Sketch (2018) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Vikram, Tamannaah Bhatia, Soori

Sketch (2018) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Vikram, Tamannaah Bhatia, Soori

‘Opportunity, situation and time..’ ‘ the true colors
of a human being.’ ‘As of now I am trapped
in such situation.’ ‘It would not be wrong if I
say that I am responsible for this.’ ‘Jamnabai area of north Chennai.’ ‘It is known for
its illegal businesses.’ ‘Like kidnapping, recovery..’ ‘..opium and other drugs to
kill someone after taking money..’ ‘All these illegal things
are done openly during day time.’ ‘Other than illegal business another
work goes on here without any fear.’ ‘To steal cars. A big financer
Devashish Ghosh has started this work.’ ‘He would have never dreamt
that he would have to..’ ‘..face so much insult
and loss in this business.’ ‘He got trapped so
badly that he died.’ ‘Then his son decided
to continue this work.’ ‘The son was a bigger
cheater than son.’ ‘Along with recovery he started
doing financing of cars as well.’ ‘If anyone delayed
in making payment..’ ‘..then he would directly pick
up his car without giving any notice.’ ‘And would sell it at a good rate.’ Give me the keys, rascal. ‘Because of this work he gained a lot
of fame and made a lot of property.’ ‘Seth also used to be happy with
his work and gave him a lot of money.’ ‘At that moment a big gang
war took place in Chandanwadi.’ Wait, wait. I am talking. – Do you think I am a fool?
– Get back. I will not spare you. Hey, what are you doing?
I told you to stop it. Hey, stop it. ‘The scene became dangerous
and Mama’s hand got chopped off.’ ‘There was a lot of
discussion and drama..’ ‘..regarding who
will take Mama’s place.’ Look Seth,
Rajan will not be able to do all this. I want the post to pick up the car. I will decide as to
whom I will give my post. Why you and not Seth
would decide this? Look Seth, give this
post to the son of my sister. I will give him full support.
Don’t take tension. Hey Seth, give that post to me. Keep quiet.
Rajan will decide about this. Seth, do you think I am useless? When these fools will not be able
to do work then you will remember me. He is just a king for name sake. When the person is not capable
enough then he should killed. You cannot become who I am. I will make sure Seth
earns more profit than me. Seth, my nephew will
help you earn so much profit.. ..that you will have to pay GST.
Don’t worry at all. I will wait for that day. ‘He left in anger but will
surely come back again to kill me.’ ‘This is Ravi’s plan.’ ‘I work here but I am
the prince of this garage.’ Hey rowdies.. ‘These are my special friends.’ ‘Goli, Churan and Batla.’ ‘We take away the car
from people who want it..’ ‘..but cannot pay the
installment and give it to Seth.’ I know that I have not trusted the
wrong person. I swear upon Goddess. I am not a coward. I am a very strong powerful
man with sharp eyesight. I scare the one opposite
to me with my hand. Go and have fun. I had given the car for servicing
but not to lose my belongings. – Hey, did you clean my car?
– I did it, sir. – Why are you getting angry?
– I’ll slap you. Don’t scold the boys. – You go and do your work.
– Okay. What is this sir? What drama
are you doing in the morning? A small box from his
car has been stolen.. he is having doubt on our boys. Boys have returned Apple
mobile and Rado watch.. ..then what they will do of that box. What was there in the box? – I had kept a chemical to
clean my sunglasses. – Chemical? You fool if a drop falls
in the AC then you will die. That is why the boys
must have thrown it. Hey, this is too much. After stealing
the box he is trying to act smart. Hey get it and put it back in his car. – Let him die.
– Bring it. You don’t know me. I am not interested in knowing you.
Let’s go Seth. Uncle, burn two candles
extra and you will get the box. – Really?
– Get lost. – Hey, give me my box.
– Leave it. Peter, get the box from
toilet and give it to him. What is this?
Why is there so much traffic? – What is the matter?
– You’ve got bored so soon. – It will take another hour for
the car to move from here. – But why? Are you both new to the city? Rowdy Reddy Kumar. He is a rascal in the
form of a businessman. He is allergic to legal work. He does all heinous works like
alcohol, drugs, hawala, killing etc. In a problem a company
killed his father here. Then he buried his father here. Earlier there were plants here.. ..but late he took the
land on lease from government. Every year he comes here to
offer garland and spoils our business. Hey, who has gone to get the garland? MLA had said that he
would get it on the way back. He is a stupid fellow. If he is so rich and famous then why
is he roaming in a third class car? He has Rolls Royce but
this car is his favorite. This car is lucky for
him and changed his destiny. And he became Rowdy Reddy Kumar. MLA has come, sir. Did you find me to do politics? Because of your politics
you do hooliganism. Shiva is our man.
He is doing his business. Why are you unnecessarily
troubling him? I shall bring him to you. So you talk
out with him and finish the matter. I just have to talk. So okay get him. God, bless me so that I
pass with good marks in exams. As I want to become IAS. – Amisha.
– How are you Priya? Bye, mother. – Good luck.
– Great, you brought scooter today. Father has got hurt on his
foot so he did not go to office. That is why I brought it. – Will you drive?
– Not now but after the exam. Bye. Your scooter was stolen.
Did you file a complaint? I have done it but do you get anything
after it is stolen in this country? – After exam we will go and to
watch Kanchana 3. – Okay, come on. Define electronic data interchange
and what are its components? What happened? I forgot the hall
ticket in the scooter. Oh no, come on hurry up. – Hey, where has the scooter gone?
– I had parked it here. Where did it go? Security. – What happened, madam? – Where did
the scooter go that was parked here? I don’t know. I had gone to have tea. Is your duty here or at the tea stall? – Did you remove the keys?
– No, I forgot. How negligent you are? Hey, whose hall ticket is this?
Take this hall ticket. – That is your scooter.
– Yes, that is mine. Who are you? Whom did you
ask before taking the scooter? Hey, why are you shouting
so much for this? First you stole the scooter
and now you are arguing. Hey, whom are you calling a thief? Does a thief ever return the vehicle? – What are you saying?
– Hey, Goli, keep quiet. Your hall ticket was kept in this. Otherwise till now your
scooter must have been sold. What do you mean? You got the
scooter back because of hall ticket. Shut up, you stupid girl.
Are you Narayan’s daughter? – Sir that is my father’s name.
– Nice girl. – Is your daddy fine?
– Yes. If we will not steal the
bike then we will garland it. Will it be fine if I make
her wear the garland? Hey, are you doing setting? – Keep quiet!
– Sorry.. Come here. Don’t worry. Come. Tell your father to pay
the installment and take it back. – Thank you, sir.
– Mention not. Why are you talking
respectfully with him? – He is a scooter thief.
– Hello.. – There is no need to say
thanks to him. – Keep quiet. Give me your address
and I shall come with lawyer. Why do you want to call
a lawyer to read the address? What kind of uneducated
people are there in the college? Let’s go from here. – Excuse me.
– Yes. All the best. – Thief.
– Excuse me, daughter of Narayan. Don’t smile otherwise
he will follow you. These boys can never change. You think a lot. Hey, have you made tea or soup? What? Does it taste like soup? Yes. If you add noodles
then it will become manchow soup. – Instead of Fazal Tea stall..
– My paper went off very well. – ..write Chinese corner.
– If I pass then I will give treat. You leave it. Who adds turmeric
and coriander in tea? – Look there.
– Hey, you are a fool. I am telling you not
to pay attention to them.. ..otherwise they will
follow you to your house. He has returned your hall ticket.
He has not saved your life. – Keep the change.
– Thank you. He did not even turn and see. Don’t misunderstand him. He is a thief and is doing
acting of being a stranger. Hey, don’t look there. What will your sister think of you? – Eat. Krishna was also here.
– Look, my scooter. Hey, your aunt is
here after giving exams. Come, my sweetheart. How are you? Say hi to sister. Who came here to give the scooter? Do you know they took the scooter
because the installment was not paid? On father’s request they
came here to give the scooter. Look they are having
coffee at the tea stall. Try to understand. Look, you were thinking
negative about them. – Okay, you think positive about him.
– Amisha.. – Brother, tea..
– It won’t work. Ready. Don’t hit. It is a matter of dignity. – Hey you..
– Yes, brother. Come here. He missed the aim. – Have you ever taken drugs?
– What happened, brother? What is that brother? With drugs all your sufferings
will come to an end. – What is this, brother?
– Okay, fine. Tell me. Have you ever done it? – Yes brother.
– You are trying to be smart. I will thrash you if
you do it in future. Go. He is acting over smart. Goli, your girlfriend. Here she comes to trouble me. My love, how are you? How many times have I told you.. ..that area councilor’s
son always teases me? – But why should you be bothered?
