Sisters of House Black- An Unofficial Fan Film (FULL FILM)

Sisters of House Black- An Unofficial Fan Film (FULL FILM)

(tense music) (dramatic whooshing) (mysterious music) – [Female News Reporter] Seven
Muggles have been reported to have mysteriously gone missing, having been grabbed by
a group in black cloaks. – [Male News Reporter] Seems
like this dark wizarding group are finally taking action
where others dare not. – [Student] You got it! – Do you think this dark
wizard really exists? I thought it was just some silly gossip going around the school. – I know it does. Rodolphus Lestrange is the one to talk to. (students yelling excitedly)
(tense music) (electrical crackling) – Cissy, you should put your
wand in too, see what happens! (students yelling excitedly)
(electrical crackling) (dramatic blasting) (students gasping) – You watching, Mudbloods? This just proves that purebloods really are the most powerful! – Shut it, Lestrange! (students chattering) Think of what this really means. I mean, I’ve heard about
two wand cores, but– – It means together, we
can do incredible things! – It means we have a bond like no other. We can’t break it. (students chattering) – [Student] Filthy Mudbloods! – You will never see her again. If you do, you will meet the same fate. (Narcissa crying)
(melancholic music) (girls laughing) – [Andromeda] I want to see it! Well, let me see! Narcissa, give them here! (tense music) – Give them back now! – I knew studying
Legilimency would be useful. I can see exactly what’s going on. – This is important! Magical purity is getting weaker! We need to ensure that the
Black line remains powerful! You need to set an example! You know that Muggles are causing wars and destruction in this world! Their weak-minded blood
does not belong with ours! – I will marry a pureblood, but right now, especially after I got
my Auror apprenticeship, and what about all those
NEWTs I worked so hard for? Besides, when I do marry,
I want it to be my choice. I’ll do it my own way. I don’t appreciate being pushed around like a Witch Weekly magazine! Mother, please! – Be quiet! You’re no longer at Hogwarts, Bellatrix. We’ve left it far too long. – I guess I better pack in my NEWTs now– – Don’t be silly, Bell, Andromeda. – If you do not comply, there is a very easy way to fix this! – Cygnus, she’s forgotten enough as it is. (tense pensive music) – You are a disgrace to our family! You will marry first, and then
you will leave this house. Then I will no longer
have to deal with you. (melancholic pensive music) Our family is the noble and
most ancient house of Black! You will all contribute to carrying on a pure magical bloodline! If you do not obey or
agree to our arrangements, you will be banished from this household and stripped of your rights as
a member of the Black family! Do you understand? (tense music) – Are you listening, Bellatrix? (tense pensive music) – He thinks he can take away my memories? – I’m glad you tried to stand up to Mother and Father, Bella. I agree with you. (soft mysterious whooshing) But what can we do about it, though? I don’t want to marry
someone I barely know! (soft mystical tinkling) – Avada Kedavra! – It’s okay. – Avada Kedavra!
– Have an earwax! (Andromeda and Narcissa laughing) – Right! – [Andromeda] (laughing) No! – [Bellatrix] I’m gonna get you! – You have to (mumbles)! – Earwax! – Stop it, that’s disgusting! – [Bellatrix] Earwax, earwax! (Bellatrix and Andromeda laughing) – [Andromeda] No, don’t! (warm pensive music) (tense music)
(foliage rustling) No, stop it! I told you, it’s an Unforgivable Curse! The Ministry have traced you, Bella! – Not that she actually cast it, mind you. – Stop it, get behind me! (tense music)
(foliage rustling) (wind blowing) – Ted? Tonks? I think he’s in my year at Hogwarts. – Yeah, a seventh-year Hufflepuff. Muggle-born. (Bellatrix laughing) – Hello, I’ve got these leaflets for the– – And what exactly are these, some sort of Muggle
defence society? (laughs) – The Gigglyflits. My friends are playing in
the village pub tonight. I said I’d help them out because I wanted to make
it a good one for them. I was walking up to your house
to put some through the gate. – They play music at the pub? – Yes, apparently quite a lot. Do you not go down there much? – There’s no need for us to. – Well, if you want to, here you go. – Thanks. – Maybe see you tonight. – Go, leave! (laughing) – What an idiot! Did he seriously think we’d go to a gig? We’re not desperate. (Bellatrix and Narcissa laughing) – [Bellatrix] The Gigglyflits! (Bellatrix and Narcissa laughing) – Bella, you seem to be
good friends with Rodolphus. – Lestrange? – [Bellatrix] Rodolphus? – He’s worse than Malfoy. (laughs) – Rodolphus? Wait, Rodolphus! I almost forgot! He said he’d take us to
visit the Dark Lord tonight. You two coming? – Of course! If there’s new magic being
