Siblings | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

Siblings | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

– Knock, knock! – Who’s there? – I did up. – I did up who? (laughter) – (whispers) You pooped in your pants. – Ewww. (laughter) (bouncy music) – [Kids] Hi! – I’m Ariel. – I’m Nico. – I’m Ethan. – I’m Crystal. – I’m Bob. (laughter) Just kidding. I’m Lucas. – Today we’re doing show
and tell, sibling edition. Do you guys all have siblings? – [Kids] Yes! – Why would we be here actually, if we didn’t have siblings? – I don’t know. Can you guys all close your eyes for when my sibling comes out? Open. Everybody meet Adriel. – [Kids] Hi, Adriel! Hi! – He’s two years old, almost three. He loves football. This is our secret handshake. Three times, Bubba. – [Lucas] It’s not secret anymore. (laughter) – Your name is Ariel,
and his name is Adrian? – Adriel. – Adriel? – Yes. And I have a older
brother named Gabriel. – And you–
– If you say all three of them it’s kind of a tongue-twister. – [Crystal] Does he know how to talk? – [Ariel] Yes. – [Crystal] Maybe if we all hide, then he would start to talk? – [Nico] Everyone hide behind your chair. (giggling) – [Ariel] He still sees you guys. – [Crystal] Is he potty trained? – [Ariel] We’re almost there. – [Lucas] Is he a bed wetter? – [Ariel] Are you a bed wetter? (laughter) – [Ethan] How much does he weigh? – Up! Whoo! 45 pounds. (giggling)
– Oh, what the heck? – That’s my little brother. – [Kids] Bye! – [Ariel] Who wants to go next? – [Ethan] Me! – [Ariel] Ethan! – [Ethan] Yay! (crying) Okay, you can open your eyes. Everyone, meet my sister, Tammie. – Hi, Tammie!
– Hi, Tammie! – Say hi.
– Hi, Tammie. – [Ethan] Are these people
scaring you (speaks softly)? – [Tammie] Mm-hm. (laughter) – [Ethan] Okay. – Sorry!
– Sorry for scaring you. – [Nico] How old are you? – [Tammie] Three. – Aww. Three.
– Three. – [Ariel] What’s your
favorite thing to do? – [Ethan] Tammie, what do you like to do? Do you like to color? Do you like to play? Do you like to (speaks softly)? – [Tammie] No, play with my dress. Just put the, um, um, shirt. – [Ethan] Oh! She likes to dress up. (speaks in foreign language) – [Tammie] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. – No, she’s still very scared. (giggling) – [Kids] Bye-bye! – [Ethan] Bye, now. Go to Mommy. – [Lucas] This is Jacob! – [Kids] Hi, Jacob! – Hi, I’m Jacob, and I’m 11 years old, and I’m in 5th grade. – [Ethan] How often do
you guys get into fights? – About three to five times a day. – [Nico] Whose farts smell worse? (giggling) – [Ethan] Who gets in trouble more? – [Jacob] Actually, no, it’s me, because I always get
blamed for everything. – [Nico] Who’s a better dancer? (giggling) ♪ Da, da da! Da da da! ♪ (giggling) – [Nico] You went with
the break dance thing? – [Ethan] The winner is… – [Kids] Jacob! Nice to meet you, Jacob. – [Jacob] Nice to meet you, too. – [Kids] Bye! – [Crystal] What do you
think my sibling looks like? – [Ariel] I think she’s
about four months old. – [Crystal] Oh! – [Crystal] Okay, I’m gonna bring her out. – [Kids] Close your eyes! – [Crystal] Here is my sibling! – [Ethan] What the heck? (grunting) – [Nico] Wait! She said open? – [Ariel] What grade are you in, Kristin? – [Kristin] Kindergarten. – [Nico] What’s kindergarten like? – [Kristin] Nice! It’s good. We have many choice time. Choice is where you play
around at the end of a day. You can play in the kitchen, and you can play with blocks. – [Ariel] Do you guys ever get snack time? What’s your favorite snack? – [Kristin] Uh, my own snack. – [Lucas] Knock, knock. – [Kristin] Who’s there? – [Lucas] I did up. – [Kristin] I did up, who? (giggling) – [Crystal] (whispers)
You pooped in your pants. – [Kristin] Eww. (laughter) – [Nico] What’s your
favorite thing about Crystal? – [Kristin] My sister? – [Nico] Mm-hmm. – [Kristin] She bes nice to me, so that’s my favorite thing about her. – [Kids] Bye, Kristin! – [Crystal] I’ll carry her out. – [Kristin] Leave me
outsi…leave me upstairs. – [Ethan] Let me guess! – [Ariel] Boy! – [Ethan] He is a girl. (laughter) No! She is a boy.
– She is a boy! – [Crystal] It sounds like a baby. – It is. – [Nico] Don’t let go! Don’t let go, Mateo! – [Crystal] Can he talk? – [Nico] Yeah. Fist bump. – [Crystal] Bye-bye! (laughter) – [Nico] This is my little brother, Mateo. He likes popsicles. (giggling) (kids chattering)
– You forgot your dinosaurs! – [Nico] Okay, first,
what’s your favorite color? (giggling) – [Crew Member] Let’s just take it off. – [Ariel] Yay! – [Mateo] (babbles softly) (laughter) – [Ariel] You gotta get back! – [Mateo] Not funny! (laughter) (growling)
(giggling) – [Nico] Well, that’s my little brother. He likes hitting me, biting me… What do you think about my brother? – [Ariel] He’s very playful. – [Kids] Thank you for watching! – [Crystal] Who had the best siblings? Let us know in the comments below. – Mine!
– It’s mine! (kids arguing)

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  1. Ethan 你还怕怕吗?(Are you scared?)

    Ethan:*comforting her*

  2. Mateo is so cute and funny as well when he ran up the wall and took off his thing and when he said not funny haha

  3. 4:16

    Girl: what’s your favourite snack?

    Kristin: uhh my own snack

    Kristin 2018

    Me: of course they like their own snack

  4. I could do this… but my little
    Sisters are spoiled!

    And I think I’m a bit to old for this, but
    My second youngest sister could show off
    My youngest sister!

  5. When Lucas said I’m bob and they all laughed. I’m like Bruh that’s his name what’s wrong with Bob as a name

  6. No offense but for Jacob he's in 5th grade and 11 my sister turns 12 today at night and it's the morning but for most of her 11 year she was in 7th so I'm just confused how Jacob who is 11 is in 5 th grade and my sis who is basically still 11 is in 7th grade but for most of the video was so cute and hope that there no hard feelings toward this message I was just kinda confused and thought I should share my thoughts 😊😊

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