– I told him that I have a boyfriend. He snatched my mobile and
asked me to call my boyfriend. If he has power then let
him take the mobile from me. Come on, let’s get it. You are talking about
that cheap phone. Leave it. His speaker was not working. Don’t worry. After increment
I will buy a new one on EMI. Hey fool, can’t you do such
a small thing for your girlfriend? Tell me where he
will be available now. – Brother, will you do bowling?
– I have come to do batting. Are you new here?
Don’t you know who my father is? Mother.. Hey you fool, his mother
must know who his father is? How will I know? – I am not Google.
– You are right. Why are you agreeing to him?
Is he your brother-in-law? I will just tell him. Eat something nutritious. I just
smashed you once and you are gone. In this way you will
not be able to do batting. When someone threatens someone
powerful then he is sure to die. But still they flutter. Maybe bidding farewell to friends. But the onlookers feel so pity on him. – Isn’t it?
– Yes, you are right. The proverb that weak person is
scared of powerful one fits you well. Where is the phone? Hey, give him the phone. Wow! Good boy. – I am taking it.
– Okay, brother. Take it. Greetings, madam.
You are welcome to the showroom. Hey brother, I am his financer. Sorry, I did not see you. Didn’t you see a smart
boy standing next to the girl? Sister, I want to buy this bike. Hey, we will buy a tricycle
for you and then later a bike. Who is he? Is he your brother-in-law? Shall I tell you something else?
I have another brother-in-law. He wanted to become a lawyer. I
took loan from bank to make him study. Do you know that he
filed the first case on me? Then why do you bring him along? Because he wants to become a judge. – If he becomes a judge then he will
put you behind bars. – Tell me. Which bike is nice,
cheap and long lasting. Do you want with gear or without gear? Do you have a bike that gets
charged with the charger of mobile? We don’t have such a bike sir. – I want a sandwich seater bike.
– Okay. My neighbour will ride the bike. I will sit in middle
and my wife behind me. Hey, do not taunt me. I am repenting after
getting married to you. In next birth you will get
a young and handsome fellow like him. She is not happy with me. She is not happy so that
is why she tortures you. Shall I tell you something?
Wives are like electric connection. If the connection is
right then the life is happy.. ..otherwise a trouble for life. – You gave me good information
for free. – Thank you, brother. – Shall I take test ride of the bike?
– Even I want to take. Brother, I am taking test ride of
new bike and you of a second hand one. Sir, you are our lucky customer. We will give you instant delivery
for whichever bike you choose. – Is that so?
– Yes. Tell me when will this be delivered? Come out. I will get
the test ride done. Come on. ‘He is Himesh and team.’ ‘It is said that if a person repents
on his mistake then he is forgiven.’ ‘If Himesh takes test
drive of any vehicle..’ ‘..then it never reaches
the showroom back.’ – Where are they? – ‘It goes
straight to Manu Bhai’s garage.’ – Here it comes. Come on.
– ‘It goes through a good makeover..’ ‘..and is sold second hand.’ – Change it.
– Just wait and watch how I change.. ..the appearance of all
the three bikes in one hour. The company officials will
not be able to recognize them. – Believe me.
– Talk less and work more. Are you a father or a sin?
Go away from here. I brought you up with illegal income. Give me 3 number tools. Hey, you broke my foot. Change your profession
or I’ll change my boyfriend. I maybe into any profession.. – ..but you will always be my queen.
– Don’t ruin my make-up. Go away. You are lucky. The councilor was going to come.. ..but I recognize your
man so came to settle it. You are talking too much. I will settle the matter of my area. Why did you thrash
the son of councilor? He is very angry. Do not scare me by
the name of councilor. Before coming here you should
have asked who is at fault. It is obvious that a
boy is attracted to a girl. Ask Sketch to apologize
and I will leave from here. Ravi, there is no need for
you to interfere in this matter. Are you an intermediator? Hey, Rajan, I am not an intermediator But mind your own business. Keep your mouth shut otherwise
I shall I break your hand. Hey, if you speak ill of
uncle then I shall cut your tongue. If you have courage
then come and fight. – Get lost, or I will not spare you.
– Get lost! I said get lost. Get lost. Hey Ravi, keep quiet. Hey, you go. If Sketch gets angry then
there will be bloodshed here. Hey Seth, it is his area so that
is why he is being over confident. Really? I shall come in
your area so thrash me if you can. Nephew.. Hey, I asked you
to leave so leave now. He has asked you to leave so get lost. Get lost. Hey, why are you honking? Honk once you cross the gate.
Get lost. If he would have stayed for long
then he wouldn’t have been spared. So Shekhar I was thinking
of getting my daughter.. ..married to your younger son. It would be great. – How are you sister?
– I am fine. Yours on is educated
so is my daughter. Both can understand each other. – If you wish you can ask your son.
– Okay. Murli.. Yes, father. – Hello.
– Hello, uncle. Shekhar uncle wants to
get her daughter married to you. – Do you agree to this?
– As you feel is right? – Okay son go.
– Okay, father. He immediately agreed.
He is a great son. – I shall start the preparation.
– Okay, start it. – How are you, son?
– I am fine. Why are you doing this?
The elder son is unmarried.. ..and you are getting
the younger one married. Didn’t you hear what he said? That your younger son and
my daughter both are educated. If our elder son will do hooliganism.. ..and steal vehicles then
will he get an educated bride? I can give you guarantee
that he will get an uneducated girl. What are you saying? – When did you come, son?
– I am not interested. Sketch has come. I think
we will have to celebrate dry day. The liquor will be less. Hey buddy Sketch, come man. You will not have a drink, right?
Will you have something? – Sketch, what are you doing? Stop..
– What are you doing? Leave some for us. – I think he is in tension.
– What is this? – Everything is over.
– Today, I need this. – Why? What happened? – My father
unnecessarily gets angry with me. – Hey, will he give money for this?
– Keep quiet. Do you know Shekhar uncle? – Yes, your father’s friend.
– Yes. He wants to get his daughter
married to my younger brother. It is his choice. Mother got tensed that
when elder one is unmarried.. can the younger one get married. Do you know what did the old man say? He said that only an
uneducated girl will marry me. What is the harm in getting
married to an uneducated girl? Even uneducated girls are cute.
This was not expected of uncle. – Keep quiet.
– Hey man, get snacks. I will get such a girl that
even the old man would be surprised. – Do you know any such girl?
– Even your glass has gone. I saw a girl in the college
while stealing the vehicle. Who? The one who said thanks. She’s mine. She has no match with me. – Thank God.
– The one who did not say thank you. – Yours. – There are many
others in college as well. I am talking about the
one whose attitude was different. I will marry her. The one who was talking a lot. Right. She thought I had done
wrong so was talking a lot. Very few people have the habit.. ..of fighting for someone
else’s right. Understood. I really liked this thing about him. – Great. – But it is difficult for you
to make connections with her. – That girl is Brahmin.
– How do you know? Just as you know the
age of a car from its sound.. the same way I come
to know about the girl by her sound. – Have you taken the degree?
– No man. I have only done PhD I will go and propose her.
If she agrees then she is right. – I will leave.
– Brother, take a sip.. ..or take a week you
will not be able to do. Why one week? – I will be able to do in two days.
– God luck man. – It’s going to rain. Go home. – Hey,
brother has started liking that girl. Look, Kumar has come. Hold this. Hey, get one double Hakka Noodles.
I am feeling very hungry. What is the matter?
Today you have come with MLA. This MLA is the warranty card
for you to leave alive from here. He has become a big man. Earlier he used to salute me.. ..and now look at the way
he is sitting in front of me. The one who was my servant will
now compete with me in my business. What is it? You started shouting
at me as soon as you’ve come. Of course. He is being over smart.
He will die soon. MLA, ask him to talk
about important matter. Shiva, you will not say anything now. Kumar, you will let Shiva do his work. Neither you nor he will
interfere in your business. Great. You mean to say that I should
remain scared from this fool. No, no that is not the case Kumar. Brother.. What did you do? Brother.. No, this is wrong. – What have you done?
– Go otherwise I will kill you as well. – No, this is wrong.
– What did you do? Is this the way to compromise? What could I do MLA? He was
the one who started and I finished it. You do not even let
me Hakka Noodles peacefully. Yesterday night a dangerous
goon Shiva was killed in an accident. According to police
this is due to gang war. Police is searching for the killer. Your appearance is hopeless
and you are going to woo a girl. If you would have
accepted the challenge.. pick up any car
then also it was fine. But to woo a girl. Do you think you are very smart? If you would have got married on time
then you would be having three children. Now be ready to be rejected. Priya, we are getting late. – Where are you?
– I am coming. – She is looking very hot today.
– Sorry, sorry.. At least you came. But because of you we will
again get late for college. – On, no..
– What will we do now? – She..
