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  1. The question is flawed from the start. An athlete searches for the competitive edge. Technology is part of that search. It is not muscles alone. Brains are part of sport as well.

  2. This guy is one of the best examples of governing bodies stifling talent and innovation, with FIA on F1 coming in a close second.

  3. Couldn't he be both an innovative genius AND a world class athlete? I'm pretty sure they're not incompatible terms. 🙂 Answer: Yes! He was both.

  4. He seems to be all things related to cycling – athlete, inventor, visionary, innovative. A very unique person who deserves his wins whether they were for innovation or athleticism.

  5. If a person breaks an athletic record by reducing the difficulty he had to overcome, he was not a better athlete, but a better engineer. And what do you say for the athlete who didn't even think up the improvements? I like engineering, and improving things, but when the record is meant to test the athlete, it short circuits the point if you change the conditions to make it easier. Hour records need to be done on very standardized bikes, and by that I mean like the ones from the 1950s. And no aero suits or helmets either.

  6. The issues is: Unless an academic, working in a leading 'place of scholarship & technology' makes the discovery to validate its own position, its high income & status in its field? It is why such findings as those by chance, perseverance or other wise will always be discredited. You could find a way to make perpetual motion even home nuclear fusion & you would be denied your findings. Instead? You will find your achievements being discredited by scholars etc., as they plagiarise your work & take all the credit of your findings up off & away from you. Did that happen here? I feel it did.

  7. WAIT! So this shows that modern aero is better than the Superman position Boardman used to set the best human effort record! So his record should stand then?!

  8. Any simple innovation that gets arbitrarily banned like rider position really makes the people who banned it seem like assholes. If it's better, then it should be allowed to become commonplace. Banning new innovations makes the sport boring.

  9. A Genius and a superb Athlete who overcame many hurdles and changed Cycling by challenging everything 🤘😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  10. Make everyone ride Eddy Merckyx's bike. Then we know who is what is and why. I bet they all fail, badly.

  11. Looks like the Extended Superman has a way of opening up the airways to perhaps increase the athlete'sVO2max. Note that Chris Boardman's superman Hour Record is still about 1.5km better than the current conventional hour record, that's about 2.75%.

  12. There's more to the positions than just aerodynamics. There's a variety of ergonomics too: posture, energy savings, leverage, grip, weight distribution, stability, increased lung capacity (from arms raised).

  13. in his best position he had the least area exposure (drag and air turbulence), though it took greater effort for his upper body to hold it. If they tweaked those handles a bit to allow that position, it would break records (possibly illegal configuration however).

  14. it has to do with the geometry of your lungs and how you position yourself to better take in O2. Just ask anyone who as empasima.

  15. Frankly, Obree should have been knighted, instead the corruption of the (French controlled?) Cycling Authorities and the ‘Big Boys’ conspired against him.

  16. There's been a lot of discussion about his world hour records and then the outlawing of the position, but people forget that prior to it being banned (hoping my memory serves me well here) Francesco Moser, the darling of Italian cycling and time trialler extraordinaire also attempted the hour using Obree's position. He didn't break Obree's record, but got pretty close. So in my eyes and I'm biased as I rode with Graeme when I was a junior and he took me to many of my first TT's, he is an absolute legend and was undoubtedly a world class athlete. People also forget he was an amateur when he did this, working full time in Carrick Cycles in Ayr as a mechanic.

  17. as for me he's a genius … i love bike.. bikes are the perfect machine.,,, Graeme Obree did an amazing job… thumbs up for him.. loved the video

  18. I want to see the modern wheels including disc on the crouch bike. Or the handlebar setup of the crouch bike on the Scott frame.

  19. You can't just do a wind tunnel, you have to also consider how much energy each position takes to maintain. Crouch uses more energy to hold.

  20. Is Dick Fostbury also considered as a fake athlete for his position in high jump during Olympics 1968 ? I don't think so, and honestly, I don't see how it is different of Obree's situation.

  21. For me, Graeme Obree is one of the greatest Scots ever. He had impact, he is simply a very nice person and he has overcome so much. Kudos to him. His achievements stand like all great athletes, but, he was clean.

