Show and Tell: Relio² Desktop Lighting System

Show and Tell: Relio² Desktop Lighting System

hey folks Joey here with a video
production show-and-tell for you guys in the past you might have seen that I
really like small light small LED lights I talked about the aperture m9 this
little small LED light array I’ve talked about the quasar tube something I can
move around and act very portable and versatile but I want to introduce you to
this new light that been playing with for the last few days this is the Museo
squared this is the second iteration of the video light cube now you probably
have seen us play with light cubes in the past on things like product or macro
photography and those are generally like factory made small plastic containers
with inexpensive average LED light thrown in to flood out light this is not
that this is a very very high quality light very handmade well machined
aluminum cube that packs a huge punch in a very high quality CRI I CRI light now
this got my attention a few weeks ago when the Kickstarter launched for the
Rio square I’ve seen the really a one I haven’t had chance to play with it but
I’m always at my eye on it and I got a chance to chat with the the founder mark
of missoula our Marco is a fellow maker and fellow tinkerer and you can tell
that by looking at this even that’s just the packaging of this you can tell that
he’s kind of meticulously poured over every detail in houses setup designed
the modularity of it the versatility of it just this beautiful laser-cut box you
open it up and everything is laid out with accessibility in mind now I’ll go
over a bunch of stuff that’s in these kits what I have here is the studio plus
and the desk plus that’s what was sent to me for review units now I’ve only had
this for like a few days so I don’t like really been playing with it so I’m
giving you a show and tell I’ll probably do like a full review or a demonstration
on how we use these to modify the modify the light and do profit ography that
review will come with the future this I just wanted to introduce you to
especially since the Kickstarter is ending this week and if you have any
interest you can pop over there and kind of get some more detail on it but let’s
go over what’s inside this box the first thing as you open it you’ll notice you
like you this is an all aluminum made small light cube with a variety of
different color temperatures I have mostly daylight 5600
I do have one tungsten of a UV light that they get to play with but since
most of our studio stuff is 5600 daylight that’s what I opted for now
like I said this stuff is high-quality light this is a very high on the CRI
index which is the color rendering index which we can dive down a whole nerdy
colors light science of charts later on but for right now just know that the
high number means it’s very good a very good representation of what the Sun or
what pure light would be that’s important for a number of reasons
especially for this kit this kits not only for filmmakers and photographers
because for us high quality light is is very useful but we do want very nice
looking light on the things that we photograph but this also bleeds over
into the scientific community the research community or even stuff like
arc restoration or they need a very accurate representation they can’t have
cheap light throwing off color casts on things when they’re trying to reproduce
something or they need something that’s just the pure daylight Sun in studios or
in situations where they won’t have it they need something very high quality
and that’s what that’s what these are a lot of the research a lot of the R&D
that went into these was to make sure that that light is super accurate so
that it could you know benefit all these different parties but for us to
filmmaking the photographer’s it’s just gonna look very nice and it’s gonna
actually pack a a huge punch for what these little lights are so let’s talk a
little bit about the body like I said it’s all aluminum it feels real sturdy
it’s got these little events here for for cooling you flip it over and you got
your power connector there it’s all magnetic on the bottom you have your
quarter inch screw to attach to whatever your quarter inch desires are and then
this is where it gets really fun is with the modifiers them and the front plate
in the lenses the modifiers are all 3d printed so you have different ways you
can manipulate this light right now it’s just kind of blowing out into a cone
there are a couple different variations of these lenses that you can you can