– Sketch ,why did you call us here? Hey, you said, you
said that the girl won’t talk to me. – Tell me. – Yes I said
and I am again telling you. – ..that she will neither talk to you
nor pay attention to you. – No way. Yesterday I proposed
her at tennis corner. – In dream.
– She also likes me. I do not like garden, theater or sea. So I said that if you like
me then wear yellow dress tomorrow. – Which color?
– Yellow color. – Right choice.
– Is it right? – Absolutely right.
– She is about to come. For last half an hour
so many buses have come. Hey, here comes another bus. Stand in front of me.
She should not be able to see me. Sketch brother.. Sketch brother.. Yellow, yellow lucky fellow. – I had guess it.
– Don’t tell lies. – Everyone had studied.
– Do you know what happened? Oh my God! – ‘Priya..’ – Hey, how come
sari changed into salwar? Sometimes even guess works. Of course. – Let’s go. We are getting late.
– Come on. I said hello. – Get two cups of tea.
– I will just get it. Amisha is calling. Talk in English man. Give.. Hello.. – Who is calling?
– Take it. – Talk.. – I think she
just wants to talk to you. – Actually on the phone..
– Wasn’t my voice good? Look there. I had told you. Brother, she is looking beautiful. They are not going to change. Is this a place? At least he should not
have followed in the church. In few days this officer will join us. – His name is Shakti..
– Sir, he is not disciplined. He does not shave or wear uniform. He does not respect any officer. He does not stay for more than
3-4 months in any police station. His encounter list is very long, sir. If I say the truth
then he is crazy sir. Has the crime rate reduced or not? Shakti Singh.
Assistant Commissioner of police. Special squad officer. From today you all will report to him. I did not call you here to
ask if I wish to appoint him or not. I have called you here
to tell you my decision. To arrest crazy people we
need a person crazier than them. Hey, why are you holding
school bag in the wrong manner. Exams are going on. – Okay, I will leave.
– Go carefully. Mother, I am going that side. – Ask your husband if I shall drop him.
– You.. Tell him that I can walk. Where are you brother? – Doing nothing.
– I have great news. My sister-in-law is in the
hotel and so is your sister-in-law. Really? Didn’t you find anyone
else to make fool in the morning? Trust me. Come here. What is this?
Why hasn’t Sketch come till now? – Look, there he comes.
– Is your news correct? – Which color dress is my girlfriend
wearing? – Like Christmas. – Say it clearly that it is red.
– Why are you in black? Hey, she loves my nature
and not my appearance. – She is there?
– Where? There. This is useless hotel. – Our budget is for five star.
– Let’s have tea at the tea stall. – Look at the opportunity.
– He is right. Look at the status
of one drinking tea. – So stop being stingy.
– Get some free sugar from inside. You do that. Look fool has come to eat
the cake for free on your birthday. What is this? It is such a big hotel
but no light is switched on inside. The hotel is wearing sunglasses. Okay, to keep eyes cool.
I thought the bill has not been paid. Eat it. Oh no. Wrong number is being dialed. We cannot go with Sketch
but can go as a customer. God goodness, gracious. – I had thought that..
– Hey, that fool is going. Today, I will definitely
do friendship with her. – Hold this.
– Why this cake? – If it is her birthday then shall
I go and wish her. – Go to hell. Why are you talking about death? – You..
– Oh, God! Hey, why are you getting angry on me? I am getting angry on me. – What happened?
– No idea. Girls think that others are fools. Just agree to what they say. They fool us easily. Either she will like
you or reject you. You need to pamper her for everything. If you do then she will
applaud otherwise will curse you. Only if you nag her
then she will get married. What has happened inside? If I requested for a kiss on phone.. ..then she said that
she will give face to face. When I came face to face she
said that I will give on whatsapp. There is too much public here. Are you being so sentimental
for an online kiss? Of course a person
will become sentimental. As a big mistake happened inside. What happened inside? I have failed. Brother Goli if he failed.. ..then I will not be able
to stand in front of girls. I have tried many times.
You keep continuing. Hey, give me match stick. – I don’t have it.
– It is empty. Goli, get match box. – Was it less filled?
– I will win. Was it my turn? Don’t do cheating. Remove the card that you
have hidden in the lungi. Come on. Foreigners are so open minded. They do not have any shame. Absolutely great. Hey, she seems to be our Sunny. – Hey, just enjoy it.
– Absolutely beautiful. – Brother Goli.
– Hurry up and hide. – Keep it inside.
– Hey, what is going on? – Nothing, brother.
– We were playing Antakshari. I heard a sound. – Nothing.
– Are you making a fool of me? What are you hiding? – It is a mobile.
– Come on give it to me. Come on. Where did you get it from? Whose is this? It is ours. No one in your family
can afford to buy this. That too so expensive one. Where did you get money from? Brother, we sold the
waste from here and bought it. What did you say?
Who asked you to sell it? Why did you sell it? Will you decide what
is good and what is waste? I shall tell master
about your cheating. – No, no brother please, don’t tell.
– Leave me. – No, brother.
– You.. – What happened uncle?
– Churan had gone for a movie. He has not returned yet. There is lighting happening
and heavy rain too. You know well that
he is scared of rain. – Go and find him.
– Okay uncle. Hello! Stop the car. You are not supposed to get
car inside the gate. Who are you? Whom do you want to meet? Have you ever seen
a bull in your life? – Yes.
– Has that kind of a boy come here? As you are telling such
a boy is sleeping on the steps. That side. So you are tired after watching movie.
Get up my dear. – We have come to take you.
– Get up, dear. Get up. The rain should take place in fields.
Why does it happen in city? If you are scared of rain then how
shall you face difficult situations? My grandfather died
getting wet in rain. – Stop it Churan. Are you fooling us?
– Seriously. That is why mother used to keep us.. ..underground during
four months of rain. Rain caused sold and
no one dies because of it. Your mother got wrong information. I am very emotional regarding mother. I feel very scared
of lightning and rain. Come on my brave boy.
Nothing will happen. Only having trust on you. Where was this fat boy during tsunami? He must have hidden under
the bucket in bathroom. Otherwise you speak a lot but you
get scared as soon as you see water. Come on drive the car. Sir. Sir. Welcome officer. So Mr. Kumar. I have heard that every child
of this area is scared of your name. I am not bothered as to
what you used to do earlier. But now I will decide as to
what you will do from now onwards. I am not asking you to change
but just do acting of changing. It would be good for you.
I hope you must have understood. I will leave. Brother,
we will have to set him right. You will make me roam around. Of course, I will. Have you heard the proverb
an evil eye will be ruined? That suits him. Next time when you get salary
buy me that red dress. Okay. Yes. I will get you
complete dressed up. I have to bring you
home as a bride as well. – He is saying something.
– Shall we go? One more stop. How much will I travel in bus?
Buy me a second hand scooter. First let my salary increase. Then I will fulfill your wishes. – Okay.
– Bye. – Let’s go.
– One more stop. Look there. Oh. She is girlfriend of Sketch. Hey, why is being
stylish on seeing here? He loves her. Even I will fall in love. What is this? I will not spare you. You! What is your problem? You stalk me at college, stand outside
my house and show hand at the bus stop. Why do you stalk me
like goons and trouble me? I feel angry on seeing
people like you. – Let’s get down from bus.
– Get a side. Get a side. I apologize on behalf of my friend. No problem sister. Go. – Hey Amisha.
– So, she does not love you. Liar. So friends,
you all seem to be in good mood. Are we in mood or you? You seemed to be in good
mood in the bus yesterday. Our brother is Love master
of the coming generation. So you are teasing me. Sketch, sit down. Tell me. What should I tell you? I will tell you only
if it is worth telling. – The matter has flopped.
– It happens so in the beginning. Nowadays girls like those boys who
get thrashed rather than they thrash. Villain is respected more than a hero. What nonsense are you
talking after drinking? This is old news, man.
Now even girls fight. You are right.
Take advice from a married man. Go to sister-in-law in the
morning and make her your queen. What if I don’t say? If you do not say then
you will never fall in love. – Tell her.
– Apologize to her, my brother. Apologize to her. Look, there he is. You have thrashed amateurs
till now in front of girls. If you are courageous
then fight with my men. What did you say? Wait, you.. Nowadays girls like those boys who
get thrashed rather than they thrash. So you have come to tell me this. Why are you just thinking?
Finish your job. Are you scared? He wants to get thrashed. And you called us to thrash him. Thrash him. You.. – Good one.
