Simon Cowell’s ‘One Wish’ Is To Make A Show With Paula And Randy Again | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Simon Cowell’s ‘One Wish’ Is To Make A Show With Paula And Randy Again | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– I know that sometimes
when you’re family, things get heated, cause
I know I’m on The Voice, okay, we get heated on The
Voice too, all the coach. We love each other, we’re
like brothers and sisters, – So.
– Yeah right. – I know, we are, we are, seriously.
(Simon laughing) And literally, it kind
of can bleed off stage. Did y’all ever get in, like
an argument you’re like, you’re not coming back from? Did you ever do that?
(Simon laughing) – Uh, every hour.
– Well, you came back. (audience laughing)
– Yeah, a lot of them. – Really?
– I mean I’m not kidding, every hour.
– A lot of them. – Wait, why that much? You’re so great together, the chemistry– – Don’t even start with me. (audience laughing)
– Wait, wait, wait. – Don’t.
– It wasn’t my fault. – Don’t. – You just kept quitting. (Kelly cackling) – [Randy] Whoa, whoa. – That was on the first day. – Hey, I have been the only
girl in a panel and it is hard. It’s hard to be the only girl.
– Tell me about, tell me– – She was the only girl, that’s true. – No, and they always use
you as, like the ditzy thing. – Never, never.
– Oh no, we wouldn’t do that! (all bickering) – They planned, they planned
the whole live shows around– – Never, ever, ever.
– No. – A deer caught in headlights! (audience laughing)
– Oh my God! It seems like ya’ll are really friendly. But I do have the, this is my, actually one of my coolest things, my connection with you Randy is, you introduced me to somebody that changed my life and my career. And I kind of quasi stole him from Justin. But somebody here wants to say something because I have been working
with my musical director, Jason Halbert, since I dunno,
you put the band together. And you put him in my path,
(clapping) and I just wanted to give him a minute, he wanted to tell you somethin’. – You probably don’t know
this but we met 18 years ago and you were out with Destiny’s Child, and I was on tour, we were opening up. And I just wanted a picture
with Beyonce, to be honest. (laughter) I knocked on the dressing room door and walked in the door, I was so nervous. I hand the camera to
this dude, who was you, and we talked in the hallway–
– I didn’t know this story! – Afterwards, you asked
me for my phone number. I gave it to you.
– Yup, really? (all laughing) – Cowell, stop it, stop it, stop it! – And never heard from you, eight months– (Paula shrieking with laughter) – [Kelly] This is my favorite! – Eight months later out of the blue, I’d just taken another job and
you call me up, and you said, “I’ve just finished a show
called American Idol,” and I called my wife and she’s like, “Take the job,” because she’d
been voting for, for Kelly. But you have no idea how
many cameramen, producers, people behind the scenes–
– Yeah! – That they’ve launched careers for. – Yes!
(audience cheering) Randy, you help, you help
and you mentor and you really like, craft these musicians–
– So annoying. – And you set them up. – It’s always about
paying it forward, right? And Jason, I’m so happy to see him here, I’m happy to see Jessie
here, singing backs! – [Kelly] Jessie! (audience clapping)
– Oh my God! – Is that Jessie singing background? Hi Jessie. (Kelly laughing) I got you the job. – Yeah. (all laughing) – I love it! Okay, wait, what are some new
projects you’re working on? – I got this company
called Unify Health Labs, it’s a whole health
wellness kind of company, they’re coming out with
vitamins in the next month. – Really?
– Look at him! – Yes!
– Look at Randy! – We’ve been doing that–
– Amazing. – I’m in.
– I still have my eyewear line that I’ve
been doing for like, 15 years now, Randy
Jackson Eyewear Collection, managing–
– Can I put them on? – Yeah. – They’re actually very hot.
– Managing a ton of writers and producers and artists and chefs.
(audience tittering) – Got a–
– Really? – You look nice in those.
– Looks good. (audience cheering)
– You look good in those! – Randy’s eyewear. – They’re like the
glasses anyone can wear. That’s awesome, and also
I wanted to mention, Paula, we saw each
other at the Billboards. You couldn’t hear us ’cause
you’re all out there being another word I can’t say on TV– (audience cheering)
But, like I was… When you fell, when you
fell, from the top thing, I was like, “Who are you “to still be doing that?”
(Randy chortling) Like I’m like, I wouldn’t do
that now, like you killed it! – She killed it!
– You made all of us… And I love it because– (Kelly drowned out by audience cheering) – Killed it!
– Thank you! – Killed it, killed it!
– Thank you! – You did make all of
the artists there go, “Oh okay, that’s how that’s done.” Like that was, (Paula giggling)
it was so great! So what are you up to right now? – Well, I have, I just opened
a residency in Las Vegas at the Flamingo.
– Let’s go! (audience cheering)
– I wanna see that! – Okay.
– Of course you can, you guys can come.
– You haven’t invited me. – And you have a, hey mister! You have like a thousand shows so, like what are you working on,
well, give me the cliff notes, what’s happening right now,
I know America’s Got Talent. – Yeah, we’re doing that. If I’m being honest with
you, this does make me think, “If I had one wish, it would be “to make another show with us again.” – Aw.
– Let’s go, man. – That would be my number one. – It would be so good!
– Let’s go. – [Kelly] I dare you! – No, and I’ll tell you why,
because apart from the fact that we had so much fun and, and look, to credit
you, Kelly, like I said, we wouldn’t be here without you. The fact that you are… I mean, and one of the most
successful singers in the world. And I have to say
something about you, Kelly. Unlike the majority
you are the same person off camera–
– Absolutely. – 100%
– As you are on camera. (audience cheering drowns out Simon) You’ve always respected people,
and you’ve been very loyal and you’re a great friend
and I’m absolutely thrilled for you, genuine, you deserve everything, you’ve worked hard for it,
and for you, these guys, even though everyone
remembers all the craziness, what worked about that series was, is that Randy, like myself is an A&R guy but he was also a record producer. Paula actually was a
brilliant spotter of talent. I was an A&R guy, you
know, which meant I did it, which was one of the
reasons why I think we had, and, and this additional chemistry so, our legacy genuinely
were, are the artists we, you know, starting with
you, who we discovered over like this seven year period and that’s what I’m most proud of.
– A lot of them! – I mean the show’s ratings,
great, that’s one thing, but it’s who came through the process is made it all worthwhile
and that’s why genuinely if I could choose who to
work with all over again, I would work with these guys again. (audience cheering)
– I love that!