taught, I want to be there. I’ll go get my cloak. – Rodolphus, really? – Whatever you can control, take hold of. Keep storing those memories. I’d suggest watching them
in a Pensieve each night. – My Lord, there has been a mistake. These are the three sisters
I spoke to you about, with the wands? – I’m Bellatrix Black, and I’ve no doubt that you know the name that
my sisters and I share. We’re from the– – Silence. (tense music) I have heard of the Black family, a most prestigious and noble line, always pure. (tense music) However, you are Hogwarts students. Albus Dumbledore may be a
hypocritical blood traitor, but he is no fool, and his power is unrivalled. His downfall will come at my hand at the opportune moment. (tense music) It’s rather disappointing, Lestrange. This is why you are not yet a
Death Eater like your father. – My Lord! I believe you will find
great value in Bellatrix. She currently has an Auror
apprenticeship at the Ministry. – And I was four-times
duelling champion at Hogwarts. – Very well. Duel with me. Duel with me, Bellatrix Black. (dramatic tense music) (Bellatrix grunts) (fire blazing) (mysterious whispering) Free yourself. – You have my wand! (Voldemort chuckles) – Fear and love will bind you. Don’t let them control you. (tense music) You show much potential. You’re so much more than
just a simple Auror. Let me teach you. (gong reverberating) (water babbling)
(pensive music) – Avada Kedavra! (ducks quacking) Avada Kedavra! – No, it’s disgusting! – Shut up! (dramatic tense music) Avada Kedavra! – For heaven’s sake, must
you practise that here? – Yes, I have to get this! He expects me to get it! – Today is Wednesday,
the 26th of May, 1971. Are we heading for a wizarding war? The view on Muggle relations
is dividing the wizarding world for the first time since Grindelwald. (tense music) – [Cygnus] Enough of the distraction! (tense music) (melancholic pensive music) – You should be happy, proud even. I’m putting our family on
the right side of power. You know, actually going out
there doing something about it, unlike you! Cissy! – [News Reporter] Today is
Monday, the 19th of June, 1972. The group in black cloaks
have identified themselves as Death Eaters, and claim responsibility for multiple attacks. – Let me guess where you two have been. – [Bellatrix] This is
our duty as a family. – You could join us. – [News Reporter] Their
leader proudly claimed responsibility in the name
of magical blood purity, and goes by Lord Voldemort. – [Bellatrix] Where’s Andromeda? – [Narcissa] At her job at Gringotts. (tense music) – Please! – We’d be offering our
house to rebellion meetings. If the Ministry found out, then– – The Ministry still think
I’m a dedicated Auror trainee. Besides, the Dark Lord
will protect us, so will I. – I don’t think this is a good idea. – I do. So many influential people
are following him now, including the Malfoys. – It truly is a shame that
too many Ministry officials come by our manor, but if
you were to offer your house, it would prove your alliance to him and to all the powerful families. – It really is beneficial. He can keep us safe. He’s only going to get stronger. – They do have a point. – We’d be silly not to. We could set out to do what
Grindelwald achieved, and more, and you could help. – Cygnus? – I will give permission
to this, on one condition. You will marry. – Stop, I know exactly
what you’re thinking. – Who knows? We’re good friends. – Bella! There are other ways to gain
the Dark Lord’s approval. And who knows, he may lose
power within a year or so. – Oh, he won’t. (tense music) All right. How does Lestrange sound? (tense music) (Andromeda laughs) – Stop! Andy! – (laughs) Your eyelashes look fine. – We’re all so different
in our own ways, aren’t we? – Yes, very different. (Andromeda and Narcissa laughing) (mysterious music box music) – Lucius said it’s charmed
to play when it senses love. – He got you that? Oh, Mr. Death Eater has a sensitive side. (mysterious music box music) – [Bellatrix] Father should be here soon. (mysterious music box music) – You’re quiet. Are you nervous? – Bellatrix Black, nervous? (mysterious music box music) You’ve only just realised what
you’re doing, haven’t you? (mysterious music box music) (Bellatrix mumbles) What? No. No! You can’t! There’s no way you can! Bella, that’s not love! (mysterious music box music) – [Narcissa] What did you say? – Forget it. I’m taking hold of what I can control. (dramatic orchestral music) (people chattering) – Sirius, this is incredible! How did you get it to track people? – The Homonculous Charm. Actually, I was gonna
ask if you could help me with the Slytherin Common Room. – Of course! (laughs) – This is wonderful! You know, you’re going to need some sort of concealment charm, though, if you don’t want anyone stealing it. – Actually, she’s right. There’s one that I use on my
letters, the (mumbles) charm. You create a secret phrase,
