain the other feels it. In the same way,
we all have a connection. But how did you know Manish
and Sarah have some connection? It’s magic. Coffee?
– You tell me. Whether I will have
coffee with you or not? Look into my eyes. Yeah. You are ready
for a hot coffee. Let’s do one thing,
we will become a mentalist too. Or we will be bachelors all our life. Hey, what do you mean
by we will be bachelors? I don’t know. I just said
the dialogue. – Shut up! Hey! There’s something special about you. There is something in your eyes. Hmm. Let’s take a picture. No. Later.
– Now. Later.
– Now. No!
– Hey, go and sit there. Nisa, there is something
called smile too. Do you know this? Nice! What are they doing inside? She is here. I’ll see you again.
– Sure. She is hugging him. Bye.
– Bye! What happened inside? Did you find out anything
about the ghost? Yes, I found out. I found out
that Nisa is not a ghost. Then who is the ghost? Just wait and see. “I will not… …stop loving you.” “Even if I have to die.” Why are you shouting ghost?
– Is it you? Why did you apply so much
powder on your face? I applied it as the ghost
shouldn’t trouble us. Because of this reason?
– Yes. Tell me how do ghost look?
– White. You are right. That is why
I am wearing white clothes. They will think I am one of them. That is why I am wearing
white gloves. I applied powder on the face. The idea is great! The powder is there. You applied enough powder. It’s time for the ghost to roam.
Come here. If we sleep when they roam
they will feel we are not ghost. That is why we applied
powder on the face. Is it?
– Come on. There’s no one. Go to sleep. Who are you? She is applying powder.
So, she is a ghost. Actually, he gave the idea ma’am. I just executed it.
– Shut up, you fool. Will you blame me for everything? Actually this was not my idea. This idea I got from… Thank God. She left. Come on go to sleep.
Sleep quickly. She left. God knows why I feel Nisa is
sleeping beside me in this tension. This is not Nisa! Who is it? – This is the ghost
in the form of Nisa. No! No matter how much you disturb me, I will paint your picture. Who are you? If you fear confronting me, it means you have done a mistake. I was trying to help
a helpless woman. But you are running away from me. Anyway I have nothing to do with you
nor with your motive. Go to hell! Return. What happened, Rudra?
What did you want to ask? Ashwin, Manish, and Girish. What do you think about them, father? I don’t know their past, but since they bought the resort, they are surely childish, but they are good natured. Do you know who this girl is? No, sir. Don’t lie. If we are lying
you could see in our eyes, sir. Did you have relationship with
any other girl beside your wife? With someone else? Sir! My relationship with my wife is nil. My happiness is still incomplete, sir. You? – I have no
relationship with his wife. Hey! – I really don’t have
any relationship. Before this you were
a professional hacker, right? Yes, sir. I worked for
a cyber security in a large firm. You said you have a girlfriend. Yes, I have a girlfriend.
Her name is Bala. But we haven’t met yet. We speak on Skype. I am still a virgin, sir.
You can check it out. What to check? Check. Don’t talk nonsense. Hey, morons. What does morons mean? The soul who doesn’t scare
anyone in the resort why is it scaring only you three? You three surely have thought
something wrong about that girl. Whether it’s Nisa,
Bala or Sunny Leone. At least stop doing
these stupid things. What does morons mean?
– Fools. Oh! What?
– Yes. It’s a word basically
originated from Greek. Greek is… Anyway you don’t understand English. How will you understand Greek?
– Right. Before teaching us
you should know it. – Right. Get lost, moron. Shut up. The door is open. Are you’ll watching a movie? I will kick you if you talk
about watching a movie. Why do you want to kick me?
– Hey! I told you not to drink
and come here. If I don’t drink then how do
I come here? Who drinks to endure things?
– If you speak nonsense I’ll hit you. Will you hit me?
– Yes. From the front or the back? Don’t wake up the animal
sleeping inside me. Get it? I don’t fear a rat. It’s useless.
I will kill him in the night. The person who has the strength
is Bajirao Singham. – Shut up. Drinking alcohol you think
you are Singham. Once I am committed,
then I don’t listen to anyone. If you have the courage come and
fight me. Let’s see who is brave. I am waiting.
– Waiting for what? Hey! Hey! You said waiting. You didn’t do any mistake.
I believe you. What are you scared of? Tell me. Trust and fear can’t
stay together. Never. That is why I am removing
your thoughts from my mind. It was better if I didn’t meet you. Good bye! Greetings, master. Greetings master. Dad!
– Yes dear. Why is everyone greeting you? As you are the head master? No child. Everyone is greeting our
discipline and values. ‘May the enemy be courageous.’ ‘May the enemy be courageous’ Forgive that enemy.
