SICK MUSIC VIDEO EFFECT in Premiere Pro (Shutter + Speedramp)

SICK MUSIC VIDEO EFFECT in Premiere Pro (Shutter + Speedramp)

This video is brought to you
by Videoblocks. Click the first link in the description
below to learn more. [Jordy]: So, that was fun,
wasn’t it, guys? Are you ready for the most epic
episode of Copy Cat Friday? Well, sure I am! [Ellen]: Oh, shut up, you’re
losing your chin! [Cinecom’s intro music] It’s Jordy here for
and welcome to Copy Cat Friday, the weekly series where we recreate
an amazing filmmaking technique. Now, we got an email from one of you
guys, asking how the music video… …”Emperor’s New Clothes” from
Panic! At The Disco was shot. The videoclip has a very
hard and strong look… …and It even seems like a
stop-motion technique, but we’ll dive into those
details a little bit later. Now, we wanted to do this one good
and try to have most of the details right, so we took care of everything. And that starts with
building the set. [Energetic rhythmic music] -So, while Ellen here is doing
the body painting on me… …I wanna thank not only her
but also Videoblocks… …who are supporting us today. Videoblocks is a huge library where you
can find visual effects, motion templates, stock footage and so much more. We’ve actually been using their
service for more than a year… …and they have helped us
on so many projects. So, make sure to check it out, guys.
You can actually start a 7-day trial… …by following the first link
in the description below. The set design itself was
a simple plastic on the floor, on which we distributed
a layer of sand. The background had to be dark, so
we hang up some black sheets. You can also find yourself a nice
location in the woods, but… …if you can do this is a studio or a garage you
have an easier option to setup the lights. Because this is going to be
pretty important as well. And here’s why. [Music level increases] There we have it! The most sketchy
setup that we’ve ever done. But it works, So, that is important. What we have right here are two
LED panels from Aputure, the LS 1s, they are on top of a 2×2 frame. And this frame is going to make sure
that the light from those LED panels… …are being softened. Now, because we couldn’t attach
all the lightings up there… …because we don’t have enough
clamps, light stands, etc., I actually placed a 120d, also
from Aputure, here on the side, and that is bouncing its light
into the frame, here… …and then bouncing
back on me. That is because I also needed
some light here a little bit… …on my face, on the front. Now, in the second part
of the videoclip… …we’ll actually move that
Aputure 120d to my back. And that way I have a strong backlight,
which you also see… …in the Panic! At The Disco videoclip. But that will also make sure that
I have more of a darker front. So what we’ll do for that is
add a reflector in front of me, And that way the backlight
is being reflected into that… …reflector bouncing back at me. So, that’s it for the general
lighting setup. Finally, we have some
special effects lights. Which are these two Stella
lights up there, we’re just going to make sure
that we have some thunder! And the cool thing about the Stella lights
is that we can control them through a remote, so that way I can just fastly
press this button right here, kind of mimicking lightning effects,
which is pretty cool. And we also have attached
a CTB filter in front of these lights, so that we have more of a color contrast
between the general lighting… …and the backlighting
or that thunder. Also a thunder is more blueish. So, that’s it! Now during the entire music
video, there is this fog. So we used a simple smoke
machine for that. On a certain moment we needed to have
a layer of smoke close to the ground, and here we cooled down the smoke
with some ice through a tube. And by the way, if you wanna see some more
creative tips with a smoke machine, then make sure to follow a link
in the description below. In the second shot you have a backlight
standing behind the demon. In between you have a thick
pack of smoke. To create this effect you have to blow the smoke
from the same position as the backlight. Then, film right away so you maintain
that thick heavy smoke. Everything is setup and now
we’re ready to shoot! And we actually hired Ellen, who’s
going to do the make-up for me. Brendon, the artist that you see in
the official music video, changes… …from a normal person to a devil. So you wanna start
with a little make-up, make a few shots, then
add some horns, again… …make a few shots, perhaps
make the horns bigger, etc. And that way it seems like you’re changing