and then it will reveal it. – And why are you concealing your letters? – Gringotts rules, of course. – All right, give it back! – You know, this is some
really powerful magic. You could be useful–
(Andromeda groans) – No, thanks. My talents will not be used
for any Muggle torturing or Dark Arts, thank you very much. – Well, you know, stars
only shine in darkness. – Come along, Sirius! I want you to talk to the Carrow girl! – Swear, it’s all our
family bloody thinks about. You lot are so boring! – Hey! (Sirius mumbles) – Sirius, come! I want to make progress! – Someone kill me, please. – [Auror Richardson] You! (dramatic tense music)
(people gasping) – Hey, this is a wedding! How dare you… (dramatic tense music) – I’m taking you into the Ministry, where you’re in suspicion of conspiring with He Who Must Not Be Named! – What? – You were sighted attacking
the Muggle Parliament building, castin’ a Dark Mark into the sky! – No, wait! It wasn’t her! – Richardson, there must have
been some sort of mistake. This is my sister. – I’m sorry, Black, Lestrange. I’m just doing my job. Congratulations, by the way. (tense music) – [Cygnus] You can’t
just take her like that! I will be speaking with the minister! This is an outrage! – [Aunt Walburga] You should
be proud of Andromeda. She’s showing her allegiance
to the pureblood cause. – Walburga, she could
go to Azkaban for this. – [Narcissa] Bella, what did you do? – [Bellatrix] What I had to
do to protect our family. They won’t remember. – [News Reporter] And why
should we have to hide our power from the Muggles when we’re far superior? It’s 197–
– And that’s your opinion. – [Bellatrix] I don’t
remember any of this. When did this happen? Father? (dramatic tense music) – Please don’t tell me someone has died! – He only killed a couple of Muggles! – Oh, oh, that’s okay, then. Just a couple of Muggles, is it? Are we killing Muggles in the street now? Oh, I don’t know, (speaking
drowned out by music). This isn’t right. We can’t keep on living like this! (dramatic tense music) We have to do something. (Andromeda laughs incredulously) (dramatic tense music) I hate the Dementors. It’s so cold. Father, can’t you just– – [Cygnus] Enough! There’s nothing I can
do, she made her choice. – [Narcissa] No, you made it for her. (melancholic pensive music) – This is a detailed plan
of the Death Eater’s attack on the Ministry. You do know some members of the
Order of the Phoenix, right? – Maybe.
– Hurry up! – Sirius, we want them out of our house! – Funny how you both only get involved when it concerns yourselves. (melancholic pensive music) – This was a mistake! – And it was an attack on the Ministry. We’re fine, no one knows that it was us. (tense music) – Anything interesting in there? – Not that I know of. – [Bellatrix] Hmm. (tense music builds) – What are you doing in here? – Is it a crime to come see
how my sisters are doing? So rare that we do this these days. (dramatic tense music) Such fond memories in here. Yes, surprisingly, I remember them, like, the time that we dressed
the ghoul in Andy’s clothes. Or, (laughs softly) when we (mumbles). Or maybe the time that we sat
here and said to each other, “At least we’ll be able
to rely on each other.” The only people who could’ve known about the attack last night are the people in this house. No (mumbles) could have down this. I made sure of it. – I don’t appreciate people
jumping to conclusions. – Never said it was you. It’s just that Malfoy
would never forgive you if he thought it was. You’d have to say goodbye to
that arrangement, wouldn’t you? – Maybe your protection spells weren’t as powerful as you thought! Lucius has told me about a certain– – Would you like me to
perform Legilimens on you, or something worse? – No! It was me. (tense music) – You? (laughs softly) You’ve ruined everything! He trusted me! And after all the things
I’ve done for this family, after all the things I’ve done for you! Using memory charms on
Aurors, you know how much I hate memory–
– That was your mess! All of this is! Dementors, murders in our house! – The Dark Lord, does
he suspect any of us? (tense music) – [Bellatrix] He suspects an outsider. – Then can’t we just move on from this? Maybe it’s a good thing
that this happened. – A good thing? They’ll never visit this house again! – As I planned! You need your space, we all do, but this is our home. Can’t you see what the Dark Lord is doing to the wizarding world, to you? (sighs) To us. – [Bellatrix] Stop trying
to cover your tracks, stop being so selfish! – Selfish? Can it not get through
into your thick skull that you’re the one who’s
putting us in danger? And for what, your own gain? You’re supposed to protect us! This, this is not what big
sisters are supposed to do. – Andy! – You disgust me! Everyone’s been talking about the things you’ve been doing. – The things I’ve been
doing are magnificent. I have power you will never reach. Would you like to see? – Go on then, mastered