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  1. Hi Kelly Can I be a guest on your show? I teach Bully Prevention for kids in schools. I am TIGERMAN non-violent Superhero my motto is RAH! (Reject All Hate)

  2. Ohh I love them! It's so beautiful to see that Kelly really stood by their side and has been loyal for all this time as much as they are to and with her. I noticed that Simon's face is a bit different.

  3. I don't like her music but my god she has some pipes, I feel she's terribly underrated as a singer. And as a person she's just sunshine personified

  4. GREAT show Kelly!! You are a great singer, great coach on The Voice !! Great person inside and out !! So I know this show is going to keep being GREAT !!! And I’m always going to be your fan from North Carolina. !!! God bless all of you !! Can’t wait for the Voice which starts tomorrow night 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  5. American Idol needs Randy, Paula, and Simon back. I can't watch American Idol anymore, it's a gong show, it's more about the judges goofing around and getting all the attention. It's boring now. The best part of the show was the auditions of crazy people too.

  6. There will never be a trio like Simon, Paula and Randy. Their chemistry was undeniable, raw and authentic. They found a gem the first season. If Kelly did not win American Idol and become as successful as she did, I don't think any of these talent shows would be around today.

  7. I love that simon has chilled and gotten healthier, but I miss my favorite terror-judge too. It was highly entertaining seeing the fear on the faces of the worst acts (besides the little kids who are still experienciong PTSD into adulthood) Becoming a dad mustve softened him up. ♥

  8. I'm so nostalgic rn lol. American Idol was my EVERYTHING as a kid. The popularity of the show was insane! I think American Idol should make these 3 the judges again for a season lol.

  9. I love those three together as judges on Idol..Best time to ever watch that show..Simon spoke the truth unlike these candyass judges we got now.

  10. awww simon is so sweet, when everyone is just saying funny things for this show he really says something from his genuine heart.

  11. Goodness sake, is this a programme where the interviewer is supposed to interview the guests and listen. Obviously not coz this woman cant shut her beak, yap yap yap and yap yap yap,,SHUT UP WOMAN

  12. "Paula was a brilliant spotter of talent" Truth. She told Simon 'I like this girl' about Kelly when Simon said he didn't like Kelly.

  13. Has Randy got something? Very skeletal… Cowells face can't move with all the injections and Paula's gash must be like a Wizards Sleeve by now…

  14. HAHA love Kelly when she touched Simon's shoulder saying HEY MISTER 😂😂😂 can't imagine another artist would do that to a Simon Cowell in this life 🤣

  15. There has to be gratefulness for Simon… so many were discovered because of him including Kelly. Things are not perfect in any profession. But getting discovered and having a successful career started somewhere. And for Kelly it was American Idol.

  16. Kelly is one of the most humble and respectful singers I have watched. She always brings out joy and humour in her conversation. I simply like her.

  17. Yap Kelly you got me subscribe now.
    Love you with those two great men Simon, Brady and the cutest lady Paula.
    Love you guys together.💕💐👍🏽

  18. idk why but i cried hearing Simon's "one wish" and with no doubt thanking Kelly for being one of the reason why they're success with the show 🙁 that is why I love Simon :')

  19. I detest everything about the modern show biz industry and especially Hollywood.
    Wouldn't want to be within a 100 mile of any of those fake bullshitters much less have them "entertain" me.
    I'm sure some must be okay but basically, bwwwWWwwwk!

  20. Simon spoke the truth about Kelly, Randy and Paula. Its such a weird sight to see Kelly leading her former judges on her tv show wow

  21. Such arrogant fucks ,just because they are famous and rich they feel superior and act better than everyone else, Simon saying I got you the job in a arrogant way….. the fame and money has really got to these people's heads , if you allow money and fame to change you ,your a weak person

  22. After what they did to that little Girl "Rachel Crowe" Fuck them! Paula looks as if she is Popping Pills! That little Girl was Crushed and I have refused to watch these type of shows Since!😤😤😤😤😤

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  24. As a kid I'd make a huge bowl of popcor, sit on my couch with my mom and watch American idol every week. Nothing will beat this trio!

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