attach on if you want different degrees but everything is magnetic so you
essentially just pull off the front plate and you have access to your
to your your your light your light here here you can change out your light if it
burns out or goes bad touch back on the front plate and then your modifiers just
sit on front as well again magnetic everything just kind of clicks on and it
just has such a great just yeah the power goes out to USB you can attach to
any USB wall outlet or you can do what I’ve been doing and been using one of
these plates that the reallyö makes it is a using the Sony NPF batteries which
is very common I’m using that to power a bunch stuff in here so I have a ton
already and then it gives you six USB outs so that you can essentially power
one thing power all your lights with one battery which if you know anything about
my rigging is that I love single source power solutions all of the powers my
thing is on one battery as possible and this plate allows me to do that there’s
a really op where you can access each of these lights individually and change the
the brightness and the dimming of them there’s a bunch of different kind of
stanzas that desk unit where it comes with a nice sturdy base and a stand they
can screw through the quarter inch there’s a bunch of different rigging
solutions we can make different arrays again I’m like three days into this so
I’ve yet to play with a lot of this stuff but I did get to run a few
different tests of just how I would use this in a shooting situation so what
I’ve done is I completely eliminated all light in my my garage my studio I took
out all the light and tried to emulate a few different styles I set up some
Gundam and did like a soft source area light I did a balance off of a white
like a white panel then I shot in a spot added some fill then I used the tungsten
to give it a little bit of like a sunset highlight effect then I change up the rig and I threw a
do butene cloth down try to emulate one of those like cocktail commercials made
a few Japan had if you know water for glasses shining some light through them
similar situation some soft lights and bounce again all rele oh and then I use
the tungsten light again to highlight that and then I did your your generic
shop videos where you have your woodworker shaving off wood things with
some warm light of bouncing off of the warm walnut wooden slabs and to end
grain cutting boards all fun stuff and then and I know this is not what this is
supposed to be used for but I lit up this entire situation with these lights
only I didn’t use any of the normal lights I used I set up an array of three
with the soft boxes on them shining through grid cloth they gave me the key
light here all day light and then I just set up a reflector over here to give me
a little bit of fill because I was kind of dark here I have one just pretty bear
just one shining oh no I do have a little diffusion on that giving me a
backlight or a hair light and that’s it that’s uh that’s how much of a punch to
get these guys I mean it’s three of them right here are blasting through the a
great loss of two layers of diffusion and it’s still giving me a nice key
source and allowing me to bounce so that kind of gives you a sense of how how the
intensity of these lights are and everything is that the daylight the
camera set daylight so I will see when I start to edit this video of how accurate
that is but just judging by the preview window looks pretty good and again being
that these are high quality lights you will not have any flickering in your
your high speed ranges fro up to like a ton of frame rate so I’ll have a lot
more thoughts and things again I’m still new to this whole system here but I plan
on doing some 3d printing of some of these modifications on them I plan on
trying ups and different rigs and different emulation different styles and
looking for a transom macrophotography we do we will use this for product stuff
we do a lot of product shots so we’ll use that there but as we start diving
into those different operations with these I will give you guys a full review
video on this stuff but that’s the real o squared for now if you’re interested
go check out the Kickstarter and Marco has a ton of information about
the light and take you guys for watching this video about lights this is all very
exciting stuff for me and I’m looking forward to playing with it more
hopefully it’s exciting for you guys too I will see you guys next time
Thank You doc done bye

