Short Film – Chitthi (चिट्ठी) | Emotional Letter | Ujjwal Pandey, Dhananjay Tiwari | Puruaa

Hey Bauaa (Hi Son!): Your mother’s health condition is not that good. She is in fear that she will not live longer. She wanted to see you and her grandchildren just once. I also want to see you and the grandchildren. I can understand your situation at your end, but she is not trying to understand the same. I told you many times that I can’t help. I also wanted to meet you both, but I am busy with my job and the studies of my kids. You always come up with same request and I try to convince you the same every time. But you are not ready to understand. I can understand everything, and your mother too can understand. But she loves you a lot. She has more trust in you. Every parent has a hope from their children that they will be with them in their old age. There is a debt of parents – Father’s Debt. At least to pay off the debt, please come back, please come back. Nice Dad Nice! What a dialogue! You fed me, not because you loved me, but for your selfishness that one day I will grow up to take all your loads. And I should put my job and the future of my children at stake, and come back to take care of you, then you will be happy. So, Dad! I can’t do that. And I cannot come back. But I will surely pay off the debt. So, tell me Dad! How much you have invested in me till date? Please make a note of all the expenses on me and send it to me. I will pay off along with the interest. Now disconnect the call! Today, I am going to tell you a story. A story about Ravi and his parents. Ravi is my close friend. Ravi lives in a foreign country and his parents live here in the village. Ravi received a letter one day where he was staying. Letter! A Letter in today’s era where we use mobile, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email id. And in this tech era, Ravi received a letter. Ravi: Shilpi (Calling his wife)! Give me my hand watch. Just check! It will be on the table there. Do it fast. Shilpi: Here is your letter. Letter (Surprisingly)! Keep it. I will read it in the evening. Getting late now. Ravi got surprised. Why his father sent a letter to him. He spoke with him one month back. So why this letter? Ravi opened the letter written in bold and strong font, which was the handwriting of my uncle. Famous in whole village. In the letter, it was written that: Since the matter is to pay off debt, and if you wanted to pay off, I won’t do any formalities. Coming to the point directly. You wanted to pay off everything that we did for you since childhood. So i start it from the beginning On the day of your birth, your mom went through a big operation. She was in great pain for a week. I want you to go through the same pain for one week. Upon coming back to home, neither me nor your mom took a nice sleep for the next two years. Because you didn’t let us sleep. I want you to be awake for 2 years in front of me. You too sleep on wet bed for time we slept because of your pee. And yeah! When you were 9 years old, you had very high fever and the cycle at home was not in good condition. I took you to the doctor on my shoulder for 1 kosh (3km). You won’t remember those. But I want you to take me on your shoulder and go for a mile (1.5km) instead of 1 kosh. Will you go? These are the debt from your childhood. Now coming to the Adult age, as you know all those. From your education till your marriage. So, you can add all of them in the same and return back to me. And yes, from childhood to till date, we spent almost 10 lakhs on you which will be now 25 lakhs including interest. You can give that sum to an old age home and send me the receipt for my satisfaction. No one has hope from the children in an old age home. And they won’t die day by day like your mom died. Yes, your mom died. She left this world. But you need not to worry. I have written this letter after performing all rituals. And when you will get this letter, I will be putting your mother’s bones in Ganga. Hey, what happened? MOM IS NO MORE! Crying!! Sometimes pointed chisel may not hurt the stone but words can do that. Every single word of Babuji(Father) broke Ravi’s heart from inside. Song (Nirgun) – For what reason you become monk? Why came out after leaving home. What type of parents are they? For what reason they sent out of home? Do not be so long that it late..

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