Sleepless Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Jamie Foxx Movie

at Oh 427 a squad car got a call stand speeding near old downtown officers reported shots fired they found bodies everywhere I will take that make ass the city is crawling with dirty cops nice gentlemen Nevada’s finest looking for this this is downs homicide Jennifer Bryan more Internal Affairs be bad police woman I like that drop him off at 9:00 p.m. yeah when are you moving home son I love you bitches some things I can’t explain you just have to trust me [Music] Vincent downs you stole something from me bring it back or your son’s not coming home they said it was just gonna be an easy group with an anal easy-grab they got teeth what is going on the other side find him cook got a problem I got in and we got a lot of enemies got a lot of people try to train me on my energy whatever you aim in it make sure you prepared to kill [Music] but working on a couple for two years he knows the players he knows their methods I will pay every cop our payroll you see Vincent downs dead you touch my son I’ll kill you I got enemies got a lotta enemies

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