Don’t punish him ever. Forgive that enemy.
Don’t punish him ever. Forget that enemy
and be the forgiving one. Forget that enemy
and be the forgiving one. What profession will you
take when you grow up? I will become an engineer, sir. I will become a doctor, sir. Amrita, what will you do? I will become a lawyer, sir. Why? I will make God stand
in the witness box ask him what mistake did I do that he took my mother
from me at a young age? No, dad. No. Hey, my doll. Today is Makar Shankranti.
Let me give you a bath. I will bathe on my own, dad. You are a child now. The soap may enter your eyes. I will give you a bath. I am grown up now, dad. How can I take bath in front of you? I feel shy. Why feel shy of your dad? Your mom is not here.
So, I will give you a bath, right? Dad, what is the meaning of the
poem you read in the morning? No matter how dangerous
the enemy is, but you shouldn’t harm him
in any way. This tells about your values.
Everyone will love you for it. Dear, why do you love the
basil tree so much? I don’t know, dad. When I am near it, I feel I am with my mother. No, I will light it. I will light it. Don’t worry if mom is not with you. Your doll is with you, right? The teacher is coming. Oh! So it’s you sister. What are you doing? We are studying. Okay. So, one of you recite a poem. I will narrate, sister. The fish is the queen of the ocean. I’ve been listening to these poems since
my childhood. – It’s life is… Come on. I will narrate an
English poem today. Alright, sister. A for apple. B for bat. Ha. Ha. Ha.
– Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh God!
– What is this? You are teaching English poem instead of Hindi. Do pushups. Come on. Come on dad. What’s wrong
in teaching English poems? There is nothing wrong
in teaching English. But rejecting Hindi is wrong. The small a for apple. M for mango. Beside this, A for apple. B for ball. How do you feel?
That is why the elders say, India is best in the world. Next, Amrita. She is most brilliant student
of our university. She wants to exceed
in this profession. Nice to know about you. So tell me a civil, a criminal
and a money laundering, such three cases come to you, how will you solve it? Your honor, every case
is based on three questions. Who? Why? And what did they gain? Who did it? Why? And what
was the purpose to do it? And if we have to stop
the mistakes in the future then you need to stop it today. And only lawyers can do it. Thank you. Nisa, I’ll miss you. Oh baby! Why do you worry?
I am only going to Mumbai. You can come to meet
me anytime you want. Just a second. – There should be seat
in a flight to come with me, right? If there’s no seat. It’s fine.
I will stand and fly. He will not change. Hug me too. Do you believe I am not a ghost? Stop using the Spanish Fly first. We’ll meet after that. Bye guys.
– Bye Nisa. Who told her about the Spanish Fly? I did. – That was personal.
Why did you tell her? Make a paste of Spanish Fly.
Let’s go. Bye.
– Bye, Nisa. Before we could flourish the
dacoits like you are ready to rob it. Shut up. Why are you
getting angry on me? What to do if not get angry?
You have done everything. I did it as I love Nisa.
– He always speaks about Nisa. The door of our room is open. Sir, you are here? It happened here.
– What, sir? What shouldn’t have happened. This is our bathroom. Look. Injustice was done to her
right here. So, she is restless and wants
answers to her questions. What do you mean by restless? Is she here? Sir, who is that girl? Her name is Amrita. The topper of India’s
finest law college. About a year back
she came to this resort with her college friends for a picnic. On the fourth day of that incident, she committed suicide. It’s so wrong. Does someone commit
suicide for such a mere thing? You are right. It’s a small thing for a person
watching porn video on internet, but for a girl from an
ordinary family, this is equal to a curse. She is so cool. I am ready to take bath. When such an incident takes place, you have no idea
what her family faced. When the society looks
down at you, you won’t understand
how much it hurts. Look she looks so good. I feel like taking bath with her. Even I feel like taking bath. The teacher is here. He couldn’t take care
of his daughter, how will he teach the children? Such people are a bad
example for society. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Shiv Prasad, let them go. I can’t believe on such a
MMS of your daughter. She can’t do it. I can’t watch it. No. No. No. She can’t do such a mistake. Oh no, her mother died
when she was born. And the father who gave her
good values died because of her. It is better such a girl dies. Yes sister, you are right. I didn’t do anything. I always thought you support me, but you left me. Stand up. Dad!
– Compose yourself. Sir, that’s bad. Who did this to such a girl? I don’t know, but she is very special. She deserves the answers. Who? Why? What did they gain? Sir, what happened? Are you investigating Amrita’s case? She had a good body. Tell me what did she gain by dying? It would be better
she would enjoy with us. Right?
– Yes. Let’s go. If being a man you feel so ashamed. Then Amrita was a girl.