– You.. Those people were thrashing
him and you remained quiet. He is doing some drama to impress you. To impress me? Did you know what
did he tell me yesterday? What did he say? He addressed me as sister. He does not like me but you Amisha. He comes to meet you. Yesterday when goons tried
to tease you then he saved you. Hey, you.. Sometime back I was getting
beaten by worthless people like you. And now I am smoking here openly
so you must be feeling surprised. Yesterday I had to behave
like Dabbang in the bus.. ..but today took the award
of hero by becoming Bajrani Bhaijaan. Anyways it is time for me to go. I have lots of work to do. Even you go from here. What are you looking at? Thrash him. If you can knock me out
in one go then only come. Or if you want to go straight
to hell then you can come. Hey, thrash him. Hey idiot, have you washed your hands? Oh no.. I am very unfortunate. For so long I was being thrashed. Did you see? No, you did not see. And as soon as I started
you made an entry. You do not know the background
about what happened in the bus. In your eyes I am just a goon.
That’s it. The main cause of trouble
is my group of friends. They ignited love in my heart
by saying that you are wooing me. It seems as if someone is
piercing my heart with a knife. But I am enjoying. Just as someone has brought
happiness in my life. I am talking nonsense, right. But
what to do. I am 2nd standard fail. Sorry. I was standing since long to say sorry
but these people spoiled everything. They are fools. Now you go. Marry a good
boy and settle down in life. Enjoy yourself. She was looking at you. Now we should enjoy. Should I buy stale vegetables? Bring one more glass. What does your father do? I don’t have father.
Brother Sketch pays for my studies. Hey, does your girlfriend
come here to teach? – Take your pen.
– Thanks. He is my brother Sketch. What happened? I got hurt so that is why
sister came to write my paper. – Okay I will go.
– Bye. – How come you are here?
– I have come here to study. Good that you did not write
otherwise you would have failed. Come on. – Hey man Sketch..
– Auto. One minute. Hello, will you do all the good deeds? Leave something for me as well. Leave it man, leave it. As it is we have done enough sins. Come on. Let’s go. Be careful while taking sister-in-law. You will be thrashed by me.
You are speaking too much. Hey, don’t thrash him more.
You have already thrashed him so much. Can’t you understand? Are you dumb? – Yes, I am dumb.
– You think a lot. David, make him understand.
Look, what is he doing? – He is your younger brother.
– So what if he is younger one. Every time will he
get thrashed from Sketch? I will not spare him.
I will only kill him. He is being too pricey.
I will have to set him right. He will have to pay for the
wounds of my brother by his death. Just wait and watch
how I scratch Sketch now. Sketch walks like Cheetah,
has eyesight like a vulture.. ..and is courageous like a lion. He does not spare anyone. Come on run, master has come. Where have they gone? I think
they are going to progress a lot. Will you steal a car? Just tell me once.
I will steal in a flick of a second. Get lost from here.
He wants to steal the car. What is this sir? If these children start
stealing cars then what will I do? This is the age to go
to school and study well. Let them study for
their bright future, sir. Why do you want to
make them criminals? Leave this. now the time has come
to do the biggest robbery in life. I have come here on MLA’s insistence. Now you decide how
do you want to deal. If Shiva was alive then he
would have done my work long back. That Shiva worked for Kumar. I do not know that but
he always did my work on time. Don’t estimate what is
inside the package, trader. Don’t forget even a beautiful
packet can have bomb in it. – Shall I show the demo?
– MLA sir has faith on you. That is why I will
surely give you one chance. Rather than wasting
time come to the point. You will get facility from kidnapping,
extortion to murder. Just tell me whom do we have to kill. No, you need not kill anyone.. ..but deliver drugs for that I will give crores. Tell me that till
when it will be done. MLA, what petty amount
is he talking about? As soon as the work
is done I want my 50% cut. What did you say? Cut? I have never given
it to anyone till now. Now only I will do this work. If you think of getting it done
from anyone else then you will die. Where did you get me trapped? If you give work to Kumar
once then believe me it is 100% done. Okay, I will leave. Let me see what you do. He put the break first
so my vehicle got banged. – Talk respectly.
– What answer will I give to my master? Take the vehicle side. I will not take it aside. – I want money now.
– What is happening? Why have you kept others waiting? My car has been banged.
You do not interfere. – Hey, give me money.
– Okay I am giving you money. He is giving money.
So take the car aside. Come on. Let’s go from here. Let’s get aside and talk. Oh no, where has the bike gone? Sir, I had told you that within
two days I will make the payment. How many times will I call? So you got my bike picked. I have brought the money.
Where is the bike? Hey Jagan, give me the money. Take this, sir. – Batla.
– Yes, sir. Call up Sketch. He is not picking up the phone. – Silencer.
– Yes sir. – Get two cups of tea.
– I will get it now. Sir, I have not come here
to drink tea. I want my bike. Look there sir.
Sketch has come in auto. Where is the bike? The scene is such sir
that there was crowd.. the crossroad
because of accident. I went to see what the matter is and
during that time someone took the bike. What did you say? My bike is stolen. Hey, do you think I am a fool? Hey, volume.. You picked up my bike and
are asking me to keep quiet. Sir, listen to me. if you keep robbers
like these then this would happen. Hey.. Okay, give my bike back to me. I have not come here
to fight but to take my bike. – If I do not get the bike then it would
not be right. – What will you do? Hurry up and call Ravi. Do one thing. Call up Shankar.
Ask him to come quickly. Ask him to get two
trucks full of people. Ask them to come well equipped. Sir, today the decision will be taken. I am sitting here.
Call anyone you want to. – Sketch..
– Sir, they have called the Patels. Go away. Even you go away. Tell me how you want
to settle the matter. Give me 2lakhs. I will go from here. Do you something? You need to come straight to
garage after picking up the vehicle. Why to unnecessarily
interfere in others matters? – Don’t taunt me sir.
– Why shouldn’t I taunt? In a moment I suffered
a loss of 2lakhs. What should I do? I suffered huge loss. Have you gone mad?
Why are you laughing? After the bike was stolen
that smart fellow came to the garage. What are you saying? Till tonight you will
get back both bike and money. Ravi, Sketch is not
that smart and powerful. I got the bike stolen
and got the money as well. You are so intelligent. You have seen Sketch
winning and not losing. But I have seen. You should have taken
a photo in the mobile. Even I could have seen. Why do you want to see photo?
See live telecast. – How did he come here?
– How come he is here? I have a soul of ghost in me. It reaches wherever it wishes to. Sketch makes photos of others.. ..but it is impossible for
anyone to make photo of Sketch. Do your work sincerely. If you unnecessarily interfere in
others matters then it would harm you. This telecast is not repeated. I will leave. Brother has come. You were taunting me a lot. Here is the currency
to calm down your anger. You are great. Then why were you taunting me. – Come, let’s party.
– Okay. So Sketch how is the drink? Whatever it is sir but you should
have not have spoken in this way. Look how serious he has become. – Why have you become so serious?
– Stop joking. Shall I say something to you? No person can win every time. Every person has to lose
at some point of time in life. My master has never failed. You did not understand. When my father was in this business
then Royal Pawan Kumar bought a car. When he went to ask for
the due then he thrashed. Getting angry my father held
his collar in the middle of the road. In return Kumar slapped
my father tight. Father could not tolerate that insult. And in that shock he died. This means defeat. If I was with you then
this won’t have happened. Even if you were there then
also nothing would have happened. Shall I pick up his car? You will not be able to do this. Just give me order, sir.
Shall I pick up his car? No. Shall I pick up his car? Sketch, you are drunk. Go away now. Sir, do not think that I am drunk. Shall I pick up his car? Say yes or no. Shall I pick up his car? Tell me. You are very stubborn, Sketch. Okay. After picking up the
car you need not take any due. Just pick up that car and
click a selfie and send it to me. And sir will give a
2 tola heavy gold necklace. But this work is not that easy. You keep the gold ready.
I will pick up the car. According to the information I have
Kumar is going to deliver drugs today. I do not know the
destination of delivery. Whether it is fish market, his house.. ..flower market, mall or.. Ice factory. Yes, ice factory. We cannot pick up the car
from the middle of the road. If there is no petrol
then car runs on gas. We cannot puncture it.
Because it has tubeless tyres. – Only Kumar has the keys of the car.
– Did you understand? It has s small remote censor. If anyone passes by that
car or touches it then.. Look, who is near the car? He wouldn’t mind if anyone
touches his wife but not his car. Then how will we pick up his car? It is not an easy job. If it was easy then sir wouldn’t have
promised to give me 2tola of gold. ACP made an informer a cook
and send him to Kumar’s house. Kumar will have our informer. Kumar comes to know about this. Through that informer he
gives wrong information to police. Actually drugs are hidden in
the hospital where MLA is admitted. Drugs were going to
be delivered in wine shop. On the basis of the
information given by informer.. ..police checks all vehicles
on those roads leading to that place. Sketch makes a plan to steal Kumar’s
lucky car on insistence from his boss. Co-incidentally it happens on the
day when drugs were to be delivered. Why is he calling? – Why aren’t you picking up the phone?