  22. Damn… are all Scotsmen such good and humble people?
    Also he won FAIR AND SQUARE — should not have been banned at all!

  23. imagine how good the numbers would have been in the crouch during his peak years where he was superman styling?!? hell of an athlete, cause he was doing his own engineering at the same time!

  24. A shame he was not allowed to continue to refine and perfect his design instead of banning it. Even modern bikes can not compare.

  25. id like to see a bike where the rider is riding basically lying flat on his belly and moving head first forward.

  26. After having watched it, what is amazing is after 25 years the man is as lean and athletic as he was 25 years ago. There are not many athletes that could fit into a skinsuit 25 years after their high point in the sport. A true legend.

  27. The chainstays on old faithful flexed like hell during his starts since he also used a large gear, the team mechanic had to switch his rear tyre every ride.

  28. the reason they didn't do the crouch position with all the modern bike and suit is because it's probably still 0.17, not .15 like he speculated. most of the air resistance is from us looking shaping like a wall not because bike's pipe shape is not aerodynamic.

  29. Success in sport is a culmination of both physical and mental prowess. A deficiency in one can be supplanted by excess of the other. As long as the rider is producing all the watts, it shouldn't matter the method. For outright records that is. Group competition still needs a modicum of uniformity, equipment-wise.

  30. Many thanks to Endura for this video. Graham Obree will always be regarded as a great athlete and innovator over and above anyone else. Just a shame that he was up against the commercial interests that were becoming all consuming at that point. Who in the industry wanted a guy who could prove a fixed gear bike of adapted design could beat the rest of the best on track and in time trials here in the UK let alone the world championship and hour records. The cycle trade in general has boomed since those days which is a good thing in many ways but at the expense of 'newby' mugs who imagine they have to pay out so many $1000 to ride a bike fast.

  31. Graeme, YOU are my GREATEST CYCLING INSPIRATION. Your unconventional ideas shook the industry and proved that a bit of genius and determination are worth more that what money can buy. I'm no pro… just a street rider but after 5yrs of cycling (single speed and fixed) I'm learning what best works for me. I have 15 bicycles lol. Most would be considered "franken-bikes" but even on a steel bicycle I blow away everybody. I purchased my first modern full carbon road bike 3 months ago but have yet to ride it. I'm not ready for it yet. I've graduated from single speed to fixed because every stroke counts when you're riding fixed. It took 5 years to realize that I have the best training tools for riding a geared bike as I'll MEET be able to afford things like vo2 max or even a computerized trainer. Next year, I will pull out my first bike and give it a go. I even dream the idea of competing even if only on a local/amateur level. Thanks for ALL YOU GIVEN. HUMBLY… WILL.

  32. Brilliant bloke. Funny, inventive and charmingly 'eccentric'.
    Most of my old cycing heroes have turned out to be a disappointment. Not Obree.

  33. If I get on a road bike and hunch down, is police going to pull me over for being too aero? also it's a position tough to hold, he is just a genius athlete. UCI's judge are just bought by industry, people should bike however they want, I'd say all the modern kit should be banned and carbonfiber bikes. everyone bikes on $70 walmart bikes in speedo and then the winner is a true athlete.

  34. Athlete or Genius? – both – but why no accept the rules whatever you think, break the "conventional" records and then through uncontravertable superiority exert your influence to say "my way might be better" (EVERYONE MIGHT SAY OOOH HE MAY BE RIGHT)

  35. I knew him for the movie and I absolutely respect him, my dream as a kid was to be a professional cyclist, I didn’t knew what category …….. I was a kid , but years latter after a lots of problems I buy a bike is not the best bike but is strong and affordable just like a bike must be, never pay a car price for a bike is stupid and ridiculous and totally against the cycling spirit I want to found a company to make the best electric bicycles and the best normal bicycles for non more than 25,000 Mexican pesos something like 1036 pounds ……… and i have a desing…baby and is really good. maybe i will got whit it. : )

  36. So, if many triathlons are not UCI regulated, why haven't more triathletes adopted the egg position, which seems most efficient, by quite a lot?

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