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  1. If you like these, check out the Litra Torch 2.0

    I've been using it for about a year and I absolutely love it! It's the size of a GoPro Hero Session (and takes GoPro mounts), it also has a magnetic mount as well as standard 1/4-20 mount, it's super bright, has a 90+ cri rating, it puts out a crazy wide 70° beam angle, and it's waterproof 👊

  2. That is fricking cool. I haven't filmed a video for my YouTube channel in a couple months. Mostly due to health issues but if I do get back to filming and I could afford those I would love those and make tons of uses for them

  3. not 100% convinced. I can see the benefits for some professional use. Especially slowmotion with the 10.000fps lighting.
    But, at the same time.. 1000+ dollars for a set of 6 lights.. that's quite a few cheaper LED lights/panels you could get. RGB controllable, some app controllable, batteries instead of usb wires everywhere (can be useful).. 

    Realistically, for pictures, will you notice a difference? I know for higher frame rates and slowmotion video lights are more important depending on their frequency.. but.. single shot images?..

    Even vs their main 'rivals" lumecube and Litra torch it's quite expensive at $166 for a single light vs about $92 for a single lumecube.

    I'd be all over this if I was doing macro and product photography, that's for sure. But I can't help but feel that there are cheaper versions and products out there that do the job just as well for half the price.

  4. Jesus, if you demo glass ware (@ 6:25 ) at least clean it, that shit looked filthy as hell. I could see actual fingerprints, com'n now dude…..

  5. These are sweeeeeet. Wish I could set up lighting in my room just for the hell of it, but I think these are pretty high-budget source lights for just day to day life. For more professional uses, I'd absolutely get a set of five.

  6. 6:07 FYI, Those "action figures" are actually model kits

    RG 1/144 Freedom Gundam on the left
    RG 1/144 Astray Red Frame on the right.

  7. Isn't this essentially the Lumecube 2 plus a stand and accessories, minus the waterproofing, impact resistance, adjustable color temperature, and battery?
    That said, I do like how it looks.

  8. "we are the first manufacturer to offer official 3D-printable accessories to download"
    No, no you're not. Either you're speaking from ignorance (because you were too lazy to check) or you're flat out knowingly lying.

  9. Just as a note – while CRI is still widely used and accepted, it does not fully represent light quality because of R9 and other small issues.
    The new, more accurate way of measuring light quality is CQS – and a lot of high CRI LEDs score quite low on the CQS scale because of interesting disparities – such as R9, again.

  10. I was interested until the word Kickstarter was mentioned. Nope. Never. The platform revels in its lack of accountability to enable fraud. I can't support kickstarter. The concept was fantastic, but no longer

  11. Cool, almost want a couple in my garage for when I’m building stuff or what not😍 afraid to see the price doh🤭

  12. Where are the subtitles? "Live moving pictures" – watch Not interesting. How many times do you need to be reminded of this?

  13. I'm only interested in the videos with Adam, and I know nothing about lighting. But I'll glad this dude is enjoying himself

  14. Did you mention the "modifiers" were 3D printed? Will they be 3D printed in the final design? Typically a part like that made out of plastic should be injection molded. Injection molding gives much better cost & time per parts assuming you have a decent volume preordered. It also gives better accuracy and quality than FDM printing can get.

  15. We Love Joey and his "Making Sausage" Videos.
    Most of the stuff you talk about is slightly over this "Boomer's" head, but that is how I started with PC's in the late 1980s.

  16. They seem really expensive for small lights, and I don’t want to buy any kickstarters. I’ll never know if and when I’ll get those things.

  17. Just imagining the price…uggh…Especially for the amateur hobbyist. Gonna have to wait for the El Cheapos Flea Market version.

  18. I love this but I would like to see them not make this of expensive materials. Like there is no reason to have aluminium housings or 3D printed addons. And honestly they would be still an amazing product!

  19. Where has this guy been hiding? Never seen him before 🤔 Cool lights 👍🏼When they come in a box like that I’m sure they are spendy.

  20. Serious question, is the channel moving from 'Favorite Things' style videos into straight up ad content? Show and Tell has been a thing for a while, but this takes a bit of a turn.

  21. I'm surprised you don't compare and contrast these to lumi cubes which they seem to be very much like. When this channel features things they were sent for free it seems like an advert rather than an actual impartial opinion where you would contrast it with similar products.

  22. 4:25 "here you can change out your light if it burns out or go bad" – that looks like a surface mount LED, can you really replace it, and how often do these "burn out"?

  23. sooo, its not a review, but a paid promotion video? OR do you just advertise stuff u didnt have a proper chance to test for free?

  24. Honestly, I think this video looks better than most of the normal videos. Definitely says a lot about how good those lights are. Very impressive.

  25. I don't know… I can't really think of a use case for these where another piece of gear couldn't do the job just as well. And then there's the price.

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