– I will call later. You tell me that who
is going for smuggling. – I.
– What are you saying? That is why I have
brought you to hospital. Drugs have come to
the hospital a week ago. Some time ago I have
kept the drugs in my car. By sending his informer
ACP made my work easy. I confused him so much
that he believes that.. ..drugs are going to pass
through those five places. – Hospital is the right place.
– What? We can pick up Kumar’s car from there. Churan knows someone there. What will we do if
the security is tight? Now I will not unload
the dugs at the place decided. Stop the car. I will unload it at wine shop. We will take the car in front of him. I have arranged everything
and now execution remains. Look at the plan. If he comes from jamli lane
then he has to take the main road. But we cannot steal
the car from there. That is why we will
enter from this narrow lane. Somehow we will have to bring
his car from main road to narrow lane. We have to block the main road. Then your work starts. Hurry up and get the car. Come on let’s go. In the narrow lane the
car cannot make a u-turn That is why he will
have to move ahead. Kumar cannot reverse because Goli
and I are following him in this car. You just enter in a flick of a second. And block his way. It should look as if you are drunk. I shall block him from behind. Hey, take your car back. Hey, with whom are you talking? Are you blind? There is a car ahead. I think he is drunk and has slept. Take your car back. I think he is drunk. One minute. – What are you doing.
– Hurry up. Hey, on one hand you drink and
drive and then block the way as well. – Hurry up.
– I shall clear the way. Idiot, drunkard.. Hey, wait. Hello. Excuse me, what happened? Do your work. I am a mechanic and will set it right. Come out. Hey, hey stop. Hey, stop. – Hello.
– Yes, father. Murthy, someone stole our car. What are you saying? He should not leave Jamli bagh. Don’t spare him. I will look into the matter, father. Don’t take tension. Tell me. Sir, we checked all the
cars but did not find anything. Sir, I have a doubt. What if Kumar has cheated
us and has escaped with the drugs. Or he might have come
to know about our plan. Why didn’t this idea come to me? I do not know sir. I know where are the drugs? Sir, what are you saying? If one of his men can be here
then can’t one of our men be there. ACP came to know that Kumar
will take the drugs in his lucky car. Through his informer he gets
a GPS tracker fit in his car secretly. – Arjun.
– Yes sir. – Put the GPS on.
– Okay sir. So that we can track
the location of the car. The drugs are there where his car is. Sir, the car is in the Jambli area. Kulraj, where are you? TCX 9848 Red color fiat. We have seen that red
fiat going towards the beach. Kulraj, follow that car. Hello Mani, where are you? TCX 9848 red fiat
is going from Kaju Pada. Put the barricade and block it. Go from that side. Why has the car stopped? Sir.. – Tell me.
– Check your what’s app. What are you saying? I am telling the truth. Listen sir, I stole the car
so that is why police is following me. And on the others side
Kumar’s men are following me. Go to the police station
with seizing letter. Okay, I will go. In our area.
Sir, the car is coming in our area. Sir, the car is coming
in police station. In our area? Sir, the car has come
in the police station. Come on Kabir. Hey, do you supply drugs? Remove your hand. – How dare you threaten the policeman?
– Hey, Sketch. Leave him. Greetings ACP sir. Remove your hand from the collar. This is sir’s car and its
installment has not been paid. That is why I picked it up. Kabir, open the rear part. Sir, there are drugs in the car. To pick up the car is my job and
to size the material in it is yours. I will leave from here, sir. Sir, finish the formalities
quickly as I am feeling very hungry. Hey, we did it. – Now he must be getting irritated.
– Go inside and sign. The plan was solid.. Yes.. Here he comes.
He didn’t even come to know. Now I understood. All this was their plan. Get a side, drunkard. – Did you saw his face.
– Hey Batli. You will blast. I’m mechanic. How are you ACP sir? So you have come here.
Now you will speak 4 filmy dialogues. I do not know how drugs got into
the car. Leave it. I am getting late. Don’t speak anything further.
I know what you will speak. My driver did all this.
I am not at fault in this. I am innocent. Right. How intelligent ACP sir is?
And you think wrong about him. Sir, remove the drugs and
leave the car. I don’t have time. This cannot happen, Kumar.
There are drugs in the car. Till the case is not
over you will not get the car. – Sir..
– Kabir, take the car aside. Forget your car for 4-5 years. Hey, drive the car carefully. Only the indicator has broken.
We will change it. Kabir, take the car in the godown. – Okay sir. – You go and file
a complaint against the driver. – Hey, why are you so excited?
– Sorry. Sketch can tell where
the storm is going.. come seeing
the direction of wind. And who is going to
affected by that storm. – Father, Seth did all this.
– Seth is not that courageous. – Seth does not seem to
have good intentions. – Let’s leave. The four of them did this. He is being very cuddly. That day it felt that
the matter is solved. But actually the matter
became complicated from there. Sir, you have seized the drugs.. ..but when will you arrest
those people who smuggle drugs. We will arrest them soon. Sir, the car belongs to Rowdy
Reddy and drugs were found there. When will you arrest him? That’s what I have come here to do. That day will also come soon. I will arrest him. I think he has got some award. I can hear the TV till outside. You could not do the work
that was assigned to you.. ..and here you are watching TV. If this work was given to Shiva then
he would have done it immediately. He just boasts about himself. I do not come here to hear nonsense.
If you have courage then do my work. MLA, ask him to keep quiet. Otherwise
he will not go alive from here. Look at him. If you cannot
do the work then return the money. MLA, ask him to leave from here. If I would have given this
work to some immature person.. ..then also he would have done it. He does not have courage.
I will not put stake on him. Ask him to keep quiet
otherwise I will kill him. Just stop your hooliganism.
Open a tea stall. Brother, those four
people are behind all this. We will have to do
something about them. Already ACP is behind him. Keep quiet MLA. I am not that fool. I have seen how intelligent you are.
Do whatever you wish to do. Give order and we will kill them. I will not plan their
death but they will surely die. No one will come to
know as to who killed them. Call people from outside and
make arrangements for their stay. Now I should only
hear about their death. Hey.. What uncle.. Wait, wait, not around my neck. For me. Why? – Wear it, uncle.
– Uncle, lower your head. Hello.. – I am Amisha speaking.
– Tell me Amisha. I am out right now. Can you come here? – Yes, I will.
– I will message the address. There is no need. How come you came here,
suddenly child? I felt like meeting
you so I came here. – Come inside.
– Sit down. You sit next to me. Hi. The thing is that you
came to my house to see me. You liked me and you said that I would
become daughter-in-law of your house. I am really very happy aunty. Kartik is also good. Smart.. ..brilliant, intelligent
and everything else he has. I have a dream since childhood, aunty. That how my husband should be. He should have beard like him. The shirt buttons should remain open.
Just like him, aunty. I want a very simple looking person.
Not hero types. He should have a hard
personality from outside.. ..and absolutely soft from inside. Just like jackfruit. The one
that has thorn on the outer covering.. ..but is very soft
and sweet from inside. Did you understand? I understood that you want a goon. If that is the case then
why don’t you marry him? Correct. You understood but I think
aunty did not understand.. I understood well child. He is going to be my life partner. What are you saying? I want to spend my life with him. Me too. – Today I will take you out
for a drive. – Give ur sunglasses. What do say? Will you come with me? This side. I think I should surprise
her by giving her a nice gift. I feel she will be happy. – Give it to me.
– Even you brought it for me. That means return gift. How are you Sunder? You had said that you wanted
to talk something important. You have come with the elder son.
Where is your younger son? The thing is that my younger
son got a job in Dubai.. ..and he went away without telling us. What nonsense are you talking? Maybe God also wants that
elder son should get married first. That is why I want you
to make him your son-in-law. Even he does not know about this. I thought I will ask
you first and then tell him. Gaytri’s father, please come here. What happened child? I did not agree for marriage
considering your friend.. ..but because we both are educated. If you feel scared to
say no then I shall refuse. No, child. – Sunder, the thing is that..
– No problem. I want to talk to Gaytri. Hi Sketch. Are you fine? – I am fine.
– I wanted to say something to you. I always had a dream
that my husband should be.. ..working in IT company,
should remain clean shaven.. ..he should have a car and
take children to school in a car. I will never compromise
with my dreams. I shall pray to God that
you get a nice and beautiful girl. There is no problem. I was thinking as
to how to refuse you. There is no need
to give tension to God. God has made everything set. I will show you her photo. Isn’t she more beautiful than you? I can see that you
are feeling jealous. On seeing your face I
can feel that you are hurt. Hello. I had told you that
delivery would be done at 2. The driver hasn’t come yet. Okay, I will send him. Churan. Yes Seth. What happened? A black Ford 9997 is standing out.