more and more into another character. I’m feeling horny today! Now let’s have a look
at the camerawork. Stop-motion is a technique where
you take a picture of a still object, then you move that object,
take another picture of it and so on. And that way it seems like
that still object is moving. But you will still notice a weird
artificial look to the movement. And it’s that same kind of look
that you see in that clip as well. But it wasn’t shot
the same way. They probably went for a very
fast shutter speed. So we set our camera
to 1/500 of a second, which decreases motion blur
and thus creates that hard look. Since such a fast shutter speed
makes your scene pretty dark, it was important that
we got strong lights. So, the shutter speed is one element
to get that specific look, the other one is the
actual speed. And you can get that fast speed by just
dancing and moving the camera fast, but it’s going to be pretty hard
to get everything in focus or… …just have the correct framing
at all time. So what we did was played back
the song at half the speed… …and thus we could do the dancing
and the lip-syncing also at half the speed. But make sure that your dance movements
are still kind of looking robotic. We had planned the dance
and camera movements upfront, so that way we knew exactly
what we had to do… …and Yannick was able to pull
his focus right on spot. Now, in postproduction, we then sped up
the clip to bring it back to that fast moving look. And then the final ingredient to get
that hard look is the color grading. We’re using Premiere Pro’s Lumetri
and what you can basically do… …is start with lowering your white balance,
if you haven’t already done that in camera. Next, we wanna create
deeper blacks, so that the background is not
going to be visible anymore. The brighter parts should stand out,
which again helps to get that hard look. So I’m increasing the whites, which
are the absolute brightest areas, and, to have it in contrast with the rest,
I’m actually going to lower the highlights. And as you’re doing this, you might
also wanna decrease the exposure. And finally: the colors. You can already start with
decreasing the saturation a bunch. And then we’re going to
head off to the color wheels. Here we’re going to add some blue or teal into
the shadows to make them appear deeper. The skin-tones lay in the
mid-tones, and… …what we’ll do here is introduce
a little bit of green. That way, the skin-tones look
very pale and dead, which is exactly what we want. And because we are pushing
green into the shot, it might affect also the highlights. So to fix that, we’ll compensate by
adding a little bit of the opposite, magenta. And again, another exciting Copy Cat
project is finished. Now, lean back and enjoy
the results. [Music fades in] -Guys, I hope you liked
the effects. I’m going home now, Jordy’s
in the shower, but most of all, I wanna thank everybody
who helped on this project. Specially Ellen! -Hey! She did an awesome job
on the make-up, but guys, you know what
I’m going to say… …stay creative! -So, this one is going to be funny:
the first time I’m going to wear lenses. Here we go! [Ellen speaking in Dutch] [Ellen cursing in Dutch]

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  1. I really loved the video but aren’t this videos getting a little bit to complicated to do by yourself? As a piece of entertainment this video was great but as an actual tutorial for a no budget filmaker I think this won’t work. I repeat loved the video and good work

  2. Where the demonic hell (no pun intended) has this channel been all my life? Subbed, liked, alarm bell clicked and… worship? Anyway, keep making bloody amazing content!

  3. There is an effect at 3.26 second of Coldplay's 'Hymn for the weekend' song can you please tell how to do that, please.

  4. I think that recording the video at a higher speed and then adjusting it to real time would give a better effect to the movement of the actor.
    I use the google translator :v

  5. So cool. I've been dying to try and figure out how watsky did his 'whoa whoa whoa' video. He makes his mouth move at real time while his body and the rest of the scene is in super slow Motion. I think I got an idea but would love to know how close I got. Basically any video that Ben Proulx has directed has some kind of element I'd love to know how to recreate. Love the channel. I'm mass recommending it to anyone else who cares about this stuff and even pushing to have your tutorials be kind of like a weekly exercise for our production crew at work. Anyways. Love it all so far. Keep up the great work

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