the Killing Curse yet? – There’s more creative spells than that. I could charm your clothes
to tighten and strangle you, or perhaps I could
torture you as punishment. Or maybe I could force
you to do my bidding. Yes, see the errors of
your ways, make you join us as a Death Eater! (loud slapping) (tense music) Deary me. (Bellatrix mumbles) What’s wrong, scared to use magic on me? – We both need to just stop and think about what we’re doing. (tense music) – [Muffled Voice] Ted? Tonks? (Bellatrix laughing) – [Bellatrix] Talking about Muggles! – What are you talking about? You’re mad. (laughing) (muffled speaking) – You really shouldn’t have
betrayed me, or our family. (tense music) (mysterious tense music)
(loud whooshing) (Andromeda mumbling)
– Bella, wait! (Andromeda mumbling)
What’s going on? – [Andromeda] I don’t
know, I think she’s… (tense music) – You really thought you could
hide this from me? (laughs) – It’s okay. I’ll handle this. – No, Ted. Bella, this is my choice. I’m doing it my own way. You remember that, right? – Go this way. – What is this? How long’s this been going on for? – Since The Weird Sisters gig. – You remember, all those years ago, when we saw the Mudblood right here. (Andromeda gasps) – Explain yourself. – Hey! (Ted grunts) – I tried to tell you! Did you really think I
had a job at Gringotts? – You lied? All those times you left the house, you were with him? I don’t understand. – Because unlike you two, I don’t care! I don’t care about power
or riches, or blood. We’re all magical! Even if he didn’t have a
single drop of magical blood, it wouldn’t matter to me. You all lead a life with no true love! – I love you, myself and Lucius. We’re pureblood. We love each other. You don’t need to prove a point by trying to taint our family. – How on earth does marrying
Ted taint the family? It doesn’t! You’re both brainwashed! – Enough! (dramatic tense music) He’s the one who’s brainwashed you, teasing you with something
new, something different. That’s exactly what they do. Just a moment of weakness
for you, Andy, that’s all. (Ted groaning softly) I’ll say this once, let him go. Promise not to see him anymore. They’ll forgive you. (dramatic tense music) – You should listen to her. Think about what you’re doing. Being with him puts us all in danger. (dramatic tense music) Andy, please! – I can’t. We’re engaged. Let go. – [Narcissa] No. – Let go. Imperio. – You’ll pay for what you have done. Crucio!
(Ted screaming) (tense music)
(bones cracking) (Bellatrix laughing) – No! (dramatic tense music) (Bellatrix laughing) (Ted yells)
– Petrificus Totalus! (ice crackling) (dramatic tense music) (Bellatrix laughing) – Stay out of this! – No, you’ve been foolish! – I’ve been foolish? Look at her! (Bellatrix laughing) – I’ll deal with her,
but if you don’t stop and think about what you’re
doing, I’ll petrify you too, and you can both stay here forever! – A perfect love story. (dramatic tense music) (whip cracking loudly) – Shut it! (dramatic tense music) – Avada Kedavra! (plant sizzling) (Bellatrix panting) (dramatic tense music) (Bellatrix laughing) Don’t stop, come on! (dramatic tense music) (electrical buzzing) (dramatic blasting) – Stop it, both of you! – Fine. – Bellatrix, I’m warning you! – I’m taking you to Mother and Father. – Bella, no! Wait, can we just discuss this here? Please! If they hear about this,
Andromeda will surely be banished. – Take me to them. Do it! (tense melancholic music) – No. – [Druella] You will never see her again. (Narcissa crying)
(melancholic music) – Didn’t you hear what she said? Never visit her again! (dramatic tense music)
(soft tinkling) They were your memories! What are you doing here? – I heard about what happened
with you and the Dark Lord. – How can you be so stupid and naive? He’s not gone, and she
is never coming back! – No! Please, no. This is all I have left. (tense music) (glass shattering) (soft tinkling) Are you really gonna do
to me what he did to you, make me forget? Who was it that disapparated? Was it you or Andromeda? Bella! (tense music)
(soft tinkling) – Fine, have your stupid memories, but you know the Dark Lord is highly practised in Occlumency. He will not–
– The Dark Lord is gone! He was killed by a boy. Now answer me! (flesh sizzling) – [Bellatrix] Cissy! (tense music)
(soft tinkling) – Was it you, or Andromeda? (tense music)
(soft tinkling) – She made her choice. (tense music)
(soft tinkling) – What are they? (Bellatrix mumbling) – [Bellatrix] They know something. They can help me find him. I’m going to–
– Bella! I’m sorry, he’s gone. He was killed, there’s no point! – This could help me find him. – Enough! Don’t be so stupid! Look, I promise I’ll destroy the Pensieve, just promise you won’t do
what I think you’re gonna do. (mysterious music box music) Bella! Promise me. (mysterious music box music) (melancholic pensive music)