You need to deliver it. No problem Seth. Let Batla
come then we both will go and drop it. He needs it immediately. If I go alone then my mood gets upset. If you go alone then
you will get more commission. Go smilingly. Indian people live
for subsidy and commission. Okay Seth I will go alone. Hey you come out. You do not have status
to sit in rickshaw.. ..and you are enjoying in the car. Come on get out. You have spoiled the
steering by spitting on it. The car has left the garage. Hey, the crane fell down. Come fast. What happened? – Brother..
– Tell me. One out of four has died. Did you check everything? Sir, sir.. Sir, sir.. What happened, Kabir? The container from
that crane fell on the car. That boy died on the spot. – Where is the operator?
– He escaped because of fear, sir. Can you see that CCTV camera?
I want its footage. Hey, why are you crying? – We need one more log of wood.
– Nephew. Hey, uncle has come. Find plastic somewhere. Sketch, lightning is taking place. My soul trembles because
of lightning and rain. That is why mother would
not allow me to leave.. ..the house during
four months of rain. Sketch, I am moving
on having faith on you. Sketch, my friend if I have your drink
then my intoxication becomes double. No one is picking up the phone.
Where are they all? – Hello.
– Where are you all? – What happened, Seth?
– Who will do all this work? Even I am sad about Churan’s death. But till when this will go on. Do one thing.
Come and meet me in the garage. I will talk to Sketch.
In a day or two we will come. Vaishali is coming again
and again to garage to meet you. Come and meet her. Okay, I will meet Vaishali. Go and get packet of
coffee from the trader’s shop. The boy resembles Amol Palekar. Go and make coffee for him. What is this Amisha? I feel your
mother loves Bollywood actors a lot. Even today my mother feels.. ..that my dad is Kamal
Hassan and is spending her life. Come child. Serve them water. I am ready, mother. The boy has agreed for marriage.
The girl is very lucky. Let’s fix the date of marriage
after seeing an auspicious day. – Okay, I will leave.
– Where are you going daughter-in-law? My boyfriend has come
and going for a movie. Please have snacks and go. I will be back in three hours. Let’s go. Thank God we got saved. Amisha, where are you going? Please wait. She will be back soon. I do not know. Mother, sister has come. Who is this boy, Amisha?
Where did you go with him? – First call her inside.
– Come on let’s go inside. Sir. Hello, excuse me, sir. One minute. You are her father so you can
get her married. I have no problem. But the money you will spend
on her marriage would go waste. 5 minutes before the marriage
procession comes I will kidnap her. You may not believe it
but I will do it and show you. I will decide as to whom
my daughter will get married to. Our caste is different too. You take care of caste and society. I will take care of her. Kabir, did you get the CCTV footage? Sir, the family in whose
house the CCTV is installed.. ..has gone to Lucknow for holidays. They will be back in 10days. Okay. What is happening here?
Stop the car close to that shop. Okay sir. Hey, what is going on? – We have come for the marriage of
our friend. – Whose wedding it is? Where have you come from? – From Bangalore.
– Mangalore. What is your name? He is saying something else
and you are saying something else. I am from Mangalore and
he is from Bangalore sir. You must be aware of ram
Bharose lodge. We are staying there. – Don’t stand here. Leave.
– Okay sir. Tell me my sweetheart. What should I make for dinner? Lentil rice or rice lentil. You just cook the
dish and I will name it. I will make lentil and rice. Come. Stupid, makes lentil
and rice every day. How are you brother Sketch?
At last you found me. Himesh, do you have scooter? No, I don’t have scooter. – I just met your father-in-law.
– So he told you everything. I will have to divorce
the old man’s daughter. Take. Amisha, your favorite scooter. Hello. Happy birthday. Thank you. Is she your best friend? She is so close to you that
she will never leave you alone. You two always remain together. – Wah!
– I understand everything. – Bye.
– Bye. We will meet later. Sorry. You had said 10:40
but I reached 5 minutes earlier. – I hope I did not disturb you.
– No, not at all. Because you have brought
my favorite scooter. – Oh that scooter..
– That is why I have forgiven you. – Today it is very hot.
– Where is my gift? You drive that scooter full day. Stingy fellow. I knew that you would do such acts. No problem.
I brought a return gift for you. Time is there in mobile
then why did you get watch. This is not a watch
but a sign of our love. When you will miss me
then tie it on your wrist. Okay, I will tie. It has a specialty too. – What? Good times come
by wearing this. – You.. How did you like it? What is this? Does anyone give
watch as gift which is not working? Hey, it has started working. It stopped working again. – Is it a damage piece?
– This watch is automatic. – Oh! – This works with
the pulse of a person. Great. It is amazing watch. Did you like it? I liked it. Do you like me or not? More than my life. I want to spend my
entire life with you. You are very cute. But are a little stingy also. How did it happen that a goon
like me got a nice girl like you? Stop, stop.. What happened? – Come on.
– Where? God save us.
Let me hold the handle. – This is your glass.
– Great. Look there. I think you are asking me from God. Will you ask everything?
Leave something for others as well. You learnt it. Police is there ahead so be careful. Hey wait. Police is standing there.
Do you have license? I have license.
Do you have papers of the scooter? They must be there in the rear box. – Hey, stop..
– Sir.. What are you doing, sir? Sir is calling you. Come on. – You wait. I will handle.
– Take it. How can you remove the keys like this?
What if anyone falls? We will handle when someone falls.
Get the papers. Give me the keys. Didn’t you hear? Get the papers. I will open the rear box
only if you give me the keys. Take the keys and get them quickly. Two minutes. Hey your license has been expired. Oh no..Himesh.. Yes, tell me. – Himesh..
– Tell me. The police have caught the bike.
Where are the papers? I do not keep the paper
of the scooter s well s newspaper. – What did you say?
– I have an idea. Escape from there. Hey, what are you saying? Hey, do not reveal my
secret in front of the police. Don’t you keep the papers
back in the bike after washing it? Yes, fine. Cheat them. Sorry sir. My assistant kept
the papers at home after washing it. Hey, are you doing
time pass with police? Hello, this job is of traffic police.
In fact you are doing time pass. Do you file a complaint
of stolen vehicles.. police station
or to traffic police? Do you think we steal vehicles? What are you saying? Madam, there is police station
close by so go and talk to sir. – Valey, take both of them inside.
– Sir.. – Sir..
– What is the matter? They don’t have papers of the vehicle? When we asked from them
then they are making excuses. You go. You both sit. If not the police then who will ask? Actually sir the papers
of the scooter are at home. You are saying that papers
are at home so we can also say.. ..that the scooter does not
have papers so it is a stolen vehicle. Sir, do we look like thieves?
What are you talking? It is not written on
the face that he is a thief. – Valey!
– Yes sir. Valey, note the number of his bike. – Okay sir. – Write and sign here that
you will get the RC book tomorrow. Sir.. Okay go. I am in the police station. A strict policeman
is sitting here and is.. – Keep the phone and talk face to face.
– I’ll talk to you later..sorry. With me. – Sir. – You filed a complaint of stolen
scooter and have come with the thief. The bike in which you are
roaming has been stolen by him. Boss, so after stealing
you are acting smart. Sir, my bike was of yellow color. TN 0708 and.. If by plastic surgery
you can change the appearance.. ..then can’t you change the
color and number plate of the scooter? Oh Himesh. Are you talking about thief Himesh? – The thing is that.. – You pick
up the cars of those people.. ..who do not pay
the installment. Right. Now you have started
doing stealing as well. – Himesh did..
– Sorry sir, give me the keys. One minute. Himesh stole that. I don’t want to hear
any justification. – Hey, you..listen.
– Wait, wait.. Let her go. You sit down. If I write the report
then you will be behind bars. Tell me what to do. It is different if
you wish to go behind bars. I can close the case in 10,000/- here. Do you know what does
Vaishali say about us? She says that something
is going on between us. If you do not stop your nonsense
then I shall drop you here. I am saying the truth. You just have 5 minutes Not 5 but 10 minutes. What will you do in 10 minutes? Everything will happen
in 10 minutes, brother. In 10 minutes enjoyment be careful
you might get trapped for 9 months. Hey dear, tell me. Hello! If I did not call
then couldn’t you call? The number you have
dialed is switched off. I hope she has not
found a new boyfriend. – Tell me Goli.
– Where are you? At home. Vaishali messaged to meet
her at 10o’clock near to her place. I am here. But her phone is switched off. Don’t you know that
Vaishali’s phone is stolen? Is that so? I will give your message
to come and meet you. Okay, I am there in the
ground that is behind her house. Ask her to come soon. Do you know why did I scold you? Because of my scolding
police did not take money. – We will talk later.
– Are you angry? She is saving a lot. Hey. – Brother..