Imagine what she went through. Hey! The mother who gave birth
to you is a woman. Your sister is also a woman. Your future wife
will be a woman too. But a stupid person
like you don’t know the meaning. The one who is dead. If you can’t respect that one, then you
have no right to live. Shame on you! Hey! Before seeing a girl with
evil intention think of your mother. If you respect your mother,
respect girls too. Idiot! I spoke to vice chancellor Rudra. I called all the people who went
to the resort who went with Amrita. They are waiting for you. Okay. Amrita was a brilliant student.
She was like my daughter. I’m proud of her. It is important to punish the who
are responsible for her death. Otherwise they would
become a big threat to this society. As a lawyer I would say
such people should be punished. Law can be delayed, but not denied. This is what we teach
our students too. Should our college support
such investigation? Which the court
and police couldn’t do, will he do it with the help
of mentalist? He has done it earlier too. Shall we?
– Yes. I have heard you have
a affair with him. He wants to continue the affair,
but you have no time for him. That’s because your
husband is here from Dubai. How did he find out? – Why are you
asking me? How do I know? Why are so many camera’s installed? As the college wants
to do a reality show with you. Hey, I know everything. You can take pictures with a camera. No one will click your picture.
Stop talking nonsense. Did you forget? I took the first selfie with Nisa. The problem also started from there. You should be imprisoned first.
– Don’t talk about the past. My bladder gets blocked. Forget that, I am upset
thinking what Rudra will do here. Sir, if you keep quiet.
I can start my work. Hello Mr. Operator, when situation is violent.
I cannot be silent. Now I need a coolant.
And you need a deodorant. Got it? But which one?
– Take Axe effect. Naughty! He is Shailesh Chandra. Commissioner of Police.
And he is Mr. Rudra, a mentalist. Please! Let’s get to the point. Amrita who studied
with you last year, maybe you’ll remember her. The reason of that girl’s suicide is surely one of you. And I know. Criminal is very clever. So he got saved from
police investigation. But won’t be saved from me. That is because, I can read your heart. I can read your mind. Suri. – Hello, sir.
– We have all the reactions? Shocked. This girl can go. Sad. He can leave. Tensed. He has to stay back. The criminal is found. Stay. Leave. Stay. Stay. Leave. Stay. Leave. Stay. Stay. Stay. Leave. Stay. Stay. Beside the 12 you can
send others away. Okay. Listen to me,
surely he is the murderer. How do you know?
– Because I am future mentalist. Look at him. Did you feel so angry
that you feel you will kill Amrita? What are you saying, sir? Anyway Amrita
was like a sister to me. Alright. Go. She was very confident.
Very gutsy. I don’t think she can
commit suicide. I never thought this would
happen with Amrita. What are you doing?
This is my hand. – Sorry. Were you and Amrita
roommates at the hostel? No, after the first term, dad asked me to shift
to Amrita’s room. Dad? She is my daughter.
– What? Kiran. You can go. – Yes. One second. What is the name of your boyfriend? My boyfriend? I have no boyfriend. Kiran, you are lying to me. What nonsense are you talking? How can he talk like this
about my daughter, sir? Sir, please. We are here to solve the case. When I came to the college who was the boy talking to you? He is Nandu, my classmate. Classmate?
– Yes. Then why didn’t he come here? He didn’t go on tour
with them on that day. You asked me to call
people who went on the tour. Commissioner,
I want to talk to Nandu. But you wanted to speak
to people who went on tour, right? What is the password? That is personal. Personal. A mentalist is sitting in front of you. Ashwin. Your name is Kiran. Password should have
started with K, but you didn’t do it. Your father’s name is
Chandrasekhar. Password should have started
with C, but you didn’t do it. You kept the password with N. Why? I will tell you. N for Nandu. You like Nandu, right? Yes. And what about Nandu? Yeah, I got it. You love Nandu, but Nandu doesn’t love you. The reason was Amrita. You have copied this.
Don’t lie. – No. The scholarship you wanted,
you didn’t get it. The reason was Amrita. You were expecting appreciation
from your dad but you didn’t get it. The reason was Amrita. She is the most brilliant student
of our university. Thanks. When you went to the tour
Amrita was your room mate right? So what? Tell me what happened
that day step by step? Sorry, I forgot about it. After Amrita you got
that scholarship. I know your memory is not so weak. Tell me. I watched TV for some time.
After that I went for a bath. When I changed and was
checking my mobile Amrita came in the room.
– I am going for a bath. She said she has a headache. I said take some medicines. She refused and went for a bath. Then I returned to the camp fire.
That’s all. Good. Now tell the whole story
in reverse order. – What? Come on, sir. This is harassment. Sir, please! What does reverse order mean? From back to front.