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  1. On behalf of everyone who worked on Sisters of House Black, we'd like to say a huge thanks for the overwhelming support and positivity on this film. It's been truly magical! If we want to keep up to date on this more, feel free to follow us here:

    We'll also be uploading behind the scenes and bloopers soon!

  2. Мне так нравятся сестры! Актрисы подобраны идеально! Особенно Беллатрикс, но Нарцисса и Андромеда тоже классные! Единственное огорчило отсутствие мантий, да и в принципе нарядов описанных в книге. Ну не сочетаются старинные книги, перья и свечи с короткими платьями и ярким мейкапом.

  3. This was actually incredible! A thumbs and a cheer for how amazing the setting was, acting and story line was👏👏👏👏👍👍👍😄😄😄😄 sad that they were sister's and now torn apart, btw I subscribed and notified

  4. Bella, of course, is still a bitch. But a very bright and interesting character. And like a sorceress is brilliant. I think she was one of the few that Voldemort really appreciated.

  5. Bellatrix, with her attempts to manipulate her sisters, reminds me of Azula from the cartoon Avatar. Andromeda was not afraid of her. But Narcissa was afraid. Dromeda and Bella are two opposite poles. Narcissus is in the middle.

  6. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I’m a slytherin and when I tell people I’m slytherin they always assume that I’m racist against muggle horns so:
    Andromida: SHUT UP LESTRANGE
    Me:literally me XD

  7. Amazing however I did want at that last scene draco to start crying or something. Just so we know he’s there are can fully understand the difficulty narcissus has now she has a kid

  8. I wanted you compliments for the beautiful work you are very good and beautiful, Bellatrix is my favorite character 😉

  9. No body ever:
    Mr. Black (dad): angry yelling
    Please don’t take this as hate I love 💕 this so much😂💙💜💙💜💙

  10. This is the best fan film I've ever seen, I can actually imagine this all happening, I actually thought that the person playing Bellatrix was Helena for a moment because she's got the voice so spot on, the development of Bellatrix from loving big sister to the crazy death eater we all know was amazing.
    Fantastic job

  11. I was waiting for a chance to sit down and watch this properly, so i'm a little late, but here I am and my thoughts!
    1)This was made with such a professional quality, congratulations to the whole crew!
    2) you wanted to cover a lot of specific canon events over many years. You chose to show those via memories in a pensieve, which was really quite clever but what I really thought was genius was the way you made that such a vital part of the story itself and a vital explanation of Bellatrix's character and used it as a way to highlight Narcissa's personal values and inner conflicts. I mean that's really, really well done!!!
    3) I really liked the thought behind the costume design, the way that Andy would grow to follow muggle fashions, Cissy would grow to wear more colours representing Malfoy, and Bella growing to the Bella we see in film. It helped us pinpoint where we were in the timeline when it got confusing and again foreshadows character decisions in the film.
    4) speaking of that loved the good o'l mirroring of the wand thing, those always just feel so gosh golly satisfying!
    5) I did get confused a few times, mostly with the "two years later thing" because i wasn't sure which memory it was two years after. That could just be me, but I think I would have found the dates or years in there more constant a bit easier to piece it together chronologically in my mind. But you know, that's something that would require lots of screen testing and who's got the budget?
    6) I love that your version of Bella is screen Bellatrix because of the damage to her mind from memories being taken from her, but I was a bit fuzzy on why her Dad was taking them, I got that it had something to do with keeping her in line, but i'd like to know what that was, was she someone who used to sympathise with muggles until her dad took them? Did she rebel against Black values? or was it just any random memory she had, knowing it would make her unbalanced?
    7) I have so many more thoughts, but really want to leave this at number seven :p So, quickly, a few, I love the idea that Narcissa and Andy helped the Order and just the inclusion of the Order and Sirius was really enjoyable. The actors did a really good job, especially the ones who aren't trained, they did so well! The whole crew, from script and locations to camera and lighting to effects, editing and sound was brilliant the whole film shone with their efforts and soul.
    Yeah, so overall, you did a really good job, you achieved so much and you should be so, so proud!!!