– Goli. Goli.. Goli, nothing will happen to you. Hey, you.. Goli, look up Goli.. Breathe.. No.. – Goli..
– Goli.. Goli.. Sir at the time of the accident
two people were present there. One was this girl who
is girlfriend of the deceased. I enquired a lot from her
but she does not know anything. Second was that man who
is friend of the deceased. He said that everyone’s face
was covered with handkerchiefs. – Do you supply drugs?
– Don’t hold my collar. I will call later. That day you were talking a lot.
What happened now? Do you have doubt on anyone? No.. – He was the one who picked
up Kumar’s car. – Yes sir. Is Kumar behind all this? May be possible, Sir. Don’t say maybe. Collect the evidence. Come on. Do you have doubt on anyone? Nephew, how did Goli
die when you were there? Didn’t you see anyone’s face? Come on.. I know uncle who killed Goli. – What are you saying?
– Ravi had planned to kill me. He could not kill
me so he killed Goli. Narayan, post mortem has taken place. Submit the copy of Aadhaar
card in the cremation ground. Okay. Why are you quiet inspite
of the fact that you know it? – Batla, take out the things.
– Yes. You also come along. We will chop him into pieces. He left us. He was everything for me. He left me. Very sad.. Where he is gone? Hey, after killing brother
you have come here to do drama. Just think before you speak. Even we are sorry about it. You killed brother Ravi. I know you did not like each other. But he never wanted
anything wrong for you. Then why did you kill him? Keep quiet.
Sketch has not killed Ravi. Ravi tried to kill
Sketch but he failed. Our car met with an accident. People from some gang were
killing Goli. We all got down and ran. I saw it.
Sketch was there at that time. Then how can Sketch kill my brother. The ones who killed Goli
killed my brother as well. Sketch, you go.
Uncle, take him. Sketch, if you find out
that who killed Goli then tell me. If I come to know that who killed
my brother then I will tell you. Together we both will kill hm. Kumar, how many times have I told
you to remain quiet for some days? You know that it is a
not a small case or politics. It is a murder.
You will be put behind bars. Let the elections take place.
Then we will decide what to do. Rest is your wish. The gate is locked. We will ask Priya. Will you please call Priya? Priya, someone has come. Yes sister, I am coming. Why is the house locked? Where is Amu? They have gone out for holidays. Why are you saying lies?
Tell the truth. Her relatives live in Kanya Kumari. They took her from here by lying
to her and forcefully got her engaged. Her wedding is on 18th of next month. I did not want to tell you
thinking that you will feel hurt. Don’t tell Amisha
that I told you this. True love never materializes. Excuse me. All the best. Hello, will you do all good deeds?
Leave some for me as well. That day you were talking a lot. Sketch, if you find out
that who killed Goli then tell me. Together we both will kill hm. Churan’s death cannot be an accident. The one who killed
Goli killed Churan as well. – There is someone samrt
behind these people. – Yes. Nephew, you picked up Kumar’s car
so that is why he is doing all this. – No uncle, Kumar..
– Look nephew. He has a great attitude. He
will never be able to tolerate insult. Don’t say just anything? After Goli,
Kumar should have killed me or Batla. Why did he kill Ravi? It seems to be planning
of a enemy party. What is going on, Sketch? What are you discussing? Nothing, Seth. – Okay, I will go.
– Okay. Hey! Hey, who asked Churan to do the
delivery after the car was serviced? Seth ordered him.
Who else would do this? Just check the Challan book. Address and phone number
must be written in it. Call him up. I cannot get through. What is the address? Lane number 2, cross lane. Vithalwadi. Do we have our men in Vithalwadi? Yes Batla. – Are you in the area?
– Yes my brother. I have sent you an address. Go and
check who stays there and then call me. It will be done. Don’t take tension. Okay fine. – Hello.
– Why did you call? You were supposed to take
me to my parent’s house today? I told you so I will take you.
The day is not over yet. You do not have time for us. Shall I earn money
or spend time with you? – Till when will you come?
– Quiet. Don’t talk too much. What happened?
Why are you getting angry? – It was my wife’s phone.
– What did she say? I had promised her that
I will take her to parent’s house. I forgot so she is getting
irritated since morning. Talk lovingly. – Don’t get angry.
– You don’t teach me. – Whose call is it?
– It is Jabrat’s phone. – Hey you..
– What is it brother? Did you eat food? I haven’t eaten yet?
The delivery of the car is urgent. Do that later. First eat food. Sketch, he said there
is no such address. – What is the number of the car?
– I will find out. Call the RTO and find
the address of the owner. Who are you all? Mr. Mahendra.. – Yes, he is my father.
Is he at home? Father. – Chitra..
– Yes. Get coffee. There is no need for that. No problem. Drink it. – You get the coffee.
– I will get it. Is black color Ford Fiesta
car with number 9997 is yours Yes it is mine. Where did you see? You had given for service? Service? I did not understand. The car was stolen 15 days ago. I have filed a complaint
in police station. I have FIR copy of that as well. Meera, get the FIR copy. – I will get it.
– No need. We wanted to enquire about that. Where was the car stolen from? From Paltan Road in
front of the police station. It was stolen from the main road. Sir, my car? Nothing will happen
just by complaining. You will have to give bribe. I will leave now. First that rascal stole
the car then gave for servicing. Then the plan to kill Churan was made
under the excuse of delivery of the car. – Where was the car stolen from?
– Paltan road. Call Himesh. Yes, tell me. Nothing much.
Who steals cars from Paltan Road? Why are you asking? A car has been stolen
so need information about that. I do not have any knowledge
as to who steals cars from there. But Johnson can answer this question. Meet him. Okay then fix my meeting with him. – Hey Himesh..
– Do not trouble me. Let me work. You both wait here.
I will go and meet Johnson. Hey brother Johnson. Have you stolen another car, Himesh? Get clean shaven. Can you see those two men there?
They are my childhood friends. Someone has stolen
his car from Paltan Road. Tell me that who he is. You are saying as if I have stolen it. Leave it. I have complete
faith on you but not on your boys. You are right.
Wait, I will do one thing. I will call the boys
and get the details. – Hurry up.
– Get lost. Sir. Is everything fine? – Yes sir, everything is okay.
– Don’t sleep. What happened now? You had said that you will
come soon then why haven’t you come. I had asked you not to call. Are you not bothered
about your wife and child? Hey, don’t make me emotional.
Keep the phone. – Hello..
– Keep the phone. – Answer my question.
– Give it to me. Hello.. – Why do you get angry?
– Every time she is nagging. Hello, are you listening? Hello, tell me sister-in-law. Look brother, he is not coming home. Don’t take tension.
In one hour he will be with you. Okay, I will keep the phone. Stop, stop.. – There is good news, brother.
– Tell me. Johnson called. He has found him and
has asked to come to the shop. – Come on let’s go.
– Hey, you go home straight. – Home?
– Go. We will talk tomorrow. Himesh, stay with Sketch. Get down, brother. He has come. Now tell us. Okay you go. I will handle. Hey, put the shutter down and go. – I am asking you to go home.
– Hey, brother. Come on sit. I will leave Himesh. Call me. Hello, your weapon fell down. Pick
it up otherwise it will pierce in. Yes, brother. Yes.. The man who has chain
around his neck is the one. I saw him. You leave now. Will you make a sketch of Sketch? – Don’t leave me brother.
– What happened? Are you scared? I have a family. Pick up the phone. Take me up, brother. Murthy, did you kill him? No, he is counting his last breaths. Hey, who are you? Your memory has become weak. So it is you. You are disrespecting me.
Now even your time has come. Before killing me
save your last friend. What is his name? Bhaskar alias Batla. – Sir..
– What is the matter? Sir, some people are
following me. Save me. Raju, just se who they are. Sir, there is no one here. They must have escaped on seeing you. – Where do you stay?
-Pathan Wadi. – Pathan Wadi.
– Yes sir. The area where murder
took place few days ago. They were my friends, sir Is that the case? Don’t move out alone at night. – Raju, go and drop him home.
– Okay sir. This incident took
place after midnight. Till now the murderer
has not been found. Police says that they
are trying their level best. But due to these
serial murders people.. ..are losing faith on
police and administration. Priyanka, News Channel 7 – Sir, sir..
– Get back. Get back. Did you come to know who they are sir? Bhaskar, why did you leave me alone?
You had promised to name our child. Who will support me
and our child, Bhaskar. We had vowed to stay together
then why did you leave me alone. Bhaskar.. Son, everyone is sad about Bhaskar’s
death. Come and see him once. You will never be
able to see him again. Agree to what I say and come. Whom will I wait for now? Bhaskar..Brother.. You had said that he
would come home in one hour. But only his body has come. He used to say that his
two friends were killed.. ..but nothing will happen to Sketch. Now he has left all of us. Brother, tomorrow I am going
to village leaving everything here. One minute, sister-in-law. Mother, come inside. I don’t need money. A brother is giving to his sister. Keep it. Take care. Hello, I am Amisha speaking. I am waiting at YMC ground.
