Simmba | Official Trailer | Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood | Rohit Shetty | December 28

Simmba | Official Trailer | Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood | Rohit Shetty | December 28

‘Shivgadh.’ While I was striving
to be an honest cop, …another kid wanted
to be a cop just like me. Hey… Anywhere is okay, but not my head. But his intentions
were completely different. POLICE! “Here comes…” “Here comes Simmba.” “Here comes…” “Here comes Simmba.” This is the 21st century. People have only one interest. Their own. “Here comes…” “Here comes Simmba.” “Here come the Police.” You’re a big rascal. Bhau, tell me something I don’t know. Tell me something I don’t know. POLICE! I became a cop to make a fast buck… …not to help the poor
like some Robinhood. POLICE! POLICE! You remind me of my teacher. She was like an older sister to me. I can’t be your older sister, …but I can definitely
be your younger sister. Hey… don’t you dare
speak against my brothers? I’ve three dogs,
and I feed them Pedigree (Dog food). And the fourth one is you,
and I feed you money. Bhalerao, if you ever want to execute an
encounter situation, you can take tips from me. Those rapists should be killed. They deserve to die, brother. Honestly speaking, sir. Until we cops don’t start
exterminating these rapists, …nothing is going to change, sir. “The heart trembles, body shivers,
when you know he’s coming…” Beep.

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  1. Please watch ayogya movie which is tamil remake of temper. The climax is totally different, very unique and heart breaking compare to hindi remake simmba and also the original movie temper. Comment after watch this movie.

  2. Another tatti ramake from bollywood of a legendry movie TEMPER. Bollywood walo me saala creativity hi nahi hai behnchod copy karte rehte hai. Khud ki movie banao behnchod. Achi bhali serious movie ko comedy bna dia.

  3. Rubbish movie, I just watched because of actors, Rohit Shetty with due respect, make some meaningful movie, I knew that it's gonna b waste of time but I gave u another chance, I wasted my precious time for your cheap movie, in 2019 u are making these kind of movies? I live out of India white people make fun of us just because of these cheap movies.

  4. Even though this is a remake of Temper, it looks nothing like it… Some scenes looks different from the original script.

  5. Temper is much better than this simba
    Ntr's acting is much better than ranveer's
    Purijaggandh is better than Rohit Shetty

  6. Honestly,, movie was not that much gud .. all superb actors, but thing is story was not gud enough .. Ranveer Singh reserved for romantic movies .. Ajay Devgan reserved for action movies .. Rohit Shetty this tym failed bcoz of there's no story in this movie

  7. Well shit….that looked way more interesting than I expected it to. Plus, bringing in Singham is always a plus.

  8. It's a great movie..with an important message for today's India. Thanks to Rohit Shetty.. 🙏 everyone should watch this movie. Much love to Ranveer Singh and all the other actors. ❤🙏 don't know when the government of India will make strict laws against this heinous crime. Long live India. 🇮🇳

  9. I watched it last night it was awesome and i cried three times kaash aise inspector asli m bhi ho.rapists ko saza milni chahiye usse pehle hume apne bachho ko self defence sikhana chahiye taki wo khud bhi unko bacha sake.

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