  12. Great movie really but can someone explain me what is Narcisa asking Bella at the end ? What was that promise about ?

  13. Interesting and realised good…
    But in English.
    And why narcissa is already in the black mansion when Voldemort are destroyed if she must be married with Lucius and mother of draco?

  14. Wow, that was really cool shot.😍 As if I watched a separate sequel to the film. The actress who plays Bellatrix is ​​somehow really like Helena Bom Carter.🤩 But the girl who played Narcissus with something reminds me of the actress who played Luna's in the Harry Potter franchise 🤔

  15. To everybody involved in this my highest respect, this is amazing work and rivals high production value tv productions, just on the aesthetics. The storytelling is excellent and on point not only rivaling but outdoing many movies I have seen this year on the big screen.
    Special effects were executed wonderfully with perhaps a few strange choices, but they only look off due to the otherwise stellar work of the fox team setting the bar very high.
    The acting was so well done that I lost myself into the film. I’m very sorry not to have seen this on a big movie screen, because this is were this movie belongs, as a testament to all the talent contributing to it.

  16. Thank you so much for doing this. All of the people behind this, good job. It's really good. The effects needs a little bit more'push' but pfff who cares so much about that, everything else is superb.

  17. I really love this movie my favorite seen is when Bella lick her blood and said pure

    And the guy who played Ted is really cute

  18. HOW AMAZING WAS THAT! This video really fleshed out the characters and helps Potterheads like me understand how the sisters turned out how they did and the true corrupting power of Voldemort. Brilliant! 11 stars!

  19. It definitely seems like bellostrix gradually became more and more crazy over time because by the time she was in Harry potter she was a straight savage

  20. I am a Harry Potter fan. I have seen many fan films, but this was one the best I've ever seen. Kelsey is playing Bellatrix Black brilliant, she is born for this role. Narzissa looks exactly like I imagined her as a teenager. Andromenda was surely very hard to play, because she isn't very often mentioned in the harry potter books. Cygnus and Druella aren't mention in the books at all, I belive. All of the actors have their job done more then well.

    Now to the sory:
    I love the story. She is showing the bond between the three sisters. I love it that there was a reason for the madness of Bellatrix. The script is very well and welltought. The dresses and the places are brilliant. What I love about that Fan film is that there aren't many actors but its a brilliant fan film. I love the sence at 8.55, because its shows the charaktar of Bella in just one sence, she is an self confident girl or woman and very pround of her blood. I love that there is also a reason why she married Rodolphus and why it was an loveless marrige. Every move and well anything fits perfect. The kamaraman/ kamarawoman is also very importent because she ist making the film more exiting.
    I love the dresses, where did you get Andromend cloak from? I love it.
    What also was very good was that there were very fast german subitled.

    Thank you all, actors and producers, who helpes that the fan film became reality.
    I love it and the fanfilm is amazing, you can be proud of yourselves, all of you.

  21. I don’t know what I expected going into this, but goodness I am blown away by how well you all managed to breathe life into the younger counterparts of the characters we’ve grown to love in the official films.

    I have watched so many videos about the Black sisters backgrounds, I knew the details, but this short film told their stories so well that I need to sit and reevaluate how I feel about each of them.

    Your portrayal of Bellatrix was.. oh my god. You have made me pity her so much more than I thought possible.

  22. Did their father really wipe their memories whenever he couldn't keep controlling them anymore? Git. Bellatrix never stood a chance did she? Very interesting take on the backstories of these characters. No regrets here!

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