Please come. Okay I am coming. So you have come to
invite me for your wedding. Yes, are you really keen
on coming to my wedding? I am not that kind of a girl.. ..who will marry someone
and would love someone else. Do you know girls often tell me that
I did not get the one whom I loved? I am happy with what
God has blessed me with. Then why do people fall in love? I want to spend my life
with the one whom I love. Even if I have to
sacrifice my life for that. If I will get married
then it would be only with you. My intentions are
not going to change.. what people will
say or we will be disgraced. What is this for? Why did I agree for marriage? If I would have refused this one then
father would have found another guy. He will not listen even if I refuse. I will repeat what I said earlier. I love you so much that I want
to spend my entire life with you. Whatever you are saying is right.. ..but the time is not right. Marry with the consent of family. I will leave. Everyone does not get whom they love. I am one of them. I know what you are thinking. My marriage is going
to take place at 7:30 pm. I will wait for you till 7:29 pm. Come and kidnap me otherwise
I will never have faith on love. I told you that Kumar
is responsible for all this.. ..but you did not believe. Now I will kill him. Police will handle Kumar. My three men have died. As of now you get underground.
I will call you later. – Hey boy..
– Yes Seth. – Keep this bag in the car.
– Okay. Why did I ask you pick up that car? – So much trouble..
– What crime did you commit? I just picked up the car. So what? That is our business. As it is that car
was not his but yours. I will hand over the
car to him tomorrow.. ..then will Churan,
Goli and Batla become alive? That was a lifeless car, Seth. It is not easy to kill Kumar. You are alone Sketch
and he has an army of goons. – I have decided..
– Seth, who said he is alone? I am with him. At one time I had weapons in my hand. On my call a procession
of goons will come. We will have to show him
as to with whom he has messed up. That is not the case. If he harms us then
we will not spare him. He has messed up with wrong people. I will kill him. Hey, you make the plan, nephew. I will call for the army. – Hey Martin.
– Who is speaking? I am Rajan speaking. What is the matter?
Why did you call me? I had some work with you. – Hey, Rama.
– Give me order, brother. Bring all your men and come to me. Enough, enough. One minute. Zoom this. – Kabir..
– Sir. I have seen him somewhere. At the tea stall at night. Call up the lodge
where they are staying. Find out how many men were
there and find their details. – Hurry up.
– Okay, sir. – Here comes my powerful man.
– How are you, brother? – How are you?
– I am fine. – How is everyone at home?
– How are you? Is everything okay? – Greetings, brother.
– Greetings. – Is everything fine?
– With your blessings, brother. – Make them understand the plan, nephew.
– Everyone has to get information. – Did you explain them well?
– Absolutely clearly. It will be done. Don’t worry. Will the work be done? Make the plan in such
a way that Kumar cannot escape. Make plan to finish him. The plan will be unsuccessful
if any mistake is made. Surround his house. ‘Sketch asks his men to
find minute detail of Kumar.’ We will do final meeting tomorrow. ‘This was the preparation
before the battle.’ Sketch, you are right.
There is lamp post near to his house. When I kept a watch on his house.. ..I saw that he often
talks on phone in his balcony. Let’s kill him in the balcony. Right. Morning time is the best to kill him. It is not easy to take
weapons in his area, brother. Why so? He has a scare that
enemy would kill him. But an ambulance can go inside. His death will be
beckoned in an ambulance. I will bring it. – You will come in ambulance but how
will you kill him. – I will do that. How will the weapons each that area? Leave that on me. Tell me. Are you sure? Sir, the address of
those goons has been found. – Where is it?
– Capital palace. Nephew, all preparations
have been made. – We will start work from tomorrow.
– Okay uncle. – Yes. Yes.
– So, have you all understood? – Yes, brother.
– Have you put marks on the weapons? – Now you may go.
– Okay. Even I will go, nephew. One minute, uncle. Hey, Himesh.. She has given me invitation card
saying that she will marry me only. She said that she will wait for me. She wants me to kidnap
her from the marriage place. But even Kumar has
to be killed tomorrow. Uncle, you go with him. If she gets married to that guy.. ..then give 500/- as blessings
otherwise kidnap her. After killing Kumar I will marry her. I will get married.
Bring her to playground. – After killing him I will come there.
– Nephew, I will come with you. – Let him go.
– Himesh, take uncle along with you. – Nephew..
– Go uncle. Let’s go, uncle. Come with me. ‘But I don’t wear a watch.’ ‘This is not a watch
but as ign of our love.’ ‘Do you love me?’ ‘More than my life.’ ‘I want to spend my
entire life with you.’ Come child, let us go inside. Uncle, where is she going? She is going to wear red outfit. That means this marriage is fixed. Tell me. Tell me. Will you not tell? Kumar is standing in the balcony. ‘No one has any relation with death.’ ‘If today is their turn
then tomorrow is ours.’ ‘But our turn is later.
Today is Kumar’s turn.’ Come on pick it up. Come on. Do it. Come on. Do it. Yes, I’ll speak to him. – Amisha, what are you doing inside?
– Amisha.. Amisha.. Amisha, open the door. – Amisha, open the door.
– Amisha, what are you doing? I apologize to you all. This marriage is not acceptable to me. I love Sketch. And will only marry to him. Come on. Let’s take him to Sketch. – Brother, leave on the bike.
– Yes, I am leaving. Even you go carefully. This torture is not
for him but for you all. When I will put water on his face,
he will become breathless.. ..and will die in front of you. Then you will open your mouth. If you do not open then
anyone of you will die. – Kabir..
– Sir.. Put water. Tell him. Sir.. Sir, I will tell. Kabir, stop. Is everything ready? – Are the clothes ready?
– Yes, they are ready. – Did you put petrol in rickshaw?
– Yes, it is full. Okay, the delivery of the car. Leave it.
I will call up Mamu and tell him. Tell me, nephew. What? ‘Go.’ ‘If these small boys
will start picking up cars..’ ‘..then I will become unemployed.’ Now you will go straight
to burial ground. You can go nowhere else. Pierce the knife. Kill him. ‘I always wanted to become Sketch..’ ‘..but till you were there
we could not do anything.’ ‘How long we would work under you?’ ‘When Seth gave you gold
necklace then we realized.’ ‘Till they are there we
will not be able to become rich.’ ‘You interfered in whatever we did.’ ‘You used to bang
on our head and fool us.’ ‘Then an idea struck me.’ ‘We will have to kill four of them.’ ‘We made a master
plan to kill you all.’ ‘That did not fail.’ Kumar called us here
to kill four of them. To kill them we stole a car
and gave it for service to Seth. Whosoever out of four will come for
deliver we will kill him on the way. The car left the garage but
did not stop at the planned place. When no one came out of the car
then I signaled the crane operator.. ..not to throw the
container but he threw. ‘When Churan was going for delivery..’ ‘..then I put chemical
in the AC of the car.’ ‘He died because of
suffocation on the way.’ ‘Even we did not believe
when we came to know..’ ‘..that a container
had fallen on his car.’ ‘We stole Vaishali’s mobile
and called Goli to her area.’ ‘But we did not know that
even you would come with him.’ ‘But it did not bother us.
We killed him.’ Someone had already killed him before. He was already dead, sir. Then who killed Ravi? Who is this Ravi, sir? – ‘What happened?
– While killing Goli Ravi saw us.’ ‘He..we had no option
other than to kill Ravi.’ Who killed Batla
and the police officer? We were following Batla.. ..but on seeing the security
we took our car back. Take the car back. ‘While killing Batla the
police officer died unnecessarily.’ The second day it was
published in newspaper.. ..that Bhaskar and police
officer was killed by someone. We have no link with that sir. What do you think, sir? Where is Sketch? When we came to know that
you are going to village.. ..with sister-in-law
we thought we will spare you. But you have bad habit of spying. That is why you were
also added in the list. Have you all gone mad? The police is coming. Run. Go away from here. – Go..
– Let’s run.. Come on let’s go. ‘Seth, it is children’s age to study.’ ‘Why are you getting
work done from them?’ ‘You should be handed over to police.’ ‘Don’t smoke in front of them, Seth.
The boys will get spoiled.’ ‘This would be the problem if you..’ ‘..pick up weapon in the
age when you should study.’ ‘Children studying in school
fight with their friends.’ ‘But children who start
work at young age..’ ‘..fight with the people
working with them.’ ‘We are responsible for this.’ ‘If you see a child working
somewhere then question his master.’ ‘If possible get them
admitted to school.’ ‘Abolish child labour.’ ‘And make them study without money.’

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