– The bird is trapped. I changed my dress. And I went to sleep. Later I watched TV, went for a bath. I charged the phone. I asked Amrita for the medicine. A proven fact in
criminal psychology. If you ask to say a lie in reverse order
then 89% of people are unsuccessful. And your eyes clearly
tells you are lying. No. Give me your hand. Now, I will tell you the truth. When you came to charge the phone
in your room Nandu was calling up. When Nandu didn’t ask
for you but Amrita, you couldn’t bear it. You played a dirty game
to avenge Amrita. You decided to make her MMS. You kept the mobile
on recording mode, hid the mobile in such a place, where no one could see. Unknown to Amrita
came for a bath at the same time. You edited the recorded
video and uploaded it. After doing the crime you pretended
to sympathize with Amrita. You showed concern. Amrita didn’t understand your plan. She couldn’t bear
her father’s death. Poor Amrita. She didn’t do any mistake. The reason for her death is you, Kiran. No, my daughter can’t do this. You are completely wrong. I am not here to blame
an innocent person. You can watch it. Daddy. I am resigning from
this institution. Let her face the law. Amrita must get justice. Daddy! You did a mistake. Did a big mistake. You didn’t kill Amrita, but you killed her ambitions,
dreams, and character. Because of you
her innocent father was killed. What did you gain? What did you gain? You separated me from my
dad for a dead person. I will not spare you. ‘If someone has no mother.’ ‘Then the absence of that mother has to be fulfilled by the father.’ ‘But if that father’s love and concern is snatched from you then the world is hell
for that person.’ ‘My father was my life.’ ‘My good life got ruined
because of you.’ ‘And this happened because of you.
How can I leave you?’ After my mother died, my father took care of me. Showered mother’s love on me. He trusted me completely. But when the society was
ruining that trust, I will avenge for those tears. As a child I blindfolded
my father and took bath,
you ruined that girl’s reputation. How can I forgive you? I did a mistake. Whatever I did I did it unknowingly. The person who loves life. When he faces death. I will make you realize
how scary that death is. Rudra, please! Please save me, Rudra. You got everything in life, which I never got. I considered you my friend and you killed that friendship. You made me helpless to die. My dreams got shattered. Tell me what was my mistake? Amrita, please! I did a mistake. Forgive me. In this world a woman feels
vulnerable by a man. But if a woman is a
woman’s enemy, then how do we trust that woman. My father died because
of your mistake. My father was everything for me. I wanted to fulfill his dream,
but you didn’t let me live. What did you gain? Amrita, please.
Please don’t kill me. Please leave me. Why should I let you go? Amrita, please leave me. The courageous one
may be your enemy. Forgive that enemy.
Don’t punish him ever. ‘No matter if you find a cruel enemy, but you shouldn’t harm him
in any way.’ You should forget such
an enemy and forgive him. This will show your values. Every person in this world are not similar. Man is not bad,
but the situation is. You said this right, dad? Whatever he told you was right. You only didn’t know the truth. You don’t need courage to die, but you need courage to live. You didn’t have it.
So, you jumped to your death. I didn’t jump and die. After my dad died, I had no courage to face life. That is why I committed suicide. This is life. Life tries to defeat us. This is its nature. And winning is life. A person finds excuses to die. If he finds one reason to live, he wins a defeated battle. Our birth starts with winning,
Amrita. In the mother’s womb
there’s darkness. It’s a small place. Despite that facing all the troubles, the child leaves that womb. He fights those difficulties. He doesn’t die defeated. As he wants to live.
Wants to see the world. If there’s no difficulties
in a human’s life, he doesn’t respect happiness. Life is such a package, which brings happiness
and sorrow together. We have to overcome it somehow. This is called life. Today, you made Kiran
realize your pain. What can be a better
success than this? A weak person can never forgive. The stronger person forgives. Forgive Kiran. Your dad already must be complaining to God that why did you give so much
pain to Amrita? Amrita, your dad can’t get
a better lawyer than you. Okay. In your childhood you said, you will make God stand
in the witness box. This is a good opportunity. Will you do it? Don’t leave him.
Ask him sternly. Why is no humanity in humans? Where has it gone?
Why such things are happening? Why doesn’t people understand love?
Do ask this question. Will you ask him? What happened, my doll? In today’s age, a human
doesn’t help a human being. You helped a soul. Thanks. Go happily to your dad, Amrita. “Beautiful life. Beautiful life.” “We shall be together always.” “Beautiful life. Beautiful life.”
– It’s good. – There’s more. Then you will get more.
We have no work. Excuse me.
Can you click our picture? Hello brother, no photos allowed. No selfies allowed. By the way where is Rudra sir? Yes, where is he?

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